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The pit bull is not a breed but a conglomeration of tra

The pit bull is not a breed but a conglomeration of traits, and those traits are reshaping what we think of as the American dog, which is to say the American mutt.
Tom Junod
Four years of football are calculated to breed in the average man more of the ingredients of success in life than almost any academic course he takes.
Knute Rockne
All dogs can become aggressive, but the difference between an aggressive Chihuahua and an aggressive pit bull is that the pit bull can do more damage. That’s why it’s important to make sure you are a hundred percent ready for the responsibility if you own a ‘power’ breed, like a pit bull, German shepherd, or Rottweiler.
Cesar Millan
Discipline is not always internalized and actually can breed resentment among children.
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
For me, being a woman suits what I want to talk about and what my audience wants to hear. Maybe I’m a dying breed.
Jenny Eclair
If you take 10,000 people at random, 9,999 have something in common: their interests in business lie on or near the Earth’s surface. The odd one out is an astronomer, and I am one of that strange breed.
Martin Rees
Balzac loved courtesans. They were independent women, and in the 19th century, that was a breed that was just evolving.
Twyla Tharp
The ‘Newsies’ fans are a whole different breed.
Andrew Keenan-Bolger
Base stealers are often considered their own breed: reckless, egocentric, even a touch mad.
David Grann
Everyone knows that the broadband era will breed a new generation of online services, but this is only half of the story. Like any innovation, broadband will inflict major changes on its environment. It will destroy, once and for all, the egalitarian vision of the Internet.
Charles Platt
Top-down authority structures turn employees into bootlickers, breed pointless struggles for political advantage, and discourage dissent.
Gary Hamel
The center of gravity for an organization should be as close to what they make as possible. If you make cars, you need people in the factory. If you breed horses, be in the stable. If you make the Internet, live on the Internet, and use all the freedom and power it gives you.
Matt Mullenweg
If our vaunted rule of the people does not breed nobler men and women than monarchies have done it must and will inevitably give place to something better.
Anna Julia Cooper
I’ve been breeding Dobies for years. Almost won the breed in Westminster at one time.
William Shatner
I hope we have a whole lot of healthy men out there impacting their wives and daughters with a sense of value and dignity. They can have a huge impact. It takes a secure man to breed that sense of security in his family.
Beth Moore
I’ve got a farm in England where I breed horses.
Davy Jones
When a cocker spaniel bites, it does so as a member of its species; it is never anything but a dog. When a pit bull bites, it does so as a member of its breed. A pit bull is never anything but a pit bull.
Tom Junod
Breed is stronger than pasture.
George Eliot
It’s very expensive to maintain pure breed pigs. But I am an animal lover, so it wasn’t a problem for me.
Ravi Babu
There is power in naming racism for what it is, in shining a bright light on it, brighter than any torch or flashlight. A thing as simple as naming it allows us to root it out of the darkness and hushed conversation where it likes to breed like roaches. It makes us acknowledge it. Confront it.
Jesmyn Ward
What crushed my soul was hanging out with bitter, desperate comics backstage. They’re a different breed than the bitter yet eager psyches in the wings of an improv theatre. Struggling stand-ups have externalized self-loathing into an art form. They’re a hunching, quaking, unshaven lot.
Scott Adsit
It may seem that with the new breed of actors – Arjun, Varun, Siddharth, Ayushmann, Sushant – there is suddenly too much of a hustle to make space for oneself, but acting is subjective. And we motivate one another.
Ranveer Singh
Anyone can sell product by dropping their prices, but it does not breed loyalty.
Simon Sinek
Numbers of snipes breed every summer in some moory ground on the verge of this parish.
Gilbert White
I’m one of those rare breed of rock n’ rollers with a brain, probably because the brain’s still intact.
Suzi Quatro
Climate change is real and anthropogenic; and the 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC has left the deniers little room for manoeuvre, but they are swiftly morphing into a new breed that accept the climate is changing but like to suggest this may have positive benefits.
Barry Gardiner
New fiction writers are a special breed in my estimation, and I never dreamed that so many people would be interested, but I remember being led by God.
