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It's daunting to go back through the past, to read twee

It’s daunting to go back through the past, to read tweets and come across Facebook profiles of people who have passed away. It stirs up memories you never actually shared online or never will share online. It was a very emotional process.
People will send me tweets or texts, ‘Yo, I’m at Red Lobster now and they’re playing Mayer Hawthorne,’ more of that kind of stuff, which is hilarious.
Mayer Hawthorne
I’ve had my fair share of tweets, DMs, emails, Facebook Messages and friends trying to set me up with friends.
Scott Rogowsky
Twitter was like a poem. It was rich, real and spontaneous. It really fit my style. In a year and a half, I tweeted 60,000 tweets, over 100,000 words. I spent a minimum eight hours a day on it, sometimes 24 hours.
Ai Weiwei
Reagan wrote out many of his radio commentaries and newspaper articles as well as many of his own speeches. He wrote poetry, short stories, and letters. Trump, in his own hand, writes 140-character tweets.
Charlie Sykes
I spend all day replying to tweets and reblogging posts and sharing fan art. I think it’s the most important thing I can possibly do, to stay involved in the community as a part of the community, not ahead of the community. I’m very much the same level of them in it.
Tyler Oakley
For me, Sci-Hub has a value by itself, as a website where users can access knowledge. There are many websites where you can see pictures, share tweets, download music, read ebooks. And Sci-Hub is a website where you can read research articles.
Alexandra Elbakyan
I go through my tweets while writing and be like, ‘Oh, this has staying power and is still relevant.’
Jaboukie Young-White
I actually get very little phone calls. I get way more tweets and texts. My phone rarely rings.
DeRay Mckesson
It’s true that I love to connect with my fans on the social networking sites, but I try not to go overboard, ever. I just give people a peek into my mind space, but never bombard them with my tweets.
A. R. Rahman
Governments do not care about your Facebook-assembled opinion. Incompetent politicians don’t read your tweets; there are reasons for them being out of touch. Change does not come about for ‘likes’ on a page, though the ideas for it may start there.
I’ve quite often written tweets that I think are across that line, but I just delete them.
Gary Lineker
I get Tweets every day from people telling me that ‘Hey, I’m going to overcome my injury or my illness. Cancer. Different diseases. I can beat it because Adrian Peterson showed me the determination and the willpower to be able to prosper and get through adversity whenever it comes.’
Adrian Peterson
In order to maintain public trust in government, elected officials must answer for what they do and say; this includes 140-character tweets.
Mike Quigley
People bring up tweets that I don’t even remember, and my general response is, ‘I don’t know if I said it. I probably said it.’ It’s just part of what I do.
Mike Cernovich
The tweets that I send out are not written by somebody else. They’re not vetted through my communications staff.
Chris Murphy
There’s been thousands of very, very funny and also very, very nasty tweets about me.
James Charles
I love talking to the people. You’ve seen how many tweets I do. I love the people.
Riddick Bowe
Donald Trump has been president for nearly three years. He’s been on Twitter for more than 10. Yet the only thing more surprising than Trump’s increasingly awful, hideously unpresidential, deeply divisive tweets is that we still manage to be surprised by them.
S.E. Cupp
Under the deluge of minute-to-minute text conversations, emails, relentless exchange of media channels and passwords and apps and reminders and tweets and tags, we lose sight of what all this fuss is supposed to be about in the first place: ourselves.
Ariel Garten
In the past, a writer had to go outside and get to know others before learning about their work, but the Internet has made humanity more accessible for misanthropes like me. I read blogs, tweets, Facebook posts and Reddit threads where people detail their jobs.
Victor LaValle
Like any woman in the public eye, I get a considerable number of sexist/misogynistic tweets from people.
Samantha Ponder
What Trump is doing is a lot more than just talking, tweets. He is rolling back regulations, standards, destroying lives. This has to be stopped.
Jane O’Meara Sanders
Most of us still haven’t grasped the fact that everything we commit to the digital space – not just our public blogs and broadcast tweets, but every private text message, email, and voicemail is likely to be stored and accessible. Forever.
Douglas Rushkoff
My favorite topical tweets are the ones that put a tweet in context so it illuminates a deeper truth or societal trend.
Jaboukie Young-White
I was getting loads of tweets from people saying that Shawn Michaels had talked about me on Chris Jericho’s podcast and then I got to meet Shawn Michaels when I was over in Florida.
Pete Dunne
Even my trolls have started taking the trouble to spell their Tweets correctly, which is thoughtful.
Robert Rinder
Tweets? That stuff kills conversation. And people taking pictures with their phone or recording you, sometimes surreptitiously, is creepy. They come up and just start talking to you, and you can see the red light on their phone.
