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It's been my dream to fight Matt Hughes for the champio

It’s been my dream to fight Matt Hughes for the championship.
Diego Sanchez
We let the lyrics be the focus of the song. Which is not what you hear with some of the zeitgeisty bands, like the War on Drugs, who I love, their lyrics are usually buried and The National, one of my favorite bands, Matt Berninger writes in fragments, in a very impressionistic way.
Taylor Goldsmith
I had one of the best matches of my career with Matt Cross, and I’d never met him before, until that day. Wrestling will always be in my heart.
Cody Rhodes
‘Behind The Candelabra’ is an HBO movie. It’s the Liberace story. Michael Douglass and Matt Damon. I play a small part in it. I play a choreographer who introduces, brings Matt Damon to Las Vegas for the first time.
Scott Bakula
I could never ever say enough about Matt Amato. He has an indescribable presence; this warm, loving, serene calm with intense interest and excitement bubbling beneath his exterior.
Madi Diaz
I looked up and saw the shape of a heart made by the silhouette of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon kissing.
Sarah Silverman
By all working together, we can beat Matt Bevin and actually create more good-paying jobs, boost wages for workers, expand access to health care, and improve our public schools.
Andy Beshear
Me and Matt love to argue, but in general our sense of humor is pretty much alike.
Trey Parker
We want the best actor, and that’s why Matt Damon worked so well in this role, because he’s a great actor.
Bobby Farrelly
Oh my God, if you’re talking terrible theme songs, you have to mention Matt Hardy. I can’t understand what they’re even saying. There’s a point in Matt Hardy’s song where it sounds like they say ‘I want to meet the cheese.’ I’m always like, ‘Meet the cheese?’ Just goofy stuff.
Mark Henry
Matt Damon’s anti-fracking diatribe was funded by the royal family of the United Arab Emirates.
Ben Shapiro
If – you know, it seems to me that if we see Matt Cooper being carted off to jail today, a lot of people may find that, you know, a very upsetting thing.
Michael Isikoff
Did you know there is a war on women? Yes, it’s true. Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, Matt Taibbi, and Ed Schultz have been waging it for years with their misogynist outbursts.
Kirsten Powers
It wasn’t love at first sight with Matt – we were friends at the beginning, and our friendship developed.
Emma Willis
And if you’re a golfer and you watch a golf film and Matt Damon swing, and it’s not great, then you’re not going to believe in the golf story, you’re not going to believe in the rest of the film. That’s the whole movie, so if that swing looks like crap, the movie’s crap.
Shia LaBeouf
It’s ridiculous that Claire Foy got paid less than Matt Smith on ‘The Crown.’ That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
Jessie Buckley
I have so much fun with Matt LeBlanc that whether I love it or not really makes no difference to me because I just really have that much fun with him and playing with him. Being onstage with him is great.
Drea De Matteo
Matt Rosendale doesn’t know what the hell is going on in Montana. That’s why he doesn’t talk about the issues he believes in, because he doesn’t know them.
Jon Tester
I’m good friends with Matt Morrison.
Lindsay Mendez
The great thing about it is, in Hollywood, certain people are very good at keeping their lives and who they are very private. I’ve never met anybody as down to earth and cool in Hollywood than Matt Damon.
Anthony Mackie
I think the least stereotypical gay character on television is probably Matt LeBlanc on ‘Episodes.’ He just plays it so straight-faced. They never talk about the fact that he’s such a huge gay person.
Adam Pally
Elektra met Matt, and she fell in love with him. And I think he brought some good out of her at some point in her life, and maybe she wants to figure out, by coming back to him, who she really is. She comes back because she misses him, and she’s alone, and the only person she’s ever loved is Matt.
Elodie Yung
Matt Weiner is very perceptive; there’s something about the rhythms and the way people speak that is very authentic to the actor. But there are qualities that are dissimilar. The characters on ‘Mad Men’ are struggling with pretty profound unhappiness, but I can tell you this is a happy bunch.
Aaron Staton
I love artists whose work feels animated! Matt Cummings, Ian McGinty, Jake Myler, Arielle Jovellanos, Drew Rausch, Zachary Sterling, Troy Little – I feel like most of the artists I’ve worked with have a lot of movement and life in their work.
Kate Leth
I will say this: Boy, did I get lucky to work with Matt Drudge and Arianna Huffington.
Andrew Breitbart
I believe sports minister Nigel Huddleston, Secretary of State Oliver Dowden and Health Minister Matt Hancock all recognise the importance of kids playing recreational sport.
Robbie Savage
Unlike the LeBrons and A-Rods of the world, anointed as special from pre-K, Matt Leinart exudes an approachability rarely seen in superstars. It’s why kids on the autograph line chat him up like a buddy with whom they could stay up late playing Xbox.
