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Be humble, be gracious, and make peace with inner fears

Be humble, be gracious, and make peace with inner fears before stepping out into the limelight and allowing yourself to be subjected to all of humanity.
Maximillian Degenerez
Being in the limelight has its minuses.
Jon Postel
There are days when there’s no will to do anything. It’s not easy for someone in my profession, because you are always meant to be in the limelight. I can’t just not turn up, as I will come across as unprofessional, and people won’t work with me anymore.
Ileana D’Cruz
I’m not the type of person who enjoys the limelight.
Katie Leung
I am so proud of my family, and I am happy to give them all the limelight they want because heaven knows I got more than I need.
Justin Trudeau
Ever since my childhood, I had an urge to always stay in the limelight.
Jaideep Ahlawat
Lady Limelight is a jealous lady. She wants all of your attention. You don’t have any time to think of anything else but Lady Limelight, because pretty soon that light will be shinning on somebody else. So you better do it while you can.
Buck Owens
You have to get in the limelight based on what you do, how creative you are, and not how much money you make.
Jason Calacanis
I wouldn’t like to be that famous, I value my privacy. Mind you, Miss Piggy enjoys every moment of it. If it were not for me, she would spend all her time in the limelight.
Frank Oz
I made career decisions that came from the part of me who wanted to shun the limelight.
Ed Harris
I don’t know if I’d wanna be in the limelight.
Georgia Salpa
I’ve always been one to shy away from the publicity, the limelight, whatever you want to call it. I prefer to be in the background.
Robert Parish
There are certain shades of limelight that can wreck a girl’s complexion.
Audrey Hepburn
When one doesn’t want the limelight, but is also creative in developing whatever it is they are, then you can have two equal people that aren’t competing against each other. I think when you are in the same field, it’s difficult to leave it outside and not compete. Then when the doors are closed; that pervades everything.
Tori Amos
I grew up in the limelight and being the child of someone famous. So my relationship with fame is not bedazzled.
Lupita Nyong’o
A lot has to do with the writing. If you’re the writer people seem to remember you. But my part is singing the high parts. It’s not the limelight but I’m happy with it, even though writing is where most of the money is.
Randy Meisner
I don’t seek the limelight. I’m perfectly happy with a quiet life and spending time with my family, but I deserve recognition.
Joe Calzaghe
Our problems stem from our childhood. Ray was, for so long, the only boy. Then I arrive and take all his limelight away from him. That must have quite a profound effect. I sometimes think that Ray was only happy for three-and-a-half years in his life. And those were the three-and-a-half years before I was born.
Dave Davies
I’d rather stay out of the limelight until I’ve done something I feel proud of.
Rachel Stevens
When you’re in the limelight, you can’t always lash out.
Justine Skye
My musical education started in the limelight, because I found myself surrounded by real musicians, but after my career had taken off.
John Lurie
I don’t like seeing myself on screen. Whenever I see or hear myself, I think, ‘What is that eejet doing now?’ I’m in the wrong business. I don’t like the limelight.
Terry Wogan
I meet so many business women who shy away from the limelight or hesitate to put themselves forward for promotion, despite the fact they are brilliant at their jobs.
Steph McGovern
I’m always honest, whether I’m in the limelight or not.
Anne Heche
On occasions I have been big-headed. I think most people are when they get in the limelight. I call myself Big Head just to remind myself not to be.
Brian Clough
I grew up as normally as any other kid. Between that small TV part I did at five and when I turned professional actor at 18, I stayed away from the limelight, so I was just like any typical kid who went to school.
Timothy Hutton
I have always loved Reese Witherspoon and Amy Adams as role models – I read all their interviews and agree with the fundamentals of how they manage the limelight and also how they look and carry themselves. A huge part of beauty is how you carry yourself and how you deal with certain situations.
Brittany Snow
I don’t like publicity, being in the limelight.
Paul Ince
Ever since I was a kid, I was always a fan of hip hop. If you get your limelight whether your sixteen or twenty-one or wherever you’re at, you get your lime when you get your lime, but if you’re a part of hip hop and a child of hip hop, then you will always be a part of hip hop.
Lil Mama
I am not a person who wants to be in the limelight all the time.
Padmapriya Janakiraman
I am into professional wrestling. Only Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling can qualify in Olympics. I chose professional wrestling for fame and limelight and good money.
Sangram Singh
Some fighters enjoy the limelight. I get nervous, I mes

Some fighters enjoy the limelight. I get nervous, I mess up when I’m trying to explain things, because I’m a fighter pure and simple, and not really a talker.
