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I have a day job Monday to Friday. I work at a record l

I have a day job Monday to Friday. I work at a record label in Brooklyn called Ba Da Bing. It’s a great indie label and I listen to music all day. I meet people online and find out about the cool new music blogs.
Sharon Van Etten
‘Vanity pages,’ is somewhat of a derogatory term; personal pages are still the heart of blogging, but now there are more topic-oriented blogs. It’s really about personal expression, and that’s just gotten bigger and broader.
Evan Williams
I like the immediacy of blogs and the democratizing effects of letting millions of voices bloom on the Web.
Jill Abramson
I have an RSS reader, Feeddler. I mostly subscribe to board game blogs – they have reviews of new games and discussions about trends. It’s straight-up dork talk.
Rich Sommer
I’m not good with blogs and social networks because those things come and go. By the time I am used to one thing, a new type of social media is already trending.
Tao Okamoto
The worst is when you read things on the Internet blogs, because people don’t hold back. Sometimes you read wonderful things, but sometimes it’s really awful stuff. Like on the Fashion Spot, for example, people always comment on you. They forget that we might read that stuff.
Sara Sampaio
My family has had to move and change their name and have been subject to threats from right wing blogs calling for my son, for example, to be killed to get at me.
Julian Assange
We all know about blogs and how big they are.
John Doerr
I try not to read blogs. The comments are extremely harsh.
Jessica Simpson
Blogs are amazing, and I’m so grateful to mine for giving me such a great platform to explore other ideas, but it’s just not practical to scroll through 30 pages of blog to find a dinner recipe.
Ella Woodward
I used to read the criticism on blogs about other people – mostly female actresses and singers – and even when they are extremely perfect and harmless, people still go after them. So I figure, if I’m going to get negativity regardless, why do I have to worry about what somebody thinks of me?
Kat Graham
I wanted to learn how to blog, so I was playing around with WordPress and Typepad and Blogger, starting all these different blogs just to learn how these things work. I had a fake Sergey Brin blog, an anonymous, fake Ph.D kind of blog. I did it for, like, I don’t know, six weeks, and the Steve Jobs one just caught on.
Daniel Lyons
People are mean and hateful, angry – haters everywhere, stupid blogs.
Chrisette Michele
Before blogs, it was all about physical presence. We used to send out videos and audiotapes to communicate. Blogging and the Internet allow us to engage in a lot more real time conversations as opposed to a one-way dump of information or a message.
Indra Nooyi
Public relations and marketing are something companies do to move product. It is not meaningful. It is not cool. Yet because it is cheap, easy, and lucrative to cover, blogs want to convince you that it is.
Ryan Holiday
First, I’d become an avid reader of blogs, especially music blogs, and they seemed to be where the critical-thinking action was at, to have the kind of energy that I associate with rock writing of the 1970s or Internet e-mail discussion lists a decade ago.
Carl Wilson
There’s just a proliferation of blogs and the chattering classes and people talking. More avenues for people to make their feelings known, which is good.
Anderson Cooper
So just make films and put them on the internet and promote them by sending links to different animation/film blogs. I think that’s a solid first step towards being a show maker.
Pendleton Ward
Blogs are quite a new development – now, everyone wants to know you, everyone wants to know everything about you. And you can build a following that way. In a way, it’s a good thing if you want to create a buzz around yourself.
Carine Roitfeld
I don’t follow other fashion blogs, but I do follow other fashionistas on Instagram. Many of them are my friends; it’s really cool: they can inspire me, and they’re also my friends. I also look for inspiration in the street; there are so many fashionable women walking around.
Chiara Ferragni
I’m not going to lie. I check the iTunes charts. It’s all about the iTunes charts. I only go on the Internet for the iTunes charts and basketball blogs.
Nate Ruess
Part of the mystique of blogs is their protean quality: They work both sides of the divide between politics and media, further blurring the already fuzzy distinctions between reporter, pundit, political operative, activist, and citizen.
George Packer
I do read movie blogs. I think what’s really interesting – Probably everyone says this, but what’s interesting is it, it takes away the power, from the newspaper magnates, so be it Murdoch or whatever. I mean, it’s like the people taking it back. Isn’t it?
Rachel Weisz
I think that Twitter and YT and blogs are keeping media more honest. Everyone can be a journalist now. Everyone is a fact checker.
Shane Smith
Degree actually came to me and asked me if I wanted to be a part of their campaign, and I thought it was just really exciting and important, obviously to my fans, and growing up I had tons of OMG moments. I get to share my own moments through video blogs.
