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Music is an expression. It's almost like a diary in my

Music is an expression. It’s almost like a diary in my life, you know. You express your perceptions and your view on life – your world view.
Dion DiMucci
‘Top Gear’ changed people’s perceptions of me. I’ve had much more positive responses from my TV appearances than written articles. And I have the weirdest voice.
James Blunt
Precisely at the moment when an athletic career is most on the line and fan perceptions of a Herculean, supra-human performance are highest, an athlete’s brain may be at its most vulnerable.
Mary Pilon
Major social movements eventually fade into the landscape not because they have diminished but because they have become a permanent part of our perceptions and experience.
Freda Adler
Putting on my legs is like putting on my shoes. I understand that’s how some people might think differently, but I hope that in London, their perceptions open up.
Oscar Pistorius
I don’t dabble and spend much mind or time dealing with, I don’t know, people’s perceptions of me. I truly don’t.
Matthew McConaughey
Arguably, no artist grows up: If he sheds the perceptions of childhood, he ceases being an artist.
Ned Rorem
Key metaphors help determine what and how we perceive and how we think about our perceptions.
M. H. Abrams
Right up to the middle of this century all perceptions of the world around us were delivered via the bookshelf or the paper route.
Theodore Bikel
The world is… the natural setting of, and field for, all my thoughts and all my explicit perceptions. Truth does not inhabit only the inner man, or more accurately, there is no inner man, man is in the world, and only in the world does he know himself.
Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Cannes or any other major festival is basically an animal in its own nature, creating very specific perceptions of films in a moment.
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Often, the pretexts for starting a war are not real shortages of land, food or fuel, but rather perceptions – like fear, honor and perceived self-interest.
Victor Davis Hanson
I had become a victim of people’s perceptions. It’s not just me, I think all actresses are.
Tanushree Dutta
Not one person would admit that they didn’t want me to wear a bikini because of their aesthetic preference – a preference that is shaped by our cultural perceptions of what is and isn’t beautiful.
Jennifer Armintrout
I hope that as a professional snowboarder, Olympian, and now, a Global Ambassador for Special Olympics, I will be able to change perceptions about people with intellectual disabilities.
Hannah Teter
Fame allows you a lot of opportunities to experience new things and connect with people. But on the other hand, people’s perceptions of you can limit the scope of your relationships with them. You walk both lines.
Forest Whitaker
Since neither black animosity nor the Left’s falsehood of ‘racial tensions’ is based on the actual behavior of the vast majority of white Americans, nothing white America could do will affect either many blacks’ perceptions or the leftist libel.
Dennis Prager
Perceptions really do define what our realities are. What we’re hoping to do with ‘Atlanta’ is to really shatter that. To shatter it completely wide open. To go from the furthest lane of absurdity to the furthest lane of reality and make them blend.
Brian Tyree Henry
Women’s sport is embedded in the mainstream consciousness now, and that is a hugely positive thing. That’s not to say that our sport can’t get even more popular – because I think it can – but perceptions have definitely changed for the better.
Toni Duggan
I like the South: Southern literature and that relationship between grotesqueness and living below the Mason-Dixon line. But I also understand that people view it as a limitation – as an actor and as a person – perceptions that are really wrong: that you are ignorant and possibly illiterate, or that it’s cute.
Holly Hunter
Today’s generation likes stand-up comedies in which the performers give their take on a number of subjects. Some of them are a taboo, but youngsters enjoy them. However, when we act in a drama, what is uppermost on our mind is the people’s perceptions and opinions.
Ashok Saraf
Great architects like Taut, Mendelsohn, and Gropius built some astonishing buildings which were to change the way architects around the world thought. Brecht and Weill forever changed musical theatre; Kaethe Kollwitz and others changed German perceptions of the purposes of art.
Justin Cartwright
I am intrigued by the way secrets move through a family and how events and perceptions from decades earlier continue to influence the way relatives view each other. Homes shape family histories as well.
J. Courtney Sullivan
The neural code usually refers to how your current thoughts and feelings and perceptions are encoded in the signals that neurons are passing around – and it’s not the same. The code is not the same for every person.
