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Coach Cunningham's my guy. Without me saying a word, he

Coach Cunningham’s my guy. Without me saying a word, he can read my body language and facial expressions and tell me exactly what I’m thinking and feeling. We’re actually very similar people.
Ndamukong Suh
It’s true that interacting through text means no eyelines, no facial expressions, no tone of voice. That can be an advantage, helping us to consider content rather than eloquence, import rather than source.
Nick Harkaway
Usually I’m frustrated when I look at my films and I don’t believe that I’ve made a real transformation beyond my usual sets of gestures and expressions. I still have this nagging feeling that it’s me, that I didn’t create a unique character.
Helena Bonham Carter
One of the reasons why I love acting is my obsession with human emotion and faces and expressions – no surprise, then, that I usually end up painting faces. But I haven’t done a self-portrait. I’d be too scared.
Carly Chaikin
When I speak in English, my expressions become different. My attitude, too. I’m not sure why, but there really is a difference. My hands move differently when I speak English.
Gong Li
People think acting is just memorizing lines and doing facial expressions. No it’s about traveling along a path of discovery, intention and connection.
Malik Yoba
Ideas improve. The meaning of words participates in the improvement. Plagiarism is necessary. Progress implies it. It embraces an author’s phrase, makes use of his expressions, erases a false idea, and replaces it with the right idea.
Guy Debord
You can tell a lot about a person just by watching their facial expressions. But there are times when it’s best to hide your feelings, especially at work.
Dana Perino
There’s something really wrong with using Botox: it stops you making facial expressions – people are so interested in how they appear that there’s no intention of projecting how they feel.
Corinne Bailey Rae
Watch how you communicate with a woman. Because you’re always communicating, even when you’re not talking – with your body language, your facial expressions, your eyes.
Orlando Bloom
Memorable occasions should be brief, and so should be the expressions of appreciation.
Simon Kuznets
Purple – I mean, the music and the influence and the subliminal touches range from orchestral conversation to jazz to blues and soul and God knows what. It’s a vast range of expressions.
Ian Gillan
The Internet is a blessing and a curse. I mean, it’s a place where lots of people can express themselves, which is amazing, but it’s a place where a lot of people can express themselves that probably should keep those expressions to themselves.
Franchesca Ramsey
I know how to play comedy when it’s needed. So even when it’s really not there, my facial expressions are really great. I have a lot of facial expressions in my face, you know.
LisaRaye McCoy-Misick
Expressions of disapproval are on a level of vulgarity that cannot be tolerated. The way to express disapproval is to do without applause.
Rudolf Bing
In portraying Jang Han-seok, I tried to draw upon certain aspects of myself and emphasize expressions of evil from deep within.
Ok Taec-yeon
I don’t know if English is the only language where some expressions only and solely mean the opposite of what they say but we do have an awful lot of them.
A. A. Gill
Many expressions of a cat’s feelings seem deeply related to the capture of live prey.
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
When expressions of emotion are dangerous, and when you are constantly told that this terrible thing is being done for your own good, you quickly learn to hide your true feelings, even from yourself.
George Monbiot
The most meaningful and spiritual prayers I have experienced contained many expressions of thanks and few, if any, requests.
David A. Bednar
Food is medicine. We can actually change our gene expressions with the foods we eat.
David Perlmutter
Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle.
Marianne Williamson
When you enjoy the moment you’re in, it shows in your actions, it shows in your words, in your expressions and in your eyes.
Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters
I use a lot of old-fashioned expressions.
Susan Cain
Acting changed my life. I say God and then acting. Because becoming an actor, I’ve gained a new respect for humanity. And I believe that it’s also helped me to grow as a person. It’s been one of the biggest blessings and expressions that I could have ever been gifted with.
Tasha Smith
I play some places where the people are right at my feet, and you can see their expressions. It’s kind of more like playing in your living room. It’s almost easier to play in front of thousands of people in an arena scene, in some ways, but you don’t get the personal contact.
Timothy B. Schmit
It was a challenge to be able to create a character without being able to use one’s normal set of expressions. All the rubber and makeup attached to your face left you with only a modest range of facial movements.
