Top 12 Whaling Quotes

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In December 2012, the U.S. 9th district court granted a

In December 2012, the U.S. 9th district court granted a temporary injunction to the Japanese whalers that ordered the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society U.S.A. to not approach within 500 yards of the whaling vessels.
Paul Watson
The fact is, Japan’s whaling is illegal, so just because there is a natural disaster in Japan is no reason for us to stop opposing their illegal activities in the Southern Ocean.
Paul Watson
We’ve got a yawl named the Phebe, which is named for a boat in a whaling journal my father and I edited. We keep a copy of the journal on board.
Nathaniel Philbrick
We commend President Obama and his administration for taking this strong action against Iceland and its barbaric whaling industry… and we urge the President to take similar action against Japan and Norway as well!
Hayden Panettiere
Too much detail can bog down any story. Enough with the history of gunpowder, the geology of Hawaii, the processes of whaling, and cactus and tumbleweed.
Edward M. Lerner
When it comes to whaling, Iceland is an international outlaw. Years of global negotiations and declarations have failed utterly to end its illegal slaughter of whales. It’s time to send Iceland a message it can’t ignore: trade sanctions.
Pierce Brosnan
Pete Bethune is a hero in New Zealand. He’s a hero worldwide to people who want to see the end of whaling.
Paul Watson
Until the middle of the nineteenth century, Biarritz was a community of whalers. During the Middle Ages, it had grown from a small fishing village into a profitable whaling industry. Whale oil was liquid gold to these sea-faring folk.
Carol Drinkwater
Putting Zodiacs in front of whaling vessels doesn’t do it anymore. Done that, been there, seen that.
Paul Watson
On my second swim at Deception Island, the water was very clear and I was looking at hundreds of whale bones beneath me. It was a graveyard from the whaling some time in the 1920s-30s.
Lewis Gordon Pugh
The only language that the Japanese whaling industry understands is economics.
Paul Watson
Way back in October 2007, I had urged thousands of Australians to vote for Kevin Rudd and Peter Garrett’s Labor Party. Why? Because they promised to get tough on illegal Japanese whaling.
Paul Watson