Top 135 Observing Quotes

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I am really not a believer that there are UFOs observin

I am really not a believer that there are UFOs observing us here on Earth, and yet I saw something that blew my mind, something I could not explain.
Josh Gates
In the city, you’re always looking around, observing everything. In some neighborhoods, your life can depend on it. The details change constantly.
Mark Bradford
Reading is a technology for perspective-taking. When someone else’s thoughts are in your head, you are observing the world from that person’s vantage point.
Steven Pinker
I am travelling to different places and talking to people about travelling litter-free, observing the wildlife, and respecting the host.
Shenaz Treasury
I think that’s something that people don’t realize enough about when they get into comedy – it’s not just about sitting back and observing and saying something funny.
Brett Gelman
I believe in observing and absorbing life.
Ranvir Shorey
Being a young black man, observing and sensing the need for race equality and women’s rights, I wrote about what was important to me.
Curtis Mayfield
Cultivating literature as I do upon a little oatmeal, and driving, when in a position to be driven at all, in that humble vehicle, the ‘bus, I have had, perhaps, exceptional opportunities for observing their mutual position and behaviour; and it is very peculiar.
James Payn
I have been a fan of Yoo Ah In’s for a long time. Every time I watched one of his films, I would think to myself, ‘How does he act like that?’ and greatly admired his acting abilities. I felt that I would be able to learn and improve a lot as an actor, just by observing.
Park Hyung-sik
I love observing both vocally and by sight. So I take on a lot of those elements of people around me.
Anthony Warlow
I began observing, making paintings of my surroundings, taking a vow of silence, listening, composing music, writing, and making time for formal education. Then I started telling stories.
John Francis
As a filmmaker, I believe in trying to make movies that invite the audience to be part of the film; in other words, there are some films where I’m just a spectator and am simply observing from the front seat. What I try to do is draw the audience into the film and have them participate in what’s happening onscreen.
Peter Jackson
Just observing – that’s the best skill of all for an actor!
Richard McCabe
‘The Company’ was interesting. I didn’t love it, although it might be compelling to someone who isn’t a dancer. There wasn’t a lot of dialogue, and you were just kind of observing the creative process of choreography and in class.
Misty Copeland
Warhol was the ultimate voyeur, constantly observing people through the lens. He watched and listened, but did not participate. Behind the camera, Warhol was in control.
Alison Jackson
Facebook was founded on February 4, 2004. On February 5, we were feeling pretty confident, even from observing the first few hours of usage. Students used it like crazy. They’d sign up then spend the next 3-4 hours on it. Then we’d go to lecture hall and see it on every computer screen there.
Dustin Moskovitz
Paradoxically, those who call for family values also tout the wonders of an unregulated market without observing the subtle cultural links between the family they seek to regulate and the market they hold free.
Arlie Russell Hochschild
I have understood by observing blind people that they are very confident. They don’t see themselves as suffering from a disability.
Anil Ravipudi
I am turned into a sort of machine for observing facts and grinding out conclusions.
Charles Darwin
I actually found contracting malaria in the Congo fascinating. Observing your body under attack from this microorganism and seeing how it responds is simultaneously fascinating and awful but maybe that’s just because I’m a former biology teacher.
Jeremy Wade
I’ve always really been interested in observing people’s postures, the way they speak with their hands, the way they communicate things with their body language.
Christine and the Queens
Since most of ‘Mean Girls’ consists of the outsider Cady observing the tribal rites of her new setting and laying it all out in narration, this movie is just like home for the meticulous and ruthless deadpan that Ms. Fey has perfected for the satirical ‘S.N.L.’ newscast in which she and Jimmy Fallon are the anchors.
Elvis Mitchell
The bottom line is that finding orphan planets – small, faint, and located who-knows-where – is not for the faint of heart. The task is comparable to observing a match flame at the distance of Pluto. The WISE satellite, a hi-tech, space-based infrared telescope especially suited for such work, has found only a few.
Seth Shostak
I live in Paris, a city where you have a lot of stylish women, so I learned a lot by observing the women in the street. But my mother was always a big influence as well; she is always very feminine in high heels and perfectly cut dresses, with perfect makeup but never too much.
Jeanne Damas
To me, comedy is just twisting reality. It’s commenting or observing or twisting life.
Steven Wright
I have never been to an acting school, and on the sets of ‘Karwaan,’ Irrfan was my acting school. By observing him, I learnt to improvise in the scenes along with focusing on the smallest of the details.
Mithila Palkar
Asymmetric balance creates greater reader interest. Pleasure derived from observing asymmetrical arrangements lies partly in overcoming resistances, which, consciously or not, the spectator adjusts in his own mind.
Paul Rand
When I left Europe in 1987 I did so with the thought that my relevance as a composition teacher would benefit from a certain cool distance to certain tendencies I had been observing for several years with increasing disquiet.
Brian Ferneyhough
An actress spends a lifetime observing people. You build up a mental library. No, not a library. Make that a repository.
Marian Seldes
I had to do a lot of preparation for ‘Kaaka Muttai.’ I had to literally spend every night and morning in the slums, observing the life of people there, and work on my diction.
Aishwarya Rajesh
Observing humans and observing oneself yields a clear-minded starting point for literature.
Gao Xingjian
I'm an actor, and I keep observing people and their rea