Stephen Rodrick
When I tell my friends, ‘I’m in the ‘Bourne’ movie,’ they’re like, ‘Congratulations! Wait… is Matt Damon coming back?’ I go, ‘Yeah.’ And they’re like, ‘Yo! Matt Damon! Matty D!’ Everyone pretends they know Matt Damon. It’s exciting.
Ato Essandoh
Matt Bomer and I went to Carnegie Mellon for drama together.
Joe Manganiello
As a community, we’re fighting for Asians to play Asian roles. And then there’s the other battle, which is Asian Americans playing roles that aren’t written for Asians, and I think that’s something that completely should happen; Why can’t an Asian American male just play a leading cop figure… or the Matt Damon roles?
Ross Butler
I was called Matt Dillon’s brother my whole career basically until ‘Entourage’ broke me free of that and now people call me Johnny Drama instead.
Kevin Dillon
I was sitting in the nosebleeds eating hot dogs and wat

I was sitting in the nosebleeds eating hot dogs and watching Georges St. Pierre win the world title from Matt Hughes. Like never in my wildest dreams if someone would have tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Hey, seven years from now you’re going to be down there doing the same thing’ would I have believed them.
Joseph Benavidez
Rumors about me? Calista Flockhart, Pam Anderson, and Matt Damon. That’s who I’m dating.
Ben Affleck
‘Toast of London’ is a must-watch. Matt Berry’s off-the-wall humour is slightly surreal and a little bit deviant. That’s why I also love ‘House of Fools.’
Maxine Peake
It’s ridiculous that Claire Foy got paid less than Matt Smith on ‘The Crown.’ That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
Jessie Buckley
Someone like Brian Cage, he’s a gigantic man who is trying to wrestle like me. That’s his mistake because I clearly hold the top card in someone who is wrestling like Matt Sydal.
Matt Sydal
I never want to be like somebody but be my own person, but follow along those lines like a Matt Millen, Michael Strahan. There’s so many players that have transitioned to being an anchor or a broadcaster, and it kind of just goes hand-in-hand.
Saquon Barkley
While Matt Bevin insults teachers and bullies our neighbors, I’m focused on restoring decency and bringing people together to get real results for our families in Eastern Kentucky.
Andy Beshear
While Matt Bevin only helps his special interest donors, I care about expanding access to affordable health care for our families and making sure workers have the training and skills they need to get good-paying jobs.
Andy Beshear
And I know the risks of changing captaincy midway through a season. At Derby, it was a great compliment when Paul Jewell handed me the armband, and I was made captain of my fourth Premier League club, but it was awkward for Matt Oakley, who had it taken away from him.
Robbie Savage
The Soft Pack’s self-titled full-length debut is straighter than black coffee, and twice as bitter: Frontman Matt Lamkin isn’t afraid to fly his philosophical flag and face hard realities.
Anthony Fantano
My father was a really sharp cartoonist and filmmaker. He used to tape-record the family surreptitiously, either while we were driving around or at dinner, and in 1963 he and I made up a story about a brother and a sister, Lisa and Matt, having an adventure out in the woods with animals.
Matt Groening
A dream acting role would be Matt Damon in the Bourne series. I would love to do something like that!
Taylor Lautner
Matt Bevin has made it clear: he cares more about out-of-state CEOs than Kentucky’s working families.
Andy Beshear
Listen I’m not going into a fight with Matt Hughes thinking that this guy is done. There’s a reason the guy is going to be a Hall of Famer.
Matt Serra
When we were trying to come up with a concept for our music video for ‘The Stage’ we basically run through a lot of different ideas, and ultimately, I sat and studied the lyrics that Matt had written – and they really resonated with me.
Zacky Vengeance
I finished the recordings I had started with Eleven. Matt Cameron joined for the rest of those sessions.
Jack Irons
Shoot, me, if I was going to go to war and you told me I could have Keith Lee, I’ll sign up on that one. And you told me I could have the freaking UFC madman Matt Riddle – he’s like the new Goldberg – I’ll sign up on that one too. I love the guys.
Tommaso Ciampa
Matt Weiner is very perceptive; there’s something about the rhythms and the way people speak that is very authentic to the actor. But there are qualities that are dissimilar. The characters on ‘Mad Men’ are struggling with pretty profound unhappiness, but I can tell you this is a happy bunch.
Aaron Staton
I basically drew my own family. My father’s name is Homer. My mother’s name is Margaret. I have a sister Lisa and another sister Maggie, so I drew all of them. I was going to name the main character Matt, but I didn’t think it would go over well in a pitch meeting, so I changed the name to Bart.
Matt Groening