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I'm a very discriminating shoe shopper. I only look for

I’m a very discriminating shoe shopper. I only look for something special. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever bought two pairs at the same time.
Bill Pullman
In small ball poker, you’ll need to widen your starting hand requirements beyond pocket pairs and A-K.
Daniel Negreanu
My mother has never approved of high heels. As a result, I have never been able to walk in high heels – and they were all I ever wanted. So of course, my daughter has two pairs.
Emma Thompson
I’m a pack rat. There’s only a couple pairs of tights I’ve worn throughout my career that I don’t have. I save everything.
Jeff Jarrett
Before a show, I usually give myself two-and-a-half hours to get ready. I prepare my shoes first. New ballet pumps can sound like tap shoes. You have to take the noise out of them by hitting them against stone. It takes half an hour to do each pair, and I can go through three pairs in one night.
Darcey Bussell
I really like the idea of being utilitarian. My dream is to edit down my wardrobe and be very Japanese, where you have one rolling rack and it’s like your four T-shirts, your five dresses, your two pairs of jeans.
Erin Wasson
I perfectly understand the obsession with shoes. I myself am pretty obsessed. I have a few hundred pairs of shoes in general, because I’ve been collecting shoes for a long time.
Christian Louboutin
Passover and Easter are the only Jewish and Christian holidays that move in sync, like the ice skating pairs we saw during the winter Olympics.
Marvin Olasky
I own at least 300 pairs of sneakers.
Austin Mahone
I have more than 100 pairs of Jimmy Choos and I feel very guilty about it.
Laila Rouass
If you have to mask the things you’re insecure about, go ahead. Wear four pairs of pantyhose, pad your hips, boost your boobs – whatever it takes to walk out of the house feeling like you own the world. Because there’s no reason to waste your life hating something you can change.
Jinkx Monsoon
At this point, I have 10 pairs of cat earrings because fans bring them to me. The next song I write, I’m going to be like, ‘I love Chanel.’
Mary Lambert
If I was left to my own devices, you would see about ten T-shirts in rotation with maybe a few nice pairs of jeans – but I also like to look good. I like feeling really well put together, I just don’t have the aptitude and the knowledge to do that.
Daniel Radcliffe
I have 137 pairs of shoes and 200 pairs of jeans.
Frances Bean Cobain
Our mind is capable of passing beyond the dividing line we have drawn for it. Beyond the pairs of opposites of which the world consists, other, new insights begin.
Hermann Hesse
Want to train a machine translation system? Train it on a gazillion pairs of sentences of parallel corpora, and that creates a lot of breakthrough results. Increasingly, I’m seeing results on small data where you want to try to take in results even if you have 1,000 images.
Andrew Ng
I wish I had eight pairs of hands, and another body to shoot the specimens.
John James Audubon
I’ve seen a lot of pairs of guys that have been hanging out together way too long-until they’re laughing all the time.
Mike Judge
I love bags, shoes and have around 20 pairs of shoes and 10 bags from different brands.
Madhura Naik
I have two pairs of Louboutins, in black and nude, which go with absolutely everything. They were very expensive, but I love them and I wear them all the time.
Vogue Williams
I’ve got over three-hundred pairs of shoes back home – I’m twenty-four years old and I wear a size four, so all my shoes are just cheap.
Rau’Shee Warren
I’ve got four pairs of cowboy boots.
Jordan Spieth
We have such an embarrassment of riches when it comes to choice. Do you want to hike in the Alps? There are 300 pairs of shoes you can order within the next 10 minutes. You have your choice of everything.
Nick Offerman
In my closet, you’d find five black shirts that look the same, 10 pairs of the same white pants, and five pairs of almost the exact same shoe. Every time I go out, I buy shoes that are very similar to my other shoes – it’s a problem.
Emeraude Toubia
The moment I saw the model and heard about the complementing base pairs I realized that it was the key to understanding all the problems in biology we had found intractable – it was the birth of molecular biology.
Sydney Brenner
I believe that the whole idea of the consumer society is tottering. We’ve kept ourselves going by producing more and more goods, most of which people don’t need. I’m anti-consumerism; I own four pairs of black Levis and that’s it.
Paul Auster
I have got this obsessive compulsive disorder where I have to have everything in a straight line, or everything has to be in pairs.
David Beckham
I always have two pairs of glasses: geeky black Warby Parker frames and Wayfarer Ray Bans. Those are key!