Helena Bonham Carter
I have felt cats rubbing their faces against mine and touching my cheek with claws carefully sheathed. These things, to me, are expressions of love.
James Herriot
Obscenity is a moral concept in the verbal arsenal of the establishment, which abuses the term by applying it, not to expressions of its own morality but to those of another.
Herbert Marcuse
With reference to other religions, the Church sees a great difference between them and herself. The other religions are expressions of the human soul seeking God, with some beautiful spiritual insights, but also not without errors. Christianity is rather God seeking humanity.
Francis Arinze
During the seven years that I worked as a management consultant, I spent a lot of time trying to look older than I was. I became pretty good at furrowing my brow and putting on somber expressions.
Matthew Stewart
'LOL' is one of several texting expressions that convey

‘LOL’ is one of several texting expressions that convey nuance in a system where you don’t have the voice and face to do it the way you normally would.
John McWhorter
Many reporters have gone to Tea Party rallies looking for expressions of bigotry. What they have tended to find instead is a constitutional fundamentalism that argues that Washington has no right to tell individuals or states what to do.
Jacob Weisberg
In reality, both religion and science are expressions of man’s uncertainty. Perhaps the paradox is that certainty, whether it be in science or religion, is dangerous.
Robert Winston
Every good man progressively becomes God. To become God, to be man, and to educate oneself, are expressions that are synonymous.
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
Christianity is sustained by the knowledge that the object of man’s life on earth is his development as an eternal being. Therefore, none of his expressions of life can be an end in itself, but must serve a higher purpose than the earthly life and happiness of the individual – or even than that of the race.
Ellen Key
There is no gender identity behind the expressions of gender… identity is performatively constituted by the very ‘expressions’ that are said to be its results.
Judith Butler
I’m proud when my dance numbers are spoken about for my expressions and steps.
Urmila Matondkar
The study of expression ought to form a part of the study of psychology, but it also comes within the province of anthropology because the habitual, life-long expressions of the face determine the wrinkles of old age, which are distinctly an anthropological characteristic.
Maria Montessori
Donald Trump’s rise is certainly a symptom of our fading virtue and faith, but ironically, he may well be our only hope for finding our way back to bolder expressions of them.
Eric Metaxas
Whether religion is man-made is a question for philosophers or theologians. But the forms are man-made. They are a human response to something. As a historian of religions, I am interested in those expressions.
Mircea Eliade
There’s always so much more that can be conveyed on screen visually in the expressions of people’s faces, in their bodies, in their body language. And also with sound design, with music.
Lynn Shelton
‘Choli Ke Peeche’ and ‘Ek Doh Teen’ were my favourite numbers as a kid. I was a huge fan of Madhuri Dixit and would spend hours looking into the mirror and aping her expressions, believing that the mirror was the camera!
Karishma Tanna
One of my favorite expressions ever uttered by a player is Roy Campanella’s line about how, in order to be a major-league player, you have to have a lot of little boy in you.
Vin Scully
All women have appealing features. I do not refer to model-type appeal, but rather that which comes from your personality, your attitude, and your expressions. I urge you to enhance the natural, God-given, feminine gifts with which you have been so richly blessed.
James E. Faust
I am very reactive towards everything. There are some who don’t react at all, they absorb everything quietly, while I’d go all out and show my expressions. This is not part of some tamasha I do; I do it because it’s part of my personality. To each his own.
Preity Zinta
As an actress, my best tools are my emotions and expressions.
Mary Steenburgen
Why shouldn’t I be confident? I’m well educated, I can deliver a line, and I have more than three expressions. That’s good right?
Sonakshi Sinha
You could imagine a language exactly like English except it doesn’t have connectives like ‘and’ that allow you to make longer expressions. An infant learning truncated English would have no idea about this: They would just pick it up as they would standard English.
Noam Chomsky
Because I had other means of expressions, I was lucky that I didn’t go under and start becoming all convoluted in my head. That can happen, if you’re a serious actor and you’re here to really be a part of cinema, and when cinema ignores you, it can be devastating.
Deepti Naval