Jimi Manuwa
I like being the center of attention. I want to be in the limelight, basically.
Nash Grier
I’m happier being out of the limelight, at home with the family.
David Jason
There is a time and place for being in the limelight. As far as being away from the spotlight, well, a certain air of exclusivity is always good.
Jiah Khan
The more you stand in the limelight, the more scarred you will become and the more you will love the limelight.
Preston Sturges
When you are in a family where there are two or three people in the limelight – like politics and acting – two worlds colliding like that, there will be times when obviously in the press or public eye, those opinions can collide and not match.
Ayesha Takia
I’m grateful that I didn’t get thrown into the limelight at 19-years-old.
Weyes Blood
I think Ricky Williams had his time in the limelight. And I think it was good for what it was worth, and that was that.
Ricky Williams
Honestly, I just think we all have special gifts, everyone. You know, obviously, some are more noticeable than others and that’s why there’s the limelight. Everybody’s in it.
Kelly Clarkson
I have a certain amount of difficulty dealing with too much limelight.
Leon Russell
I am constantly visible in TV shows because anybody who is thinking of a role sees me performing on TV and may say, ‘Why not him?’ That way I am always in the limelight. It’s better than running around for good roles. I can’t lobby for roles.
Javed Jaffrey
For me, growing up at a young age in the limelight and on social media, I joined Twitter when I was 10 and I got my Instagram when I was 11, so when I joined Instagram, I did notice a lot of hate comments or people would just, like, nitpick at my appearance, just to be funny.
Skai Jackson
I love the excitement, the center stage, the limelight.
Bobby Riggs
I’m very comfortable in having a strong team. I’m very comfortable in sharing the limelight with the team.
Sanjay Kumar
When you reach a certain status in Hollywood, you have to play a lot of games to stay in the limelight. It becomes more about being famous than being an actor.
Jason Lee
I like being out of the limelight.
Chesney Hawkes
In the U.S., my whole life, I felt like I had to be the best and score more goals and run with more fitness so I could be the one in the limelight. I think that when I went to Sweden, I found the joy of being part of a team and contributing to everybody’s success.
Christen Press
It’s hard growing up in the limelight. People invent stories. They call me a man-eater. An innocent date with a friend becomes a major scandal.
Princess Stephanie of Monaco
A lot of guys try to stay out of the political limelight because you have things like endorsements; you have fans and all these other things that you represent.
Malcolm Jenkins
My wife is not a public person. She is uncomfortable with the limelight, which is why I love her. I don’t want a political wife – I want someone who, when I get home, I can have a normal life with.
Jeb Bush
I don’t feel people are that interested in snooker any more and the only thing that will get snooker back into the limelight is more controversy.
Judd Trump
I am unknown because I’ve avoided the limelight so that I could serve. In the case of Donald Trump, he has avoided service so that he could seek the limelight.
Evan McMullin
Whatever I have been able to achieve in all these years is good for me and I feel God has been kind to me. Having said that I have been part of the limelight all these years but my fans and viewers don’t know my real side. With ‘Bigg Boss’ they will get to know who Shefali Zariwala actually is.
Shefali Zariwala
In America, it takes about two weeks in the limelight for the whole country to think you’ve been around for years.
Matt Taibbi
Being in the limelight has made me more fashion forward because I am under constant scrutiny. So, I have no choice but to be fashion conscious but otherwise I am not so much into it.
Soha Ali Khan
Throughout the years, I’ve grown up in front of the limelight as a model and an actress and I believe makeup plays an important part in building the confidence to feel beautiful.
Liza Soberano
It’s difficult to love a goalkeeper. He is invisible, and is only in the limelight when he makes a blunder.
P. R. Sreejesh
The ability to speak is a short cut to distinction. It puts a man in the limelight, raises him head and shoulders above the crowd.
Lowell Thomas
Coming back to a television series puts you back in the limelight and gives you a platform for your ideas. If you’re not acting on a series, you don’t get the ability to communicate to people.
Dennis Weaver
By the time I was 10, I was doing plays for Phoenix theater. My first lead role was as the Stinky Cheese Man. I got a taste of the limelight, and I just couldn’t stop. It was a way for me to be the artistic, geeky kid that I was, and not get beat up.
Alexandra Shipp
Being First Lady is playing supporting act. I am not seeking notoriety and I am not seeking to grab the limelight.
Valerie Trierweiler
If I have a look around at the moment I feel great reli

If I have a look around at the moment I feel great relief because finally others are entering the limelight. Men like Robert Pattinson must now play the Adonis. For me it was always a restraint, a restriction.