Christa Miller
At nine years old, I was presented an opportunity to move to Toronto to train for pairs dancing. As soon as I heard that that’s what it entailed, I was out of there. It’s like a past life. I hung up my skates and never looked back.
Rachel McAdams
One product that you can never go wrong with is sunglasses because they are easy to misplace. I always get a couple of pairs every year.
Jessica Szohr
That’s how you win matches – bowling in pairs.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar
When I travel, I always have about 40 pairs of skis wit

When I travel, I always have about 40 pairs of skis with me, plus a ski technician and a ski coach.
Julia Mancuso
I own about 300 pairs of shoes. When I start to go over 300, I have mini-sales from my closet and give the money to charity. It’s my way of recycling; I feel like I can give back to the universe.
Stacy London
I feel less pressure to dress youthfully. I’m 50 and everyone knows I’m 50 – who are you kidding? Jeans are my uniform. I have about 15 pairs.
Michelle Pfeiffer
I love Louboutins and Jimmy Choos, but I’ve got pairs I’ve never worn, because I’m still waiting to find the outfit that will go with them.
Laila Rouass
My varying pairs of legs can be quite practical or quite impractical, and I don’t judge them either way. Some are for getting around a 12-hour day, pounding the pavement, and some are to feel like I can transform my own body into a workable, changing piece of art.
Aimee Mullins
‘Empty Moves’ is elegantly and coolly inventive. Two pairs of dancers shadow each other in slow, deliberate rearrangements and manipulations of legs and torsos, only occasionally switching partners or breaking free of the formal patterning.
Robert Gottlieb
When it comes to shoes, you don’t really need more than a few pairs of wing tips or oxfords. They’re classics. And I wear only black shoes in the city. Brown ones are for the country.
Thom Browne
I have numerous clear glasses at home. I probably have thirty pairs. I think it started for acting. I have tons of clothes that just sit there. But if that one role comes up, I’m going to want that shirt. And I have glasses for that, too.
Ryan Eggold
We focus upon pairs of words very often which are the same in some areas and different in other areas.
William Labov
I hate to admit it, because it makes me sound weird, but I’m Mr. Shoes. I own over 30 pairs.
Bill Pullman
My mom used to call me a ‘jean hoarder’ growing up because I had so many pairs of jeans – and I still do.
Behati Prinsloo
At one point, I had 14 pairs of golf shoes.
Tea Leoni
I’ve always wanted my own fragrance; Avon pairs with the way I think: what they do and represent, what they do for women, and the good causes such as domestic violence, and breast cancer.
Kate del Castillo
Leather pants are my guilty fashion pleasure. I have at least 10 pairs in navy, red, white, dusty pink, grey, suede and black.
Abbey Clancy
While at a biological disadvantage in competitions, women – who even make trips to restaurant bathrooms in pairs – are at a clear advantage when it comes to grouping together and the activities that accompany it: gossiping, sharing, bonding, assisting, scrapbooking, and building networks.
Sandra Tsing Loh
Family holidays and weekends are really brightly colored memories, full of my mother and father, rather than our nannies and au pairs.
Olivia Williams
Believe it or not, I used to be obsessed with shoes. I have maybe 50 pairs… until I moved to New York, when I realized I couldn’t walk anywhere in any of them.
Ruthie Ann Miles
Who the hell wants fourteen pairs of shoes when they go on holiday? I haven’t had fourteen pairs in my life.
Brian Clough
Only flies have true halteres. In fact, the scientific term for flies, ‘diptera,’ means ‘two wings.’ Most insects, including bees, have two pairs of wings for a total of four. In flies, the hindwing pairs have been transformed through evolution into the halteres.
Michael Dickinson
Man is in a transition stage; he has 31 pairs of spinal nerves which keys him to the solar month, but the nerves in the so-called cauda-equina – literally horse-tail, at the end of our spinal cord, are still too undeveloped to act as avenues for the spiritual ray of the sun.
Max Heindel
I usually try on at least 20 pairs of jeans before I find something that looks good on me. And even then, I have a trustworthy friend tell me if my butt looks big!
Amanda Peet
I have so many pairs of riding pants that are from the store at the stables in Burbank where you can go ride your horse at. I don’t ride a horse, but I do wear the pants! I love them!
