Top 101 Coached Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Coached Quotes from famous people such as Philipp Meyer, Kelechi Iheanacho, Jim Yong Kim, Doris Burke, Tom Thibodeau, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

I don't think you can be taught how to make art. You ca

I don’t think you can be taught how to make art. You can be coached, but on a fundamental level you have to figure it out for yourself. You have to learn how your own mind works, figure out your own relationship to the art; you essentially have to invent it completely for yourself.
Philipp Meyer
Pep is a great manager who has coached some big teams in Europe and won a lot of trophies.
Kelechi Iheanacho
One of the most important things about leadership is that you have to have the kind of humility that will allow you to be coached.
Jim Yong Kim
I am mindful of the fact that I played women’s college basketball, that I coached women’s college basketball.
Doris Burke
Most players, they want to be coached, they want discipline, and they want an environment in which they can play their best.
Tom Thibodeau
People that have integrity violations should be fired, not coached. How many integrity violations does it take to ruin the reputation of your company? Just one. You don’t coach integrity violations. You fire them.
Marshall Goldsmith
Coach Blatt’s been great! He comes with a worldly dynamic and I think that’s what our game has been lacking. He’s coached and played all over the world, so his perspective on the game of basketball is kind of different from most traditional NBA coaches. But at the same time, it makes it interesting and exciting.
Tristan Thompson
I grew up playing in the schoolyard with the boy, and on the side of the grounds my dad coached on. I have a lot of fond memories.
Jill Ellis
I started taekwondo at 5 or 6 years old and did a bunch of kick-boxing later, too. Eventually I became a black belt and coached as well. I did some basketball and softball growing up, but most of my activity was martial arts.
My mom, she’s from Ireland, coached tennis in Nigeria when she was a missionary and turned me on to it when I was young.
Donal Logue
I didn’t think reaching the NBA was a possibility when I coached Derby in 1990. I was right out of college when I went there and was more concerned about playing a bit and getting that out of my system.
Nick Nurse
I had to buy into being a better player and being able to be coached.
Jae Crowder
When I coached guys that I knew would be good coaches, I kind of push them.
Bruce Arians
From a personal perspective, I try never to go back to a club where I have already coached.
Manuel Pellegrini
My dad has always played and coached, so that’s what I knew. I played other sports but always turned toward soccer and had the same love for it as my father. They never forced me to play; I always wanted to. I was always around it.
Ali Krieger
If I had coached in high school for 60 years, I would have loved it. Getting to the top was not a goal. I welcomed the opportunities, but I just believed do the best doggone job you can, and good things will happen.
Marv Levy
All I know is that when you look over at the coaches on the other sideline, and all you see are guys who either coached with you or played for you, then you know it’s time to get out.
Sid Gillman
Don’t ever think, no matter how old you are, that you don’t need to be coached.
Peyton Manning
There’s plenty of times in my life I’ve coached against my brother, coached against people I’ve coached with.
Zac Taylor
All I can say is that I’m going to try to coach the way I’ve coached in the past. And if it ends up not being good enough, then so be it.
Steve Spurrier
I’ll never forget, Jill Ellis, the U.S. national team coach, texted me and said: ‘Welcome to the coaching fraternity, you haven’t coached unless you’ve been fired.’ It was the most powerful thing anyone could have told me. Of course it hurt like hell, but it was an important learning curve.
Emma Hayes
I just go back to my roots. I was literally born 26 miles from Martinsville High School where Coach Wooden grew up, and then my dad coached there for four years.
Steve Alford
From every coach that has coached me I have learnt something.
Filippo Inzaghi
Me and both my brothers got permits to attend Beverly because two of my uncles and my uncle’s wife all taught and coached at Beverly Hills High. But I grew up in South Central.
Spencer Paysinger
I speak to people who have coached me down the years who tell me to look at how far I’ve come and to just keep going, there will be light at the end of the tunnel.
Oliver Burke
I try not to make comparisons between who I’ve coached. And I haven’t always coached the best in the world.
Gerardo Martino
There is still a big onus to be coached. I understand the best teams don’t need a huge amount of coaching, but that’s when a coach should decide not to do coaching.
Brian O’Driscoll
My dad has coached a long time, so there aren’t too many conversations in my family that haven’t centered around basketball.
Stan Van Gundy
My father-in-law, Mike Sherman, coached a long, long time, and he just said, ‘Be true to yourself. Be who you are, and people will follow you.’ And I found that way to work for me.
Zac Taylor