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I come from a long line of very strong, tough women. We

I come from a long line of very strong, tough women. We stick to our principles and stand up for what we believe in, which is fundamental fairness, which is my raison d’etre.
Letitia James
With my social media posts on fairness creams, I felt really strongly that I needed to speak up about it because I think we can take baby steps. Colour and caste is engrained in our culture, but I don’t think it should be applauded or packaged and sold.
Abhay Deol
Today’s Constitution is a realistic document of freedom only because of several corrective amendments. Those amendments speak to a sense of decency and fairness that I and other Blacks cherish.
Thurgood Marshall
Markets are a good thing, and they are the best way of ensuring we have fairness.
Michael Hintze
My partner of 45 years is Australian, and a big part of her character is that marvellous quality of irony which Aussies possess. I relish their humour and sense of fairness.
Miriam Margolyes
I’m very much a Christian in ideals and ethics, especially in terms of belief in fairness, a deep set obligation to others, and the virtues of charity, tolerance and generosity that we associate with traditional Christian teaching.
E. O. Wilson
When I served alongside the brave women of our armed forces, who contribute so much to our country despite often facing discrimination on the job, it only strengthened my commitment to fairness and equal pay in the workplace.
Ralph Northam
I’m a lawyer. I go for due process; I go for fairness and equity – these values mean a lot to me.
Mohamed ElBaradei
Decision by decision, Justice Ginsburg reaffirmed the ideals of our Constitution and our shared values of fairness, equality, and opportunity. Her judicial opinions on voting rights, gender discrimination, and same-sex marriage made this country stronger and will continue to ring out through the ages.
Mikie Sherrill
The beauty of ‘The Hunger Games’ and also ‘Game of Thrones,’ in fairness, both projects have really complex, three-dimensional, contradictory, strong women… The writing of female characters is extraordinary and equal to the men.
Natalie Dormer
The Bible is very clear about one thing: Using politics to create fairness is a sin.
P. J. O’Rourke
This is the time that I really miss being in my courtroom because I believe that that’s the last place in this country where there’s supposed to be fairness.
Star Jones
I think that we value fairness in this country. We value equal opportunity. Without a stable home, those ideals really fall apart.
Matthew Desmond
So another challenge for our generation is to create global institutions that reflect our ideas of fairness and responsibility, not the ideas that were the basis of the last stage of financial development over these recent years.
Gordon Brown
When I was at MIT, they had a beta test of Mosaic, the first popular browser. I remember looking at it, and there was a weather map or something. Now, in fairness to me, there weren’t any websites then. But I remember saying, ‘This is stupid – what’s the point?’ Now, of course, it’s obvious.
Austan Goolsbee
Washington’s incredible wastefulness of tax dollars is abhorrent to any sense of fairness or rational thinking.
Mike Espy
Things are fair and unfair, whichever profession you take. Every profession cannot have a 100% rate of fairness.
Shefali Shah
Fairness is what justice really is.
Potter Stewart
If justice is supposed to be fair, than any justice system you would hope is based on fairness.
Peter Jackson
Let’s restore sanity and fairness to the tax cut conversation. We simply cannot afford to hand over the bank vault to our nation’s millionaires and billionaires while the middle class picks up spare change.
Paul Tonko
I have dedicated my political career to bringing fairness to America’s economic system and to our work force, regardless of what people look like or where they may worship.
Jim Webb
I am not someone who believes we should build a fence around our country but I do believe there ought to be some fairness with respect to the rules of this globalization.
Byron Dorgan
Basic fairness and equity demand that the color of your collar should not dictate if you receive a bail-out or get bailed on.
John Fetterman
I was always told that I acted too white. I was always told that I was going to date a white guy – which, in fairness, was true: I do have a white boyfriend. So they weren’t entirely wrong, but all of those things were really damaging.
Jessica Williams
One of the main points everywhere in my life is fairness. Coming from South Africa and being treated unfairly all your life because of your skin colour, that’s been a huge point.