Erika Christensen
I probably have over a hundred pairs of high-heel shoes. I collect them. Over however-many years, from, like, the mid-’80s on – yes, I’m that old – I’ve been in drag several times in my life, and I collect a lot of stuff, and I do have a lot of high-heel shoes that I’m sure a lot of people would be jealous about.
Chris March
I do wonder how managers like Brian Clough and Bill Shankly would cope. How would Cloughie deal with players taking five pairs of different colour boots to a game?
Harry Redknapp
Some people train for certain sports and I want to train to be able to hold a super heavy electric guitar and carry luggage around myself because I always have to have 7,000 pairs of shoes. Who cares about sports?
Lisa Loeb
I love good old-fashioned black or white Converse. I have a few pairs. And they are all really dirty. I can’t have clean Converse – I go in the dirt and run around!
Ashley Benson
Drew is a shopaholic. He must have 400 suits and 180 pairs of shoes. I have three pairs of jeans, and that’s it. I shop in his closet and take anything I want.
Jonathan Scott
I’ve got about eight pairs of shoes, and that’s it.
Emma Watson
It’s funny, I probably have 500 pairs of shoes – all these sneakers or whatever that I’ve collected – but when push comes to shove, I always end up wearing the same two or three pairs.
Kenny Stills
Sunglasses were my accessory of choice, and I always had an abundance of pairs.
Madelaine Petsch
The Mormon belief system unites curiously American pairs of opposites. A relish for the dog-eat-dog practices of the marketplace goes hand in hand with the stern obligation to ‘help thy neighbor.’
Shana Alexander
I've got more than 600 pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses, fro

I’ve got more than 600 pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses, from 1950s originals to newer models. I have them on the wall like opticians do so I can pick out a pair that goes with my outfit. I had around 30 pairs, then my husband Rainer started getting them for me as birthday and Christmas gifts.
Suzi Quatro
I start with my shoes – I usually pack two pairs if I’m going away for four or five days, and I’ll wear another one.
Tan France
Pairs skating and singles are two different things. Although some skaters have achieved this successfully, it is a very difficult transition. You’re looking at double work.
Oksana Baiul
I’m one of those girls that, day-to-day, I’m in trainers or Converse. I have about 50 pairs of trainers, so when I get the chance to dress up, I will definitely be in heels. 100 percent. I might take some battered Converse in my bag to wear at the after-party when my feet are tired.
Bel Powley
I think it’s a lot harder for the pros to have a long career in ice dance and in pairs. It seems the singles have a little bit of a longer career.
Nancy Kerrigan
One thing my dad always told me, was he would make sure I always had what he didn’t have. He couldn’t play basketball because he didn’t have tennis shoes – so I had five pairs of tennis shoes.
Robert Griffin III
We had very few things. I had a couple pairs of jeans, a couple shirts. And same with my mom and sister. I think my sister had, like, two toys. We were living off of instant noodles.
Brie Larson
Playing middle pairs like 10-10, 9-9, 8-8, and 7-7 can be difficult but only if you overvalue them and mistakenly play them as you would premium hands.
Daniel Negreanu
I have two pairs of reading glasses. One pair is for reading fiction, the other for non-fiction. I’ve read the Bible twice wearing each pair, and it’s the same.
Steven Wright
As a consumer, you don’t want to choose from a million pairs of jeans. You just want the one pair that’s going to fit you and look great on you.
Katrina Lake
As a kid, I loved Air Force Ones – but they were so expensive. I always had to save up for ages to get them. Now I can call the Nike guy and be like ‘can you send me ten pairs?’ and they’ll be here the same day.
AJ Tracey
I am wrestling with the overalls trend. I wore so many pairs in junior high, and no one thought they were cute. Perhaps I’ll try them cuffed with a tasteful crop top?
Gillian Jacobs
I have about 100 pairs of pajamas. I like to see people dressed comfortably.
Hugh Hefner
Cinderella is living proof that a pair of shoes can change your life, so I buy many pairs.
Madhura Naik
I love Michael Kors! I also love Miu Miu shoes – they’re fabulous, I have so many pairs.
Bella Thorne
When I was a kid, dressing right and looking good was a priority. As I grew up, I just wanted to stay that way, stick out a bit and have my own thing. That’s where white belts and wearing some colors started. So signing with Puma was a great fit for me. I usually travel with nine pairs of golf shoes and 10 belts.