I’m an actor, and I keep observing people and their reactions to figure out what they are thinking. There’s only so much you can do on your own, so you have to keep learning. Art imitates life.
Preity Zinta
The most ordinary conditions for observing sailing birds are then the wind and sea are both aft.
Lawrence Hargrave
You see a virus very differently when it’s caught and suspended on a slab of glass than when you’re observing how it’s ravaged a fellow human being.
Hanya Yanagihara
I think that having a job in journalism, despite all of the changes, is still a fantastic way to be – make a living observing your society and having a chance to use your voice.
Ellen Goodman
It would seem that the ant works its way tentatively, and, observing where it fails, tries another place and succeeds.
Richard Jefferies
Art is observing society around you, representing it through your eyes.
Mark Foster
I try to be of the world, rather than just observing it.
Jason Molina
With the sugar market hysteria, the people are obviously worried and expect higher inflation. When this hysteria subsides, which we’re probably observing, then I hope that people will also get less worried about the future of inflation.
Marek Belka
I’m just observing. I don’t ever want people to think I’m preaching at them or wearing them out.
Kacey Musgraves
People are not wrong in observing Caste. In my view, what is wrong is their religion, which has inculcated this notion of Caste. If this is correct, then obviously the enemy, you must grapple with is not the people who observe Caste, but the Shastras which teach them this religion of Caste.
B. R. Ambedkar
It is possible to interpret without observing, but not to observe without interpreting.
Mason Cooley
The great advantage of being a writer is that you can spy on people. You’re there, listening to every word, but part of you is observing. Everything is useful to a writer, you see – every scrap, even the longest and most boring of luncheon parties.
Graham Greene
The human mind evolved always in the company of the human body, and of the animal body before it was human. The intricate connections of mind and body must exceed our imagination, as from our point of view we are peculiarly prevented from observing them.
John Desmond Bernal
Cats do this thing with their faces where they’re so still, but they have this almost magnetic connection to anything they’re observing.
Emma Corrin
I have devoted my energies to the study of the scriptures, observing monastic discipline, and singing the daily services in church; study, teaching, and writing have always been my delight.
Venerable Bede
You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.
Eric Hoffer
I’ve always felt that Balanchine is my ultimate teacher. I learn the most from observing his work and also dancing in it.
Justin Peck
No one familiar with the common law of England can read the Constitution of the United States without observing the great desire of the Convention which framed that instrument to make it conform as far as possible with that law.
Samuel Freeman Miller
Our robots are signing up for online learning. After decades of attempts to program robots to perform complex tasks like flying helicopters or surgical suturing, the new approach is based on observing and recording the motions of human experts as they perform these feats.
Ken Goldberg
Only by observing this condition would the results of our work be regarded as fully conclusive and as having elucidated the normal course of the phenomena.
Ivan Pavlov
As an artist, you’re just observing the world around you. So much is overwhelming and it’s all so inescapable that it can’t all speak to general cultural statements.
Laura Jane Grace