Motsi Mabuse
Use of a mentally ill person’s involuntary confession is antithetical to the notion of fundamental fairness embodied in the due process clause.
William J. Brennan, Jr.
Some people believe that fairness comes with obeying the rules. I’m one of those people.
Al Green
We say to the British government: you have kept those sculptures for almost two centuries. You have cared for them as well as you could, for which we thank you. But now in the name of fairness and morality, please give them back.
Melina Mercouri
Our brand of democracy is hard. But I can promise that a year from now, when I no longer hold this office, I’ll be right there with you as a citizen – inspired by those voices of fairness and vision, of grit and good humor and kindness that have helped America travel so far.
Barack Obama
Fairness matters.
Jonathan Agnew
Society has to get a grip and put a tax on carbon. Of course, there is much that flows from that, and it is a complex situation. The small details of something such as climate change are political and social, and they are a lot about fairness and how we rebalance towards a fairer society.
Richard Rogers
My vision for Scotland is one in which we fight togethe

My vision for Scotland is one in which we fight together for the values we are care about: equality, fairness and social justice. Those values are the same whether you live in Dumfries or Carlisle.
Douglas Alexander
I’m read in the Caribbean with justice, with fairness. What I expect it to do is to encourage articulacy in the young.
Derek Walcott
We are fortunate enough to live in a state that is rich with diversity, and we are built on a foundation of unity and fairness for all of our citizens. We respect our fellow citizens for their beliefs, but we do not discriminate based on our disagreements.
John Bel Edwards
Implementing the so-called ‘Buffett Rule’ would restore some badly needed fairness to our tax system.
Sheldon Whitehouse
Control freak politicians never rest, and a few of the more dedicated ones are working relentlessly to slap chains on the world’s most unfettered market. The Marketplace Fairness Act will end up forcing consumers to pay higher prices for the goods they desire.
We can demonstrate to the world that the U.K. remains a beacon for opportunity, fairness, and democratic leadership.
Andrea Leadsom
There is a word in German, called gerechterweise, which means fairness. I need to be fair, it’s just the part of my personality.
Motsi Mabuse
A power of recall that depended solely on the electorate and was not subject to unnecessary hurdles of Parliamentary procedures would show trust in the good sense and fairness of the British people. In return, they might trust Parliamentarians a little more.
Jacob Rees-Mogg
Class-action lawsuits should allow those with serious injuries to have their own day in court. The Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act would do just that.
Trent Franks
I will end the history of division and conflict through reconciliation and fairness.
Park Geun-hye
I don’t think the folks in the low-tax states really want to go into a fairness discussion. Residents of Connecticut and New York would love to remind them how much they pay in federal taxes to support programs for Mississippi and South Dakota.
Gail Collins
It’s not class warfare to suggest that we shouldn’t look to seniors and the less fortunate to bear the brunt of deficit reduction. I believe America needs to understand there needs to be a sense of fairness.
Ted Deutch
President Trump insists on fairness and reciprocity in U.S.-China relations.
Morgan Ortagus
I don’t know if people consciously get in the way of their own success. In fairness, people have a lot of pride, and they fall back on what they know to be safe and correct. Anybody, including me, struggles with change.
Marcus Lemonis
I have faith in God, and I have faith in the fairness of the American people.
Brett Kavanaugh
I think perfect objectivity is an unrealistic goal; fairness, however, is not.
Michael Pollan
I’m not feeling undertaxed. Tax reform is an important issue. You have to have an inherent sense of fairness.
Stephen A. Schwarzman
In fairness, 95 per cent of football fans are wonderful. A picture or an autograph is no problem for them.
Robbie Savage
No matter how powerful, countries cannot rule the whole world. The world is ruled by brains, by justice, by morals and by fairness.
Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
The Democratic Party is always going to be the party of civil rights and fairness – everybody gets an equal, fair shot at the American dream. And we’re going to be the party that really fights to protect planet Earth – enjoy whatever time we’re going to get!
