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I normally fly under the radar, and I'm normally not th

I normally fly under the radar, and I’m normally not the best in my family, even though I’m sort of second or third best in the world.
Bronte Campbell
Sometimes it can feel like my bad days in Test cricket get amplified or singled out more than other players, while my good ones can fly under the radar. I’m not making excuses but over time this can get to you a little bit.
Moeen Ali
The last few years haven’t been as good so I can fly under the radar, come in and do the best I can and I don’t have all these high hopes placed on me.
Katie Hoff
I’d rather go under the radar and win an MLS Cup. I really don’t need to be credited.
Bradley Wright-Phillips
Christine Brinkley, that’s my age range of supermodels. That’s on my radar. This isn’t someone where I don’t know who she is. She turned out to be such a bright light. She walks into a room and just lights it up. She’s just that person.
Jim O’Heir
It’s funny: I kinda still float under the radar. I’m not tall like a New York Knick; I’m not a heavy, strong New York Giant or New York Jet. I blend in pretty well. A lot of people don’t recognize me too many places. More men recognize me than women.
Curtis Granderson
I have always liked being under the radar. Work hard and do well. That is why people talk about you.
Harry Kewell
Well, I don’t think I’ve ever been a huge target for the press, and I value that to a degree, because there’s a certain value for actors staying beneath the radar so they can play characters.
Liev Schreiber
Sometimes you want to skate along or just get by or fly under the radar, but sometimes you have to stand up and let your voice be heard and give it your best and give it your all. As a mother of young children, that’s something I’ve tried to emphasize and highlight for them.
Angela Bassett
I grew up at a time with androgyny in the 1980s; it was easy to pass under the radar as a gay may.
Alexis Arquette
I’m a geek who loves fashion. There’s been a reinvention of the word geek. It means being passionate about anything that’s under the radar or sort of frowned upon, like Comic-Con.
Kristen Bell
If you haven’t done shows that are on everyone’s radar, then you’re something out of nowhere.
Sterling K. Brown
During the war years I worked on the development of radar and other radio systems for the R.A.F. and, though gaining much in engineering experience and in understanding people, rapidly forgot most of the physics I had learned.
Martin Ryle
My dad had no interest in motorbikes at all. It didn’t come up on his radar.
Charley Boorman
I’d love to do a film on homosexuality. That’s on my radar.
Ayushmann Khurrana
I am trying to do the best work I possibly can and making movies that will have resonance for years to come. I think if you try for an Oscar or a goal like that, the more people are going to see it as transparent. It’s not on my radar. If it happens, great, but I’m happy to continue working as I am, really.
Leonardo DiCaprio
When I took a couple of years to do the documentaries after I left ‘American Morning’ – what was I gone for, five years? – I didn’t feel that I was floating under the radar.
Soledad O’Brien
Weight is just not a hot button. In fact, during my life, it probably should have been on my radar screen a bit more. I look back at work photos and am shocked. Was I eating the people I was interviewing?! Good Lord, I was big.
Hoda Kotb
This is something that’s been on my radar for quite some time actually, voice acting.
Big E
There are ways of staying under the radar here, and they’re effective to a degree. But if you’re an ambitious person and you’re confident your career is moving in the direction you want it to, you know the attention is only going to become greater and greater.
Killian Scott
It’s kind of nice in some ways having an Olympic Trials where I finished second. You can kind of go in more under the radar facing a 2:03 guy and facing a lot of dudes who are faster than I am, whereas, before Beijing, I had one of the top 10 times in the field, or something like that.
Ryan Hall
My mind tends to operate a bit like a radar. I don’t find it hard to switch off.
Lloyd Dorfman
I loved the fact that Mitch Coleborn wasn’t on my radar for ‘Stranger than Fiction’ until he sent 10 waves of himself to us. Then he went from unknown to having a great section in the movie.
Taylor Steele
Who’s on my radar? I don’t have a radar. I always look at myself as a top athlete. They come after me. I don’t go after them because I’m where they want to be.
