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I had hoped to let the one-half cent sales tax sunset t

I had hoped to let the one-half cent sales tax sunset this year, but we do not believe revenues will grow as fast as we hoped for the rest of the year.
Michael F. Easley
Having now been on three different soap operas was more than I could have hoped for. Then going on to doing a movie and being on prime time TV, to my own show on Netflix – I couldn’t have dreamed of what this has snowballed into.
Chrishell Stause
I hoped people would take me as I am. It doesn’t matter where I come from.
Saara Aalto
I have been in an experience where I thought everything that I had hoped for in my life was taken away from me, and I had to redefine what mattered.
Amanda Knox
I take some pains to learn the material beforehand. I have a bunch of tricks I use to try and hit the ground running. I write everything out. I take the text and I very methodically go through, and that tends to put it into my head a little bit more solidly than if I just glanced at it and hoped for the best.
Colm Feore
Having a kid who begged for ‘just a few more minutes’ of television was the antithesis of what I had hoped parenthood would be. It was resigning ourselves to a universe of want and consumption.
Kim Brooks
The U.S. Forces are winning in Iraq. It is to be hoped that they will win at home also.
John Linder
I’ve done about everything in show business except to play on Broadway. I always hoped that I would one day. It’s the World Series of show business. If anybody tells you they’re not intimidated, they’re lying.
Cyd Charisse
He hoped and prayed that there wasn’t an afterlife. Then he realized there was a contradiction involved here and merely hoped that there wasn’t an afterlife.
Douglas Adams
With theatre, we are always trying to engage in a conversation with people and to bring people into that conversation, but I was disappointed the audiences were not as mixed as I hoped they would become.
Rachel House
What if every relationship you’ve ever been in, is someone slowly figuring out they didn’t like you as much as they hoped they would?
James Acaster
I hoped I could make people smile and laugh and have a good time.
Carson Kressley
There are plenty of secondary characters that I had always hoped to write, but I don’t know if it will ever happen. The way contracts work, if you leave one publishing house for another, the characters tend to stay with the previous publishing house.
Lori Foster
The Divine Thing that made itself the foundation of the Church does not seem, to judge by his comments on the religious leadership of his day, to have hoped much from officers of a church.
Charles Williams
Since he was born, Mandy and I have hoped to give Blaine a brother or sister.
Stephen Hendry
I’ve watched my peers get better with age and hoped that would happen with me.
Bonnie Raitt
Football was much, much more than I hoped it would be. If I dreamed as a kid, I could never have foreseen such amazing things.
David Villa
The Gospels record that nearly everywhere the Savior went, He was surrounded by multitudes of people. Some hoped that He would heal them; others came to hear Him speak. Others came for practical advice. Toward the end of His mortal ministry, some came to mock and ridicule Him and to clamor for His crucifixion.
Joseph B. Wirthlin
We met with the poet Frank O’Hara, who was a link between Upper and Lower Bohemia, and who worked at the Museum of Modern Art, where we had hoped to do the readings.
David Amram
I had hoped to do a lot more to help promote science in this country and in Europe, but I cannot see how that can happen. I have become toxic. I have been hung to dry by academic institutes who have not even bothered to ask me for my side of affairs.
Tim Hunt
I had hoped to hear the President tonight tell the Congress and the American people exactly how he plans to tackle some of the important issues facing this country, unfortunately I did not.
Frank Lautenberg
What bin Laden had hoped to achieve in Afghanistan in the post-9/11 period, which was to drag the United States into a protracted guerrilla war like the one he had fought against the Soviets, never happened. Instead, that protracted guerrilla war is now playing out in Iraq, in the heart of the Middle East.
Peter Bergen
I never hoped that both my children would become actors. I expected them to do something else.
Catherine Deneuve
Our moneyed men have ruled us for the past thirty years. Under the flag of the slaveholder they hoped to destroy our liberty.
Denis Kearney
We wrote what sounded good to us and hoped it would find a home.
Cynthia Weil
My mother worked at the telephone company during the day and sold Tupperware at night. Evenings, she took classes when she could at University of Maryland’s University College, bringing me along to do homework while she studied to get the degree she hoped would offer her and me greater opportunities.
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
‘Men with Guns’ – the producer’s cut did not have the artistic and intellectual merit I hoped for, although I am still very proud of the work.
Kari Skogland
Twitter is growing up, expanding into other countries, and recognizing that the Internet is contrary to what people hoped; the government does reach into the Internet.
