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At the end of the day, it's not where you get drafted.

At the end of the day, it’s not where you get drafted. It’s not going to set you in stone with how good you’re going to be in your NFL career. Obviously, it’s being surrounded by the right people, the right coaches, how you present yourself, how you work hard.
Josh Allen
I feel that a great coach is one that has a vision, sets a plan in place, has the right people in place to execute that plan and then accepts the responsibility if that plan is not carried out.
Mike Singletary
Executives must place a priority on wellbeing if they want to attract the right people, keep their best people, and drive their company’s financial performance.
Tom Rath
‘Awkward Black Girl’ is spreading to all the right people because of word of mouth and social networks. I’m so grateful.
Issa Rae
We find just as many things to rip on the left as we do on the right. People on the far-left and the far-right are the same exact person to us.
Trey Parker
I think adidas really understands that it’s cool to be in business with the right people. It really feels like a bunch of creative minds rather than some rap guys stamping their names on a sneaker. We’re arguing over shoes, ideas, and everything – it’s like a tug of war.
Pusha T
I’ve always been fortunate and blessed enough to have the right people in my life.
Julius Randle
The way you get your script to the right people is that you put it in an envelope. It’s easy. The difficult bit is writing something that is so good people will take a punt on a brand new writer.
Steven Moffat
As far as the timing, well, I’d write that off to luck as much as anything – I happened to be out looking for a development deal, and Disney happened to think my team and I might be the right people to make a Mickey Mouse game.
Warren Spector
The company has grown so by hiring the right people, and a key person responsible for finding the right people is Ann Marr. Ann is responsible on both ends – finding the people and retaining them.
David Steward
When you find the right people, you never let go. The people who count are the ones who are your friends in lean times. You have all the friends you want when things are going well.
James Lee Burke
Just having the right people in your corner make things a lot easier.
Dion Waiters
After Chelsea it was important to choose somewhere I was surrounded with the right people and commitment.
Andre Villas-Boas
Try to rally up as many people as you can with as much information as you can to try to get it to appear in front of the right people in the organization who are the decision-makers to greenlight the project.
Jon Oringer
Show Me The Funny’ was not very successful ratings wise, but the right people saw me.
Ellie Taylor
Even after you win the championship, the work doesn’t stop; it probably only becomes more. I’m just basically focused on what I need to do. There’s a lot that goes into this – diet, preparation, assembling the right people around you, sparring partners, coaches, etc. – so I’m not enjoying anything.
Alistair Overeem
To me, it’s just like, if you have talent, and you’re lucky enough to find where you fit, and you work with the right people, it’s not exalted at all.
Campbell Scott
Your circumstances can have an effect on you as a person. If you are nurtured and looked after by the right people, you can be the best version of yourself.
Emma Mackey
If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it you almost don’t have to manage them.
Jack Welch
Surround yourself with the right people, and realize your own worth. Honestly, there are enough bad people out there in the world – you don’t need to be your own worst enemy.
Lucy Hale
Teams need the opportunity to learn about each other’s capabilities and develop productive routines. So once we get the right people on the bus, let’s make sure they spend some time driving together.
Adam Grant
By creating useful job descriptions and making clear what qualifications should be expected, the Department aims to help improve schools’ ability to recruit the right people.
Estelle Morris
Having the right people around you all the time is important. I do take the acting seriously. But this is all fun. I look at it like smoke and mirrors. I still think it’s a dream, but I ain’t pinching myself yet.
Chris Brown
Success is nothing if you don’t have the right people to share it with; you’re just gonna end up lonely.
Selena Gomez
Imagine if you had baseball cards that showed all the performance stats for your people: batting averages, home runs, errors, ERAs, win/loss records. You could see what they did well and poorly and call on the right people to play the right positions in a very transparent way.
Ray Dalio
No matter how you hire, ensuring the systems are in place to manage the process will be critical in allowing you to find the right people to carry the standards you set. Don’t neglect that duty!
