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Let's put it this way: I would consider my skiing abili

Let’s put it this way: I would consider my skiing ability to be far superior to my skating ability. And, in fact, my 10-year-old grandson, who’s a AAA squirt, can skate circles around me.
Gary Bettman
Exactly Straight women who surround themselves only with gay men or white people who refuse any other race into their circles are unhealthy and it has more to do with one’s individual fear and individual closets.
Judith Light
Blushes are fun. I like to do circles – like a Caravaggio painting almost, or Victorian looking.
Perfume Genius
I came from a middle-class family. My dad was a professor; my mom was a nurse. I didn’t come from money, and I didn’t come from circles of power. I didn’t come from the country club; I came from the town park.
Megyn Kelly
The whole force of the respectable circles to which I belonged, that respectable circle which knew as I did not the value of security won, the slender chance of replacing it if lost or abandoned, was against me.
Ida Tarbell
I could only speak in the smallest, most intimate circles about the real reasons which made me undertake the changeover of the plants for certain lines of production for I had to expect that many people would not understand me.
Gustav Krupp
I’ve always respected and appreciated Punk, but we never really hung out. We came from the same route, but we didn’t necessarily hang out in the same circles. I’ve always had a great appreciation and respect for his hard work.
Daniel Bryan
I appreciate the sentiment that I am a popular woman in computer gaming circles; but I prefer being thought of as a computer game designer rather than a woman computer game designer. I don’t put myself into gender mode when designing a game.
Roberta Williams
Assad has to go. I mean, the way that ISIS can recruit, and the rebels that are in the north, and all the chaos that’s happening through a lot of Syria circles around a lot of people that do not like Assad.
James Lankford
I see my self-identity in the same way I see most things: a list, in greatest to least importance. I’ve found I can’t use the multitude of hats analogy or some kind of flow chart where circles are connected by lines and entwined in Venn diagrams. I need a list. I need a top shelf.
Stephanie Land
‘Nothing To Say’ is a song for friend circles that struggle with a member of that circle who seems to never have anything good to say.
Chad Gilbert
I met Adrienne Bailon a bit over two years ago, we worked together and became friends. Our circles connected and we remained good friends. From a friendship, as two single adults we have very recently begun to explore a dating relationship.
Israel Houghton
As to Bell’s talking telegraph, it only creates interest in scientific circles… its commercial values will be limited.
Elisha Gray
I was always in show business but in many ways was not really of show business. I didn’t move in show business circles, particularly, still don’t do it.
Dick Van Dyke
A lot of times, people start out with a lot of good ideas, but then they don’t execute. They lose the purity of their vision. You end up running around in circles.
Jan Koum
I’ve never had that much trouble with the paparazzi, but I don’t run the same circles that a lot of these people that do get hounded by the paparazzi.
Dolly Parton
Grandma’s Camry, I don’t think it goes past 100. If you’re in an F1 car you can do circles around my Grandma’s Camry. But it’s Ol’ Reliable, for sure.
Mitchell Trubisky
I may not have served myself, but I grew up witnessing service, and it was perhaps my most foundational experience. For a little background, I’m what’s called a brat in military circles.
Harris Faulkner
There’s so many great wrestlers in this sport who could probably work circles around me and it’s amazing to see that, but I love being the kind of character who can take you on a roller coaster, make you smile and laugh.
In London, the home of the quick deal is that outer ring of the seven circles of hell, Tottenham Court Road, where, as a rule, finding something with an advertised price is as likely as spotting a mermaid under Vauxhall Bridge.
David Hewson
A 12-hour shift is physically exhausting. You give multiple shots, wearing heavy jewellry and make-up – and end up with dark circles, acne, and skin problems.
Nia Sharma
There’s nothing, today, that excites me, or that makes me think I would like to be back in AFL circles. I have no interest. No interest whatsoever. My love for the game died inside of me in those final years of me playing.
Adam Goodes
Think of the wonderful circles in which our whole being moves and from which we cannot escape no matter how we try. The circler circles in these circles.
