Top 12 Up-To-Date Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Up-To-Date Quotes from famous people such as Denny Laine, Steve Israel, Eddy Alvarez, Chris Gardner, Aljamain Sterling, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Wings was one of the first bands in the 1970s to do sta

Wings was one of the first bands in the 1970s to do stadium tours, as well as Led Zeppelin. We had all the most up-to-date equipment from monitor systems to a laser light show and that was like the biggest, most awesome experience for me.
Denny Laine
I always try to keep my constituents as up-to-date as possible with what’s going on here in Washington.
Steve Israel
You’ve got to be up-to-date on what your opponent is doing.
Eddy Alvarez
Fortunately, our digital age has created some wonderful tools for finding employers and showing your strengths. But when it comes to discovering or keeping a job, nothing beats good old-fashioned face time and up-to-date skills.
Chris Gardner
If you’re a sports fan and you’re home and you’re washing dishes, usually your TV is on ESPN and you’re just getting the highlights and keeping up-to-date with all of the sports going around, all of the news.
Aljamain Sterling
I like to have my characters talking in an up-to-date way, and I like their essentially modern self-awareness, which means we can have lots of irony and jokes.
Jonathan Stroud
It’s rude to not try and look up-to-date. Is rude the right word? Yes! It’s rude – rude to other people.
Nicholas Haslam
After closely examining my conscience, I venture to state that in my historical novels I intended the content to be just as modern and up-to-date as in the contemporary ones.
Lion Feuchtwanger
The Gmail app is definitely the app I use the most. I am always running from meeting to meeting, so it keeps me up-to-date with everything going on. I actually e-mail more often from my iPhone than my laptop, so having a nicely designed e-mail app is really important.
Leah Busque
During my study of happiness, I noticed something that surprised me: I often learn more from one person’s highly idiosyncratic experiences than I do from sources that detail universal principles or cite up-to-date studies.
Gretchen Rubin
I wanted to be an up-to-date king. But I didn’t have much time.
Edward VIII
I would love to bring it up-to-date and get some more people interested in snooker.
Judd Trump