Rebecca MacKinnon
I hoped that it would be possible to slide slowly from my public life back to the life of teaching and writing that I had always wanted. But things didn’t work out that way.
Charles Van Doren
I hoped, hoped, that maybe I’d be lucky enough to do something on Broadway, in the chorus.
Jennifer Garner
I always hoped I would be injured so I didn’t have to dance any more.
Sergei Polunin
All I really had was a suitcase and my drums. So I took

All I really had was a suitcase and my drums. So I took them up to Seattle and hoped it would work.
Dave Grohl
Human attention tends to be focused on the satisfactions relationships are hoped to bring, precisely because somehow they have not been truly satisfactory. And if they do satisfy, the price of this satisfaction has often been found to be unacceptable.
Zygmunt Bauman
When I began my career as a flight attendant, I was a 21-year-old with a B.A. in English and stars in her eyes. I wanted to see every city in the world. I wanted to have adventures that, I hoped, would fuel a writing career some day.
Ann Hood
As soon as I heard the term ‘comedy nerd,’ I’d hoped there was a lot of them.
Pete Holmes
I was a quarterback in college. I hoped to go to the NFL, and I didn’t get drafted. I then became a free agent. I could sign with whoever I wanted to, and I ended up going to Pittsburgh.
Tony Dungy
The U.S. faces a very dangerous sprint by outlaws to gather the deadliest weapons and technology on the planet, something we always thought possible but hoped would never occur.
Pete Hoekstra
Winning is something you’ve dreamed about and hoped for, so that when you get there it’s no big deal. But if you lose, you’re gutted, and the gutted sense just goes on, and I know what that’s like, because I’ve been having that gutted feeling since 1979.
Richard Griffiths
The summer before I went to culinary school, my family wanted me to take a job on a movie to make sure that I was making the right decision. I think they hoped I would change my mind about culinary school.
Giada De Laurentiis
When I was around 13 or 14, there were visits to the theater, which really ignited my passion. Going to see live theater is when I properly got the bug and hoped I’d be able to do it for a living one day.
Genevieve O’Reilly
Death became a desired option. I hoped I would hit a mine or run into an ambush and just end it all. I think some part of me wanted to join the legions of the dead, whom I had failed.
Romeo Dallaire
Jesus did not only serve the needs of the people, but truly hoped that the people and Jesus would be one.
Greg Boyle
Listeners will wonder what an Englishman is doing on the German radio tonight. You can imagine that before taking this step I hoped that someone better qualified than me would come forward.
John Amery
When I helped to develop the open standards that computers use to communicate with one another across the Net, I hoped for but could not predict how it would blossom and how much human ingenuity it would unleash.
Vint Cerf
When I was in my early twenties, I hoped one day to own a Victoria Cross, the ultimate decoration in Britain and the Commonwealth for bravery in the face of the enemy.
Michael Ashcroft
We hoped against hope that what we had been doing was enough to prevent a riot. It was not enough.
Jerome Cavanagh
I was always interested in becoming a midwife. Then, at my own birth, I didn’t get the support I’d hoped for, and that changed everything. That’s why I became a doula. There’s such a need.
Domino Kirke
We had hoped to have been bringing you Arthur the Human Chameleon, but this afternoon, he crawled across a tartan rug and died of exhaustion.
Ronnie Barker
I hoped the dramatic power of the play would rest on that tension between elegant structure – the underlying plan is that you see the first and last meeting of every couple in the play – and inelegant emotion.
Patrick Marber
The most dangerous thing Iraq could have ever had was a nuclear weapon. The nuclear weapon Iraq was trying to build was not deliverable by bomb or ballistic missile. It was a large, bulky device that they hoped to bury and set off to let the world know they had a nuclear weapon. They never achieved that.
Scott Ritter
I think I probably hoped for it a little bit, but I’m not an optimist. I’m a realist… or maybe even a pessimist.
Clay Aiken
The Chinese leadership hoped that the world would soon forget the Tiananmen Square massacre. Our job in Congress is to ensure that we never forget those who lost their lives in Tiananmen Square that day or the pro-democracy cause for which they fought.
Tom Lantos
My mother hoped I’d be a plumber.
Richard Flanagan
Russell Defreitas plotted to commit a terrorist attack that he hoped would rival 9/11.
Loretta Lynch
After college, I was living in New York and wrote furiously, a huge novel that I knew was a failure. I hoped that the book would work, but to be honest, I think I knew it would never work, even as I was finishing it.
