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Normally, I try to get my haircut when I'm in a develop

Normally, I try to get my haircut when I’m in a developing country. Last time, it was in Vietnam.
Ingvar Kamprad
For me… you know, the most I’ve paid for a haircut was in Australia. Usually I go to a black barber or a Latino barber. I can’t just go into Supercuts.
Hannibal Buress
Man, I have so many names that everybody calls me something different. Some people call me Drew, some people call me Mayer, some people call me Haircut.
Mayer Hawthorne
Elves, Eskimos and aliens are the type of girls I am attracted to. I’ve been going out with my current girlfriend for a year. She looks like a cross between an elf, an Eskimo and an alien, with a bowl haircut and little thin legs.
Mathew Horne
All my friends in art school used to run around with this sort of what you call Beatles haircut. And my boyfriend then, Klaus Voormann, had this hairstyle, and Stuart liked it very, very much. He was the first one who really got the nerve to get the Brylcreem out of his hair and asking me to cut his hair for him.
Astrid Kirchherr
I do think haircuts completely change people.
Sian Clifford
In ‘Pacific Rim’ I had to have a haircut I wouldn’t usually rock. However, the moustache I had in the film – that might have to come out again. It was a good moustache. Good times.
Idris Elba
I used to be pretty hard on myself, like, if I didn’t like a haircut I did on someone, I would think about it a lot and second-guess myself. But after therapy and a lot of work, I know how to dust myself off a lot faster, and those things don’t knock me down as much as they used to.
Jonathan Van Ness
I have very short hair. It’s the only cute haircut I think I’ve ever had.
Jamie Lee Curtis
I’ve never had a haircut where I’ve gone to a hair cutting place and they gave me an incorrect haircut. So I’ve been pretty lucky.
Chandler Riggs
I’m like a kid, so I try to avoid haircuts as much as possible.
Baron Davis
Some of the Christopher Guest movies, when I’m not really like myself, when I have my hair dyed blonde or had a faux-hawk haircut. Those I like to watch because it takes you away from your real self.
Fred Willard
I’m Asian, so they assumed I’m not an American and that I come from Japan. Restaurants would refuse to serve me, and places would refuse to give you a haircut.
Fred Korematsu
I always have a new haircut.
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
Not all Republicans are rich, dress in three-piece suits, and have $200 haircuts. I’m somebody who’s lived from paycheck to paycheck. I’m focusing on my blue-collar roots – I’ve worked side by side with union people.
Joe Wurzelbacher
Dance music is so interchangeable. There’s not a lot of face to it. It’s a bunch of Dutch DJs with the same haircut.
I grind. I hustle. I don’t have time to get no haircut.
Baron Davis
I’m out and proud with my terrible haircuts and jumpers. I think my younger self would be amazed at the way my life has turned out, actually.
Caroline Quentin
A successful argument for a government manufacturing policy has to go beyond the feeling that it’s better to produce ‘real things’ than services. American consumers value health care and haircuts as much as washing machines and hair dryers.
Christina Romer
The bubble bowl! Yes, that made my career, and I should be grateful. I was stomping my feet when Garren was giving me that haircut. It’s hard to say to a 17-year-old girl in 1993 that a bowl haircut was cool.
Trish Goff
If there is a gay uniform, the differences are in how each man coordinates the details: the brand and cut of the jeans, the design of belts and boots, the haircut, the number and size of earrings.
Lance Loud
I looked like a ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Goomba. It’s arguably the ugliest haircut on the planet.
Matthew Gray Gubler
I’ve had a lot of ridiculous haircuts.
Tom Brady
I always have a new haircut.
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
I’ve had some bad haircuts in the past.
Gordon Hayward
Growing up, I had a terrible pudding-bowl haircut. I used to cut it myself, and I’d sew my own clothing, too. I looked a little strange compared to the other kids. But the thing was, I felt I looked amazing, so what other people thought never bothered me.