John Hickenlooper
The principles of fairness and equality for working men and women are deeply interwoven within the fabric of our nation’s history.
Bob Menendez
Where terrorists offer injustice, disorder and destruction, the United States and its allies stand for freedom, fairness, equality, hope, and opportunity.
John O. Brennan
But as someone pointed out earlier, it is not really about fairness; it is about taking finite resources and applying them where they will have the most effect.
Jim Walsh
Once you understand what a messy, emotional, and destructive dynamic ‘fairness’ can be, you can see why ‘fair’ is a tremendously powerful word that you need to use with care.
Christopher Voss
I have never used a fairness cream in my life. I don’t think being fair is in any way superior to any other colour. And when I started working, I found that being fair has actually backfired for me. I have lost a few films because I’m too fair.
Taapsee Pannu
The ever-renewed instances of beauty and fairness passing over the faces of the beings in the universe show that they are shadows of the manifestations of an Eternal Beauteous One.
Said Nursi
We have the incredible privilege of serving in the highest offices in the state. We must prove ourselves worthy of our fellow citizens’ faith. We must be trusted to always place the public’s good above our own and to always choose fairness over favoritism.
Jodi Rell
We need a Supreme Court justice who will restore fairness, balance, and independence to the highest level of the judiciary. Based on his record, I do not believe Gorsuch would be that kind of justice.
Bob Casey, Jr.
When we’re talking about friendships, generosity and fairness and equanimity and sharing and all those things are super-important to me.
David Longstreth
I should in fairness add that my taste in music is reputedly deplorable.
Paul Scofield
If the American people make their voices heard and put enough pressure on Congress, we can restore fairness in our economic system, do what’s right for the middle class, and show that Congress can stand up to special interests.
Sheldon Whitehouse
The great vicarious work for our kindred dead in our te

The great vicarious work for our kindred dead in our temples demonstrates both the justice and the fairness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
James E. Faust
The pursuit of market-rate pay equity is about far more than respect. It’s a matter of fairness, considering the increased workload that New York’s Finest has assumed to not only make us the safest big city in America but to also take a more proactive role in strengthening community-police relations.
Eric Adams
I have always believed that genuine democracy is fairness.
Alexander Lukashenko
Fairness is not about statistical equality.
John Bercow
The Reagan tax reform delivered real fairness, closing loopholes for Washington special interests so that all Americans could keep more of their hard-earned paychecks.
Kevin Brady
No matter who or what you support, I believe in supporting fairness first.
Jennette McCurdy
The Fairness Project is endeavoring to try to do what we can to make a fairer society.
Mike Lowry
Modi has always been very particular about law and order. He believes in fairness and justice, and encouraged us to simply work as per law without fear or favour. His ability to think big and implement it on the ground is exemplary. He had a vision of a bank account for every household.
Amit Shah
Giving the same value to fiction as to fact in the interest of so-called fairness is to mislead the American people and the press has become party to that.
Joe Wilson
I think that taxes would be fair if we first get rid of the tax code. This is the ultimate solution, not to just say we’re going to trim around the edges, not to say that we will try to simplify a little of this and a little of that. The problem is, replace the tax code, so we can establish tax fairness for everybody.
Herman Cain
It’s just better to promote love and fairness and equality than it is to promote something you think is based on your religious beliefs.
Jane Wiedlin
I was still in school when I heard about this audition for this fairness cream ad. I got selected and subsequently, did a lot of ads and I got noticed by Ramesh Taurani and Ken Ghosh and ‘Ishq Vishk’ happened.
Amrita Rao
I will never endorse a fairness product because I was not comfortable growing up being the darkest person in my family. Also, I won’t endorse alcohol, as I believe that it’s not good for health.
Shruti Haasan
In a country built on the dreams and accomplishments of an immigrant population, a particularly severe wound is inflicted on that principle when an immigration matter is not conducted in accord with the best of our tradition of courtesy and fairness.
