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The most compelling economic and geopolitical story in

The most compelling economic and geopolitical story in 2017 will almost certainly revolve around China. The world’s most populous country bankrolled an economic boom with high levels of debt and leverage, with which the government is now forced to reckon.
Anthony Scaramucci
Being an iconic food company can be both a blessing and a curse. It can be a curse if, amidst change, you maintain the status quo. It is a blessing if you leverage the change coupled with capability to seize new opportunities.
Denise Morrison
We send a lot of money – I don’t know, I think it’s in billions – of money to the Saudi government. We have so much tremendous leverage as the United States of America, but we seem to choose to look away when there’s other interests at play.
Rashida Tlaib
But I tell you, I would really be interested if there was a partner we could take in, that could put them over here on the side, that would allow us full leverage and access down the road.
Jim Cantalupo
We must develop knowledge optimization initiatives to leverage our key learnings.
Scott Adams
We are in a world where people are understanding that athletes and entertainers are citizens too. Some of us want to leverage our platform for good, and I want to be someone who is thoughtful and real about trying to influence people in a way that will lead to healthier communities and a better nation.
Maya Moore
I think the adoption rate with respect to social media and how companies leverage that varies by the company. Cisco is probably a leader in the space. A lot of times, we actually use virtual ways to communicate our brand and do some of our advertising, first on the social space, then we do on physical advertising.
Padmasree Warrior
As a philanthropist, I give away a lot of money every year. Yet I thought there was a higher leverage to come in and create movies and TV shows that were actually able to do some good in the world.
Jeffrey Skoll
When you make people a lot of money, it gives you leverage in Hollywood.
Paul W. S. Anderson
As long as the big banks are allowed to remain big, their political leverage over Washington will remain big. And as long as their political leverage remains big, the taxpayer and economic tab for the next mess they create will be big.
Robert Reich
I always tell women that the fact that you’re different and that you’re noticed, because there are few of us in the tech industry, is something you can leverage as an advantage.
Padmasree Warrior
Obviously, having served in wars myself, I’m eager to do everything possible to avoid them, but our military capability vis-a-vis a country like Iran is a major source of leverage in any negotiation that we should never, ever give up.
Evan McMullin
Soros has taught me that when you have tremendous conviction on a trade, you have to go for the jugular. It takes courage to be a pig. It takes courage to ride a profit with huge leverage.
Stanley Druckenmiller
I got into a bad habit of dropping my elbow and pushing the ball to the plate instead of getting on top of it and using some leverage to get it down in the strike zone or get some depth with the ball.
Matt Cain
I love the idea of creators having leverage and control.
Jack Conte
Integration is the biggest con job ever pulled on any group of people, any nationality in the world. It was a plot by white liberals to gain black political power for themselves and their wild ideas, and for a few black bourgeoisie who were paid to exercise leverage as black spokesmen.
James Meredith
I call on Democrats to use their leverage to fight for a clean DREAM Act and to reject Trump’s racist agenda – not only in word but in deed.
Opal Tometi
We’re trying to be the top employer of recent grads in the country. Size gives us leverage to have a tangible impact on school systems.
Wendy Kopp
There were many times in my initial days as a writer when I had felt the need to talk to someone, to leverage on someone’s experience, to learn from someone who had written and published a book.
Ravi Subramanian
When an issue is important to Washington, U.S. officials figure out what leverage they have and use it as assertively and creatively as they can. They don’t make excuses.
Tom Malinowski
There are more and more properties joining us to benefit from and leverage our global online marketing expertise.
Gillian Tans
What I believe about race is that race is not real. It’s not a biological reality. It’s a hierarchical system that was created to leverage power and privilege between different groups of people.
Rachel Dolezal
The cloud presents a variety of new opportunities for Fortinet, ranging from how we leverage our own cloud-based technologies to make networks more secure, to actually developing the solutions that help secure the cloud infrastructure.
Ken Xie
We will leverage technology to collaborate with the government in its e-governance initiatives.
