Top 101 Social Justice Quotes

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Let us not forget, the financial crisis had its roots i

Let us not forget, the financial crisis had its roots in the decision by Congress to embark on a course of social justice to get everyone that wanted a home into one, regardless of whether or not they could afford it.
Ed Royce
Social justice is the surest guarantor of peace in the world.
Guy Ryder
If you have a priest that is pushing social justice, go find another parish. Go alert your bishop.
Glenn Beck
Green Arrow has gone through so many changes; he’s been right-wing, he’s been left-wing, he’s been rich, he’s been poor, he’s been a social justice guy, then when I got him, he was a rich playboy guy. So it was a lot harder to get into a character that has so many personas in the past, and I just looked at his anger.
Ann Nocenti
You ask a politician a question, like, why they ran in an election, and you’ll hear, I assume, something about wanting to contribute to the community or bring about social justice. I had no such high goals.
Amitava Kumar
Most people, certainly faculty, believe that if they’re for social justice, it’s automatically integrated into whatever they do.
Robin DiAngelo
I believe Britain’s response to Brexit must be based on core progressive values: internationalism, cooperation, social justice and the rule of law.
Keir Starmer
The system of racial classification is fiction, and we need to thoughtfully evaluate whether perpetuating it rigidly or allowing fluidity across the spectrum best supports human rights and social justice.
Rachel Dolezal
Women care about a wide range of issues – climate change, social justice. What the Green Party tries to do is apply gender analysis to a whole lot of questions that people might not think of as women’s issues. For instance, women in developing countries are the most vulnerable to climate crisis.
Elizabeth May
In my real life, I’m a Black Lives Matter social justice activist, and so it was incredibly interesting to me to play somebody coming from the totally opposite side, whose beliefs are as deeply entrenched – as deeply felt, and given as much gravity, as I give my beliefs.
Asia Kate Dillon
My issue with all sort of social justice stuff and leftie stuff, and I would put myself on a social justice leftie side, is some of the terminology is jargon.
As a social justice lawyer, I started marches against Trump here in Detroit.
Rashida Tlaib
Barbara Castle should have been Labour’s – and Britain’s – first female prime minister. What a role model she would have been: passionate, fiery, and absolutely committed to social justice.
Patricia Hewitt
Social justice is a cancer. Social justice means you are ruled by whatever the mob does. What social justice does is destroy individual responsibility.
Rafael Cruz
Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance.
Ban Ki-moon
If we truly seek diversity in fiction, we have to let the needs of others come before our need to define ourselves as social justice allies.
Jennifer Armintrout
I’ve done work in every area of social justice you can think of, but I’ve been highly focused on young people and then specifically black and brown girls.
Tarana Burke
Social justice cannot be attained by violence. Violence kills what it intends to create.
Pope John Paul II
God is truly on the side of those who work for social justice, especially when we accompany that work with the giving of the Gospel!
Joni Eareckson Tada
Something we learned from foster kids after sitting down with them to hear their stories is that so many of them are invested in social justice, and they’re all invested in making the system better for the kids behind them.
Peter Paige
I’m supportive of social justice.
Matt Rhule
Research confirms that both Republican and Democratic women are more likely than their male counterparts to initiate and fight for bills that champion social justice, protect the environment, advocate for families, and promote nonviolent conflict resolution.
Dee Dee Myers
I have a wonderful, diverse, and young staff at the AAPF who pretty much work around the clock trying to figure out how we promote the idea that social justice requires us to be intersectional in our thinking and in our scope of vision.
Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
Business leaders, social justice groups, farmers and ranchers, doctors and nurses and people from all walks of life are concerned about the climate threat.
Frances Beinecke
You have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of Islamic democracy, Islamic social justice and the equality of manhood in your own native soil.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
A primary justification for a basic income is social justice.
Guy Standing
I’ve always wanted to be part of stories about social justice – urgent, meaningful, substantial dramas.
Jeremy Strong
Because of poverty, we must adopt the capitalist means of production to develop our resources to get rich. However, if we ignore the issue of social justice at the beginning of China’s industrialization, we will sow the seeds of class warfare in the future.
Sun Yat-sen
When the opportunity came up to do social justice work for the New School in an academic setting, and still be able to support the mayor and be part of the de Blasio family, it was kind of a no-brainer for me.
Maya Wiley
Our investments in social justice and basic needs are as vital to our future as fiscal and macroeconomic reforms. A nation deeply divided will not stand. And it certainly will not move forward.
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
All my life, I’ve been lucky to work in social justice, starting as a labor organizer working with low-wage working women.
Cecile Richards
We never had money but it was never a problem. The spir