Maryanne Trump Barry
The modern Left is not driven by fairness. It is guided by an ideology of greed and envy. Those are vices, not virtues.
Stephen Moore
You can bring people together around the issue of economic fairness. I don’t want to be a mayor that goes into one neighborhood and gets jeered, and goes into another neighborhood and gets cheered.
Sal Albanese
To do so, we are creating a Fairness for Switzerland Committee that will not only disseminate some of the facts, but also protect a relationship that is important to all of us in North America.
Peter Munk
It’s fairness to say those who work hard, get up in the morning, cut their cloth – in other words ‘we can only afford to have one or two children because we don’t earn enough’. They pay their taxes and they want to know that the same kind of decision-making is taking place for those on benefits.
Iain Duncan Smith
Racism is everywhere – the older generations in Malaysia still say things like, ‘She’s darker-skinned; maybe don’t marry her,’ and it’s very judgmental. A lot of girls do try to get fairness cream to lighten their skin, and I’m against all of that.
When we in Congress set the terms under which immigrants in this country must live, we wield a power that is checked primarily by our individual sense of fairness: the power to set taxes and make laws that apply to people who do not have representation.
Mazie Hirono
As a general rule of thumb, Democrats do better in national elections when the year’s defining issue is economic fairness, and Republicans do better when the defining issue is national security.
Rick Perlstein
Public anger over bank bailouts was as much about fairness as the billions of dollars spent.
Nina Easton
We all make mistakes. But I’m lucky. Being from Illinois and from the Midwest, we believe in pretty basic fairness. Once you’ve made a mistake, get up, dust yourself off, and go to work.
Dick Durbin
You know what Americans are really sensitive to? Issues of fairness. I think this is a modern phenomenon, born of the civil rights movement. Once you convince Americans that something is basically unfair, you’ve got a winning cause.
Gail Collins
We also must pull from our highest ideals of justice and protect against those ills that destabilized our economy – like predatory lending, over-leveraged financial institutions and the unchecked avarice of the past that trumped fairness and common sense. Our platform calls for significant cuts in federal spending.
Cory Booker
I think it’s safe to say that ‘manliness’ was a common theme in my upbringing. It was an assumed status, but – and here’s the important bit – it was the Rudyard Kipling kind. The emphasis was on gentlemanly conduct, sportsmanship, fairness and stoicism.
Ian Watson
We are all different. Yet we are all God’s children. We are all united behind this country and the common cause of freedom, justice, fairness, and equality. That is what unites us.
Barbara Boxer
Top 1 Percent progressivism emphasizes the idea of fairness – but it’s nevertheless a politics of outrage, animated by at least a trace of envy. It’s as if ‘millionaires and billionaires’ were the principal problem facing America today.
Cass Sunstein
In an economy where women now make up half the work force, we’re going to have to address the treatment of pregnant employees more systemically. The passage of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act would better protect against the discrimination pregnant job seekers face.
Alissa Quart
In fairness, I don’t think that everyone understands what I say, but I think they understand part of it and part of what the issues are… Just the same way that people like a good painting, I think people really like understanding, knowing about the world.
Lisa Randall
I fight, and have fought, for political freedom, for justice and for fairness and freedom of speech.
Teresa Heinz
Though force can protect in emergency, only justice, fa

Though force can protect in emergency, only justice, fairness, consideration and cooperation can finally lead men to the dawn of eternal peace.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
But, in fairness to them, too, the popular song per se is really a pretty shallow medium to perform in.
Mel Torme
The court’s reputation is affected by what people say only if it seems to have a ring of fairness and authenticity.
Prashant Bhushan
I am a Democrat because I believe in protecting freedom, fairness, families, and the future.
Pete Buttigieg
Fairness forces you – even when you’re writing a piece highly critical of, say, genetically modified food, as I have done – to make sure you represent the other side as extensively and as accurately as you possibly can.
