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One of the best things that came out of the Carter admi

One of the best things that came out of the Carter administration was the energy policy. The best things in it were renewable energy.
Stewart Udall
If I have regrets, it’s around my sons. There is no doubt they were affected by the divorce – Carter more than Blaine, I think.
Stephen Hendry
Chris Carter is just a fantastic guy, I have enjoyed working for him, immensely. I loved this character. I don’t think I can say enough about Chris. It’s just a fantastic thing that he’s created and I’m so thrilled that I’ve been a part of it. I’m very grateful.
Robert Patrick
It’s a matriarchal family, the Carters. A.P. was the original head of the Carter family, but the women were always strong. There were no questions asked in that regard; you had better be strong.
Carlene Carter
That’s what I so admired about Johnny Cash and June Carter. Their music wasn’t a big influence on me. It was their character, their individual styles, what they were like as people. They weren’t afraid to stick out.
Shelby Lynne
If we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday at a time of presidential inaugurals, this is thanks to Ronald Reagan who created the holiday, and not to the Democratic Congress of the Carter years, which rejected it.
David Horowitz
When I graduated from law school in 1959, there wasn’t a single woman on any federal bench. It wouldn’t be a realistic ambition for a woman to want to become a federal judge. It wasn’t realistic until Jimmy Carter became our president.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Lyrics mean a lot to me, and I won’t record a song unless I can feel it. That’s something I learned from Carter Stanley. Even when he wasn’t perfect technically, he got inside a song and sold it emotionally.
Keith Whitley
Odell is going to grow up. That why’s he is bringing other people in his life so he can grow up. If he wasn’t trying to grow up, he wouldn’t be calling Cris Carter.
Cris Carter
Elliott Carter does not write the kind of music that the kids go off to school whistling.
Andre Previn
Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama, each were told repeatedly, ‘You can’t win.’ They all won.
Kellyanne Conway
Whenever I’ve not known what to do, I’ve always gone back to the Carter Family because there was nothing like singing with my aunts and my mom to my grandma.
Carlene Carter
Pat Buchanan’s challenge to George H.W. Bush in 1992 helped elect Democrat Jimmy Carter.
Mercedes Schlapp
My first NBA game was in Paris. It was Miami against the Nets, and Vince Carter was playing.
Evan Fournier
The Carter Center has the only existing international taskforce on disease eradication. Which means a total elimination of a disease on the face of the Earth. In the history of the world, there’s only been one disease eradicated: smallpox. The second disease, I think, is gonna be guinea worm.
Jimmy Carter
The women’s movement was just coming into being, and I got involved with Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug and all these great women. We then got involved with Carter, who was running for president, and we created the first International Women’s Conference or the National Women’s Conference for Carter.
Maxine Waters
The villains will come along. There were plenty in the Carter administration, and there will be plenty with Reagan.
Joseph Heller
I believe Dad will be respected in 300 years, like Beethoven. As will Elvis, as will the Carter Family, as will Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams.
John Carter Cash
I can remember – I don’t want to identify the individual – but a very prominent Democrat, who compared looking at Carter and then Reagan, and then Bush, and observed that many of the people around Carter were totally disloyal to him.
Bobby Ray Inman
When the Mets were on their run in the 1980s, Gary Carter was often seen hugging somebody. It was easy to joke about that. The best hug of all was with Jesse Orosco at the end of the 1986 World Series.
George Vecsey
If I hadn’t been so outspoken, Jimmy Carter wouldn’t have wanted me.
Andrew Young
I didn’t work for Jimmy Carter all those years to go to cocktail parties. I was there as a political adviser, a short-order cook, to work on topical matters.
Hamilton Jordan
I’ve had some wonderful times at the White House. I’ve been with Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Bush.
Dom DeLuise
Helena Bonham Carter was one of my biggest crushes. And Rachel Weisz. I think I told her that when we were filming, which was probably a bit embarrassing.
Alicia Vikander
I look back at Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan, and especially Betty Carter, whom I admire the most, and I say, OK, they set a standard of excellence. I listen to them not for what they are doing, but to study where they are coming from because, for me, jazz is life experience.
Dianne Reeves
Denzel has been that leading man, but it took him a while to get to Training Day and Hurricane Carter.
Shemar Moore
When I worked in the White House for President Carter, we tried to do comprehensive tax reform and we made some progress, and other presidents have as well.
David Rubenstein
Jimmy Carter was unquestionably the most moral president of my lifetime, but he wasn’t much of a president.