Tim LaHaye
America and its allies are engaged in a war against a terrorist movement that spans all corners of the globe. It is sparked by radical ideologues that breed hatred, oppression, and violence against all of their declared enemies.
Kenny Marchant
A fascinating breed, Old Etonians. Impeccable in their social skills and very portable – you can put them anywhere, and they are absolutely charming.
Laura Wade
We’re creating this new breed of techies who are going to be the ones starting the tech companies of the future.
Kimberly Bryant is growing its audience by forming partnerships with traditional TV manufacturers and a new breed of company in the set-top box market that lets consumers connect to the Internet via their televisions.
Adam Ostrow
All the ranchers I know have had back surgery, operatio

All the ranchers I know have had back surgery, operations on their rotator cuffs. They all have new knees. I’d like to think I belong to that breed, but I don’t.
Thomas McGuane
There are two levels of vampirism: one is the regular vampire, which is just like it has always been; and then there’s the super vampires, which are a new breed we’ve created.
Guillermo del Toro
I wanted to look at the mentality that can breed that sort of intensity, that kind of cutthroat, pressure-cooker feeling, especially a form of music like jazz, that should be – or you’d think should be – all about liberation and improvisation and everything.
Damien Chazelle
At 11, I went to live with my maternal nan and granddad temporarily, after my parents separated, and Nan would let me have a go on her piano. My grandparents were like something out of the Noel Coward play, ‘This Happy Breed,’ and it was magical to hear them sing music-hall songs.
Jools Holland
Tom Snyder was born to broadcast. He loved television and it loved him back. In that, he was a member of a vanishing breed, especially as narrowcasting displaces broadcasting, ‘online’ replaces ‘on the air,’ and any Tom, Dick or Mary can be monarch of a desktop domain, uplinking themselves to satellites in space.
Tom Shales
The Dalmatian breed of dog has many primitive characteristics.
Louis Leakey
Prose books are the show dogs I breed and sell to support my cat.
Robert Graves
I was first in line for the iPhone, but I’m not a fanboy of any company – I’m in favor of anything that’s best of breed.
Robert Scoble
Winners are different. They’re a different breed of cat.
Byron Nelson
I am trying to improve the defensive side of my game and become an all-round wide-player, but my USP is that I am an attacking winger that takes players on, commits opponents, and excites fans. I think we are an increasingly rare breed.
Gerard Deulofeu
Actors are not a great breed of people, I don’t think. I count myself as something of an exception. I grew up in the theater, and my values were about the work, and not being a star or anything like that. I’m not spoiled in that way, and if I fight for something, it’s about the work, not about how big my trailer is.
Amy Irving
What a war in Iraq will not do is bring about peace in the Middle East or end the injustices that feed resentment and breed terrorists.
Nicola Sturgeon
Hatred will only breed hatred.
Arvind Kejriwal
Reality television hasn’t killed documentaries, because there are so many great documentaries still being made, but it certainly has changed the landscape. There is this breed of gimmicky documentary that is basically a reality show.
Todd Phillips
I’m used to riding horses. My father used to breed horses when I was a child. I grew up in Tipperary, in the country, and lots of people have horses there.
Kerry Condon
If you are fortunate in life, age and knowledge breed compassion. And as I have gotten older, I came to understand, that a person’s sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with their ability to be a good parent.
Ronnie Musgrove
A new breed of Republicans has taken over the GOP. It is a new breed which is seeking to sell to Americans a doctrine which is as old as mankind – the doctrine of racial division, the doctrine of racial prejudice, the doctrine of white supremacy.
Jackie Robinson
Zika is spread by mosquitos. They are tough to control. It will bite four or five people at one blood meal. They can breed in the amount of water it takes to fill up a bottle cap or, theoretically, even a drop of water. You have to get rid of maybe 90% of them or more before you protect people.
Tom Frieden
What I do is not for the faint of heart, but I’m a different breed.
Justin Gaethje
Olympic athletes are a different breed. We’re not dealing with million-dollar contracts. We don’t do the sport for those deals. We do the sport because we love the challenge, the battle. We love to be an American.