Michael Pollan
The most urgent task I have is to help those British citizens who came from the Caribbean, the so-called Windrush generation, and make sure they are all treated with the decency and the fairness they deserve.
Sajid Javid
Fairness matters.
Trish Regan
Our participation in the single market, and our ability to help set its rules is the principal reason for our membership of the EU. So it is a vital interest for us to protect the integrity and fairness of the single market for all its members.
David Cameron
Fairness through leveling is the essence of Obamaism.
Charles Krauthammer
Fairness is not the end result, it’s the opportunity. And everybody in America today has the opportunity to get ahead.
Tim Huelskamp
I’m really focused on Minnesota and Minnesotans, and I will come to Washington, D.C., prepared to be a fierce advocate for Minnesotans, especially around economic opportunity and fairness.
Tina Smith
In fairness, Latin America’s elected civilian leaders have made progress in some areas. They have brought their countries back to international respectability, curbed flagrant human rights violations, and sought to build democratic political institutions.
Stephen Kinzer
The future which we hold in trust for our own children will be shaped by our fairness to other people’s children.
Marian Wright Edelman
Most arguments for instituting or raising a minimum wage are based on fairness and redistribution. Even if workers are getting a competitive wage, many of us are deeply disturbed that some hard-working families still have very little.
Christina Romer
Piracy was risky business, and injuries were commonplace; a single lost limb or gouged-out eye could end a pirate’s career. To encourage pirates not to hesitate in battle – and out of a sense of fairness – many pirate crews compensated wounded crewmen in predetermined amounts.
Robert Kurson
When people ask me about what I learned from martial arts, I don’t talk about favorite punches or kicks, or about fights won or lost. I talk about learning self-discipline, about ethics and manners and benevolence and fairness.
Jonathan Maberry
I believe we can make progress on bringing true equality and fairness back to our government if we continue to work together and make our voices heard.
Tulsi Gabbard
What I do now, when I’m taking on a film, I always ask about the fairness of the pay. I ask what they’re offering me in comparison to the guy. I don’t care about how much I get paid; I’m in an industry where we’re overcompensated for the work we do.
Jessica Chastain
We must always remember that it is when passions are most inflamed that fairness is most in jeopardy.
Susan Collins
Children need to get a high-quality education, avoid violence and the criminal-justice system, and gain jobs. But they deserve more. We want them to learn not only reading and math but fairness, caring, self-respect, family commitment, and civic duty.
Colin Powell
Elections are also about the future – the pledges that we are making for this country. For those who care about equality and fairness in the UK, and beyond, Labour really is the only choice.
Anne Campbell
The social safety net was created by a united society in the aftermath of the Second World War. It came out of a British sense of fairness.
Emily Thornberry
The innovations we need at our systems level require an understanding of business, psychology, and policy, but doing it with a deep, deep understanding of how our decisions create barriers for fairness and opportunity for some people.
Maya Wiley
When you give him a chance, you learn that President Trump cares deeply about fairness and justice and will do everything in his power to correct the past failures of the political class in Washington.
Lara Trump
If we have any hope for survival of the music that we all love, compassion must replace name-calling, fairness must replace greed, and we need to come together as a musical community and try to understand each other’s problems.
John Mellencamp
As trust in institutions erodes, the basic assumptions of fairness, shared values, and equal opportunity traditionally upheld by ‘the system’ are no longer taken for granted.
Richard Edelman
In articulating all my feelings about marriage equality, I almost don’t know where to begin. And perhaps that’s part of the problem. Why do we have to explain ourselves when it comes to issues of fairness and equality? Why is common sense not enough?
Scott Fujita
I’ve always seen the Olympics as a place where you could act out your differences on the athletic field with a sense of sportsmanship and fairness and mutual respect.
Andrew Young
We need to build websites with celebrity speakers who talk about the ideals of fairness, sharing, democratic cooperation, and altruism in public life.
Deepak Chopra