Rickie Fowler
I love to shop, especially in retro stores. I have about a million pairs of old-school sports shoes like Adidas, so that’s probably my biggest vice.
Carrot Top
I’ve always had way too many pairs of sunglasses. It’s been my accessory of choice. I keep the same jewelry, mostly the same kind of style, but my sunglasses always change.
Madelaine Petsch
I said, ‘200 pairs of jeans,’ and then it just kind of went everywhere. I don’t really own 200 pairs of jeans – I own a million pairs of jeans. No, but I definitely have a very solid amount. I won’t say a number, but it’s aggressive.
Bella Hadid
That’s like asking a cobbler if he’s made too many pairs of shoes.
Harvey Keitel
When it comes to underwear, there’s nothing worse than a visible panty line. Sometimes it seems like nobody knows that seamless underwear exists. But Calvin Klein makes them. Commando makes them. Hanky Panky makes them. You don’t need a drawer full; a few pairs will suffice.
Brad Goreski
I wasn’t the kid who lined up her toys, although when it came to Barbies and that little traveling wardrobe with the drawers and the little shoes, my stuff was always on hangers and the shoes were always in pairs. Things had their places.
Jamie Lee Curtis
The idea of an animated film is you always kind of get a little bit daunted by it as a filmmaker because it feels like a lot of your communication is going to be with computer artists, and you’re going to have to kind of channel the movie through extra pairs of hands.
Peter Jackson
When my agents tell me how much I’m going to be paid for a film, instead of quoting a figure, they’ll say: ‘You’re going to make ten pairs of Christian Louboutins.’
Kate Mara
I own two or three pairs of jeans and a bunch of T-shirts.
Santiago Cabrera
We’ve seen black holes, which is already wonderful. We also expect to see the merger of neutron stars, and that was a thing that actually gave this field a certain credibility when it was discovered that there were pairs of neutron stars in our galaxy, and people stopped laughing at us when that was found out.
Rainer Weiss
One time, I was going to be in L.A. for 10 days for a business conference, and I took eight different pairs of sandals.
Chris Gardner
The trick is always to write in pairs because if at least two people find it funny, you’ve immediately halved the odds of it not being funny.
Steve Coogan
My perspective is hard because I look at wardrobe from very much a guy’s perspective. You look at my closet and I have pairs of black jeans and five button-downs, but one’s silk, one’s cotton. They all are slightly different, so that’s my perspective.
Erin Wasson
I need to have a quick wardrobe. Two or three blazers with dark gray pants, two pairs of jeans, two light blue shirts, a casual shirt, two pairs of shoes, one formal one not. Small accessories like Tod’s Greca belt and our woven bracelets for a wild touch.
Diego Della Valle
The Third Quartet I made the instruments in pairs – Two different pairs – Violin and viola, and violin and cello. They played very different things from each other all through the whole piece.
Elliott Carter
I'm at like 325 pairs right now, give or take. But I've

I’m at like 325 pairs right now, give or take. But I’ve given away about 200 pairs of sneakers. I’m not as big of a collector as I used to be, because I think the game just got weird. Everybody likes to collect now, so it’s kind of corny. But I got the essentials.
I had this scholarship, two pairs of tight jeans, and a couple of hundred extra dollars, and I showed up in Oregon and went to school there.
Punit Renjen
I have many pairs of long gloves because my wrists get cold as I also like coats with short sleeves – what Jackie O would have called bracelet-length sleeves.
Lucy Worsley
I’ve always loved Nike shoes, and I’m in a position where I like to collect them now, especially the limited-edition Jordan and Air Max pairs. My house is full of special releases.
Sergio Ramos
Although I never marched through the streets shouting for Mao, I do believe that the liberation of China at the end of the 1940s was a wonderful thing and to provide its people with a billion pairs of shoes and trousers was a fantastic achievement.
Henning Mankell
I got, like, 120 pairs of glasses and 800 pairs of sneakers.
Von Miller
My eyes are too big, my nose is too flat, my ears stick out, my mouth is too big and my face is too small… my body is thin as a clarinet and my ankles are so skinny that I wear two pairs of bobby socks because I don’t want people to see how thin they are.
Goldie Hawn
There’s something about that puritanical narrative of progress and upward mobility and work ethic that the glorification of abstinence fits pretty neatly into. That pairs with the fact that 12-step recovery has had too large a monopoly on how treatment is understood in America.
Leslie Jamison