Becki Newton
You see those guys wearing baggy pants, descendants of the parachute pants, wearing an odd, weird Frankenstein haircut. It all comes out of Peter Lorre.
Allen Ginsberg
Having a bad haircut can be quite traumatic!
Rachel Stevens
I do think that you can dress yourself out of a problem. The way that a haircut and a new pair of pants can make you feel is better than any therapist, because when you look in the mirror, you see a different person – you are a different person. It’s superficial change that can lead to real change.
Greg Behrendt
Actresses generally aren’t allowed to have haircuts, because short hair isn’t considered as versatile.
Rosamund Pike
Haircuts are luxuries and, as such, should be as expensive as you can possibly afford.
Genesis P-Orridge
My worst haircuts have been the ones where I've done my

My worst haircuts have been the ones where I’ve done my own.
Swizz Beatz
I think Princess Diana probably had the most famous haircut, or Farrah Fawcett or Jennifer Aniston.
Dorothy Hamill
I don’t like to spend a lot of money on haircuts: I’ll sometimes grow my hair and get an acting job and get them to cut it for free. I think for a lady, though, it’s okay to spend a lot on a haircut.
Paul Dano
I always feel good after I change my hair. You get a haircut and feel positive and ready to take on the day.
Kirstin Maldonado
In most cultures, you can have a kid at 18 and it’s not a big thing. It’s not like, ‘Oh, you’ve got to get a different haircut and move to the suburbs and act, like, 35.’
Julian Casablancas
I’m the star of the show. I should have a decent haircut.
David James Elliott
I always change my hair, but I don’t like haircuts!
Leighton Meester
Celebrity haircuts are one of the great perks of even a little media profile.
Genesis P-Orridge
It was great growing up with my dad as a hairdresser – you get free haircuts! We always had amazing shampoos, too, but I knew it wasn’t my thing. I get too lazy to use them.
Stacy Martin
I have about two manicures a year, maybe three haircuts. I used to get blowdries all the time, and I never did my own hair. Now I’m last in the queue – the focus is on my home.
Rebecca Loos
One of the worst. I can’t begin to explain… I literally ask them all the time, ‘Why doesn’t Will, maybe he shaves his head?’ But really, did everyone have that haircut in the ’80s? Who would choose to have that haircut?
Noah Schnapp
In my life, I got a haircut junior year of college that was a real wash-‘n-go type of situation. It was short. I had six or seven people say I looked just like Hugh Grant. And I was like, ‘That’s a man. So… that’s not nice.’
Jessica St. Clair
SEALs are human beings. We may all have the same haircuts, but we aren’t robots. Some SEALs are great people. Some are not great people. Some have done unspeakably terrible things. You’re dealing with different people, different dreams, different desires.
Jocko Willink
I have always had a bob haircut because my hair is so fine and doesn’t like being long.
Cornelia Parker
The restructuring theme can be of various kinds. Some amount of debt gets serviced out of cash flows, some gets back-ended and resolved with sale of non-core assets of the company, and some debt gets converted into equity which might today look like a haircut.
Chanda Kochhar
I was upset about getting $40 haircuts, like, every month. That’s a lot of money, and so, man, that’s a lot of food. That’s a waste. No more. So I’m, like, letting it go so I have more food. My budget’s good for food now.
Steven Adams
The American character looks always as if it had just had a rather bad haircut, which gives it, in our eyes at any rate, a greater humanity than the European, which even among its beggars has an all too professional air.
Mary McCarthy
Justin Bieber stole my haircut. And Axl Rose stole my dance!
Davy Jones
In my life, I got a haircut junior year of college that was a real wash-‘n-go type of situation. It was short. I had six or seven people say I looked just like Hugh Grant. And I was like, ‘That’s a man. So… that’s not nice.’
Jessica St. Clair
I went through whole scene kid phase from when I was, like, 12 years old to 15. Black eyeliner – I got gauges, which I definitely regret now – and I had the world’s worst haircut: it looked similar to a mullet with a rat’s tail, essentially. It was not great.