Terence Crawford
I want to stay below the radar and make good films. I have to be careful; I don’t want my life to change. I really don’t want to be a movie star.
Amelia Warner
I play my best stuff when I am a little under the radar.
Judd Trump
Boston is actually the capital of the world. You didn’t know that? We breed smart-ass, quippy, funny people. Not that I’m one of them. I just sorta sneaked in under the radar.
John Krasinski
Just the thought of being on Oprah’s radar at all is humbling, but to actually have her take time get on the phone with me kind of blows my mind.
Amy Purdy
I’ve always been making music, but I sort of went under the radar. I kind of disappeared… I was never really that comfortable with the music industry. I loved the idea of being able to express myself creatively – but the rest of it never really sat well with me.
Jimmy Somerville
It’s not exactly under the radar, but when I’m in London, I love to visit Liberty. It’s my favorite department store, and they have a room entirely dedicated to chocolate and truffles.
Ashley Madekwe
A celebrated and hugely popular actress in her native Iran, Ahangarani first landed on the radar of the Iranian authorities for her open support of opposition figure Mir-Hossein Mousavi, which led to her arrest in July 2009 in the aftermath of a disputed presidential election in Iran.
Nazanin Boniadi
I think I'm under the radar enough where I don't think

I think I’m under the radar enough where I don’t think I’m typecast as anything yet, so I’m pretty free and clear.
Selma Blair
Sometimes directors may not give you words, you know? They may not talk at all! You’ve just got to use your radar to figure out how you can get to the center and not lose yourself, but still be directed at the same time.
Faith Prince
It’s my personality naturally to try to fly under the radar.
Erik Spoelstra
I’ll literally pay three Hollywood readers who don’t know me to read my scripts under the radar and give cold comments. And at the early screenings of my movies, I’ll hand out questionnaires that can be filled out anonymously so people can be brutally honest because, to your face, they won’t be.
Catherine Hardwicke
I first came into the radar of the U.S. intelligence when I received a call from my cousin Mahfouz. It was 1999. He wanted me to help him transfer some money to his sick father. And he called me from the phone of UBL.
Mohamedou Ould Slahi
That was never on my radar, traffic stopping. It was never important to me.
Kathy Ireland
Every human being you see in the course of a day has a problem that’s sucking up at least 70 percent of his or her radar.
Douglas Coupland
I want to do comedy films, serious films – I admire the actors who fly under the radar but get loads done, pop up in a lot of good films.
Craig Roberts
I like to sneak in under the radar. I don’t have any paparazzi following me or have to deal with that stuff. I’m never in the tabloids. I prefer that.
Rob Schneider
But by providing the background picture – the universal situational awareness that we desire – by showing the anomalies, the Space-Based Radar will change the nature of how we do our analysis and our intelligence.
Stephen Cambone
I seem to be able to just sort of sink and slide under the radar, which is nice.
Daniel Cudmore
When you’ve got an extra gear in your head where that’s all you do, you’ve constantly got a little radar up. … And when something hits that strikes that beeper, hits that radar, it’s like my song skills kick right in and go, ‘Oh, OK, there’s a song in that.’ And then I start trying to figure it out.
Toby Keith
I always say deafness is a silent disability: you can’t see, and it’s not life-threatening, so it has to touch your life in some way in order for it to be on your radar.
Rachel Shenton
Demonetisation was always on the government’s radar and was part of the plan from day one when Narendra Modi took over as prime minister, as he was concerned about the black money.
Ajay Piramal
I mostly go under the radar, which is fantastic because I would not be a good famous person.
Gillian Flynn
If I want to go out to a restaurant with some friends, I’m more than happy that we go in under the radar, have a little evening on our own.
David Jason
I’m not like a 90-mph fastball kind of guy, but I can hit 70 on radar gun. I hit 70 one time on a radar guy at one of those pitch-and-throw kind of things. I have a pretty good arm for somebody who’s not a baseball player.
Ben Gibbard
I try to remain under radar as much as I can. In our line of work, whatever we do makes news, and with social media, people comment on everything. When it comes to love, the day I get married, I will tell the world about my wife.