Jude Law
I don’t think I like sharing the limelight.
Joe Lycett
I don’t miss the limelight, not at all. I’m just more comfortable out of it. I don’t miss ‘Monday Night Football.’ I just don’t miss it. I’m lucky. When I stopped playing, I didn’t miss it. I feel blessed that it’s not been a problem. I have great memories. I feel really lucky.
Don Meredith
Everyone in the film industry does a lot of drama to get the limelight.
Rakhi Sawant
It’s tough for those celebrity couples. It’s really hard. My wife wasn’t in the limelight, which made it easier… the key is to keep it happy, light, and fun.
Joey Fatone
I just feel like our children should be given the right, once they know better, whether they want to be on TV or put into the limelight. We have the choice.
Erica Mena
The limelight is a tricky place, because you can’t believe what’s going on around you. You stop observing. You stop perceiving. You stop extending yourself, and you become isolated.
Vera Farmiga
I never was a guy who wanted to be in the limelight.
Peyton Hillis
I didn’t like being out in the limelight. I love performing, but that’s it.
Linda Perry
If I wake up one day and people tell me I’m not sexy, I’m not going to stop making good music and having fun. That ‘sex symbol’ thing is typically part of being in the limelight. You better be very talented in your music, but it’s good to be nice to look at, I guess.
Luke Bryan
My mother raised us out of the limelight and told us not to say we were Bruce Lee’s children, so I had a normal childhood. I didn’t run in Hollywood circles or go to premieres.
Shannon Lee
When you take this journey of becoming an actor, there are only destinations – one, where people give you that limelight and expect the world from you, and two, they don’t know who you are, and they don’t care what you are doing. You have to choose where you want to go.
Vicky Kaushal
I have always been focused on my job. No profession allows you the luxury of being half-focused. If you’re not into it, you’re not there. And the film industry is all the more harsh in these cases, perhaps because it’s a business of the limelight.
Deepika Padukone
Money’s not important to me. Movie star acknowledgement is not important to me. I don’t want to be a big studio actress. I don’t want to be in the limelight.
Moira Kelly
It might seem paradoxical given my profession, but I’m not someone who likes to be in the limelight.
Audrey Tautou
It’s hard to be in the limelight and write songs that cater to fans that have expectations of you. We just want to write songs that we love, but all the different people with different ideas coming in make it difficult. We have to ask ourselves if we’re writing for the most important people: the fans.
Josh Dun
I took some time, got out of the limelight a bit, and started going back into the rinks to just help out.
Scott Moir
I think my mother was baffled by me. We were polar opposites. She was shy and retiring. I was over-fond of the limelight. Many times in my life, I was conscious of embarrassing her with my carrying on.
Laurie Graham
I played volleyball in college. I was the girl next door, never wanted to be in the limelight.
Charlotte Flair
You go to LA, or you go to New York, and it’s really fun to go there. But they’re not grounded. Everybody is just competing all the time for the limelight. It’s too much entertainment industry. There are too many choices. And it’s distracting to me.
Bob Seger
I’m awkward under the limelight.
Bradley Wright-Phillips
When a young artist is ready, one has to bring him into the limelight.
Placido Domingo
IPL is good for limelight and making money.
Gautam Gambhir
As cinema is a reflection of the world around us, with more women coming into the mainstream business, more women narratives will grab the limelight.
Zoya Akhtar
I’m 61 now, and I’m comfortable in my lifestyle… I don’t yearn for the limelight on a regular basis. I get a kick out of it every so often. I go to Philly and go to a game, and they make a big deal about me. That’s fun for a couple of days, and I can go back to my own private life.
Mike Schmidt
I’m forever in the ‘limelight’ being Da Brat, being an entertainer, being a star.
Da Brat
I didn’t think that BTS would be in such limelight.
Kim Tae-hyung
I love being an older comic now. It’s like being an old soccer or an old baseball player. You’re in the Hall of Fame and it’s nice, but you’re no longer that person in the limelight on the spot doing that thing.
Eric Idle
What could be addictive about the limelight is the recognition that you gain. Can you imagine the feeling you experience when the whole country looks up to you? When you become a source of inspiration for millions?
Mahima Chaudhry
I don’t like being in the limelight. It is not something extraordinary. It is just my habit.
Sonia Gandhi
It’s a huge achievement to have anyone wearing your clothes, and when they are in the limelight, it’s the best advertisement for your brand.
