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I'm someone who is very sentimental and nostalgic and a

I’m someone who is very sentimental and nostalgic and attached to the homes I lived in, and I think moving is a traumatic experience.
David Lowery
I am not sentimental about the past. I like to think about what is next.
Issey Miyake
I think of myself as a softy. I think the 87th Precinct novels are very sentimental, and the cops are idealistic guys.
Evan Hunter
When I’m making sentimental trancey fluffiness, I like to have some equally saccharine aromas filling the room.
Porter Robinson
The difference between sentiment and being sentimental is the following: Sentiment is when a driver swerves out of the way to avoid hitting a rabbit on the road. Being sentimental is when the same driver, when swerving away from the rabbit, hits a pedestrian.
Frank Herbert
A remarkable feature of the humanitarian movement, on both its sentimental and utilitarian sides, has been its preoccupation with the lot of the masses.
Irving Babbitt
Everything gets to me. I’m very sentimental.
Cornelia Funke
I know that for every reader who has lost the habit or can’t find the time, there are people who’ve never enjoyed reading and question the value of literature, either as entertainment or education, or believe that a love of books, and of fiction in particular, is sentimental or frivolous.
David Nicholls
The notion that the ‘leader’ has the right to ask huge sacrifices of your generation for a notional future paradise – if you’d be good enough to lie down under the wheels of the juggernaut – that sentimental and self-aggrandising rationalisation for brute force and cowardice I felt from adolescence was wrong.
Tom Stoppard
I drew the last image ever of Opus at midnight while Puccini was playing and I got rather stupid. Thirty years. A bit like saying goodbye to a child – which is ironic because I was never, never sentimental about him as many of his fans were.
Berkeley Breathed
Pixar make kids’ movies, but there are jokes in there for adults, and it never gets too sentimental.
Billy Howle
At drama school I learned the Stanislavski technique, which uses sentimental memories and bits of your past to put real emotion into the scene.
Daniel Mays
I suppose it’s a sentimental thing, but I wouldn’t want to do more ‘Lewis’ than we did ‘Morse’ because I do still think of it as an offshoot.
Kevin Whately
There are some things people avoid saying in interviews because they sound pompous or sentimental or too mystical.
Derek Walcott
Country music tends to be so sentimental and homespun, it’s easy to stumble into self-parody, but Haggard has brought a freshness to the themes that places him alongside Hank Williams and Willie Nelson as one of the greatest country music writers.
Robert Hilburn
I’m crazy, but I’m serious. I’m sentimental, but I’m, like, really hard, too. I just want people to understand that I have all these sides inside me.
I shot film with the Coen brothers on ‘Hail, Caesar!’ That’s fine. I’m sentimental about film; I’ve shot film for forty years or something.
Roger Deakins
To expect too much is to have a sentimental view of life and this is a softness that ends in bitterness.
Flannery O’Connor
When I see sentimental scenes, I get emotional and tears start flowing from my eyes.
Listening to Nat Cole prompted me to sing sentimental songs with distinct diction.
Chuck Berry
I love ‘Love Actually.’ ‘Love Actually,’ there’s, like, nine stories in that movie. Three of them are good. But watching that movie, I get emotional, I get choked up, my wife makes fun of me. I don’t know if as you get older you get sappier and sentimental.
Ike Barinholtz
I love being sentimental and remembering things. I literally am a sentimentalist.
Noah Centineo
Most of us in the media are, by and large, sentimental about our national identity, but comfortable enough in our skins as Indians, to be deeply self-critical. The problem arises when loyalty to India gets mixed up with loyalty to the government of the day.
Barkha Dutt
I think the philosophy that you have to have if you travel frequently is, stuff is just stuff. Even if it has some sentimental or family connection, if you lose it in the world, it’s still just a thing, and I think if you don’t have that attitude, you will get incredibly stressed out and not enjoy your travels.
Leila Janah
Today, I defined ‘sentimental’ to myself as a feeling about the idea of a feeling.
Sheila Heti
I remember how much – when I was a small boy I was taken to see a version of ‘Peter Pan.’ I detested it. I mean, the sentimental idea that anybody would want to remain a boy.
Maurice Sendak
I love Christmas. I’m really sentimental about it. My parents made it awesome for us, and we were allowed to be kids for a long time.
Michael Buble
If you think my music is sentimental and self-absorbed, I agree with you.
