Top 133 Swear Quotes

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I would never commit acts of domestic or family violenc

I would never commit acts of domestic or family violence, stalking or sex offenses against Vince Russo or his household members or any other kind of member that he might have hanging around. Never would I do such a thing. I swear to that.
Jim Cornette
I swear I’m not bossy in any other aspect of my life – it’s just on set.
Margot Robbie
Mine was the most usual upbringing, I swear! I knew a girl who could only wear full-sleeved clothes. They had weird restrictions. My life was great.
Masaba Gupta
When I left Kentucky at age 18 to attend the U.S. Naval Academy and lifted my right hand to swear the oath to defend our Constitution, I did so willingly.
Amy McGrath
I know a lot of people don’t have their parents in their life – their mother, their father – but I’ve got the best two you could ask for, I swear.
J. R. Smith
When I need to get into details, I like French. But when I want to do something stronger, English is better. The swear words are stronger in English. And on the court, ‘Allez!’ is light. ‘Come on!’ That’s strong.
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
As soon as we finish a tour, I think, ‘Oh my god, I’m unemployed.’ I swear to God, every time I’m not touring, I hear my father yelling, ‘You’re unemployed if you’re not working every day.’
John Rzeznik
I think I’m the happiest person in the world, I swear to you. I’m like continuously catching my mind, like, ‘Wow, like, everything is perfect in my life, there’s nothing wrong.’ I’m just so scared to even admit it because I want nothing to go wrong.
Artem Chigvintsev
Liars are always most disposed to swear.
Vittorio Alfieri
There is the good and the bad, the great and the low, the just and the unjust. I swear to you that all that will never change.
Albert Camus
I have three tank tops which I wrung terribly, fixed them many times. I had people rip them in the ring and swear at them, and I’d fix them.
Luke Harper
I swear too much.
Dizzee Rascal
I’m on my computer a lot, but I swear I have an excuse! I spend about nine hours on media a day, but seven or eight of those are doing my schoolwork.
Nolan Gould
It’s all about sound. It’s that simple. Wireless is wireless, and it’s digital. Hopefully somewhere along the line somebody will add more ones to the zeros. When digital first started, I swear I could hear the gap between the ones and the zeros.
Eddie Van Halen
It is an outrage that Donald Trump can swear and scream on national television and no one says boo about how he presents himself.
David Brock
My father could swear in Gaelic and English, by the way, ladies and gentlemen.
Denis Leary
When I finally came to the United States, I was forced to get a job right away. I spoke no English – none. I started working as an aesthetician in this beautiful boutique salon in Beverly Hills. Being an aesthetician didn’t require an elaborate vocabulary in English. My first client was Cindy Crawford! I swear.
Anastasia Soare
I swear every day I love it more and more. If you want to go 47.0 in a 100 free and you’re 47.1, you have all these years behind you and it comes down to a 47-second race. It can be so brutal sometimes, but that’s the part I like about it.
Caeleb Dressel
People can say I am a terrible role model because I swear all the time or that I fight people. Look, I don’t want little girls to have the same ambitions as me. I want them to know that it is O.K. to be ambitious. I want them to know that it is O.K. to say whatever it is that is on their mind.
Ronda Rousey
I swear like a sailor, assuming the sailor in question died in 1800 and was really square.
Alexandra Petri
My temper manifests itself when I can’t find something. I could swear that there is a plot against me to put kitchen utensils in the wrong drawers.
Tom Conti
I say something bad every day, but I like to swear sparingly because it has more impact.
Jayma Mays
I had a year of therapy and I swear to God, I went in that with a certain level of self-love, but not enough to keep me out of bad relationships, not enough to try and save people who were toxic for me, not enough to recognise when something was bad, to walk away.
Nicola Roberts
It’s very different working with all adults. I have a swear jar so that, if they have a potty mouth, I make them pay. That’s what it’s like being on set with adults.
Joey King
Whenever I start a book, I swear it’s going to be a short one. But then it’s, ‘Who was his grandfather? And how did he get there in the first place? And what kind of animals is he chasing?’
James A. Michener
I want to play trailer trash; I swear to God.
Joan Van Ark
Many persons swear by positive thinking, and quite a few have been helped by it. Nevertheless, it is not a very effective tool and can be downright harmful in some cases.
Srikumar Rao
People ask ‘do you make a conscious effort not to swear?’ – if you’re doing silly stuff you’re not tempted to put swearing in. All the comics from my childhood, who were funny without swearing, were the people that influenced me. What I do is quite traditional anyway.
Tim Vine
I, Binyavanga Wainaina, quite honestly swear I have known I am a homosexual since I was five.
Binyavanga Wainaina
My life, I swear, is, like, 75% public. I have a very small percentage of my life that is private. But I do keep that private life private.
Steve Aoki
My opinions of which of my works are good are vastly different than other people’s. There is one that I’m obsessed with but I swear… no one else has ever even commented on it. So I’m a bit shy to draw attention to it.
Jemima Kirke
When people start talking about venture capital and fin

When people start talking about venture capital and finances and how to create this and do that, a lot of it, I swear, it’s like sitting in an escrow meeting when all you want to do is buy a house, and you’re signing 50 pieces of paper, but you have no idea what they’re talking about.
Tony Hawk
But I enjoy the opportunity to use swear symbols.
Daniel Clowes
We underestimate children and the people who work with them. I swear – so often, I tell people I am a children’s author, and it’s like they want to pat me on the head: ‘Aw, isn’t that sweet.’
Kathi Appelt
I definitely swear more than I should.
Joe Kennedy III
Back in 2006, when I started in the industry, there was a very old-school beauty mentality. We had to take headshots, and the makeup artists put on so much makeup – I swear I looked like a 48-year-old woman, and I was 22.
Katy Tur
Madam, I have been looking for a person who disliked gravy all my life; let us swear eternal friendship.
Sydney Smith
Are you ready to have your mind blown? Sometimes Ron Howard uses swear words.
Dave Itzkoff
I love high concept movies, but they can only work if the source of inspiration is really human – if they’re driven by pain and strong emotions. Once you connect the audience with that, then I swear you can take them on the craziest journey, and they’ll come along.
James Wan
I swear, if anyone near me even so much as whispers the sentence ‘Women probably don’t want to direct,’ my fist will fly as a reflex action.
Lexi Alexander
Oh my God – this is scary and sad all at the same time. I literally dream about buying my own groceries. Swear to God. Because it is something that is real and normal.
I never heckle. I never swear.
Elizabeth May
I have a lot of Twitter rules. I never swear on Twitter, and if anybody’s inappropriate, I block them. I have young followers.
Rachel Nichols
But friends invited me to a private screening of Emmanuelle and said I’d learn a few things. But I know all the swear words. I just don’t use them. So I declined.
Irene Dunne
Don’t get confused; doing choreography in the ring can be done by anyone. I take the guy who works in the gas station on the corner, and I teach him a choreography for a week, and I swear he can do it in a ring.
Alberto Del Rio
I don’t drink in public. I don’t swear on TV. All I want is for people to say Chris Eubank is an all-right guy.
Chris Eubank Sr.
It was illegal for black people and white people to play checkers together in Birmingham. And there were even black and white Bibles to swear to tell the truth on in many parts of the South.
Isabel Wilkerson
What surprises me is when people give me their mobile number. The other day, someone on a bus asked if I swear. I said I try not to, but of course I’m just a normal person.
Christopher Parker
As Members of Congress, we swear an oath to uphold the United States Constitution. It means something to be an American because we believe in our country, we believe in our people, and we believe in our constitution.
Todd Tiahrt
Working out is incredibly boring. I swear it’s true that the bigger your muscles get, the fewer brain cells you have.
Christian Bale
I’m really happy that people understand that man-repelling is a good thing. I was afraid people would think I was mocking fashion, and it’s like, ‘No, I swear, I’m wearing feathered sleeves as I write this!’
Leandra Medine
I swear, if you existed I’d divorce you.
Edward Albee
Must swear off from swearing. Bad habit.
Rutherford B. Hayes
A lot of people don’t realize that depression is an illness. I don’t wish it on anyone, but if they would know how it feels, I swear they would think twice before they just shrug it.
Jonathan Davis
For makeup, I swear by a base of Embryolisse, Nars concealer, that Bobbie Brown foundation stick, Pat’s highlighter, a brow fill-in with dark brown eyeshadow and angle brush, a groom with Anastasia brow gel, an eyelash curl, and two swipes of drugstore mascara.
Paloma Elsesser
I swear, there is no one better listening to the fans and knowing what they wants and how to make them cheer other than John Cena.
Alberto Del Rio
I like cake, I swear a lot, and I hardly ever go to the hairdresser. I don’t think I’m a movie star.
Rachael Stirling
Jesus is just a word I use to swear with.
Richard Harris
There’s always a better word than a swear word.
I learned to speak Italian, somewhat. Definitely enough to get around in Italy. My grandfather always used to swear at my grandmother in Italian.
Jen Lancaster
I am one day going to be working openly in the motion picture industry. When that day comes, I swear to you that I will never sign a term contract with any major studio.
Dalton Trumbo
A lot of people say I look like a rock star or a designer punk. But I swear it’s the job that has carved my face. It’s the hours, the stress, and the pressure. It’s not me trying to look like this.
Marco Pierre White
Kevin Nash came to me; he goes, 'Book, hey, Book, man,

Kevin Nash came to me; he goes, ‘Book, hey, Book, man, you know, this nWo thing is getting real hot, bro. And, man, we need some color, man.’ I swear to God, that’s how he said it! ‘We need some color, bro.’ He goes, ‘We want to bring you in.’ I go, ‘Man, thanks, but no thanks. No way.’ I said, ‘I’m a solo act, man.’
Booker T
My sister and I thought my grandmother was not very grandmotherly compared to all of the church ladies that we knew. She was making sure we learned all the Korean swear words, just in case we needed them. Now I see what an awesome lady she was.
Lee Isaac Chung
I’ve been in 30 car crashes, none of ’em my fault, I swear on a stack of midgets… OK, they were probably all my fault.
Roddy Piper
Just because society, and government, and whatever was different 100 years ago, doesn’t mean that people didn’t have sex, pick their nose, or swear.
Kate Winslet
I swear to God, I don’t even know who Demi Lovato is. My son has a crush on her. Apparently, he was sat next to her when I knocked Luke Rockhold out, so Demi Lovato knows who I am, that’s for sure.
Michael Bisping
I’ve got these die-hard fans on Facebook, and you’d swear they haven’t heard anything I’ve done since 1962, 1963.
Dion DiMucci
I run in Central Park as the sun comes up. Some may mistake it for walking, but I swear I am running. I could not do it without my iPod.
Hoda Kotb
The odd swear word doesn’t harm anyone, does it?
Sarah Harding
I take off my makeup with coconut oil some nights. It sounds like it would clog your pores, but I swear it’s saved my skin.
Madison Beer
People often swear the first time they see my work. I like that.
Willard Wigan
We used to sit around and chortle, ‘Look what this guy said five years ago, and today look what he’s doing. Let’s stick it to him!’ It’s as simple as that, I swear.
Mike Wallace
I think happiness is a choice. If you feel yourself being happy and can settle in to the life choices you make, then it’s great. It’s really, really great. I swear to God, happiness is the best makeup.
Drew Barrymore
A lot of people use a smiley face when they write letters. But it’s this huge insane compulsion, like ‘I’m happy! I swear!’ I’m not buying it.
Nate Lowman
Making comedies, you end up knowing people that you would swear would be the funnest people ever in the whole world. And they’re not. They’re really mean and depressed and hideous people.
Nancy Juvonen
All presidents swear an oath to the Constitution to keep this country united, and when the country fell apart, Lincoln had to put it back together again, with a lot of help. But he bore total responsibility.
Steven Spielberg
I can swear like a fishwife.
Frances Bay
Take care of yourself by eating right, sleeping right, and exercising regularly! These are the only rules I swear by. If you follow this religiously and use the right products, your skin and hair will thank you.
Jacqueline Fernandez
It’s likely that taboo words are stored in the right hemisphere of the brain. Massive left hemisphere strokes or the entire surgical removal of the left hemisphere can leave people with no articulate speech other than the ability to swear, spout cliches and song lyrics.