Rulon Gardner
Fraternities breed leaders. That, at least, is what most any chapter website will tell you, in not so many words – and the message certainly makes for a compelling rationale for joining the Greek system.
Maria Konnikova
My aim and my passion is to own and breed race horses.
Kylie Bax
I’m as old-school as it gets in this modern era. I’m the last of a dying breed.
Maxwell Jacob Friedman
As the 1960s began, a new breed of Hollywood leading lady was emerging. She was elegant, international, and wonderfully comedic.
Maureen O’Hara
I guess the men who are meant to be a part of my life won’t be intimidated by me and will be stronger. There’s a specific breed that won’t be afraid.
Maria Brink
Government is the ultimate monopoly. And monopolies, as any economist will tell you, often breed complacency and a lack of innovation.
Gavin Newsom
Bjorn was a different breed, I threw my best material at him, but he would never smile, but that added to the charm when he played me and Mac. We were going nuts and losing our mind and he was sitting back like he was on a Sunday stroll.
Jimmy Connors
He kind of makes me ill, David Cameron. I liked the old-fashioned Tory – like Winston Churchill, who had style. But Cameron’s like a new breed – computer-generated. I hate it.
Pete Doherty
This whole wrestling world is a different breed, there’s no doubt.
Roman Reigns
There is the odd exception, like Albert Einstein, but as a breed, scientists tend not be very good at presenting themselves.
Bill Bryson
Politics is not about a certain type or breed of people. It is a representation of the different voices we have in society.
Nicole Seah
In my heart, I know that Jesus would never condone the

In my heart, I know that Jesus would never condone the suffering that results when dogs and cats are allowed to breed.
Joanna Krupa
I have a good friend who’s a Texas girl; Texas girls are a whole different breed.
John Cusack
The British people have always been a practical breed.
Damian Green
New York City is home to some of the most talented individuals anywhere, and whether you are born here or a transplant, the city has always had a tendency to breed perfection.
We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.
Stephen Hawking
When people see a talented girl, it calls to mind the very rare breed of women who have managed to succeed. If I were a dude with the exact same voice, band and songs, I doubt they’d compare me to Sheryl Crow. But hey, I’m not complaining. Big fish, small pond.
Grace Potter
As though there were a tie And obligation to posterity. We get them, bear them, breed, and nurse: What has posterity done for us. That we, lest they their rights should lose, Should trust our necks to gripe of noose?
John Trumbull
If you don’t keep hatred in check it will breed destruction.
Daryl Davis
That’s what Democrats do best: breed black votes.
Burgess Owens
Actors are a peculiar breed.
Tituss Burgess
Boston is actually the capital of the world. You didn’t know that? We breed smart-ass, quippy, funny people. Not that I’m one of them. I just sorta sneaked in under the radar.
John Krasinski
So Jemma and I have always loved dogs and a few years ago we took the plunge and decided to finally own our very own pug, Ellie! From there, we fell in love with the breed and are pug mad!
Lies are sufficient to breed opinion, and opinion brings on substance.
Francis Bacon
Being an outsider helps breed comedy.
Alex Borstein
As a breed, I think artists are never 100% satisfied with their work, and we will always want that little bit of extra time to put the final gloss on it.
The Danish filmmakers are a unique breed of filmmakers, with the Dogme films and Lars von Trier.
Pierce Brosnan
If you are fortunate in life, age and knowledge breed compassion.
Ronnie Musgrove
As every new breed of virus is conceived, created and released into the wild, another small change is made to the anti-virus software to combat the new threat.
Glenn Turner
The tendency to gather and to breed philosophers in universities does not belong to ages of free and humane reflection: it is scholastic and proper to the Middle Ages and to Germany.
George Santayana
The cradle-to-grave welfare state diminishes individual initiative and can breed a pervasive sclerosis.
Jacob Weisberg
I completely agree with the term ‘adopt, don’t shop.’ We usually have fantasies and preferences regarding the breed of dogs, but what about the strays?
Daisy Shah
I’ve always thought it’s the qualities of a person that matter. Not their breed, their shape, their color, their sexual preference, age… It’s the qualities of their character.