Karan Wahi
The key measurement will not be how many people are watching the Univision network. But, believe me, I still think we are going to grow and are shooting for No. 1, and that spot is certainly on our radar. But engagement will be the focus and the main measure.
Randy Falco
I learned with ‘The Beach’ that I’m a bit better lower down the radar.
Danny Boyle
Part of the challenge of being an entrepreneur, if you’re going for a really huge opportunity, is trying to find problems that aren’t quite on the radar yet and try to solve those.
Sean Parker
That’s the beauty of being a straight-to-DVD star. It really helps you stay under the media’s radar.
Ron White
Ensuring the San Luis Valley’s Radar data is fully integrated into National Weather Service systems will improve weather forecasting and warnings across southern Colorado for the benefit of farmers, ranchers, tourists, first responders, water district managers, and the general population.
Lauren Boebert
The recognition factor is so much higher when I’m a redhead, so when I’m a blonde I can pass under the radar a lot more easily.
Cynthia Nixon
As a working-class boy, golf was never really on my radar, and when I was growing up, Irish football was my sporting passion.
Ronan Keating
One of the joys of being at St. George is you were operating under the radar screen a lot of the time, and you could actually get on with things a lot more quickly and easily.
Gail Kelly
It’s cool because I think ‘Ex Machina’ is a little bit under the radar, which is always when I do my best work – when I feel like no one’s paying attention.
Brian K. Vaughan
I’m practical, very data-driven, and process-oriented. If I look at a radar and see a giant green blob coming toward me, I’m thinking it’s probably going to snow.
Kevin Jorgeson
What I love about jazz is that it’s full of legends, full of myths. It’s an oral history because it started in New Orleans and Kansas City, under the radar.
Damien Chazelle
Generally, I don’t like publicity on docs in progress, much less ones that are only in development; I’ve always tried to stay under the radar in terms of any press, especially with regard to the subjects of the film. I don’t want them to be thinking about the film or funding or what the public reaction is going to be.
Steve James
My dad Chester was a pianist and later a well-known television entertainer so football was never really something that was on his radar. However when I was a young boy a family friend took me to see an Arsenal game and from that moment on I was totally and utterly hooked.
Ainsley Harriott
I just think that, you know, what young actors actors a

I just think that, you know, what young actors actors and actresses have to factor into their work is all of the social media and the pressures that come from social media and the scrutiny that they’re under and so nothing goes under the radar.
Lesley Sharp
When Twitter made its way to my radar I looked at it as a curiosity, then started experimenting. I approached that as a place to be less formal and more off-the-cuff, honest and ‘human.’
Trent Reznor
I was happy to kind of always scoot under the radar.
Mandy Moore
As much as you want to improve or help the team, as a centre-back your job is to go under the radar and keep the ball out of the net. If you do that and let the strikers get all the adulation and the headlines, then you’re probably doing your job.
Tyrone Mings
If you have urgent current expenses to cover, then future priorities like college and retirement fall off your radar because they are simply less pressing. Scarcity of attention prevents us from seeing what’s really important. The psychology of scarcity engrosses us in only our present needs.
Sendhil Mullainathan
It’s a must to continually stay alert and aware because ideas come from everywhere. And beyond relying on your fine-tuned radar to pick up on the next inspiration, consider seeking mentors.
Caroline Ghosn
I’d prefer to go under the radar and just do the acting without being famous for it.
Kelly Reilly
The first time Brie Larson was really on our radar as somebody who we wanted to work with was ‘Short Term 12.’
Anna Boden
Being a beauty queen was never on my radar.
Catriona Gray
Acting was not on my radar ever, but after shooting my first film, I have realised that this is my calling.
Raashi Khanna
By definition, poetry works with qualities and dynamics that mainstream society is reluctant to face head-on. It’s an interesting phenomenon that by necessity, poetry is just below the radar.
David Whyte
I try to stay under the radar.
Jason Patric
I’m pretty much a loner and I’ve lived under the radar.