Sebastian Seung
When I go to business meetings, I’m still told way too often by some receptionist, ‘The mail room is downstairs,’ to believe that racial perceptions don’t still exist. But I figure there are always going to be knuckleheads no matter how many of their herd get stuck in the tar pits of progress.
John Ridley
We all have perceptions or boxes that we put each other in.
Ashton Sanders
We have people who pay to use our products and services, and they are heavily engaged in our content. If you erase the brand perceptions of AOL, and consider that people pay to use our properties, you would probably consider this one of the most valuable audiences on the Internet.
Tim Armstrong
In the culture at large, the war over science fiction’s creative validity has been long since won, but guardians at the gates of literature, movies, and TV linger unconvinced, even as other genres fitfully transcend critical perceptions of insubstantiality.
Steve Erickson
Art is not supposed to change the world, to change practical things, but to change perceptions. Art can change the way we see the world. Art can create an analogy.
I want to try to help shift perceptions people may have of me as an actor.
Bradley Walsh
It is more interesting to be compared to someone famous, because it lets you gauge what perceptions people have about your appearance.
Arthur Smith
I will not bow down to others' perceptions of me; I wil

I will not bow down to others’ perceptions of me; I will only rise in the name of art, love and music.
Maria Brink
False perceptions are being created about me without an iota of proof.
Sharad Pawar
There was a lot of struggle. People have different perceptions about you and sometimes looks also can limit you as an actor.
Priyanshu Chatterjee
As much as I very much want audiences to watch FX’s carefully curated and highly contextualized television shows, I’m now glad when anyone takes the time to watch even our competition’s television series, as long as it demands their sustained attention and challenges their knee-jerk perceptions.
John Landgraf
Nepal is our closest neighbour, and we must make every effort to ensure that, as a small neighbour, we attend to their perceptions. Even when they are wrong, we have an obligation to create an environment in which the common people in Nepal feel that in India they have a great friend.
Manmohan Singh
I like wearing beautiful clothes, but that does not translate into my work. People don’t like to see me as a glam doll in my movies. My audience and the media love me with two different perceptions. It’s a strange, crazy situation.
Sonam Kapoor
I like to play with contrast. It’s about changing people’s perceptions of people.
Edward Enninful
I just wanted to have fun for myself – I felt I had a lot to say, and I realized that I missed having a magazine as a place to express my ideas. The Times column is a place for me to unload those perceptions.
Tina Brown
The ability of big money to shape perceptions – where you have four anti-climate lobbyists for every single member of the House and Senate – is a big factor.
Al Gore
Breathe in deeply to bring your mind home to your body. Then look at, or think of, the person triggering this emotion: With mindfulness, you can see that she is unhappy, that she is suffering. You can see her wrong perceptions. You can see that she is not beautiful when she says things that are unkind.
Thich Nhat Hanh
We all put obstacles in our own path toward personal style, myself included. If we understood why we constructed these practical and emotional obstacles, we might move beyond it to healthier, happier perceptions of ourselves and, ideally, a better sense of self-esteem.
Stacy London
I have discovered that if you take all the places of Greek myths, those specific locales turn out to be abundant fossil sites, but there is also a lot of natural knowledge embedded in those myths, showing that Greek perceptions about fossils were pretty amazing for prescientific people.
Adrienne Mayor
It’s a well known thing that ordinary perceptions can have a strange aspect when one is travelling.
Kenneth Koch
You become very angry and depressed that you keep getting offered only these exceedingly demure and repressed roles. They’re so not me. That’s why films like Fight Club were so important to me because I think I confounded certain stereotypes and limited perceptions of what I could do as an actress.
Helena Bonham Carter
Spirit borrows from matter the perceptions on which it feeds and restores them to matter in the form of movements which it has stamped with its own freedom.
Henri Bergson
While I am a huge proponent of us as Africans telling our own stories and countering the negative stereotypes out there since no one else will, I am also cognizant of the power that the mainstream Western media still has on shaping perceptions of the continent.
Ory Okolloh
People have such false perceptions of how stardom really works.
Marcia Gay Harden
Part of me worries about upsetting people, because we all have perceptions about Olympic champions.
Bradley Wiggins