Chanda Kochhar
Swipe fees have increased steadily since the introduction of debit cards 20 years ago, when there were no swipe fees at all. Merchants can’t negotiate or control them. They’ve tried, but they have no leverage against the big banks and issuers. So they get ignored.
Peter Welch
I always said I would vote for a resolution that gave the president the leverage to go to the United Nations, and then come back to the Congress for the authority to go to force.
Wesley Clark
We’ll have a public power authority, which will also have the ability to build power or finance power. And more importantly, we’ll have more power than our economy provides. All of that will give us leverage we don’t have today.
Gray Davis
Any time that we read a script and the ‘Leverage’ team has to infiltrate a place, assume identities, or become con artists ourselves to take down the really bad con artists, it’s always fun to do that.
Timothy Hutton
For American foreign aid to become more effective, it must embrace the power of partnerships, access the transformative nature of free enterprise, and leverage the abundant resources that can come from the private sector.
Mitt Romney
In Syria, a progressive foreign policy would have shown military restraint while pumping up our ability to gain political leverage over Syria’s benefactors and providing humanitarian funding to make sure that anybody that wanted to leave Syria could.
Chris Murphy
A team may have some great players, but typically, the team that works best together does the best. I look at running Broadcom in the same way. We have a culture where people have different skill sets, but they are happy to leverage their skills to help others and to help the company.
Henry Samueli
My grandfather was doing business with a Japanese man.

My grandfather was doing business with a Japanese man. In exchange of good relationship the man taught my uncles the art of jiu jitsu. My father couldn’t do it because he was very weak, he couldn’t do one press-up, so he just sat back and watched, and memorised. What he did was add leverage into the moves.
Royce Gracie
Becoming the guy with most submissions in UFC history at age 28, breaking Royce’s record, will definitely give me more leverage with the UFC. I’ll get more attention and more sponsors. It helps a lot.
Charles Oliveira
Whether you’re a programming prodigy or the office manager holding it all together, technology empowers small groups of passionate people with an astonishing degree of leverage to make the world a better place.
Justin Rosenstein
I always tell young journalists to leverage what you have. If you have a particular language skill or access to a particular place or culture in a way that others don’t, that’s your advantage.
Mariana van Zeller
Most of our funding goes to organizations and is then used to leverage the private sector.
Jane Alexander
When you buy anything with lots of leverage, it does not require a whole lot to go wrong to lose it all.
Barry Ritholtz
The lawyers who really begin to address the problems of their clients address them without recourse to our courts, although that recourse is absolutely essential in providing leverage.
Janet Reno
I play with leverage.
LeSean McCoy
On ‘The Dragon Prince’, we wanted to push that even more to leverage the strengths of a CG and 3D pipeline. We wanted details on the character designs, in the costumes and sets, that you really can’t get in traditional 2D animation.
Aaron Ehasz
Financial innovation is an oxymoron. It’s very rare that there is something that’s actually financial innovation. It’s a euphemism for hiding leverage.
Steve Eisman
Leverage your brand. You shouldn’t let two guys in a garage eat your shorts.
Guy Kawasaki
Through social, location, and mobile technologies (SoLoMo) we now have the ability to leverage our virtual communities into the physical world, to bring our online experiences offline.
John Zimmer
You see artists hailed as a new generation of independents, only to be enlisted to leverage product.
Our goal is to leverage what is already out in the field in terms of partners, but then hire in project management capability and a bit of technical capability.
Kevin Rollins
Too many people go into existing organizations and define success as recreating what is there. To be successful as a startup organization within a large, established culture, you really need to think about how you leverage the assets that are there.
Dan Schulman
The real discovery of having your consciousness raised was never that you’d be handed tools; it was the discovery that the only real leverage you get in life is yourself.
Michelle Dean
Because you want to have competition to drive down the price. You want innovation. You have the ability to get people to agree that it’s worth having a public plan. You could get private insurers to cover this population, but you couldn’t without giving the population leverage in the marketplace.
Maria Cantwell
The financial system has to be regulated, we have to end with the tax havens, and it’s necessary that the central banks in the world should control a little bit the banks’ financing because they cannot bypass a certain range of leverage.
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva