Top 133 Graduation Quotes

Graduation Quotes: Inspiring the Journey of Achievement and New Beginnings

Celebrating Milestones

Graduation is a momentous occasion that marks the culmination of hard work, perseverance, and the pursuit of knowledge. It symbolizes a significant milestone in one’s life and opens the door to new opportunities, adventures, and possibilities. In this article, we celebrate the journey of achievement and new beginnings through a collection of inspiring quotes that capture the essence of graduation.

Graduation is not just about receiving a diploma; it represents the growth, transformation, and personal development that occurs throughout the educational journey. It is a time to reflect on past accomplishments, embrace the lessons learned, and look forward to the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Graduation serves as a launchpad for dreams, ambitions, and the pursuit of a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Words of Inspiration: Quotes to Embrace the Future

Throughout history, philosophers, authors, and influential figures have shared their wisdom and insights about the journey of achievement and the transition into a new chapter of life. Their quotes capture the excitement, the uncertainty, and the boundless potential that accompany graduation. Below, we present a collection of inspiring quotes that will encourage you to embrace the future, pursue your passions, and embark on a journey of continued growth and success.

This man used to go to school with his dog. Then they w

This man used to go to school with his dog. Then they were separated. His dog graduated!
Henny Youngman
High levels of homeownership have been shown to foster greater involvement in school and civic organizations, higher graduation rates, and greater neighborhood stability.
Ben Bernanke
After graduating in the summer of 1980, I knew I wanted my life to count.
Donna Rice
I took three years off. I differentiated myself from the industry. Found my identity – sort of… I haven’t graduated yet. I’m not legitimately educated yet, but maybe one day.
Claire Danes
I have the loving support of my girlfriend who still attends Wake Forest and is nearing graduation. She helps me cope with the everyday rigors of being an NBA player.
Tim Duncan
I went to Legoland in Denmark when I was five, I think, but I went to Germany when I was 17 to have a little adventure after graduation.
Jens Lekman
After graduation in June of 1984, I moved to Manhattan. My first stop was a psychiatrist, who in less than our first fifty-minute session again diagnosed me with depression.
Andy Behrman
You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world.
Tom Brokaw
Commencement speeches were invented largely in the belief that outgoing college students should never be released into the world until they have been properly sedated.
Garry Trudeau
I’m very thankful I went to college, because I’ve seen the difference that it makes for me in the professional world. After graduation, I was building a name for myself in the Chicago theater scene, but there was always this pull to L.A.
KiKi Layne
I vividly remember my first meeting with Farooque Shaikh. It was in 1975. I had just returned from New York after completing my graduation and was looking for opportunities to begin a career as an actor.
Deepti Naval
All of us have to win games. Whether we like it or not, the graduation rates and all the things people are talking about aren’t as important as winning.
Mack Brown
I was in Mumbai pursuing my graduation in mass media; I was not sure what to do. I tried my hand at a couple of different things. I joined an acting school after that and eventually things fell in place.
Ishita Dutta
The doer alone learneth.
Friedrich Nietzsche
I received my undergraduate degree in engineering in 1939 and a Master of Science degree in mathematical physics in 1941 at Steven Institute of Technology.
Frederick Reines
It might be said now that I have the best of both worlds. A Harvard education and a Yale degree.
John F. Kennedy
My graduation was an amazing moment for my family, my community. In my early childhood, we lived on a subsidized income, with government assistance – at one point when I was growing up, my mother was making $14,000 a year. Now I had made it out of the hood, so to speak.
From kindergarten to graduation, I went to public schools, and I know that they are a key to being sure that every child has a chance to succeed and to rise in the world.
Dick Cheney
We are living in 1937, and our universities, I suggest, are not half-way out of the fifteenth century. We have made hardly any changes in our conception of university organization, education, graduation, for a century – for several centuries.
H. G. Wells
By the time he arrived in Texas – via the red 1947 Studebaker Dad’s parents gave him as a graduation gift – he was ready for the challenge of making his way in the oil business.
Dorothy Bush Koch
Each year India and China produce four million graduates compared with just over 250,000 in Britain.
Gordon Brown
I have studied and graduated out of Delhi. I moved to Mumbai after graduation.
Angad Bedi
One half who graduate from college never read another book.
G. M. Trevelyan
My first jobs after graduation in 1955 were as a project engineer for G.E. and later with the U.S. government in Washington, D.C., where I met and married my wife, Dolores Celini.
Oliver E. Williamson
You know what has made me the happiest I’ve ever been? Seeing my son and daughter graduate from college. More than wanting them to be educated, I wanted them to be nice people. To see that they have become both is just a wonderful thing.
Gil Scott-Heron
I received $100 per week when I started working at the Globe after graduation.
Will McDonough
I think I finally chose the graduate degree in engineering primarily because it only took one year and law school took three years, and I felt the pressure of being a little behind – although I was just 22.
Daniel J. Evans
I missed out on a few proms, homecomings, might miss my graduation. I wouldn’t want it any other way… it’s worth it.
Chloe Kim
When I graduated from high school, it was during the Depression and we had no money.
Ray Bradbury
I was the girl that didn’t go to prom or my graduation because I was too busy working with producers and making music.
Bebe Rexha
After the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971, primary education was made free. We are now thinking to make education in the public sector free up to graduation level. We are also thinking of providing a light meal at primary and secondary schools in order to increase the student retention level.
Sheikh Hasina
Yale places great stress on undergraduate and graduate