Steven Pinker
Is there nothing the prodigiously talented Ann Patchett can’t do? She’s channeled the world of opera, Boston politics, magic, unwed motherhood, and race relations, creating scenarios so indelible, you swear they are right outside your door.
Caroline Leavitt
We walk around Warped Tour all the time and I swear to you, kids are like, ‘Hey, that looks like the guy from New Found Glory.’
Chad Gilbert
I couldn’t swear that I believed in the law – or in the American legal system.
Felice Picano
When we have a lot of the running, which we do on green screen, that is actually the hardest… I swear I have, like, four separate scenes in a row running, and I’d only done one at a time before.
Keiynan Lonsdale
I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.
Ayn Rand
I never feel like I’ve done anything. Swear to God. I’m not kidding. So it’s always a surprise when somebody asks me to do anything.
Hilton Als
I swear on my mum’s life, I’ve never done a day’s exercise.
I swear by that old expression, ‘One monkey don’t stop no show!’ The reality is, we still have some good men out there, and we should hail those men as the kings they are.
Angie Stone
The only picture I have of my childhood is the picture of me in kindergarten. I have this expression on my face – it’s not a smile, it’s not a frown. I swear to you, that’s the girl who wakes up in the morning and who looks around her house and her life saying, ‘I cannot believe how God has blessed me.’
Viola Davis
Today, January 23, 2019, I swear to formally assume the powers of the national executive as president in charge of Venezuela.
Juan Guaido
I swear to God, if you saw me when I am by myself in the woods, I’m a lunatic. I sing, I dance.
Chris Evans
I remember the nuns used to swear quite a lot, so I think maybe it’s picking it up from them.
Kathy Burke
Am I a little rough around the edges? Do I say things that people don’t like sometimes? Do I swear a lot? Yes, yes, yes. Life’s hard, man.
Dana White
I got caught stealing when I was a kid from the local b

I got caught stealing when I was a kid from the local bodega right across the street from where we lived. I tried to steal a big bag of Red Hot Dollars. And I swear, I was about 7 years old and the bag was bigger’n me.
Marlon Wayans
I am not very relaxed about bad reviews. But I am resilient. I grieve, curse and swear, put on loud music, and get on with the next job.
Simon Schama
I swear and it comes off a little angry, no matter how funny I’m trying to do it. If I use certain words with a certain intensity, it’s like ‘Whoa whoa whoa, buddy buddy!’
John C. Reilly
What ‘SNL’ taught me that was useful on ‘The Watch’ was, only put in bad words if they can get a laugh – there was no need for swear words and beeps in places that weren’t necessary. Those beeps should only be in there when they mean something and it’s important to the joke.
Akiva Schaffer
I swear on everything holy I do not know what’s on the Internet about me.
Iris Apfel
Swear you’d rather die than use ‘literally’ as an intensifier.
Teju Cole
There are times over different projects when I’ve asked the writers why people are swearing for no good reason. I tell them that it would be funnier if there weren’t these swear words.
John Ratzenberger
I love doing improv, and I swear by it, and I encourage people to take classes, and blah blah blah. But it’s always been interesting how it doesn’t necessarily translate to television.
Jack McBrayer
I swear, there is Capitol Studios and then there’s every other studio on the planet Earth. It is the ultimate, paramount of sound in the United States of America. It is a magical place.
Marty Stuart
I swear to God, my career is like this weird origami thing.
Jimmi Simpson
I’ve done a barre class before. I swear.
Chris Hogan
In most countries, you have a monarch or some other principal person to whom its officers and its military swear their allegiance. Our officials in this country and our military swear allegiance to the Constitution. We say that when we say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
Edwin Meese
I swear allegiance to the Republic of Sudan.
Salva Kiir Mayardit
Bio-Oil is the best scar and stretchmark prevention/remedy. I swear by the entire range of Vea Oleo – their lip balm is great. I use the one in tubes for my son Otto’s winter skin dryness.
Margherita Missoni
It’s a sin to swear.
Jayson Williams
I saw Dolly Parton play at the Glastonbury Festival to about 120,000 people. It was an ocean of human beings. I was a mile away from the stage, and I swear to God, I could feel her energy.
