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WrestleMania has to have 7 or 8 matches that have value

WrestleMania has to have 7 or 8 matches that have value in order to sell that show because people are coming from around the world to see it. When you sell 100,000 tickets, that’s not based on one match. There’s a lot of interest in a lot of matches.
Arn Anderson
To be a part of a ‘WrestleMania’ is so amazing, it’s the biggest show that we put on besides ‘SummerSlam.’
Eva Marie
I think WrestleMania 17, everything’s subjective, but if it’s me, that’s the best card and the best pay-per-view ever and just because of the totality of it. From opening match to last match, everything delivered.
I do remember meeting ‘The Donald.’ He seemed to really enjoy the WrestleMania 4 battle royal. He watched me take a very hard front turnbuckle bump, and it seemed to stun him that I wasn’t seriously hurt. Backstage, Trump gave me a big smile and a handshake.
Bret Hart
I won at WrestleMania which was pretty awesome.
Mojo Rawley
At the end of the day, leaving WrestleMania, having my hand raised, beating Brock Lesnar… I’d say it was a pretty successful tenure.
Bill Goldberg
Hulk Hogan slamming Andre the Giant. I remember watching WrestleMania with my family and friends on TV… 93,000 people in the Silverdome. When Hogan picked up Andre, I got goosebumps.
John Cena
I wanted to become a wrestler because I saw a tape of Wrestlemania XI. I thought to myself I wanted to be a WWE superstar one day, and now here I am.
Kevin Owens
When you talk about running big venues, obviously the WWE has sold out arenas all over the world throughout the years and it seems like every WrestleMania sets a new record. But, I believe l and I’m not mistaken that the first guy to run a dome was Bill Watts when he ran The Superdome.
Ted DiBiase Sr.
WrestleMania was one of my greatest matches in my career.
Mickie James
I’ve gotten in the ring with Sasha Banks on the highest level at WrestleMania in the main event.
Bianca Belair
The only time I had an ego is I when wanted to have a reverse Undertaker record at WrestleMania, and they messed it up!
Big Show
Probably the greatest match in my career, and really put me on the match as a main event guy and paved the way for what I was to become, was Wrestlemania 13, with the one and only, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
It’s not about getting WrestleMania moments for me, it’s about making TakeOver moments bigger and bigger and bigger.
Tommaso Ciampa
I think anytime you have an event for the first time ever, like a Super Bowl or WrestleMania or UFC, as the years go by, everything becomes more polished with promotion and bigger stars.
John Morrison
I knew the fans that attend the Raw after WrestleMania are a very special audience.
My goal is to be the women’s champion, to main event on a regular basis, to be at ‘WrestleMania.’
At ‘WrestleMania,’ I can show my 100 percent or more.
Shinsuke Nakamura
I plan on headlining WrestleMania by WrestleMania 35.
I worked hard every single day to become the NXT Women’s Champion, and first of all to be the first-ever person to be from NXT to defend a championship from here at WrestleMania is absolutely insane.
Rhea Ripley
I have been a wrestler now for 12 years, and now I am reaching this peak at the top of the mountain – WrestleMania.
If your heart’s not pumping premium on WrestleMania Sunday, then I don’t understand what you’re doing at WrestleMania.
Paul Heyman
My elementary school teachers were big on pushing kids to read. If you read a certain amount of books, they would provide you with incentives, sort of like what we are doing with the WrestleMania Reading Challenge.
Rey Mysterio
When I saw that Wrestlemania had broken an indoor attendance record, I just walked into a wrestling office, Championship Wrestling in Florida, during the offseason, and they introduced me to Hiro Matsuda, who became my mentor… and the rest is history!
Lex Luger
As far as me participating in ‘WrestleMania 32’, the Magic 8-Ball says, ‘Ask again later.’
John Cena
Once you get within a few weeks of the show and it becomes WrestleMania season, the energy starts picking up, and the energy feels different. You can feel it in the air, and every show means a little bit more, and everything is a little more focused and directed. Everything’s directing toward that day of WrestleMania.
Dean Ambrose
I was in town working for Ring of Honor; my wife was in town. At that point in my life, I thought, ‘When else am I ever going to come to WrestleMania?’ I sat way up high in the stands, but seeing a couple of friends on that big stage, you start to think maybe this is possible.
Tommaso Ciampa
I think ECW itself was a gimmick. I think getting the audience to chant ECW was really something. I don’t care if you draw 70,000 people in a dome for Wrestlemania – nobody chants WWE.