Robin Williams
The future is in photos for social media. More and more people are not reading, so I try to attach a photo to most Tweets.
Tyra Banks
Honestly, trolls don’t affect me anymore. In fact, I want to use social media for the benefit of my genuine followers – I pick up one or two tweets and use my sense of humour to entertain them.
Taapsee Pannu
The challenges of writing a book are very different from writing a blog or tweets. I’ve been writing a blog since I was in the 6th grade, so I had this style of writing that was definitely not proper for writing a book.
I retweet Amnesty International tweets a lot. It isn't

I retweet Amnesty International tweets a lot. It isn’t just, ‘This person is incarcerated unjustly.’ It’s also, ‘This person was just released.’ Those are the victories we work toward, so if we don’t inform people of the victories, it does become doom and gloom.
Nazanin Boniadi
I’m still kinda old-school. We’re twittering, and we’re all twitterers. And we write tweets. The only thing I don’t love is twits.
Biz Stone
Yes, I express myself through tweets and other media. But it’s just because I love expressing myself; it’s a non-stop urge in me.
Sherlyn Chopra
For anyone who devours the web on a daily basis, the biggest problem is too much of a good thing. There’s so much extraordinary content – from articles to images, videos and Tweets – that it’s almost impossible to keep track of it.
Ryan Holmes
After spending the last few years working on a serious novel set in Chechnya, I was drawn to both the brevity and casualness of Twitter, and wrote a series of tweets titled ‘The Erotic Inner Life of Mr. Bates from Downton Abbey.’
Anthony Marra
When the simple word processors came in, writing became crisper, less dense – just because of the way we could instantly edit on the screen. Now the ability to mash up words and pictures and links and songs and tweets is what matters. I can’t imagine what writing will be like in 2154.
Gail Collins
I’ve always wanted to connect with my viewers but there’s only so much you can do through commenting and tweets.
Ryan Higa
While I’ve never asked my publisher to pull one of my books off the shelves, I have deleted tweets or blog posts that have drawn criticism.
Andrew Shaffer
I’ve paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for Tweets and whatnot. I express my opinion.
Denny Hamlin
I think it’s always worth remembering that people sending off mean tweets are probably pretty lonely people.
James Blunt
The survivors of Hurricane Harvey do not need empty tweets and platitudes from people like Donald Trump and Joel Osteen. They have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that, as we say in Texas, they are all hat and no cattle.
Anthea Butler
British people are surprised that I’m British! It’s extraordinary, I get tweets every day from British people saying, ‘I had no idea you were British.’
David Harewood
I am someone who tweets about what I have for breakfast, what I have for lunch, what I have for dinner, and for 99.99999 percent of the world, it’s useless. It’s meaningless. But for my mother, she loves it.
Jack Dorsey
I sometimes see People On The Internet decrying work-in-progress tweets and posts as worthless. ‘Measuring output by quantity rather than quality is dangerous,’ they say. ‘More work doesn’t mean better work!’
Antony Johnston
I get paid to put tweets out sometimes.
Austin Aries
I compose most of my tweets with care, as if they were aphorisms – they are not usually dashed-off. Sometimes I’m surprised by the high, poetic quality of Twitter – it lends itself to a surreal sort of self-expression.
Joyce Carol Oates
We are deluged with information. We have to process now three times as much data as we would have done 50 years ago. We’re bombarded with tweets, with emails – a state of continuous disruption – and that’s bad for our decision making and bad for our thinking.
Noreena Hertz
What is the role of a public intellectual in the age of Twitter and soundbites? Is it to share your thoughts for the public good, or is it to curate the heaps of hate emails, tweets, and right-wing articles that trash your intellectual and social work?
Anthea Butler
On the Twitter media team, we believe that tweets drive TV tune-in.
Robin Sloan
The semiology and phenomenology of hashtaggery intrigues me. From what I understand, it all began very simply: on Twitter, hashtags – those little checkerboard marks that look like this # – were used to mark phrases or names, in order to make it easier to search for them among the zillions and zillions of tweets.
Susan Orlean
We shouldn’t get lost in the bombastic tweets of Trump. He provides such great fodder every day. You don’t want to lose sight of the other stuff that’s going on that’s even more important.
Hasan Minhaj
I’m not an active person on social media, really. I always get nervous tweeting anything. The moment I tweet, I get this plummeting sense of regret. I delete roughly 95 percent of my tweets immediately.
Charlotte Ritchie
One question that often comes up is why, in this age of blogs and tweets and instant digital communication of all kinds, it still takes so long to publish a book.
Erik Larson
I don’t just post a video and then get offline. After uploading, I love to respond to comments, tweets, and messages about the video.
