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Age focuses you. You are much better concentrated. Ther

Age focuses you. You are much better concentrated. There’s more time when you travel less, don’t do book tours, avoid interviews or public appearances. You walk the dogs, fish, hunt, cook and write.
Jim Harrison
I think I’ve been lucky, being my frequent appearances on Court TV have brought to me another level than just the actor guy.
Robert Downey, Jr.
We’re not going to pay attention to the silliness and the petty comments. And quite frankly, women have joined me in this effort, and so it’s not about appearances. It’s about effectiveness.
Katherine Harris
Ryan Giggs pretty much won everything there is to win in the game. He made over 900 appearances for the club and always stayed loyal to Manchester United, which is really impressive.
Jesse Lingard
Once I got beat by Mayweather I felt so ashamed. I cancelled all my functions, all my appearances, I didn’t want to walk down the street. I was too embarrassed to even go and have a pint with my mates.
Ricky Hatton
I rode fire trucks, slid down fire poles, wore a lot of red, and made a lot of appearances. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for fire fighters.
Delta Burke
I felt for a while with the GH appearances, they were kind of using me as a media trick, bringing me on for three or four weeks, saying I was back on the show, but not really writing for me. And then I would be gone. I just didn’t like that anymore. I guess it was me putting my foot down.
Genie Francis
I am very choosy about making event appearances and endorsing brands because, as actors, we have to be very responsible.
Urvashi Rautela
When I did ‘1,2,3,4’ on ‘Sesame Street’ they’d rewritten the song and made it about counting. At first, I balked. I was like, ‘Counting to four? That’s where we’re going with this?’ Then they sent me appearances by other people like James Blunt doing ‘You’re Beautiful’ as ‘My Triangle.’
There is a long list of psychology research demonstrating that appearances matter more than most us would care to admit. As shallow as it may be, better-looking people have been shown in various studies to have higher self-esteem and more charisma, are considered more trustworthy and are better negotiators.
Andrew Ross Sorkin
I didn’t want to do media or appearances. You’ve got to do this and that, fly here to film something. I didn’t want to cut into my time for that. You can’t pay for your peace of mind and your sanity.
Julius Peppers
I love to act. And between action and cuts, when you work for somebody great, it’s wonderful, and I still love it. The moment where you create, that instant is still magic to me. But, all the rest, I get bored with it – all the waiting, and the fact that you have to make appearances, that you have to share your life.
Vincent Cassel
Candidates’ wives are supposed to sit cheerfully through their husbands’ appearances.
Jodi Kantor
We often judge people by their cars and the money they have… Sometimes worth is decided based on outer appearances and that’s sad.
Saba Qamar
Photography deals exquisitely with appearances, but nothing is what it appears to be.
Duane Michals
As actors, we have to constantly look after our appearances.
As a point of fact, I am not used to making frequent appearances in public, except at times when it is required.
Raul Castro
After the fifth show as Hogan, my radio appearances had shriveled down to two a week Monday and Friday. One afternoon I stood before the camera, and I was so tired I couldn’t remember a line. The next morning I said goodbye to radio or a while.
Bob Crane
Outreach appearances in the schools are usually part of my contracts, and I love doing them.
Danielle de Niese
In a deep metaphysical sense, all that is conditioned is illusory. All phenomena are literally ‘appearances,’ the outer masks in which the One Reality shows itself forth in our changing universe. The more ‘material’ and solid the appearance, the further is it from reality, and therefore the more illusory it is.
Annie Besant
Of great importance to my outlook on life is the opportunuty I get to meet people on various appearances. I suppose I could devote every weekend to appearances and i do try to make as many as I can.
Lorne Greene
Prior to the online platform, I had to make sure I go around and have conversations and go to schools and make appearances. But now with online presence, I try to put out videos and different posts every day. I try to inspire.
BeBe Zahara Benet
A record co. is just a vehicle for public appearances.
Mickey Gilley
‘Top Gear’ changed people’s perceptions of me. I’ve had much more positive responses from my TV appearances than written articles. And I have the weirdest voice.
James Blunt
Appearances are often deceiving.
I don’t do that many appearances at conventions. I like to keep them special for me. And for the fans, I hope.