Chang-Rae Lee
I’m having the life that I kind of hoped I might have one time, you know? I do feel like I have a place here. And, at least, I deserve it, as much as anybody else, hopefully.
James McAvoy
You know, it’s funny: Over my career, I didn’t win as much as I hoped, but I can look like Flavor Flav if I want to put on all my rings that I’ve won for different reasons.
Michael Waltrip
On the back of Rio, I really hoped Japan would be the huge leap forward for golf in the Olympics.
Justin Rose
When I got the deal to do ‘J. Edgar,’ which was really the brainchild of Brian Grazer, ‘Milk’ hadn’t come out yet. We had just completed principal photography, and it was still basically this little film where we just really hoped someone would see it.
Dustin Lance Black
My children didn’t when they were little because I thought that they had to be of a certain age. I hoped they liked me well enough not to want to see me in that sort of a spot.
Fay Wray
The perception that I was just a pop star was pushed upon me by the public, and it’s very hard to change the public’s perception even though I never really pushed aside the musician aspect of my career. After I released ‘Fingerprints,’ my peers reassured me that I was on a level that I always hoped I would be on.
Peter Frampton
I’m not going on a crusade but I’m proud of who I am. I feel I have achieved everything I could ever possibly have hoped to achieve out of rugby and I did it being gay. I want to send a positive message to other gay people that they can do it, too.
Gareth Thomas
My protest about the post exchange seating bore some re

My protest about the post exchange seating bore some results. More seats were allocated for blacks, but there were still separate sections for blacks and for whites. At least I had made my men realize that something could be accomplished by speaking out, and I hoped they would be less resigned to unjust conditions.
Jackie Robinson
I believed and hoped that we would be able to secure a deal with Europe which would enable us to amend free movement.
Michael Gove
Few revolutions succeed, and when they do, you often discover they did not gain what you hoped for, and you condemn yourself to perpetual fear, as the parties you defeated may always regain power and work for your ruin.
Francesco Guicciardini
I hoped that Obama would be a delivery vehicle for change on issues I care about, but I never expect one politician to be the solution to the diverse array of issues I care about.
Shepard Fairey
For years, the West supported Mubarak and gave aid for what it hoped was stability – but was actually stagnation – in the Middle East.
Ahmed Zewail
I hoped that being attracted to men might go away, but what I never ever hoped would go away were the feelings of femininity, and of softness and fragility, that could live inside of a boy. They were private, but they were mine.
When I was an academic, I’d sometimes get a little feeling of excitement when I had an idea that was, I hoped, fresh. And whether anyone should act on that idea is a very different question.
Cass Sunstein
I have always hoped and prayed that everyone grows in their lives, but I still want to be the smallest person. I am scared to become big. It fills you with unnecessary things such as ego, jealousy, etc.
Rajpal Yadav
In 1995, I founded The Molecular Sciences Institute with a gift from the Philip Morris Company where I hoped that we could create an environment where young people could pursue science in an atmosphere of harmonious purpose and high intellectual challenge.
Sydney Brenner
Manchester United was a sad experience. Things didn’t go as I had hoped. I was disappointed, and it didn’t help me to rise to the surface.
Angel Di Maria
Back in 2014, my fellow Hong Kongers and I hoped to use nonviolent means to fight for our territory’s democratic system – a simple right, promised by Beijing, to choose our own leader.
Joshua Wong
As far as I know, the most conservative estimates of the number of Americans who would be killed in a major nuclear attack, with everything working as well as can be hoped and all foreseeable precautions taken, run to about fifty million.
George Wald
I was an all-sport athlete growing up. My dad, I think, hoped I would go to college on a scholarship.
T. J. Perkins
I came to Southbury because I wanted to live a more simple life. When I was a child, I saw lots of movies about happy people living in Connecticut. And ever since then, that was where I wanted to live. I thought it would be like the movies. And it really is. It’s exactly what I hoped it would be.
Polly Bergen
It was here in L.A., before ‘I Kissed a Girl’ and all that. She stopped me and told me she was a huge fan and that she was a singer and that one day she hoped that I would dress her. I ended up dressing her for her record release.
Jeremy Scott
My main focus was to be a great teammate. That’s all I hoped to accomplish. I don’t really care about legacies.
Marcus Mariota
We got married in 1987; it was really Ross that wanted to get married. I had hoped I might find someone rich and never have to work again, and I could see that was not going to be the case with Ross.
