Top 11 Tombs Quotes

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The dead play a very prominent part in the experience o

The dead play a very prominent part in the experience of the wanderer abroad. The houses in which they were born, the tombs in which they lie, the localities they made famous by their good or evil deeds, and the works their genius left behind them are necessarily the chief shrines of his pilgrimage.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Faith, like a jackal, feeds among the tombs, and even from these dead doubts she gathers her most vital hope.
Herman Melville
People were looting tombs 5,000 years ago in Egypt as soon as people were buried, but the problem is only getting worse and worse.
Sarah Parcak
Think about what would happen if Indiana Jones and Google Earth had a love child. I use high-resolution and NASA satellites and look for subtle differences on the surface of the earth that locate buried ancient pyramids and towns and ancient tombs, which we then go and excavate.
Sarah Parcak
After great pain, a formal feeling comes. The Nerves sit ceremonious, like tombs.
Emily Dickinson
Man and animals are in reality vehicles and conduits of food, tombs of animals, hostels of Death, coverings that consume, deriving life by the death of others.
Leonardo da Vinci
When you think about the scale of human populations all over the world and the fact that there’s so much here, really, the only way to be able to visualize that is to pull back in space… It allows us to see hidden temples and tombs and pyramids and even entire settlements.
Sarah Parcak
The presence of industrial quantities of Byzantine pottery dating from the sixth century AD on the headland at Tintagel, Chinese silk in the tombs around Mecca and ‘Arabic’ numerals in the 13th-century beams of Salisbury Cathedral tell us we have been interdependent not for decades but across millennia.
Bettany Hughes
Jesus wasn’t real loving sometimes. He called the Pharisees vipers, snakes, whitewashed tombs. So, you have to understand the world in which we live is dangerous.
Franklin Graham
Museums are tombs, and it looks like everything is turning into a museum.
Robert Smithson
The mummy’s curse really didn’t catch on as a premise until they opened Tut’s tomb. But it is true that there are spells, and incantations, and warnings on some of the pharaoh’s tombs that do promise destruction to anyone who disrupts their eternal sleep, so there is precedence for it.
Josh Gates