E. T. A. Hoffmann
Me and Drake, we just met each other in passing on the road. We kicked it a few times. We kept ending up in the same circles. Eventually we figured out we wanted to work.
In some circles there’s a conception that milk chocolate is the Merlot of the chocolate world.
Chris Morocco
Maybe this is a way of gaslighting myself, but I think of it this way: In certain circles, my grandpa was considered to be one of the seminal directors of the 20th century. I’m never going to be that. So I might as well do whatever I want.
Zoe Kazan
If we follow the traditional way of thought, there will always be traditional enemies. Extremist circles from both sides will find causes to give rise to problems.
Fatos Nano
People get excited around me and behave differently than they would normally. I don’t feel different from anyone else, except that I drive a racing car round in circles faster than somebody else.
Michael Schumacher
As I look back at the span of the Cold War in those early days, in the ’50s, for example, there was a great deal of Soviet propaganda here in the United States, but it was clumsy, and it was anchored to a lot of ideological support in certain circles in America itself.
Alexander Haig
I try not to wear too much make-up when I’m not working because I have so much caked on for Strictly. But I always think an under eye concealer is great for banishing dark circles, plus a bit of blush. With flushed cheeks and no bags, you’re good to go.
Gemma Atkinson
Before I was ever in high school, I had dark circles under my eyes.
Benicio Del Toro
Winterfell is atop of this huge mountain in Northern Ir

Winterfell is atop of this huge mountain in Northern Ireland, and you can see all these weather fronts coming in. Basically, the sky circles the mountain. It’s the most beautiful place.
Kristian Nairn
Only the pun remains. The pun, beloved of Shakespeare, children and tabloid headline-writers, is normally eschewed in the modern, sophisticated circles in which I move.
Arthur Smith
Real obstacles don’t take you in circles. They can be overcome. Invented ones are like a maze.
Barbara Sher
Zeppelin vinyl is quite revered in audiophile circles.
Jimmy Page
I was born here and have been in love with the colloquial Telangana dialect ever since. I even wrote a play titled ‘Grahanam Pattina Ratri’ that was set in the heart of the region. It was well received across literary circles.
Tanikella Bharani
Red lipstick is my armour – I feel it distracts from my hereditary dark circles and gives me an instant psychological lift, no matter what my mood is.
Liz Goldwyn
Trees are great. Don’t get me started about how clever they are, how oxygen-generous, how time-formed in inner cyclic circles, how they provide homes for myriad creatures, how – back when this country was covered in forests – the word for sky was an Old English word that meant ‘tops of trees.’
Ali Smith
I’m a pretty successful songwriter and known in some circles, but I didn’t think the story of my career was of any real entertainment value.
Rodney Crowell
Sometimes I’ll be in circles, and I’ll say I’m a jazz singer, and they have no idea what that means.
Gregory Porter
May this house stand until an ant drinks the ocean and a tortoise circles the world.
Jonathan Carroll
The death of my husband, coming immediately after the general knowledge of the discoveries with which his name is associated, was felt by the public, and especially by the scientific circles, to be a national misfortune.
Marie Curie
My brother often complains to me about the ‘angry Asian male’ in the United States. As a female, I haven’t encountered this, but Asian-American men are angry. They’re angry because, for so many years, they’ve been neglected as sex symbols. Asian women have it much easier, I think; we’re accepted into various circles.
Tess Gerritsen
When you have a half slice of chocolate pie, it’s as if you owe yourself the other half – what’s known in medical circles as a ‘caloric deficit.’
W. Bruce Cameron
The individualists stare into each other’s eyes and yet deny each other’s existence. We walk in circles, so limited by our own anxieties that we can no longer distinguish between true and false, between the gangster’s whim and the purest ideal.
Ingmar Bergman
I used to go to those dance circles when I was a kid. When break dancing was first popular in the ’80s. I would be in Boston, or I’d head up to New York, and I would stand in those circles, and I would just be blown away.
Matt Besser
Could it be that my circle is largely black and that it is why I am influential in black circles but not in white circles?
Louis Farrakhan
Thought is more than a right – it is the very breath of man. Whoever fetters thought attacks man himself. To speak, to write, to publish, are things, so far as the right is concerned, absolutely identical. They are the ever-enlarging circles of intelligence in action; they are the sonorous waves of thought.