Paul Heyman
Fighting Bayley after winning the title at WrestleMania was perfect. I’ve been very fortunate to work with her. She has contributed to so much of my success. She’s made me better, and I’m going to carry that forward and carry that through.
Bianca Belair
If I had to explain what WrestleMania was to someone who’s never seen wrestling, never seen WWE, never heard of the concept of WrestleMania, I would show them a five second video clip of The Rock and Hulk Hogan standing motionless in the ring while 70,000 people are jumping up and down.
Sami Zayn
With WWE, I mean, as a kid, I was watching ‘WrestleMania,’ and that was my dream.
John Morrison
Imagine you put Brock Lesnar/Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns

Imagine you put Brock Lesnar/Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns/John Cena on WrestleMania. Sold.
Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are the main event of WrestleMania 34 because neither one is content, and both are ambitious enough to push the limits of what is now considered their greatest moment, and that’s the point that neither one will ever accept. They will never accept the idea that they’ve peaked as individuals.
Paul Heyman
My favorite WrestleMania moment would actually be the first WrestleMania I ever went to, and that was at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans. I’ve been a fan forever but have never been able to go to an actual WrestleMania until I started working with the company.
One thing I learned from my old man is that people are going to be happy for you, but not too happy. When the tables are turned and you’re hanging out on top with a guy like Randy Orton, who is in the main event at Wrestlemania, not all the guys are going to like you.
Cody Rhodes
To be knowing that I’m going to WrestleMania 36 to face Charlotte Flair and put my NXT championship on the line is just absolutely insane.
Rhea Ripley
I was six years old watching wrestling on TV. I was eight years old watching Ultimate Warrior run to the ring at WrestleMania. I was eighteen years old starting out on a journey in the U.K. wanting to be a professional wrestler.
Finn Balor
This is the deal: You win the Royal Rumble match, you go to main event WrestleMania. That’s the process.
Roman Reigns
I had a very good babyface run, but establishing a monster heel – which I think I would have excelled at – and a poor WrestleMania track record is a hard pill to swallow.
I’ll never forget the reaction the WWE Universe gave me at ‘WrestleMania 33’ and my return – it was truly one of the greatest moments of my career.
Matt Hardy
The first time you go out and perform at WrestleMania, it’s a very challenging thing. It’s the showcase of immortals, and you don’t know what to expect, and every WrestleMania is different.
Bray Wyatt
I’ve done bingo halls and tents in front of 10 people with a cow mooing in the background. Doing that and then going to WrestleMania and the Superdome and wrestling in front of 80,000 people is night and day.
Seth Rollins
Hulk Hogan convinced me that WrestleMania was where my goals needed to be at.
WrestleMania is one of those events where you want to put the most different, most extravagant, most exotic show you can out there.
Big Show
If you go back and look at WWE Magazine, they asked me when I was going to win my first world championship and I told them WrestleMania XXVI, so I was only a couple days off.
Jake Hager
I want to make ‘Smackdown’ the brand to watch, but beyond that main-eventing, ‘WrestleMania’ is the next step.
Becky Lynch
The thing about the ‘Raw’ after Wrestlemania, the thing is they are the real hardcore, hardcore fans. It’s not your typical WWE audience.
I wanted so badly to walk into WrestleMania weekend as the NXT champion and headline TakeOver.
Tommaso Ciampa
WrestleMania is an experience. It’s an overall ride, its ups and its downs and its curves and its music. It’s presentation, and it’s emotion, and it’s paying tribute to the past and progressing the product into the future. It’s career-defining moments for people who live for career-defining moments.
Paul Heyman
I’ve never walked through the curtain with someone I wasn’t trying to audition as a WrestleMania main-eventer, and I never want to.
Paul Heyman
WrestleMania’s the accumulation of a lot of things. All the shareholders come in for all the meetings with the suits and everything.
I love the WrestleMania, and I love my family WWE. The WWE know I am the legend forever.
The Iron Sheik
My favorite Wrestlemania moment is Wrestlemania 2000 in Anaheim. Edge and I won the tag titles for the first time, and back then, we didn’t know if we’d ever get the chance to win them, and it was our first real high-stakes match.
Christian Cage
At Wrestlemania, I’d love to wrestle John Cena; I’ve got a lot of issues with that guy.
We dreamt of that as kids growing up. Like, main eventing, being world champion, walking down that aisle at WrestleMania as the last match, as the main event, as the headliner.
Christian Cage
I think at WrestleMania you definitely want a singles match and not have to share the spotlight with other guys.
Kofi Kingston
I’ve never had a big role at any WrestleMania, but I’ve been at 11-odd. Just to be there is special – the week beforehand and all the promotions and stuff.
William Regal