Selma Blair
I walk by studio heads and they actually look and put their hand out now, like maybe I should be on their radar.
Robert Downey, Jr.
From the point of view of being in the public radar, comedians have less problems than other actors. Action movie stars like Stallone or Schwarzenegger usually attract the more aggressive fans.
Robin Williams
I pride myself on that, even though I’m kind of under the radar, when I step on the field, I try to do an admirable job.
Spencer Paysinger
I think God must have had something in mind for me that was not on my radar when I first started out in New York. Back then, doing animated voices meant your career was done – it was looked down upon.
Jodi Benson
For me, running a set and directing has been the most rewarding thing of my life and a happy surprise, because it was never really on my radar.
Pamela Adlon
Issues to do with corruption, issues of how we can straighten out our state-owned enterprises, and how we deal with ‘state capture’ are issues that are on our radar screen.
Cyril Ramaphosa
I’m very focused on what I do professionally, and I’m very focused on my family, and I don’t really get too stressed out about what people say or what other people think. In fact, it’s not on my radar at all. If there’s anything negative, I don’t want to know about it. I just do my own thing and get on with my life.
Victoria Beckham
I feel like I’ve got a nice little niche where I stay just below the radar, which is perfect. I just don’t want to be known for anything other than music.
Dierks Bentley
I try to live under the radar as much as possible.
Arnel Pineda
I think when I graduated from my high school in ’84, they were just bringing computers in. I don’t even know if they were for classes. They might have just been for the administration. It was nowhere on the radar for anybody that I know.
Justine Bateman
It would be lovely to sit under the radar and make good movies and have just enough recognition so that you could book jobs, but not so that it affects your life.
Alex Roe
We tend to pay attention to that which is the most current on our radar screen.
Warren Rudman
When I started making dances in the ’60s, narrative dance was sort of off the radar screen. What was important at the time in the avant-garde was minimalism.
Twyla Tharp
Wrestling is not on my radar.
Anthony Johnson
Dahvie Vanity is on our radar here at ‘Have a Seat with Chris Hansen’ and I promise you I’ll take a really good, hard look at it.
Chris Hansen
Families, particularly, tend to be the ones that you take the most for granted. They seem to slip under the radar, all those important things – it almost becomes second nature to do so.
Adam Garcia
There’s a creative freedom with being under the radar. But I guess if you’re too under the radar, you get canceled?
Casey Wilson
It’s, you know, kind of nice to be under the radar.
Madison Keys
There's probably a way to use that great content and to

There’s probably a way to use that great content and to live under the radar now and then in order to reach a new audience. That’s the thinking I’m talking about.
John Tesh
People think coming in under the radar is like being a fighter pilot and actually coming in under the radar. It’s a completely ridiculous idea to come in under the radar. It’s the Olympics; everyone is on the radar here.
Bode Miller
I tend to keep my love of heavy metal under the radar.
Mark Bonnar
I’m in love with love and totally believe in marriage, but that’s not even on my radar right now. I am not putting energy into dating.
Selena Gomez
Think about it this way – if you have five senses, and they’re all feeding into one place, kind of like a bottleneck, then now your mind has to make decisions of what is important and what is going to be above the radar and what’s going to be below the radar.
Apollo Robbins
Not every dollar spent to gain influence on Capitol Hill comes from a big global industrial behemoth. Hundreds of small advocacy groups and nonprofits spend thousands each year to lobby Congress and federal agencies on the issues they care about most, and their efforts often go under the radar.
Elizabeth Flock
I was a hacker of sorts. Not a mind ‘reader,’ exactly; more a mind ‘radar,’ in tune with the workings of the aether. I could sense the nuances of dreamscapes and rogue spirits. Things outside myself. Things the average voyant wouldn’t feel.
Samantha Shannon
With adoption, there is a whole range of experiences, and a lot of it goes under the radar. There is too much icky stuff about it – all this stuff about people reunited, a sickly sentimentality about blood lines. For me, at least, life is much more ambiguous than that.
Lesley Sharp