Top 12 Perfect People Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Perfect People Quotes from famous people such as Esther Dyson, Emily Osment, Niall Horan, Adam F. Goldberg, Greg Boyle, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Change means that what was before wasn't perfect. Peopl

Change means that what was before wasn’t perfect. People want things to be better.
Esther Dyson
I’m tired of seeing perfect people on TV.
Emily Osment
I think there’s so much feeling among young girls where they feel like they have to be this perfect thing – and they don’t. Perfect people don’t exist. Sometimes people need to be told it.
Niall Horan
I’ve never made a show that goes right on the air and is perfect. People don’t remember, but the original ‘Goldbergs’ pilot was poorly received, and I had to retool that for ABC, where it eventually became a hit.
Adam F. Goldberg
I always have a funny story at communion time that underscores that no one is perfect, and that communion is not for perfect people but for hungry people.
Greg Boyle
I don’t like these cold, precise, perfect people, who, in order not to speak wrong, never speak at all, and in order not to do wrong, never do anything.
Henry Ward Beecher
There are absolutely almost perfect people who experience no guilt; they don’t know what it is. They simply do what they need to do – or want to do – next. They see nothing wrong with it. They feel no guilt. They express no guilt. And it’s not even certain what harm they do.
Mike Nichols
We don’t fall in love with perfect people. We fall in love with complex ones.
Kameron Hurley
This is the way I think about politics: We want two diametrically opposed things from a politician. On one hand we want them to be bastions of moral integrity, perfect people, saints. And on the other hand, we want them to be effective leaders.
Beau Willimon
Americans are not a perfect people, but we are called to a perfect mission.
Andrew Jackson
Perfect people are the scariest people to me.
Leslie Mann
I don’t really do simple. I’m not really interested in simple at the end of the day, because nothing’s ever simple, and nothing’s ever perfect. People certainly aren’t – I would hope, anyway, because that would be boring, wouldn’t it?
Kate Winslet