Yale places great stress on undergraduate and graduate teaching. I like teaching, and I do a lot of it.
James Tobin
When I was in school, my mother stressed education. I am so glad she did. I graduated from Yale College and Yale University with my master’s and I didn’t do it by missing school.
Angela Bassett
In 1858 I received the degree of D. S. from the Lawrence Scientific School, and thereafter remained on the rolls of the university as a resident graduate.
Simon Newcomb
It’s not how much you spend, it’s how you spend it. We have been putting a lot of money into education in the state of Nevada, and it’s gotten us to 50th in the country in graduation rates. We needed more accountability in our system.
Brian Sandoval
Mentors provide professional networks, outlets for frustration, college and career counseling, general life advice, and most importantly, an extra voice telling a student they are smart enough and capable enough to cross the stage at graduation and land their first paycheck from a career pathway job.
Gerald Chertavian
The mission of Patrick Henry College was to attract and cultivate academic stars from the ranks of home-schooled evangelicals, then send them off on graduation day to ‘shape the culture and take back the nation,’ in the words of a common home-schooling rallying cry.
Nina Easton
It’s my goal to make martial arts compulsory for girls in school. In China, you have to do two years of martial arts’ training without which you cannot get a graduation degree.
Akshay Kumar
I’ve done photo shoots for fashion brand catalogues and participated in graduation shows for fashion colleges.
HoYeon Jung
Catholic school graduates exhibit a wide variety of qualities that will not only help them in their careers but also in their family and community lives.
Joe Baca
I studied finance and accounting in college, and I worked at a massive accounting firm out of graduation.
Simu Liu
I was a lesbian for a semester at Wesleyan – it was a graduation requirement.
Ayelet Waldman
I pretty much bailed on high school. I mean, I graduated, but I wasn’t even there for my own graduation.
Tommy Caldwell
After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles to do more theater, not realizing there is very little theater in L.A. It was a lucky mistake, though, because after just 2 1/2 months of waiting tables, my TV and film career really took off.
Nicholas Gonzalez
I went to military college in Canada and graduated as an officer in the Navy but also as an engineer.
Marc Garneau
Our record number of teenagers must become our record number of high school and college graduates and our record number of teachers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, and skilled professionals.
Ruben Hinojosa
It was only when I finished the course and left my graduation diploma on the bus that I realised I’d become an actor.
James D’arcy
It is virtually impossible to compete in today’s global economy without a college degree.
Bobby Scott
I dropped out of college before graduation. I opted to begin work as an actress.
Sharmila Tagore
Americans in particular are myopic. They’re not traveling as much. When you were a college student, the next thing you would do on graduation was to take a year off and travel. That’s what I did. I went to Indonesia.
Julie Taymor
All real education is the architecture of the soul.
William Bennett