Ingrid Seward
The first product I ever used was my mom’s foundation. When I was younger, I had pimples, so I just slapped it on and hoped it would fix the situation. It never did, because it was about 18 shades too light for me.
James Charles
I don’t think any of us could have possibly anticipated how successful Mad Men has been. When we were working on the pilot, we loved it. We thought it was special. We hoped and prayed it’d be a success. But, we didn’t count on it.
Elisabeth Moss
Let me just say something that I forgot, I also hoped and this was very true in the beginning – that this would also be a place that people would be able to walk in to the fountain and use it in a nice way of reading and examining the quotations on the blocks.
Lawrence Halprin
Instead of the international police action we had hoped for during the war in Kosovo, there are wars again – conducted with state-of-the-art technology, but still in the old style.
Jurgen Habermas
When I was little, I knew that I was not adopted, but I actually imagined and hoped that I was – and that my real parents were going to come get me.
Gloria Steinem
I’ve written extensively on Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth and seen up close how those women, who were born when the country hoped for a male heir, made their way as leaders.
Kate Williams
When President Trump promised we would get better, cheaper health care that would fix the problems of the Affordable Care Act, I hoped it was true. Unfortunately, the American Healthcare Act promises giant cuts to the programs that I and every other poor, sick and disabled person have relied on for our lives.
Jason Becker
Before the war there were many who were more or less ignorant of the international labor movement but who nevertheless turned to it for salvation when the threat of war arose. They hoped that the workers would never permit a war.
Hjalmar Branting
When I started my recording career, I hoped that someday the Grammy committee would notice something.
Hilary Hahn
To other Canadians who are on journeys to defeat cancer and to live their lives, I say this: please don’t be discouraged that my own journey hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped. You must not lose your own hope.
Jack Layton
Unfortunately we don’t have all the bits and pieces on the car that we had hoped to have by this stage so we’ve got to make as good a job as we can with what we have and we feel we are doing well with that at the moment.
David Leslie
War contains so much folly, as well as wickedness, that much is to be hoped from the progress of reason.
James Madison
So I wrote what I hoped would be science fiction, I was not at all sure if what I wrote would be acceptable even. But I don’t say that I consciously wrote with humour. Humour is a part of you that comes out.
Robert Sheckley
I grew up as this very carefree, happy kid then things turned darker for me. Maybe it was because I saw that the world wasn’t as happy a place as I had hoped it would be for me.
Angelina Jolie
My parents, who were both professors at Tsinghua Univer

My parents, who were both professors at Tsinghua University, hoped that I would follow in their footsteps and become a professor.
Ken Xie
I don’t think you ever really decide that you want to be an astronaut. I put in an application and hoped for the best.
Kathleen Rubins
I’ve always just sort of bashed ahead with my life and hoped that it would all eventually make some sense.
Christina Pickles
When I came out I hoped it would empower others – and it has.
Gareth Thomas
I learned to write crime novels by reading people I hoped to emulate: people like James Lee Burke, Lawrence Block, Joseph Wambaugh, and Sue Grafton.
Michael Connelly
I have decided to give up competition. I cannot train properly for the Tour de France which I had hoped to ride for the last time as apotheosis to my career. Doctors are forbidding me to ride anymore in high level competition and I bow to them.
Eddy Merckx
The divine right of husbands, like the divine right of kings, may, it is hoped, in this enlightened age, be contested without danger.
Mary Wollstonecraft
No matter how I feel, I get up, dress up, and show up for life. When I do, the day always serves up more than I could have hoped for. Each day truly is a slice of heaven. Some days the slices are just smaller than others.
Regina Brett
When the doctors showed me an X-ray of my brain, they pointed to a black hole on the upper left side and told me that all memory from that spot was dead. I thought to myself that I hoped that’s where I kept ‘The Orange Blossom Special.’
Johnny Gimble
In revealing the workings of government that led to the Vietnam War, the newspapers nobly did precisely that which the Founders hoped and trusted they would do.
Hugo Black
Happily, financial capitalism and free trade have not done away with national languages and literatures, as Marx rather too blithely hoped.
Pankaj Mishra
Mrs. Parks was a shy, soft spoken woman who was uncomfortable being revered as a symbol of the civil rights movement. She only hoped to inspire young people to achieve great things.
Jim Costa
The details surrounding both my marriage and subsequent filing for divorce are private, and I had hoped to keep them that way for the sake of my family.