Bethany Mota
We have about 200,000 ISIS tweets per day that hit the United States. The chatter is so loud and the volume is so high that it’s a problem that’s very hard to stop and disrupt in this country.
Michael McCaul
I stand behind all my tweets. If I tweeted it and I said it, I am not apologizing for it.
DeAngelo Williams
The only tweets I feel bad about are the fat-chick ones.
Mike Cernovich
For me, Twitter works best as a way of taking pictures of being stuck in traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. If people really want to read really funny quips about life, parenting, and pop culture, then by all means read Michael Ian Black’s tweets.
Michael Showalter
In America, everyone writes but no one reads. Everyone’s writing all day long – sending emails, tweets, text messages; they all think they’re James Cameron’s Avatar, performing in some video game for which they make up the script.
Gary Shteyngart
Ignore Trump’s tweets. Yes, it’s unrealistic. But we would all be better off if the media reported them more rarely, reacted to them less strongly, and treated them with less alarm and more bemusement.
Bret Stephens
I always ignore the disgusting troll tweets I get because I honestly do not want to give them any attention.
Chloe Madeley
What he does, faults and all, he's our president. And s

What he does, faults and all, he’s our president. And so I want him to be successful. When these tweets come out, I mean, do I look at ’em and say, ‘Okay, where did that come from?’ Yes. But I don’t pick up the phone and say, ‘What are you doing?’ I just know that’s who he is.
Nikki Haley
Our nation marches closer to Trumpism each day, a path paved with reckless Tweets and the normalization of the ugly and the absurd.
David Brock
I laugh about it all the time, but, for whatever reason, a lot of people think that I wear a wig. I get emails and tweets about people commenting on my hair being a wig. It’s one of the strangest but most entertaining things I’ve read about myself online.
Tamron Hall
Just because someone says something, whether it’s at the podium during the briefing or the president tweets, I can’t always assume that’s factual. That’s insane. We have to be very quick on our toes in fact checking.
Brooke Baldwin
Whenever you write music, you want it to touch people on a certain level. I mean, I’ve been reading tweets about ‘Troublemaker’ and people saying ‘OMG, I can so relate to this – this is a guy that I fancy, or a girl that I fancy; it’s exactly like this person.’
Olly Murs
Social media teams tend to be decentralized – a motley mix of in-house experts, off-site consultants and international partners. The result: Confusion, rogue tweets, and off-message posts are almost inevitable. The worst gaffes live on in social media infamy.
Ryan Holmes
A man might actually brush off vulgar tweets that come to him. Women are likely to be affected by it.
A lot of people want to get involved, so thinking up Vines that require crowds is always good. But I’ve definitely gotten tweets before that were like, ‘Just saw Logan Paul shooting a Vine and ran in the other direction!’ so it’s not for everyone.
Logan Paul
Part of the bigger problem with Donald Trump is, when you sit and talk to him one-on-one, he’s reasonable, he comes across as caring, he’s open-minded, but then, all of that just is thrown out the window when he tweets and when he communicates with the media – and when he communicates at all.
Mark Cuban
I get occasional tweets from people asking what shampoo and conditioner I use. I go straight for the Costco brand, Kirkland brand, the bulk shampoo. That’s as far as I go.
Freddie Wong
I draft tweets, like, 20 times.
Maisie Williams
Donald Trump doesn’t care about free speech. The man who tweets everything that enters his head doesn’t care about the amendment which lets him do that.
Hasan Minhaj
I always say in my tweets, don’t do something for credit. Do it because it’s the right thing to do.
Jamal Crawford
The listening community has the obligation of distinguishing informed opinion from tweets.
Carl Hart
I have non-breaking news for you: FIFA does not care what you think. Over the years, FIFA has never seemed influenced by what is written or said in papers, articles, tweets, blogs, and on television about how it operates.
Julie Foudy
Donald Trump’s tweets attract ridicule from some. But clearly they communicate effectively with his millions of supporters.
Gavin Esler
Trawl through the world of blogs and tweets, and you will find readers complaining when they stumble upon a word they don’t recognise, an attitude that doesn’t accord with their own, a passage of thought they find hard work, a joke they don’t get or of which they don’t approve.
Howard Jacobson
I don’t like to be overexposed. Too many articles, too many tweets, too many posts, I just don’t like that. But at the same time, we live in a culture where that’s almost necessary. People want content and they want their stuff when they want it.
Issa Rae
I’ve received tweets that I suspect people wouldn’t have sent in 2015. Is that a changed country or is that people who are unpleasant feeling emboldened to speak?
David Olusoga
Some kid gets his first iPhone, signs up to Twitter, and then tweets, ‘Nikki Sixx sucks.’ And I’m supposed to take that personally.