Ashley Tisdale
Blogs are easy to start, but unless the author is famous, it takes years to build a following.
Adam D’Angelo
I don’t have any thoughts on blogs, because I don’t read them. I don’t read them not out of any principle, but because there are only 24 hours in a day, and I like to read books.
Robert Christgau
You know, I don’t read the blogs, or go on the internet, and I really just don’t know what people are saying because… well I guess I’m afraid to.
Ron Perlman
I actually do think you’re seeing this trend towards organizations just caring more about their brand and engaging. And so I think Home Depot will want to humanize itself. I think that’s a lot of why companies are starting blogs, are just giving more insight into what’s going on with them.
Mark Zuckerberg
I grew up in San Diego with immigrant parents, before the food blogs, before this kind of celebrity chef culture we know now.
Samin Nosrat
Do we value privacy in any real way? Thinking about blogs, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace… all these suggest we value exposure rather more. And instead of challenging this transformation, as they are supposed to – certainly at the more thoughtful edges of the art – novelists are buying into it wholesale.
Guy Gavriel Kay
Models can be people, too. But the only way to do that

Models can be people, too. But the only way to do that is to kind of step up and keep doing new things that no one has thought of, from new websites to new blogs, a newscast, doing speeches, talking to kids. It kind of opens a new headline every time: ‘Oh, a model hasn’t done this before; a model hasn’t done that before.’
Coco Rocha
Actually, I never liked the idea of bags. I would say, ‘Why do so many of my friends spend so much money on these bloody bags?’ But once I started designing them, I was completely hooked. There are all of these blogs about bags. It’s a whole other industry, and I’m really excited to be a part of it.
Nicola Formichetti
Today, models are able to share industry news, trends, and communicate with fans through Twitter, Instagram and blogs. So in a way, our position as models is way more personable and relatable.
Karlie Kloss
I’m not big on to-do lists. Instead, I use e-mail and desktop folders and my online calendar. So when I walk up to my desk, I can focus on the e-mails I’ve flagged and check the folders that are monitoring particular projects and particular blogs.
Bill Gates
And I haven’t read a lot of blogs but if someone writes about what they care about I’m sure it’s interesting.
Uma Thurman
I live in a world where there’s magazines and blogs, and people feel like they are allowed to criticize me, and in the meanest way.
Khloe Kardashian
I read blogs quite a bit.
Satoru Iwata
Cory Doctorow should be too busy for lunch. He’s co-editor of, and a prolific contributor to, one of the most influential blogs in the world, Boing Boing. Over the past decade the Canadian-born writer has published 16 books, mostly science fiction novels. He campaigns vigorously on the politics of the digital age.
Tim Harford
There’s only so much you can do on a physical level trying to tour or pass out mixtapes. Although that matters, I realized that you can reach more people putting your music on Soundcloud and networking with blogs to write about you. It really comes back to the music and what you release.
Well, there are more writers of blogs right now than there are readers, so that’s clearly a vanity phenomenon.
John Doerr
Most of us still haven’t grasped the fact that everything we commit to the digital space – not just our public blogs and broadcast tweets, but every private text message, email, and voicemail is likely to be stored and accessible. Forever.
Douglas Rushkoff
Ben Affleck exec-produced a documentary for HBO called ‘Reporter’ about my 2007 win-a-trip journey. I take the trip each year partly to encourage young people to think about global humanitarian issues: I think blogs by a student may be more compelling for that audience than my own work.
Nicholas Kristof
There is much more immediate access to creative music through online communities and blogs which have touched all corners of the music world including contemporary classical.
Bryce Dessner
When you talk about avant-garde cuisine, the surprise factor is really important. For example, I love looking at blogs and the photos, but I’m not that keen on other people taking photos of my dishes.
Ferran Adria
During the day, I don’t read too much of the blog traffic, but then at night, I read transcripts of all of the network packages, and then I watch the wires and some of the political blogs.
Nicolle Wallace
Blogs are for anoraks who couldn’t get published any other way.
Janet Street-Porter
Listener and reader input is every bit as important as anything any of us can say. We’d be like crazy people chattering in the middle of that empty field that Joe Biden thinks we should stand in to be safe from swine flu if it weren’t for the calls, the letters, the blogs, and the reaction from our audience.
Mike Gallagher
People don’t listen to terrestrial radio. They don’t find their music that way. They don’t get their news that way. They go to blogs. They go through Sirius/XM. They go through all these different places.
Much of the lifeblood of blogs is search engines – more than half the traffic for most blogs.