Madelaine Petsch
I’ve tried to have a regular haircut, but it just pops back up again, so this is the way it’s going to be.
Rod Stewart
Inflation is when you pay fifteen dollars for the ten-dollar haircut you used to get for five dollars when you had hair.
Sam Ewing
Every actor has an obsession with their hair. You can see it on set, and you start to realize it’s completely silly. I can be very obsessed by my hair, but all these hours spent trying to style it are useless, because ultimately, you can’t change your haircut. It’s all the same.
Louis Garrel
To this day, my haircut is the number two clippers, which I apply to myself every month.
Henry Rollins
Apart from some of the videos and haircuts, I don’t think I’ve made any wrong moves, ha ha!
George Michael
It was a huge shock. I’ve never had hair that short in my life! I think the rest of the cast and crew were mourning my haircut more than I was! But after a while, I felt liberated, I learned to embrace it.
Camilla Belle
Getting fitter is just like getting a new haircut. It changes the way you look and also changes your outlook towards a lot of things in life.
Parineeti Chopra
I always said punk was an attitude. It was never about having a Mohican haircut or wearing a ripped T-shirt. It was all about destruction, and the creative potential within that.
Malcolm Mclaren
Everyone’s had a dodgy haircut at one point and think your life’s over. Then there’s always someone, whether it’s a best friend or your mom or someone, who can talk you down.
Sian Clifford
When I was a teenager, I was really into hair; I dyed it different colours and had loads of haircuts. I shaved my head when I was 17 – it was pretty radical!
Chloe Sevigny
I’ve had every haircut you could possibly imagine: mullet, tail, dreadlocks, afro, crew cut. It’s always been an expression of who I am.
Marc Forgione
I'm pro-forwards. Do I want the Seventies to come back?

I’m pro-forwards. Do I want the Seventies to come back? No. The haircuts were terrible. Everyone stank. The food was awful.
Douglas Coupland
I have always had a bob haircut because my hair is so fine and doesn’t like being long.
Cornelia Parker
Think back to yourself at age 18. I know I was mighty different than the Patti I am today. As we grow up, we grow out of our haircuts, our apartments and – often times – our romantic decisions.
Patti Stanger
I used to get a haircut every Saturday so I would never miss any of the comic books. I had practically no hair when I was a kid!
R. L. Stine
When you lose a lover it’s like getting a bad haircut. It grows back in time.
Sammy Davis, Jr.
I can’t ever imagine going in for short hair. I’m somehow not comfortable in getting a short haircut done.
Ayesha Takia
I did study the art of being a barber because I wanted to figure out what my routine would be. Do you start in the front or back? Top or bottom? Swivel the chair or walk around? What I did discover is there’s no such thing as the perfect haircut!
Sean Patrick Thomas
No, the mullet’s gone, I’ve have a nice blonde, spiky haircut, but it’s quite modern.
I give haircut to my son. I have made him learn mathematics table. I have also made him learn some spellings and grammar. I feel lockdown has made me more responsible as a mom.
Amrapali Gupta
I hate getting haircuts. It’s like going to the damn dentist, man.
John Daly
I was a tomboy. I had a pudding-bowl haircut; I wore big Doc Martens and dungarees.
Maxine Peake
Dorothy Hamill was my big idol as a kid. She’d won the Olympics in 1976. She was America’s sweetheart with her personality, her talent, her haircut.
Kristi Yamaguchi
I’ll always have my fan base. I know my actual fans are rockin’ with me even when my haircut was messed up. They’re never gonna leave.
The fashion industry is an immense cultural and social blight that only gets a free pass because its would-be detractors are scared it’ll start criticising their haircut.
Charlie Brooker
So many guys are so conservative with their hair, and I always joke with all my buddies when they mess with me, and I’ll say, ‘That’s right, keep the same haircut for ten years.’ How fun is that?
Tom Brady
Some of the Christopher Guest movies, when I’m not really like myself, when I have my hair dyed blonde or had a faux-hawk haircut. Those I like to watch because it takes you away from your real self.