Molly Ivins
I am not predicting here that Obama will fail like Jimmy Carter. What I am predicting is the Republican Party is not extinct and will after a period of time become a strong opposition party.
Ed Rollins
If Carter had been there when the AIDS crisis came up, it would have been a whole different story. It could have been treated like a legitimate disease.
Jean O’Leary
Very early on, you figure out that you put your self-esteem in the hands of strangers. There’s a different commodity. There’s the Helena Bonham Carter that everyone thinks they know, who really has nothing to do with me. But you just have to let that go.
Helena Bonham Carter
I appreciate people who sway to the beat of their own t

I appreciate people who sway to the beat of their own tambourine, like Iris Apfel and Helena Bonham Carter.
Hong Chau
We always have to remember that we, the Italians, have always cooperated with the U.S., and with Reagan and Carter and Nixon and Clinton, Bush and Obama. And Trump, Trump is the American-elected president. So, cooperation is there.
Paolo Gentiloni
Probably the smartest president we’ve had in terms of I.Q. in the last 50 years was Jimmy Carter, and I think he is the worst president of the last 50 years.
Charles Murray
I do have what I believe to be a two-CD, authentic, ‘Carter V’ final product mixed down. Nobody knows what ‘Tha Carter V’ is. In fact, nobody can say until Lil Wayne says, ‘This is ‘Tha Carter V.”
Martin Shkreli
I’m really about my family and really proud of being a Carter.
Carlene Carter
I don’t claim to be knowledgeable about theology. Most of my knowledge comes out of my experience and the lessons in the Bible. Every Sunday I’m home I teach 45 minutes and we boiled them down to one page for the new book, ‘Through the Year with Jimmy Carter.’
Jimmy Carter
I remember right after Carter got elected, I was sitting in my apartment in Albany, CA, on a Saturday listening to people call Carter and ask stupid questions while I designed the screen editor.
Bill Joy
I was willing to do anything that Chris Carter wrote.
Megan Gallagher
I challenged myself to carry on the style of guitar that my grandmother did: the Carter scratch.
Carlene Carter
He was everything I didn’t expect. I had just seen him in Get Carter’ and he seemed so aggressive and ruthless. Instead, I found him charming and very gentle, someone whom I’d like to spend part of my life with. Michael was at that time still very much against marriage.
Shakira Caine
Many people don’t realize that June Carter Cash was my godmother. She and mother were very tight.
Hank Williams Jr.
There are a whole lot of Carter Family songs.
John Carter Cash
I love anything by Deb Caletti. She’s my absolute favorite young adult author. I love Ally Carter as well.
Rebecca Serle
I’ve always had wanderlust to try and do different things, but I always return to the music of the Carter family.
Carlene Carter
I’m trying to use myself and my own flawedness as a metaphor for general human experience. I’m trying to ‘stand next to’ a subject, whether it’s Bobby Knight or Vince Carter, and use that subject to meditate on both him and me.
David Shields
My favorite movie is ‘Coach Carter’ so I would definitely tell anyone who hasn’t seen that to check that out.
Zion Williamson
He gave me a picture of himself when I was 14 and it said, ‘To John Carter: My Best friend, Dad.’ That meant so much to me. We were best friends, but we struggled.
John Carter Cash
Then came the hostage crisis during which Carter did nothing to rattle the ayatollahs who hung tough until Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, when they suddenly backed down.
Alexander Haig
I remember being infuriated from the top of my head to the tip of my toes the first time a screen was put around Bob Carter and me on a train leaving Washington in the 1940s.
Constance Baker Motley
The reason inflation was brought down to manageable levels, by the time of Ronald Reagan’s re-election, was directly attributable to Jimmy Carter’s very courageous act, hiring a Federal Reserve chair, with the charge to induce a recession. That recession was probably the reason he didn’t win a second term.
Rick Perlstein
American nuclear reactors are well into middle age. The median age of an operating reactor in the U.S. is 34 years, placing start-up in midst of the Carter administration.
Bill Dedman
There are no rules when it comes to songwriting, so I’d turn Carter family songs from the 1930s into pop songs.
Carlene Carter
Four years of Jimmy Carter gave us two titanic Reagan landslides, peace and prosperity for eight blessed years – and even a third term for his feckless vice president, George H.W. Bush.
Ann Coulter
Fighting back against Iran is difficult and costly. No American president from Carter to Obama has been willing to take it on.
Michael Ledeen