Sturgill Simpson
Don’t be scared of ‘said.’ Writers sometimes go looking for alternatives because they worry that ‘he said’ and ‘she said’ will feel repetitive if they’re used all the time, but I swear, they won’t.
Tana French
Utility is the great idol of the age, to which all powers must do service and all talents swear allegiance.
Friedrich Schiller
I sometimes think that life is a circle. See, I cannot get away from genius. At Barca, I had Messi. At Juve, I have Paulo Dybala. Genius follows me everywhere, I swear.
Dani Alves
In real life, I swear by Edge Control by Olive Oil. My hairstylist hates it, but it’s everything to me. And I mean everything! It’s like a perm in a little jar of gel.
Tasha Smith
When I walk down the street in New York, I swear to God, the building constructor, the guy pounding cement and what not, will yell, ‘Hey, you hockey puck!’
Don Rickles
When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear.
Mark Twain
Zara right now has incredible jeans. I’m obsessed. They have these jeans that have those ridges on the knees. I swear they have a little bit of stretch to them, so they hug everything in the right places. They’ve got great boyfriend jeans that are torn up, and you can cuff them.
Adrienne Bailon
In all my content I don’t really swear or use profanity, because I believe comedy can just be pure.
Michael Dapaah
Even when I was a kid, I had a good thing with kids. To this day, if I go to a birthday party with one of my kids, I swear to you, I am so much happier hanging out with my kids and their friends than talking to the grown-ups.
Shawn Levy
The Athenians had an oath for someone who was about to become a citizen. They had to swear that ‘I shall leave the city not less but more beautiful than I found it.’
Richard Rogers
I never yet feared those men who set a place apart in the middle of their cities where they gather to cheat one another and swear oaths which they break.
Some people swear by writing courses, but whether it really helps American poetry, I have doubts.
Robert Morgan
‘Nice’ means nothing. Is it someone who doesn’t swear and shout? I swear and shout. ‘Nice’ sounds ineffectual.
Michael Palin
Marriage is another trap. If you are someone who likes independence, it’s another stamp against that. And you have to swear to fidelity.
Carla Bruni
Every day of the show, I’d have about 100 of those rollers all over my head, and I’d have to wear them for hours. I even went to dinner like that a few times! I swear, half of my ‘Boy Meets World’ pictures have me wearing rollers in them.
Danielle Fishel
I think I've got an Irish sensibility for language - I

I think I’ve got an Irish sensibility for language – I like how people talk. I’m not saying I’ve got it, but I’m obsessed with the way they use language, like they use a swear word very poetically.
Roisin Conaty
My two secrets to staying healthy: wash your hands all the time. And, if you can’t, use Purell or one of the sanitizers. And the other is hot peppers. I eat a lot of hot peppers. I for some reason started doing that in 1992, and I swear by it.
Hillary Clinton
I am reproached for allegedly preparing my children, my eldest son, as a successor. I swear to you I have never discussed this idea, even with my family or with my sons.
Alexander Lukashenko
I swear I am the worst gamer. I try, I try, and I try, but for some reason, you know, it – yeah. I got – everybody beats me. Let’s just put it that way.
Michael Rooker
When I first started working at Disney animation, I can’t tell you how many people said to me, ‘Oh, man, take a powder.’ Nobody takes animated musicals seriously. I swear.
Alan Menken
I’m not going chic, I swear. The geek endures. But, I mean, a snazzy cool suit looks good.
Jon Heder
I swear by my Clarisonic Mia 2! I use it every morning when I wake up and every night before bed.
Erin Heatherton
I swear to God, I went in to buy bikinis, and the lady’s like, ‘You’re not getting out of this store ’til you get down there and show me what you do for those abs and the arms.’ She wouldn’t sell me my bikinis! I had to get on the floor and do the stomach thing.
Sharon Stone
Citizens, not less generous than myself, let your most precious moments be employed in causing the past to be forgotten; let all my fellow-citizens swear never to recall the past; let them receive their misled brethren with open arms, and let them, in future, be on their guard against the traps of bad men.
Toussaint Louverture