Matt Mullenweg
The danger of the blogosphere is reading only those you agree with. While there are right-wing blogs that are entertaining freak shows, it’s hard to find substantial journalism there.
Molly Ivins
The rock star is dying. And it’s a small tragedy. Rock stars have blogs now. I have no use for that kind of rock star.
Nick Cave
I subscribe to about 200 blogs. I look for insights and good writing, and I look to get smarter.
Evan Williams
I think there’s plenty of room for blogs that exist to pay the blogger, or blogs that exist to turn a profit. That’s just not the kind of blog I’m writing, and I’m not the kind of blogger that could do that.
Seth Godin
I don’t read blogs. I’m living the life they’re writing about. So why read about it?
I follow all these fashion blogs that are cool and inspire me. I’m not really obsessed with anyone except for the people that I like romantically. I get excited when they post. Sometimes I like to stalk my exes.
Kylie Jenner
I follow blogs, particularly all the main political ones – Guido Fawkes, Iain Dale, Coffee House, Paul Waugh, Iain Martin in the Wall Street Journal, and so on. And some American ones, like the Huffington Post, Gawker, Boing Boing; or Eater and Daily Candy, also American, which are about where to go to eat.
Ben Schott
There are 100 million blogs in the world, and it’s part of my job as the co-founder of WordPress to help many more people start blogging.
Matt Mullenweg
Many of us get our news from social networks, blogs, and daily aggregators.
Chris Hughes
While I have never learned to use a computer, I am surrounded by family and friends who carry information to me from blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and various websites.
Billy Graham
Blogs are evil. Actually, the blogs aren’t as evil as blog comments.
Chrissy Teigen
When I first came out there was no such thing as Twitter or Facebook. And the blogs! Like, what is that?
Christina Aguilera
You know, some of the good part of blog theory was that

You know, some of the good part of blog theory was that blogs would be like diaries that the world could read. They would be spontaneous, whatever pops into your mind, as a diary would be.
Gregg Easterbrook
Fans write to us via our publisher and more than ever via the Internet, blogs and fan sites, and good writers should be actively seeking out that interaction. Gone are the days when writers are dead or hidden away in dusty attics; nowadays, you’ve got to get out there.
Chris Riddell
Fashion blogs are great, but I also take inspiration from movies, nature, everyday objects.
Lisa Hanawalt
At a certain point, you try to avoid reading feedback or blogs because there’s always the risk of reading some sort of negative stuff that can be hard to hear.
Sara Ramirez
I had racially prejudiced comments directed at me on different blogs. People think that just because you’re in the spotlight, you’re fair game. It’s hard, and I don’t think you’re ready at any age for it. Thankfully, I have some great fans who got me through it.
Kat Graham
It is hard to check five email inboxes, three voice mail systems, or five blogs that you are tracking.
David Rose
My site has the whole thing – blogs, information, video interviews.
William Shatner
Our compulsive hunger always to know first, speak first and decide first has only been amplified by the fact that we can now all participate instantly in a virtual version of a national cocktail-party conversation on Twitter, Facebook and blogs.
John Podhoretz
If I’m getting dressed up, I love Alice + Olivia, they have great pieces. I still look at all of the and I read all of the fashion blogs. I’m working my way up to more grown up pieces.
Candice Accola
We went from journalism, in newspapers that gets heavily edited, to blogs, where you can express your opinions, to tweeting, where you can say anything, and it gets repeated and becomes fact when it isn’t. It’s something the entire world is going to have to come to grips with.
Gary Bettman
For almost a year, I sporadically made these rather lame video blogs in my dorm. These video blogs were reflective of most video blogs during that time in that they had no real structure and were kind of just all over the place.
Ray William Johnson
Now an audience of more than 1 billion people is only a click away from every voice online, and remarkable stories and content can gain flash audiences as people share via social networks, blogs and e-mail. This radically equalizes the power relationship between, say, a blogger and a multibillion dollar corporation.
Matt Mullenweg
Importantly, companies are using social media to do things that go way beyond just chatting up existing customers on Facebook. Sales departments use social to nurture leads and close sales. HR posts job openings and vets applicants. Community and support squads mine networks, blogs and forums with deep listening tools.
Ryan Holmes
I don’t read blogs, I don’t have MySpace, I don’t have Facebook or Twitter – none of that.
Jessica Szohr
Sales departments use social to nurture leads and close sales. HR posts job openings and vets applicants. Community and support squads mine networks, blogs and forums with deep listening tools.
Ryan Holmes
I got into writing short stories and blogs while on the road.