Victor Hugo
Natural life, lived naturally as it is lived in the countryside, has none of that progress which is the base of happiness. Men and women in rural communities can be compared to a spring that rises out of a rock and spreads in irregular ever-widening circles. But the general principle is static.
Patrick Kavanagh
Specialized meaninglessness has come to be regarded, in certain circles, as a kind of hallmark of true science.
Aldous Huxley
In Boulder entrepreneurship circles, there is a genuine desire to see others succeed and a general belief that karma matters. There’s a sense that together we’re building something here, and that we’re all a meaningful part of it.
David Cohen
It’s all about the light. Always face it, because that’s how you give your face good angles. If you’re outside when the sun is overhead, you’re going to have dark circles from the sun creating shadows on your face. So no outdoor pictures between 12 and two!
Gisele Bundchen
Did you know there’s a difference between being busy and being fruitful? Did you ever stop to think that just being busy – running around in circles all day but not accomplishing anything – is the same as wasting your time? It’s frustrating to expend so much energy and time and not have any fruit from your effort!
Joyce Meyer
Assuming either the Left Wing or the Right Wing gained control of the country, it would probably fly around in circles.
Pat Paulsen
I think there’s a mythology that if you want to change the world, you have to be sainted, like Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela or Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Ordinary people with lives that go up and down and around in circles can still contribute to change.
Jody Williams
I’ve been all over meeting government ministers and such in Caribbean financial circles. There’s a small blockchain movement in the Caribbean. They’ve been quite a bit more advanced than you might’ve imagined.
Patrick M. Byrne
Problematic’ is one of these meaningless jargon words that people on the internet outrage circles throw at one another.
Moshe Kasher
In religious circles, depression is often deemed to be a spiritual condition that can be cured with prayer.
Tony Campolo
I believe people think as a group more often than we might realize or care to admit. We like to believe that we act as individuals and nothing more, but time and again – in corporations and business, in politics and religion, in fashion and culture, and in friendships and social circles – we think and do as one.
Joshua Ferris
I’m prone to getting dark circles under my eyes when I’m tired, so I l use cover-up and instantly feel more confident.
Bridgit Mendler
Unfortunately, Lifeline, known in some circles as the ‘Obamaphone’ program, is plagued by waste, fraud, and abuse.
Ajit Pai
There’s an unspoken rule in affluent circles that suggests you can always define an individual’s status by measuring his or her proximity to the most influential person in the room. And as the maxim goes, closer is always better.
Jamie Johnson
I think my siblings sometimes have to defend me within

I think my siblings sometimes have to defend me within their social circles – they are both barristers.
Jenny Eclair
I have a lot of notoriety now because of the Stormy Daniels case. I was less well known before outside of legal circles.
Michael Avenatti
My earliest memory as a kid was when I was about six, my dad used to take me and our Labrador Glen for a walk. We used to take a wind up camera and go searching for crop circles. We’d make little notes and I’d take photos of the circles.
Scarlett Moffatt
When there’s a good script, everybody circles.
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
I don’t like to brag, but I must tell you that I am regarded in some circles as being in the upper echelons of the elite loony left.
Michael Leunig
I want to highlight once again that when we talk about the fight against terrorism and the circles around it and when we talk about ensuring the safety and the peace of all, we are not talking about fantasies.
Jose Maria Aznar
In falling markets, there is nothing that has not happened before. The bear or pessimist sees only the past, which imprisons the wretched financial soul in eternal circles of boom and bust and boom again.
James Buchan
I don’t want to promote my own image either. I don’t like going on television or mixing in literary circles.
Antonio Tabucchi
A circle is the reflection of eternity. It has no beginning and it has no end – and if you put several circles over each other, then you get a spiral.
Maynard James Keenan
Political parties – which too often operate like closed circles – must open up.
Chuka Umunna
New poems no longer come to me with their prodigies of metaphor and assonance. Prose endures. I feel the circles grow smaller, and old age is a ceremony of losses, which is, on the whole, preferable to dying at forty-seven or fifty-two.