James Taylor
Because even at the age of fifteen, I used to go see all the Broadway shows and feel that they were sentimental, that they were pandering to the audience and trying to manipulate the audience. I had no use for practically any of the shows that were hits.
Richard Foreman
In matters of state, one has to be full of sentiments, but one can never be sentimental.
Manmohan Singh
I’m a very sentimental, emotional person.
George Pelecanos
Women in Afghanistan do not ask the United States to st

Women in Afghanistan do not ask the United States to stay for the simple or sentimental reason of safeguarding their rights. They are the first ones to say that this is not enough of a reason for the world’s remaining superpower to remain in their country.
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
If your great-great-grandfather participated on the Confederate side, and you hold some sentimental value to that, and you want to fly the flag and hang their picture up in your home, that’s fine. But it should not be on anything that taxpayers pay for, because taxpayers are a part of the Union, not the Confederacy.
Killer Mike
I may seem a tough guy, but I’m also very sentimental.
Alvin Leung
I like kind of varied songs, not just the same song all the time. And I thought things like ‘Too Sentimental’ is a different thing for us, but it works and we love the way they all came out. There’s definitely varied songs on there.
Graham Russell
I’m so in love with Chanel’s perfume bottles. I grew up seeing my mom use Chanel No. 5, so it’s quite sentimental to me.
Huda Kattan
I want to write poems which are very emotional, but I would have some hesitation in saying I want to write poems which are sentimental.
Andrew Motion
What a man calls his ‘conscience’ is merely the mental action that follows a sentimental reaction after too much wine or love.
Helen Rowland
Reviewers and critics can be overly cynical. If something the least bit sentimental comes up, they’ll often start flying off the handle. But I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, you’ve had those times in your life. Everybody has.’
Gilbert Hernandez
I like soppy films, sentimental stuff with children.
Neil Warnock
That’s the rub about ‘Community’ – for all the high-concept cleverness, it really comes down to vulgar humanism, the dumbest kind of sentimental identification. We watch it because we like these people and we miss them when they don’t show up. They become part of the stories we tell ourselves.
Rob Sheffield
When I’m writing good music and I’m caffeinated, I attribute all my success to the coffee, get really sentimental about the EDM scene and tweet a lot.
Porter Robinson
In the graver and more sentimental communication of man and man, the head still bears the superior sway; in the unreserved intimacies of man and woman, the heart is ever uppermost. Feeling is the main thing, and judgment passes for little.
William Godwin
I am very sentimental, very emotional, but never in my writing; I am very tough.
Judy Blume
I don’t really collect anything. I grew up in a family that collected things, and then they’d get sick, and people die, and then they have their basements full of stuff that goes from one box to the next, so I try not to get sentimental with stuff. I just try to collect memories; I guess that would be it.
Derek Cianfrance
I try to open up my heart as much as I can and keep a real keen eye out that I don’t get sentimental. I think we’re all afraid to reveal our hearts. It’s not at all in fashion.
Paul Simon
What moves me is to know that I have been part of the sentimental life of many couples around the world.
Jose Jose
I don’t know if I like being the sentimental favorite.
John Elway
The things I tend to do best are the things that are the most overtly emotional, whether it’s sentimental or whether it’s celebratory or whether it’s conflicted.
Alan Menken
My dad’s side of the family had lots of artists and musicians. There’s an emotional, quite sentimental quality to Slavic culture. It’s very open, it loves art, it loves music, it loves literature. It’s very warm, it’s very up, it’s very down. I would celebrate that.
Nick Clegg
I’m pretty good at surprising friends and family with gifts. I tend to go towards the more sentimental side of giving.
Ryan Reynolds
Critics, how I would love if you could clear the word ‘sentimental’ from your minds.
Andrew Sean Greer
I’m very interested in science fiction, and I like new things. I’ve never been a really sentimental person.
Dave Davies
Without sounding overly sentimental about the process, I’d say trying to describe how you tend to conceive of a book is like describing how you tend to fall in love.
Jess Walter
I love jazz music and sad music. I’m a sentimental guy. I’m a romantic guy.
Fred Durst
I have a sentimental feeling for my very first cover I was on – it was ‘Bazaar’ Magazine.
Carol Alt
I think the first outfit that really kick-started my relationship with Chanel means a lot to me: it was a black, sort of Studio 54-inspired jumpsuit with gold stars all over it, and I wore that, and that’s how my relationship with Chanel began, so, you know, it has sentimental value.
Poppy Delevingne