Coy Bowles
Blogs are nothing more than a personal meandering diary for public consumption – a narcissist’s dream. So you can imagine when bloggers take themselves – and their blogs – seriously, it’s super annoying.
Carole Radziwill
The Internet has become a remarkable fount of economic and social innovation largely because it’s been an archetypal level playing field, on which even sites with little or no money behind them – blogs, say, or Wikipedia – can become influential.
James Surowiecki
I don’t read the reviews, the blogs, or anything else. Instead, I feel the audience when I show the film.
Lee Daniels
I check to look at the collections and love to poke around some of the other fashion blogs to see what’s going on.
Ashley Olsen
Trawl through the world of blogs and tweets, and you will find readers complaining when they stumble upon a word they don’t recognise, an attitude that doesn’t accord with their own, a passage of thought they find hard work, a joke they don’t get or of which they don’t approve.
Howard Jacobson
One thing is very clear from the chatter I see on Chinese blogs, and also from just what people in China tell me, is that Google is much more popular among China’s Internet users than the United States.
Rebecca MacKinnon
In a way, publishing in 2005 was similar to publishing in 1950. Nobody kept blogs; that was still optional. I didn’t even have a website then.
Gabrielle Zevin
I enjoy reading blogs, but am not interested in having my spurious thoughts out there.
Brian Greene
I don’t understand people who write blogs and have children. You can’t stop in the middle of bathtime and say: ‘I’m just going to write a load of words – for free.’ I won’t do it – unless someone wants to commission me.
Michael McIntyre
I started my blog as an online diary. I moved to New York for a job, and I kind of wanted to keep my pictures all in one place. Also, I just love style blogs and wanted to join in on the fun!
Ashley Madekwe
While we can all access articles and information in so many places now – across blogs, in newspapers, on video – there is something very powerful about putting it all together into an edited format in a single issue that has a narrative stretching across the themes.
Michael Wolf
I design for social media. My customer reads blogs, is on social media, so I design with contrast in mind. An all-black shirt looks good on the shelf but not online.
Kerby Jean-Raymond
I used to work for an NGO called Transitions Online, and I was their Director of New Media. I was a very idealistic fellow who thought that he could use blogs, social networks and new media to help promote democracy, human rights and freedom of expression.
Evgeny Morozov
I have a problem with blogs – all the best writers benefit from edits.
Rick Moranis
Blogs are a great way to monitor and even participate in the chatter about your new site.
Mike Davidson
I do feel like the blogs that I follow share an aesthet

I do feel like the blogs that I follow share an aesthetic and draw a lot from ’90s influences.
Lauren Jauregui
I buy way too many cookbooks and read food blogs at night when I can’t sleep.
Lauren Kate
For blogs today, it’s really about content creation and partnering with a brand. You can get the news in so many forms and so many places. A tweet now is enough to tell you about a story. People don’t have to click to go to your site.
Karen Civil
I was writing blogs before work, then I was writing at work, and then I started writing books on the weekend because you just have that sort of energy in your 20s; it’s wonderful.
Zoe Foster Blake
I loathe blogs when I look at them. Blogs look, to me, illiterate. They look hasty, like someone babbling.
Paul Theroux
I don’t care what people are saying about me, good or bad, in blogs or on Twitter or in the media. There will always be people who don’t like you and don’t like your books. Ignore them.
J. A. Konrath
Fashion intersects a lot with art and film and music, and that was appealing to me. I read a bunch of fashion blogs and wanted to be part of the community.
Tavi Gevinson
Online leadership is about leveraging digital platforms such as blogs, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other networks to build a loyal following of people who want to learn more about and benefit from your experiences and expertise.
Lewis Howes
Love making jewelry? Awesome! Find blogs that inspire you, follow people on social media who have great taste, start an Etsy store, and borrow a friend’s DSLR to take some beautiful photos of your craft. All of this costs $0.
Alexis Ohanian
There were blogs that called me Miss Piggy. It’s a really hard thing to see as a teenager, especially when you already have problems. Reading what people had to say about me online definitely made it worse. People can be vicious.
Lauren Alaina
I no longer buy papers or tabloids or magazines or read blogs. I used to.
I think it hurts blogs when they have to turn off their comments.
Jason Calacanis
I wake up at 10. I have coffee, and then I spend a half an hour on the computer, where I read newspapers and progressive blogs. I have to tear myself away, or I’ll spend all day reading.
Andrew Sean Greer
My career wouldn’t exist without blogs, electronic text, hyperlinks, and mass online audiences.
Ezra Klein
I think we know too much about actors as it is and their personal lives and it’s this information age where we’re stimulated constantly by the celebrity buzz effect or whatever it is, these web sites and blogs and different things.