Michael Gerber
For me, documentary photography has always come with great responsibility. Not just to tell the story honestly and with empathy, but also to make sure the right people hear it. When you photograph somebody who is in pain or discomfort, they trust you to make sure the images will act as their advocate.
Giles Duley
But I never imagined that I could ever have a career in music. I always thought it was like a mafia, that you had to sell your soul and know the right people and be in the right place.
Caroline Polachek
In general I’d say that I need to be with the right people in the right place – although one of the best holidays I ever had was alone.
Phillip Schofield
This is a global fight to get the right people in the right place and we’re talking about people with PhDs in engineering, computer science, mathematics.
Jerry Moran
Holiday hiring is only useful if you get the right people, and the consensus among HR professionals is that the most consistent and efficient means of finding good people is to use word of mouth. Namely, this is because focusing on referrals means that only people who are already within your network will apply.
Fabrizio Moreira
In terms of worship, I think we ought to have the right

In terms of worship, I think we ought to have the right people leading.
Michael W. Smith
I get the team set up good and then I’ll let them do their thing. At the end of the day, if you put the time and effort into interviewing and finding the right people for a job, you’ve got to let them do that job.
Richard Rawlings
God’s given me this talent and ability and this platform. The worst thing to do is to blow that off and not give the right people credit. He deserves all the credit. My faith has been a big part of growing up into who I am and who I’m trying to become.
Mike Fisher
A few years ago, one of our singles got beaten out by Better Than Ezra. The label could only have one band at a time being taken to the right people at radio, and they opted for Better Than Ezra instead of us. Who knows.
Gene Ween
If we bring together the right people, communities can flourish and wildlife can survive alongside them.
Jochen Zeitz
‘Footloose’ is a fun movie. If you do it right, people should leave wanting to dance.
Miles Teller
You will not find outsiders getting main, important roles in big films. The difficult part is to meet the right people.
Kirti Kulhari
I keep my head straight by having the right people around me, from my friends and family to my management and my team. They all keep me in my place. If I didn’t have them supporting all the work that I do, I wouldn’t be in such a solid place.
Jess Glynne
The real trouble with war (modern war) is that it gives no one a chance to kill the right people.
Ezra Pound
For organizations seriously committed to making teamwork a cultural reality, I’m convinced that ‘the right people’ are the ones who have three virtues in common – humility, hunger, and people smarts.
Patrick Lencioni
When things don’t go right, people are always trying to protect themselves.
Shawn Kemp
You have to try to win the ball at all costs and if someone doesn’t get it quite right people get injured.
Sam Allardyce
It’s a sign of your own worth sometimes if you are hated by the right people.
Miles Franklin
I know what I know and I also know what I don’t know, and I make sure I hire the right people who can teach me.
Rande Gerber
America is a center right government, center right people. They want government but they don’t want it to be excessive. They want it to be affordable. And most importantly what Americans want is to pass on to their next generation their children a country that’s better, stronger and more vibrant and more prosperous.
Judd Gregg
I hang out with the right people, my friends that I’ve had since the beginning. We go to the beach, take walks, paint, see our family – just normal things that people who become famous lose sight of.
A label’s typical plan would be to put something out that’s safer and get fans, and then push buttons, but my idea is to push buttons first, scare off the people who are gonna be scared off, and then the right people will like you for who you really are, and stay with you.
Kacey Musgraves
Being mayor is about offering a vision for the city, putting the right people in the right place, and executing that vision.
DeRay Mckesson
I don’t think you can get everything based on who you know, but you can’t get anything until you do know the right people.
Brad Paisley
We find just as many things to rip on the left as we do on the right. People on the far-left and the far-right are the same exact person to us.
Trey Parker
Our commitment to defence goes beyond this. It’s a long-term commitment to make SA the home for Australian defence. It’s a commitment to providing the right infrastructure and the right people.
Jay Weatherill
Maintain ‘baseball cards’ and/or ‘believability matrixes’ for your people. Imagine if you had baseball cards that showed all the performance stats. You could see what they did well and poorly and call on the right people to play the right positions in a very transparent way.
Ray Dalio