Nikki Sixx
I follow the most random people on Twitter. I follow famous people like Khloe Kardashian, who surprisingly makes really funny tweets all the time.
Chloe Grace Moretz
All tweets are tasty. Any tweet anybody writes is tasty. So, I try to have each tweet not simply be informative, but have some outlook, some perspective that you might not otherwise had.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
I used to cuss in my tweets, and now I don’t.
Cameron Dallas
Social media really makes it tricky for people sometimes because you go, ‘Oh, it’s awesome. I’m gonna play this character. I’m going to do this really weird thing on camera,’ and then you go back and read all your tweets and go, ‘Mmm, well, I guess they didn’t like that so much.’
Lamorne Morris
Make tweets effortless to enjoy, make it easier for all to participate, and make each of us on Twitter feel heard and valuable.
Chris Sacca
Being president isn’t anything like reality TV. It’s not about sending insulting tweets or making fiery speeches; it’s about whether or not the candidate can handle the awesome responsibility of leading this country.
Michelle Obama
I get stuff every single day whether that be comments on my Instagram photos, or tweets about a tweet that I put out. Just tweets that they make in general to just pick on me, make me feel bad about myself, belittle me or anything. It’s not good.
Rhea Ripley
Every morning, I take a deep breath and then go online to discover what new insult or smear has been thrown in my direction. Whether it’s tweets, blogposts or comment threads, the abuse is as relentless as it is vicious.
Mehdi Hasan
I write my own tweets.
Don Rickles
There’s just no escaping it: The half-life of media on the Internet is super short. Tweets flow and fade; pages that look great today will be gone or, at best, riddled with broken links and outmoded code in five years, tops.
Robin Sloan
I remember when I was at Radio 1 I would get these Tweets saying ‘Shut up! You’re so old!’ I was 36!
Sara Cox
The amateur tweets. The pro works.

The amateur tweets. The pro works.
Steven Pressfield
I just talk just to talk. I like to see what other people think. There’s some things somebody tweets me every day where I’m like, ‘Wow, I never thought of this issue that way.’ It starts great conversation with people who I would never get a chance to actually communicate with.
Torrey Smith
Then I see tweets saying it’s a shame that they can’t watch Marty on the WWE UK show tournament. Then I tell them that I am on ROH, so watch that. Watch me wrestle some of the best wrestlers in the world.
Marty Scurll
200,000 ISIS tweets a day, 1,000 investigations in all 50 states. It’s really hard to stop all of it. But we have to get control over this Internet propaganda that is poisoning the minds of the United States.
Michael McCaul
Every day, I get five pieces of hate mail: Tweets or hate emails.
Guy Kawasaki
The international limit on mobile texting, or SMS, is 160 characters. We wanted Twitter to be entirely readable and writable on every single one of the over five billion mobile phones on this planet, because they all have SMS built in. So we said it has to be within 160 characters, all the tweets.
Biz Stone
I had to turn off my Twitter notifications for a while as I got a small minority of people sending me some abusive tweets.
Danny Ings
If you follow my tweets, you know, my attention and anxiety have been increasingly focused on the plight of our democracy.
Chris Sacca
My own personal tweets are very limited. I think I have, like, 68 followers on my personal Twitter.
Maria Cornejo
I’ve always considered myself to look like a rather plain-and-exhausted bluestocking, so it’s rather odd to read Tweets commenting on my appearance.
Kate Williams
One of the annoyances of working for The Guardian is that, obsessed as the organisation is with its digital and social media presence and its own sense of singular importance, editors would militantly try to edit your tweets.
Michael Wolff
I get tweets every single day going, like, ‘I’m so glad you weren’t on ‘The X Factor.’
Ed Sheeran
You can be tweeting strangers and saying, ‘Don’t say that,’ but are you saying that to your friends? How about your mom? Your boyfriend at the dinner table who says something homophobic? If you’re not saying the same things in person that you’re saying online, then what are your tweets doing?
Luvvie Ajayi
If I were to run for president, then people would debate the pros and cons of what’s wrong with me in increasingly aggressive 140 character tweets and Facebook status updates, and, inevitably, everyone would end up fighting.
Jen Lancaster
I’ve had tweets questioning whether I really did go to university because surely I would have lost my accent if I did; a letter suggesting, very politely, that I get correction therapy; and an email saying I should get back to my council estate and leave the serious work to the clever folk.
Steph McGovern
I wouldn’t want to tweet to anyone who would be interested in my tweets.
Alice McDermott
I love some of the most hateful tweets. I think they’re very funny. In the negative attacks on me, there are frequently some real displays of humor. I want to reply, but I won’t, because there are all sorts of other people making serious points that I care about, and I don’t want them to be discouraged.
Lawrence O’Donnell