Ryan Reynolds
I don’t read literary blogs. I used to read them, but it was upsetting when they would talk, in a snarky way, about my friends.
Andrew Sean Greer
Sometimes you might feel blogs are like TV: You have a thousand channels, but nothing good is on.
Matt Mullenweg
I really struggle with that feeling of helplessness. That’s why I really try to get my blogs, and even myself, to point to the positive and look at all the inspiring things that are happening.
Daryl Hannah
People only see you in blogs, and they think they know everything about your life.
Karrueche Tran
I don’t tend to write articles and blogs because, I think, if you went into the theatre knowing that this is the writer’s view on x, y, and z, it’s just game over for the play.
Mike Bartlett
I think a lot of journal articles should really be blogs.
Nate Silver
Blogging is great, and I read blogs all day long. However, my goal is really to have a deep, meaningful discussion with people. For some reason, I’m able to accomplish this best via email.
Jason Calacanis
There is a line between scurrilous nonsense and serious discussion that laps over, especially in this day and age when you’ve got all this electronic media and these blogs and this kind of fanatical impulse to bring down the opposing candidate.
Robert Dallek
In the past, a writer had to go outside and get to know others before learning about their work, but the Internet has made humanity more accessible for misanthropes like me. I read blogs, tweets, Facebook posts and Reddit threads where people detail their jobs.
Victor LaValle
I really like baking, and I really like playing video games. I saw a few geeky baking blogs but I never saw a show on television or on the Internet like that. So I thought, ‘Why not be the first to try it out?’ And it went really well.
Rosanna Pansino
I feel sometimes and in some ways like Linda Romanoli and Monica Velour; I feel marginalized because I’m in my fifties. If you went online and you look at some of the blogs, which one can do on a lonely night, it’s pretty startling what people will say about you just because you’re in your fifties.
Kim Cattrall
I have an amazing social-media wing man who manages my Facebook fan site. All my blogs get copied there.
Jason Mraz
I had an advantage because people would post me on blogs because I had co-signs from Kanye West, Def Jam, and G.O.O.D. Music. Everything I put out, the blogs would put up. When I realized that, I used that to my advantage and helped build my following on my own.
Big Sean
A key element of Web blogs is the community element. Most blogs are not self-contained; they are highly dependent on linking to each other.
Evan Williams
I have nothing against conservative people putting out conservative commentary or doing conservative broadcasting, or liberal people doing liberal broadcasting, or conservative blogs or liberal blogs.
Bill Keller
I’ve been blogging since the 80s. Okay maybe not that long. But starting around 2004, I launched and abandoned many blogs, and would continue to do so over the next decade.
Sarah Cooper
Blogs with feminist content, from 'Feministing' and 'Je

Blogs with feminist content, from ‘Feministing’ and ‘Jezebel’ to ‘Racialicious’ and ‘Shakesville’ and ‘Feministe,’ have opened up and changed the scope of the feminist universe for women who might never have encountered contemporary feminism.
Rebecca Traister
I mostly read online – tech/VC blogs. I also enjoy the ‘NY Times’, ‘Atlantic’, ‘New Yorker’.
Christine Tsai
Science blogs bore me. When everyone is an expert, no one is an expert.
Leonard Susskind
The constellation of opinion called the blogosphere consists, like the stars themselves, partly of gases. This is what makes blogs addictive – that is, both pleasurable and destructive: They’re so easy to consume and so endlessly available.
George Packer
I do not know of a Chinese blogger who has gone to jail, but I know several who have had their blogs shut down. I also know some Chinese bloggers who have received threatening phone calls from police warning them to ‘be careful.’ In some cases, they stopped blogging for a while.
Rebecca MacKinnon
A newspaper is the center of a community, it’s one of the tent poles of the community, and that’s not going to be replaced by Web sites and blogs.
Michael Connelly
I’m steeped in the news because I enjoy the news – I like reading papers, I like reading the blogs, I love talking to newsmakers and pundits, for that matter, about their opinions. I’m an information gatherer by nature, so that’s what attracted me about this industry.
Megyn Kelly
One of the very few things that I actually read about myself on blogs that got to me was people saying, ‘Ne-Yo doesn’t do R&B music anymore.’ Just because I stepped off the porch to explore doesn’t mean I don’t live in that house anymore.
With our blogs and tweets, digital cameras, and unlimited-gigabyte e-mail archives, participation in the online culture now means creating a trail of always present, ever searchable, unforgetting external memories that only grows as one ages.
Joshua Foer