Donald Hall
When I started playing music it was around Austin and the Hill Country area in Texas and there were always campfires and picking circles and I loved being a part of that.
Ryan Bingham
When in doubt or danger, run in circles, scream and shout.
Laurence J. Peter
I’m recognizable in certain circles, like girls know me, couples know me. But not all straight men know me.
Patti Stanger
Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.
May Sarton
Every time I’d read about the stone circles, it would describe how they worked as an astronomical observance. For example, some of the circles are oriented so that at the winter solstice, the sun will strike a standing stone.
Diana Gabaldon
Engineers working in the ‘black world’ of classified military projects are often referred to in military circles as ‘black hats.’ There are a lot of jokes about the difference between ‘white hats’ and their spooky counterparts.
Trevor Paglen
There are some circles in America where it seems to be more socially acceptable to carry a hand-gun than a packet of cigarettes.
Katharine Whitehorn
I eat broccoli. I think about the plot. I pace in circles for hours, counter-clockwise, listening to music. I try to think of one detail in the scene I’m about to write that I’m really excited about writing. Until I can come up with that one detail, I pace.
Matthew Tobin Anderson
I like people who tell you what they think straight away instead of going around in circles.
Petr Cech
The earliest phase of social formations found in historical as well as in contemporary social structures is this: a relatively small circle firmly closed against neighboring, strange, or in some way antagonistic circles.
Georg Simmel
The description of right lines and circles, upon which geometry is founded, belongs to mechanics. Geometry does not teach us to draw these lines, but requires them to be drawn.
Isaac Newton
I think each role takes a little from you and circles around you for the rest of your life. I don’t think you ever abandon any of them.
Nicole Kidman
A man was defined, in my father’s circles, by what he could bear, the pain he could shrug off, the warmth or comfort he could deny himself.
John Burnside
I talk in subjects and verbs, and sort of wind around in concentric circles until I get far enough away from the beginning so that I can call it the end, and it ends.
Garrison Keillor
I don’t go to a lot of parties or do a lot of going out within, like, the Hollywood circle or celebrity-type circles and things like that.
Ricardo Antonio Chavira
Style is that which indicates how the writer takes himself and what he is saying. It is the mind skating circles around itself as it moves forward.
Robert Frost
I know people that could serve me canned tuna and saltine crackers and have me feel more at home at their table than some people who can cook circles around me. The more you try to impress people, generally the less you do.
Alton Brown
I don’t wear base, as I don’t like to cover up my freckles, but I couldn’t live without YSL Touche Eclat for hiding my under-eye circles. I love the smoky-eye look, so I use Dior’s 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Night Dust and lashings of mascara. I finish with a dash of bronzer for a healthy glow.
Eva Green
Google helps us sort the Internet by providing a sense of hierarchy to information. Facebook uses its algorithms and its intricate understanding of our social circles to filter the news we encounter. Amazon bestrides book publishing with its overwhelming hold on that market.
Franklin Foer
We’ve almost been wiped out as a species many times, going back millions of years, and we’ve survived by reinventing ourselves and enlarging our circles of awareness, inventing new technologies and social structures.
David Grinspoon
I used to second guess myself all the time. I can sit t

I used to second guess myself all the time. I can sit there and work in circles when I’m nervous about what I’m doing.
Chino Moreno
I don’t believe that life is linear. I think of it as circles – concentric circles that connect.
Michelle Williams
It graduates to ‘our state is better than your state’, and ‘our nation is better than your nation.’ And it circles all the way around to where it started: ‘Our God is better than your God.’
Neale Donald Walsch
‘Dark Circles’ is a great relationship/character piece and also a horror film. It tinkered with the genre, which I loved. I was sick of seeing the same thing, sick of people just trying to get a movie made.
Johnathon Schaech
France turned a deaf ear to the demands, but Ho had succeeded in attracting great publicity in progressive French circles to the situation in Indochina.
Wilfred Burchett
It’s fashionable in some circles to be pessimistic about America, about conservative solutions, about the Republican Party. I utterly reject that pessimism.