Emilia Wickstead
Yes, I have a website that puts out conservative news.

Yes, I have a website that puts out conservative news. Yes, I am part owner of a gun company. Yes, I’m a Republican who was cast into the limelight for having the temerity to confront Barack Obama on the question of redistributing wealth… But I’m a working man, and I’m working.
Joe Wurzelbacher
There’s fears in everyone’s job. Ours are in the limelight, and people think we’re incredibly privileged or nuts to do what we do for a living.
Rami Malek
My lovely wife Janet has been in a few paintings. She is basically a reserved woman who has never sought the limelight. She has always been there throughout my career and continues to be at my side.
LeRoy Neiman
When I was younger, I was ready to go off at any time. My wife, Linda, and I would go out to the Limelight in New York, and I would see people and be able to freeze them with a look. People were even too scared of me to tell me that people were scared of me.
Johnny Ramone
I was born into the limelight. So, my biggest achievement, which I worked hard for, is to stay normal.
Twinkle Khanna
I feel for those 19-year-olds who get thrust into the limelight that young.
Clive Owen
I’m not here to propel myself into the limelight. I’m here to win a football game. If I am propelled into the limelight, I want it to be because of what I do on the football field, not because of some grand marketing strategy.
Troy Aikman
Mind you, the limelight exists anywhere in the world. When you’re not in the U.K., it can be as active somewhere else in the world, and for me, that’s more or less been the case, so I never dropped out of the limelight in that sense.
Morten Harket
Ric, I feel like he hasn’t changed up for no one. He’s been the same since Day 1, since he was in the limelight as a pro wrestler. Even now, just his mentality and who he is: Find who you are and just be that. He’s always being him. That’s what I admire the most about Ric Flair.
Julio Jones
I got pregnant in just a couple of months after my marriage. The game plan was to have the pregnancy and bounce back and getting in the limelight again. But I have never experienced anything like that… It was just the opposite.
Sameera Reddy
I find that my entire life has come to me, and things happened without me planning them. You know, I never asked to photograph Princess Diana, and that made me more famous than I wanted. I never asked to photograph Madonna, and that pushed me to another level. There are things that just take you into the limelight.
Mario Testino
Even if you’re doing a film, you’re in the news while the shooting is on and during promotions. But once it’s over, the limelight fades away, and you wait for something better to come your way.
Karishma Tanna
I’ve always had a huge fear of dying or becoming ill. The thing I’m most afraid of, though, is being alone, which I think a lot of performers fear. It’s why we seek the limelight – so we’re not alone, were adored. We’re loved, so people want to be around us. The fear of being alone drives my life.
Jennifer Lopez
Horror does better when it’s bubbling under. It’s a niche. It doesn’t like the limelight.
Robert Englund
People pay attention to artists and celebrities, so they have the opportunity to do something great with this limelight. I, for one, have no problem with Kanye running for president, because if it’s something that he truly believes in and it can lead to greater good, why not? I’m all for that.
Not everybody wants to have the same career. I think what’s difficult is when you have two people that do something very, very similar and they both, say, want the limelight. That’s very tricky.
Tori Amos
When I came to Mumbai, I only wanted to be an actor, and my approach hasn’t digressed over the years. I never really hoped to be in the limelight or wanted to be a star.
Ashish Sharma
I think it’s very hard to be with somebody that’s in the limelight when you’re really not into that.
Kathy Hilton
If there’s one thing that chafes French pride, it’s seeing the British steal the limelight.
Marine Le Pen
My brother Cody is 19. He wants to stay out of the limelight and become a lawyer. I want him to be an entertainment lawyer, so he can help me out!
Lindsay Lohan
With my time in the limelight, I regret that I didn’t use it more to push vegetarianism. I support vegetarian options in the school lunch program.
Bernhard Goetz
Our entire family is shy. Apart from film promotions, we do not believe in staying in the limelight.
Bobby Deol
I’m not one that really soaks up the limelight. I’m OK with kind of escaping it.
Derek Drouin
Some people are better at handling the limelight than others.
Richard Prince
I’ve done shows like ‘Kuchh Dil Se,’ which was a talk show on socio-political economic issues. So I do do a variety of stuff, but I think ‘Kyunki’ gets the most limelight.
Smriti Irani
Years of standing in the limelight portraying other people for large amounts of money does not usually lead to a high degree of self-examination, let alone self-criticism.
Michael Korda
I truly believe that people like myself, who are in a position of entertainers in the limelight, should keep their mouth shut on politics.
Kid Rock