Fred Willard
We learned to put discipline in the haircuts by using actual geometry, actual architectural shapes and bone structure. The cut had to be perfect and layered beautifully, so that when a woman shook it, it just fell back in.
Vidal Sassoon
Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts.
Jim Morrison
I just do what’s comfortable for me, whether it’s getting fresh haircuts, or the clothes that I wear. It’s simple; I’m just me. I don’t really go out of my way. I do make sure my face is washed and moisturized, though.
Lance Gross
For three years, I had embarrassing haircuts.
Chris Hemsworth
The great challenge working on this show for me is wearing polyester all day long and having the worst haircut known to man at the top of my head and sitting under fluorescent lights. That is America, people. Polyester, bad haircuts, under fluorescent lights.
Rainn Wilson
You know government needs a haircut. If we keep their spending down, that’s more money in your pocket.
Matt Rosendale
With short hair you have to get a haircut every two or three weeks. And if you’re coloring your hair, you have to color it that often. Every time I did it, I felt fraudulent.
Jamie Lee Curtis
I never really thought about acting when I was little; I was just getting a haircut at a salon when I was 10, and a woman approached my mom about putting me forward for an audition!
Danielle Campbell
Being in a rock band, I feel a certain responsibility to have a weird haircut. I mean, who else gets to do that?
Win Butler
Bob Dylan’s not a hype and a haircut: he’s the real thing.
Benmont Tench
I do believe a haircut makes you play better – I’ve experienced that before. I think it’s confidence, it’s routine, and it can also be superstition. Just like if you do your hair, it’s not quite done right, and you have a bad day, you’re not going to do that again the next day.
Daniel Sturridge
When I met David Green at film school he always used to offer free haircuts – he was kind of an artisan. In a lot of our films, he’s constantly trying to give me weird looks.
Danny McBride
One of the most important things about looking youthful is to have a modern haircut.
Evelyn Lauder
When I met my husband, he had never spent more than £10 on a haircut.
Victoria Coren Mitchell
I don’t think we have the right haircut or tattoos for politics.
Al Jourgensen
I was in a Montessori school. There was a drum circle w

I was in a Montessori school. There was a drum circle with all the kids passing around a little bongo drum. I was the last person in the circle, and when it got to me I played ‘Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits’ – in front of all the parents. Blew the crowd away at five years old.
Jack White
You can look in the mirror and try to hide it and cover it up, and it may work here or there, but there ain’t no shirt or hat you can put on or haircut you can get to hide the fact that you’re morbidly obese.
Paul Wall
People are obsessed with my haircut; everyone wants to do something with my hair before the ceremony. Very senior figures tell me their hairstylist wants to do my hair for free. It’s surprising. People from television are interested almost exclusively in aspects of my hair and my hairdresser.
Ada Yonath
In today’s world everything is political. We are a statement – our clothes, haircut, the way we act.
Olga Tokarczuk
Haircuts are never good. You always end up being unhappy.
Simone Giertz
A halfway decent haircut will go a long way!
Greece will not manage to get back on its feet without restructuring its debt. There is no way around it. The country’s creditors will have to reduce a portion of its debts by extending maturity dates, lowering interest rates or giving them what’s called a ‘haircut’ in financial jargon.
Peer Steinbruck
I’ve always wanted to model and act. My first break came to me when I was at a parlour to get a haircut. The salon owner asked me if I would model for them.
Erica Fernandes
Why don’t you get a haircut? You look like a chrysanthemum.
P. G. Wodehouse
If given that ability, I would definitely be a long-haired, beard person. Ever since third grade, your whole life, there’s always someone who’s like, ‘You better get a haircut.’ It’s no different in acting, especially when you don’t know what role you’re going to do next: a doctor, lawyer, a military guy, or whatever.
Donal Logue
I like to try new looks and new haircuts. It’s part of who I am.
Paul Pogba
I have never liked haircuts.
John Updike