Anthony Daniels
After my ski jumping career finished, I went back to school to study law, and now I travel between five to 20 times a year doing after-dinner speaking, motivational talks, appearances, openings, TV and radio shows.
Eddie the Eagle
Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.
Wayne Dyer
When I slowly got my confidence back, Akshay Kumar said why don’t you be a part of ‘Dhadkan’ and then slowly I started picking up cameos and guest appearances, and those became hit.
Mahima Chaudhry
‘The Simpsons’ appearances were great fun. But I don’t take them too seriously. I think ‘The Simpsons’ have treated my disability responsibly.
Stephen Hawking
Once you have had 10 seasons at this level, the next season is not going to be so different. For a young player with only 20 appearances in the Premier League there is an opportunity to improve.
Daniel Farke
Even the recognition of an individual whom we see every

Even the recognition of an individual whom we see every day is only possible as the result of an abstract idea of him formed by generalization from his appearances in the past.
James G. Frazer
I speak for a lot of church groups, youth groups, schools, colleges and do personal appearances. I’ve done conventions and trade shows. A lot of different little hats.
Donna Douglas
Here before us was sufficient evidence to show that it really was an entrance to a tomb, and by the seals, to all outward appearances that it was intact.
Howard Carter
I think he could have made most of the trips and gone to most of the fund-raisers if he would have avoided the partisan rhetoric and talked to the country as President in each of these appearances rather than to the narrow partisan audiences.
Robert Teeter
The personal appearances and red carpet events are very glitzy, but it’s a bit false.
I must begin by saying something about the old Germany. That Germany, too, suffered from superficial judgment, because appearances and reality were not always kept apart in people’s minds.
Gustav Stresemann
Back in the day I was doing runway, editorial, advertising, spokesmodeling, and public appearances. Those are five different categories.
Janice Dickinson
I consider myself a private person most of the time so it’s hard to perform in a very public situation and have to do… public appearances and speeches depending on what it is and what the situation is.
Albert II, Prince of Monaco
During my whole year as Miss America and afterward, I was calling agents, looking for advice and opportunities. When I was in New York or in Los Angeles doing different appearances, if I had time on my schedule, I tried to meet with executives.
Gretchen Carlson
President George W. Bush, in his now-rare public appearances and interviews, still refuses to acknowledge he did anything to help Iran. But it doesn’t really matter what he thinks.
Richard Engel
Keep up appearances; there lies the test. The world will give thee credit for the rest.
Charles Churchill
I’ve been surprised at how much an unknown like myself can accomplish just by reaching out to people and pleading my case. Quotes for the book cover, reviews and interviews, readings and radio appearances – all this by simply moving ahead and making contact with folks I thought might enjoy the writing.
Patrick deWitt
Don’t set pen to paper until you know your main characters inside out. Create files detailing their appearances, likes, dislikes, and personal background. You may not use all the information, but it is a crucial step in planning your story.
Jojo Moyes
When will we regard human beings as human beings? Why do we discuss someone’s appearance? And when we can’t find faults in appearances, we start targeting their personalities. Why do we consider others beneath us?
Saba Qamar
Ron Paul’s CPAC appearances perfectly captured the nature and limits of his political appeal. His libertarian message, non-interventionist views and devotion to the gold standard attracted a sizable, committed following, but many of the true-believers weren’t actually part of the Republican Party.
Steve Kornacki
Trust not too much to appearances.
I have deliberately left Sylvester and Julia’s appearances to the reader’s imagination.
Mary Wesley
After guest appearances, I got the offer to do the show as the successor of Arthur Schwartz. It’s so much fun.
Rocco DiSpirito
Even on TV appearances or big shows, I don’t know if I’ve ever been as nervous as I was my first time doing stand-up. I just remember getting offstage and sitting down, and my right knee was just shaking from the adrenaline.
Hannibal Buress
I was very confused in the beginning about my red carpet appearances and wanted to try every look, be it grungy, girly, punk or bohemian.
Jacqueline Fernandez
Now it is quite clear to me that there are no solid spheres in the heavens, and those that have been devised by the authors to save the appearances, exist only in the imagination.
Tycho Brahe
I grew up in the church, and I went into the production of ‘God Loves Uganda’ intending to raise awareness of the abuse of religious power in Uganda, and after 30 public appearances, I have learned a lot about how people receive this sort of message.
Roger Ross Williams