Mitt Romney
My mother raised us out of the limelight and told us not to say we were Bruce Lee’s children, so I had a normal childhood. I didn’t run in Hollywood circles or go to premieres.
Shannon Lee
I love the water. Everything about it. Smelling the humidity in the air, seeing the mist rise in the morning, feeling the dew-wet grass on my bare feet. I love watching the fish jump and the geese land. We even have an eagle here that circles every so often.
Lori Foster
It seems I am more beloved on a reality show from an extended cable network than I am in social circles in my own city.
Sharon Needles
I’m the bad guy on the rest of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ‘The Client List,’ I’m the bad guy in Renny Harlin’s ‘Hercules 3D,’ and I’m a movie star – finally – on Showtime’s new series ‘Ray Donovan.’ But most importantly, I’m about to be a daddy, so I’m expecting some ‘Dark Circles’ for real.
Johnathon Schaech
I was never a leading man. I’ve always been in the outer concentric circles in the company, being a character actor, which is a good place to be. It gives you that diversity.
Geoffrey Rush
In Japan, I am famous in certain special circles – mainly as someone who is trying to break down and enlighten the conventions of Japanese art.
Takashi Murakami
Real self-esteem has to be earned. I also believe in virtuous circles, like, nothing is fun until you are good at it. It is great if you can instill in children the ability to not give up, to have a work ethic.
Amy Chua
It’s true that the Federal Reserve faces a lot of political pressure and is unpopular in many circles.
Ben Bernanke
I had multiple circles of friends around the world. Some circles were really wild and I was affectionately known by them as ‘the nerdy one.’ And, with other friends, I was regarded as the wild one.
Anoushka Shankar
Blessed is he who talks in circles, for he shall become a big wheel.
Frank Dane
There are lesbians, God knows… if you came up through lesbian circles in the forties and fifties in New York… who were not feminist and would not call themselves feminists.
Audre Lorde
Des Moines is like your typical American city; it’s just these concentric circles of malls, built outward from the city.
Bill Bryson
Why make a movie about Ayrton Senna? Someone who drove around in circles at 200mph in a car that looked like a giant cigarette packet? Why would anyone who isn’t already a fan of Formula 1 care?
Asif Kapadia
Diphthongs are indicated by combinations of hooks and circles.
John Robert Gregg
There is a theory in showbiz circles that mentally you remain the same age as when you first tasted fame, and I think there is a grain of truth in this.
Bob Mortimer
I got started on my spiritual path when I was a kid. My mom taught me how to meditate and brought me to ashrams and spiritual circles.
Gabrielle Bernstein
We never saw Google+ Circles or Facebook Lists as reflective of the way our friendships play out.
Evan Spiegel
The dreaded phrase in design circles is ‘show and tell.’
David Carson
The Democratic Party, all the candidates from Washington, they all know each other, they all move in the same circles, and what I’m doing is breaking into the country club.
Howard Dean
The worry in Labour circles is that, when pressed, Gordon Brown instinctively moved to cut the benefits of the poor rather than upset businesses and the wealthy.
John McDonnell
Doing good holds the power to transform us on the inside, and then ripple out in ever-expanding circles that positively impact the world at large.
Shari Arison
I have my own boat, but when I first thought about taking a cruise, I thought, ‘You’re going to trap me on a boat, and I’m going to walk in circles and go crazy,’ but it’s awesome.
Guy Fieri
I think people – especially folks who haven’t seen a lot of NASCAR – they get this idea that we’re just going around in circles. And that’s so far from the truth. You’re running as hard as you can to get all you can every lap.
Michael Waltrip
Dubois was the first black American to graduate from Harvard. He was accepted within the northern white intellectual circles as one of the ‘best of his race.’ As an avowed socialist, he was the only black member of the original 19 wealthy socialist founders of the NAACP.
Burgess Owens
I started skating and I kind of liked it because I could run circles around the guys that wouldn’t pick me to play baseball.
Scott Hamilton
I go round and round in circles, really, really fast, o

I go round and round in circles, really, really fast, on a big wooden bowl.
Victoria Pendleton