It was no accident that I made ‘Hoop Dreams’ because it concerned a sport that I loved and hoped would be my dream, however far-fetched that turned out to be. Because of the success of that film, Hollywood pigeonholed me as a sports biopic guy, which led to ‘Prefontaine’ and two cable sports films.
Steve James
Finishing something is the hardest part. You know it’s not as good as you hoped. You know there are plot problems. You know that by finishing it, you’re saying – even if only to yourself – ‘This is the best I can do.’ And because it’s not perfect, that’s really hard.
Antony Johnston
Usually a feeling of disappointment follows the book, because what I hoped to write is not what I actually accomplished. However, it becomes a motivation to write the next book.
Anita Desai
When I started writing, I just hoped for a nice little paperback series.
Clive Cussler
But I would not have been the leader that I hoped to be if I hadn’t put my name forward to represent this community. You have to be daring.
Annamie Paul
George W. Bush was a very bad president. The Iraq war was a big mistake. The U.S.A. needed a political change. I hoped Barack Obama could be a good president, but I’m disappointed. He hasn’t done well.
Marc Rich
Nantucket’s English settlers, who first disembarked on the island in 1659, had been mindful of the sea’s dangers. They had hoped to earn their livelihoods not as fishermen but as farmers and shepherds on this grassy isle dotted with ponds, where no wolves preyed.
Nathaniel Philbrick
And so our mothers and grandmothers have, more often than not anonymously, handed on the creative spark, the seed of the flower they themselves never hoped to see – or like a sealed letter they could not plainly read.
Alice Walker
As a musician, I’ve accomplished what I hoped to accomplish.
Rickie Lee Jones
But who knows, some years from now if there’s a global emissions trading scheme agreement, as many have hoped for, then I’m sure Australia would be part of it.
Malcolm Turnbull
After the initial flurry of media interest, I was left to figure out how to move on with my life – and that proved hard. I was glad to get back to what I hoped would be normality, but the effect on me had been traumatising.
Katharine Gun
I just dreamed about living in Paris and being French. I always loved the visual arts, film and theatre, and I hoped to be involved in creating beautiful products and images.
Maureen Chiquet
Before I debuted, it was my goal to make my debut, and afterwards, I aimed at winning champion titles on television music shows, and I hoped for a chance to perform as a soloist.
My father had always hoped that one day I would be a great cricketer, captaining the Stowe Eleven, perhaps, or even playing for Cambridge.
Christopher Robin Milne
Iniesta is my ideal player. I’ve watched him throughout my career and hoped to be like him. It’s fun to watch him play and that’s the kind of football I’d like to play.
Shinji Kagawa
I’d love to make a sequel to ‘The Rocketeer.’ The film didn’t do as well at the box office as we all hoped, but it has endured and generated a following.
Joe Johnston
When I reached the summit of Everest, I scooped some ice into my drinking bottle as I’d run out of water and hoped it would melt. After I got back to base camp, I decided to keep it, so I had a special bottle made with an inscription – it’s my lucky water.
Ben Fogle
I never said I will stand, I said I hoped to stand. It wasn’t a prediction.
Christopher Reeve
Here I am, safely returned over those peaks from a jour

Here I am, safely returned over those peaks from a journey far more beautiful and strange than anything I had hoped for or imagined – how is it that this safe return brings such regret?
Peter Matthiessen
Inauthenticity is endemic in American politics today. The political backrooms where I spent much of my career were just as benighted as my personal life, equally crowded with shadowy strangers and compromises, truths I hoped to deny. I lived not in one closet but in many.
James McGreevey
My intent was to gain experience for fiction I eventually hoped to write. But there’s no question I was drawn in by the hope that journalism would be a creative, thrilling environment.
Tom Rachman
When I wrote ‘Fast Food My Way’ in 2004, I hoped that my friends would prepare my recipes. Now, more people cook from that book than any other I’ve written in the past 30 years.
Jacques Pepin
By all means, let us study the great writers of the past for their own sakes, but let us study them for our guidance: that we, in our turn, having (it is to be hoped) something to say in our span of time, say it worthily, not dwindling out the large utterance of Shakespeare or of Burke.
Arthur Quiller-Couch
To be able to come back to Nigeria and get so much love for my work is my biggest life blessing. I’ve always hoped to never get lost in translation with me being British-born.
That’s what I always hoped for when I became an actor – that you would do something that people can escape to, find identification with and excitement in and be able to talk about it in bars, restaurants, and workplaces.
Andrew Lincoln