We never had money but it was never a problem. The spirit of comradeship, the commitment to gender equality, social justice and a celebration of pluralism and India’s composite culture provided the glue that kept us joyous and closely bonded.
Shabana Azmi
History has shown us many times that if the state repressively forces the redistribution of wealth and social justice, it becomes dangerous both for democracy and for human creativity. Yet, restraining the excesses of a capitalist structure that creates new inequities seems to need more than good public policy.
Rohini Nilekani
I come before you to call for unity from all Argentina, to build a new social contract of brotherhood and solidarity. I come before you calling for all to put Argentina on its feet, to put the country on a path toward development and social justice.
Alberto Fernandez
We need to send a powerful message to the world in a unified voice: that we can fight for social justice for everyone, everywhere, and change the world, not just get married. We can continue to build our communities and address the root causes of queer and trans poverty and deaths.
Chelsea Manning
There are a lot of people doing social justice things, which is great. But we can’t just say, ‘Here’s some food. Here’s some stuff.’ We have to be able to give the gospel, share the hope and have a real heart for that.
Jeremy Camp
Nelson Mandela saw the potential of Africa and dedicated his life to changing the world in which we live while inspiring a movement towards social justice, peace and equal human rights.
Masai Ujiri
The Arab Spring, nobody’s in the streets demonstrating for radical Islam; they’re in the streets with a window of democracy. They want our political reform, our social justice, and our economic opportunity.
Jack Keane
I know my predecessors have written a Green Arrow who has a lot of thoughts about social justice, but that was a more evolved, older, wiser Green Arrow.
Ann Nocenti
To put it mildly, nothing can be turned and worn inside out with greater ease than one’s notion of social justice, public conscience, a better future, etc.
Joseph Brodsky
I want all of the work that I do to have a social justice footprint attached. I want it to move the needle forward when it comes to the perception of all people, but especially people of color.
Winston Duke
After decades of persistent, courageous advocacy – often at risk to their own lives, livelihoods, and safety – African Americans succeeded in securing their right to a voice in our government, and their work laid the foundation for the social justice work of generations to follow.
Abigail Spanberger
I’m a social justice supporter, but there is no social justice on a dead planet.
Douglas Tompkins
I feel like the NBA, WNBA, tennis and basketball have really been at the forefront of social justice and pushing for change from the athlete platform.
Pam Shriver
Those of us focused on issues related to social justice and equality are grateful for the significant steps President Obama has made to advance women’s equality and status all over the world.
Christy Turlington
There are many ways to be hungry. One can hunger for love, or fame or social justice, but hunger for food seems to curb all other cravings.
Hamza Yusuf
India remains one of the few nations which still focuses entirely on an archaic de-addiction model, administered by the ministry of social justice and empowerment, to address drinking problems, adhering to a centuries-old idea of these problems being a moral disorder rather than a health condition.
Vikram Patel
Scotland is my country, the nation that shaped me, that taught me my values. A nation whose achievements inspired and inspire me, a community whose failings drive me – drive my overwhelming desire to fight for social justice and equality.
Johann Lamont
I’d love to challenge myself and play characters that overcome experiences like homelessness or abuse, because social justice is really important to me.
Madelaine Petsch
There is no justice in social justice, and there is no equality in social equality.
Brad Thor
I consider myself a social justice person.
Jon Ronson