Janet McTeer
We cannot be kind to each other here for even an hour. We whisper, and hint, and chuckle and grin at our brother’s shame; however you take it we men are a little breed.
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Actors are such an insecure breed.
Joshua Leonard
You couldn’t play if you weren’t tough. You’d get bullied. Everybody who comes through the Civitan Recreation Center has to be tough. It’s what we breed.
Draymond Green
Successful people breed success.
Phil Crosby
When the mini skirt arrived on the scene in the 60s it was both hailed and hated. It represented female liberation, but also encouraged exploitation. It was the uniform for a new breed of feminist, even though most of them didn’t even know it.
Dawn O’Porter
To breed a winner, let alone at Royal Ascot, is unbelievable. I’ve got four children and they all love the mother. We pat it most days and she’s a lovely mare.
Michael Owen
If night raids and detentions are an unavoidable part of modern counterinsurgency warfare, then so is the resentment they breed.
Anand Gopal
The writings and the recommendations of the earliest medical scientists and the new breed of clinicians between the mid-fifteenth and early seventeenth centuries were based on the supposition that sufficient study and experimentation would elucidate not only the origins of disease, but its treatment as well.
Sherwin B. Nuland
Being forced to work, and forced to do your best, will breed in you temperance and self-control, diligence and strength of will, cheerfulness and content, and a hundred virtues which the idle will never know.
Charles Kingsley
In an interesting inversion of status, the reigning bre

In an interesting inversion of status, the reigning breed in the dog park these days is the really-oddball-unidentifiable-mixed-breed-mutt-found-wandering-the-street or its equivalent. The stranger the mutt the better; the more peculiar the circumstance of it coming into your life, the better.
Susan Orlean
Proud people breed sad sorrows for themselves.
Emily Bronte
I don’t think people can imagine a Liverpool team without Gerrard. It is like Raul at Real Madrid and Puyol at Barcelona. They are a rare breed, these types of players.
Michael Laudrup
Actors are an insecure breed. It’s hard to have your career depend upon other people’s opinions of what you do.
Alyssa Milano
The majority of people think their children’s lives will not be as good as theirs. Nearly half of all Americans are no longer proud of their country. Politicians have become a despised breed.
Kathleen Troia McFarland
I’m a mixed breed and hope to live longer because of it.
Charisma Carpenter
I belong to the breed of first-generation entrepreneurs who have basically created our enterprises with very frugal resources.
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Wars breed unfairness, just as they breed collateral damage.
Lawrence Kudlow
The encouragement I got from Campbell was a quick check and praise. Once the Space Beagle was launched on its mission, it seemed natural for it to breed additional thoughts.
A. E. van Vogt
We’re gonna raise some big bucks and breed ’em and that sorta thing. Pretty excited about that.
Brantley Gilbert
Well the themes for me were and remain sex and love and grief and death – the things that make us and undo us, create and destroy, how we breed and disappear and the emotional context that surrounds these events.
Thomas Lynch
In the 1970s, professional sports found a different breed of team owner in George Steinbrenner of the New York Yankees.
Don Yaeger
I’ve always thought if we don’t want to enforce laws on the books, we should remove them from the books. But when you have laws, you breed contempt if you don’t enforce them.
Michael Bloomberg
It’s not hard to look at our own world and draw parallels between 9/11, for example, and how Muslims are viewed or treated by North American culture since then. Just to see the way fear can breed hatred and intolerance for people who aren’t the same as us – and that’s certainly part of what’s at the heart of ‘Descender.’
Jeff Lemire
For what can war, but endless war, still breed?
John Milton
My wife and I started a breeding program where we breed American quarter horses.
Brady Jandreau
No breed of cats in its proper condition can by any stretch of the imagination be thought of as even slightly ungraceful – a record against which must be pitted the depressing spectacle of impossibly flattened bulldogs, grotesquely elongated dachshunds, hideously shapeless and shaggy Airedales, and the like.
H. P. Lovecraft
I’m used to riding horses. My father used to breed horses when I was a child. I grew up in Tipperary, in the country, and lots of people have horses there. If my parents hadn’t been in the business, we would have them anyway, as pets. And my cousin Richard is a jockey.
Kerry Condon