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My first album was me finding myself and my voice, find

My first album was me finding myself and my voice, finding how I sing. I was rolling with the punches because everything was new to me.
Chris Brown
I land a higher percentage of punches than any boxer in boxing.
Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
What I need to do is relax, take my time, and make my shots count. That will give me more energy later in the fights but also allow me to throw the punches harder.
Joseph Parker
I feel like the guitar playing gives me rhythm with my punches – really helps to change up my jab.
Joseph Parker
Vitali Klitschko clobbered me with jabs left and right. I believe he threw the most punches he had thrown in his career against me, and that’s because I just kept coming with the pressure.
Chris Arreola
I’ve had dates at the nicest restaurants, but when you leave, you’re starving, and the best part of the date is having a slice of pizza and a couple of drinks on the way home. I think it’s important to be able to roll with the punches and enjoy every minute of it.
Meghan Markle
I was probably the best that ever walked this earth. And I could take a punch. I could deliver a punch. I didn’t have the hardest punch in the world but my punches were sharp and they were crisp. And if you took too many of them, you would be knocked out.
Larry Holmes
I don’t go for knockout punches.
Adrien Broner
Getting hit motivates me. It makes me punish the guy more. A fighter takes a punch, hits back with three punches.
Roberto Duran
The day I retire, I want other women to look at me and say: ‘Man, Jessica was awesome, funny and a lesbian. She threw so many punches and brought us lots of joy.’
Jessica Andrade
Britain punches way above its weight in science, and I think we need to continue to do that, and anything that makes it easier to bring scientists in will be very welcome.
John O’Keefe
More often than not, punches underwhelm – too fizzy, too fruity, too sherbet-y, and/or too baroque, the flavors all muddled into the boozy equivalent of the water left over from cleaning watercolor brushes.
Jonathan Miles
I’m learning along the way, and there’s going to be some little bumps and bruises, but as long as I keep rolling with the punches, I will keep moving up.
Ryan Garcia
It was a natural process, because when we go to the ring we are human beings, but once you feel the punches and the competition that’s when the beast comes out and takes hold of us.
Alexis Arguello
If you watch fights cage-side, sometimes different punches look better than others. It’s like camera angles. Sometimes some punches look a lot better than they were, and sometimes a solid punch doesn’t look good. So it just depends on your angle.
Chuck Liddell
In a way yes, I do 3-4 films a year, and I have dialogues and punches that somewhere become similar, but in a stage play, everything is different.
Binnu Dhillon
My punches are crisp, powerful, and sharp.
Joseph Parker
I learnt a blend of different martial arts – not in great depth, obviously – but various moves such as kicks, blocks and punches. It was all quite fun.
Christian Cooke
You have got to not get hit. You could be the best puncher in the world, but if you’re going to keep constantly taking punches you’re going to lose your heart. Once you learn how to miss the punches and then you start to punch them, you become an all-around fighter.
Gerry Cooney
I don’t pull punches at all, and I write my material for adults. But if kids like it, they can come watch it. I’ll never change anything about what I do for anyone. I kind of think that’s why kids like me. If you’re a teenager, and there’s someone onstage talking to you like an adult, that’s good.
Trixie Mattel
We’ve all seen so many plays where there’s brilliant acting and suddenly there’s so many dreadful punches that it takes you out of the moment, or somebody does some bit of violence that jars.
Michael McElhatton
The true game of mixed martial arts is putting your wrestling in there, putting your striking in there, but also being deceiving – hiding behind your punches if you’re wrestling and hiding behind your wrestling if you’re punching. It’s just a matter of blending it all together.
Tyron Woodley
Comedy was my sport. It taught me how to roll with the punches. Failure is the exact same as success when it comes to comedy because it just keeps coming. It never stops.
Emma Stone
Cain Velasquez attacks more, and throws more punches and kicks. It’s hard to fight against him. He’s very athletic, you can see that from his fights with ‘Cigano,’ but Werdum trains hard and is a great fighter.
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Life is a series of punches. It presents a lot of challenges. It presents a lot of hardship, but the people that are able to take those punches and able to move forward are the ones that really do have a lot of success and have a lot of joy in their life and have a lot of stories to tell, too.
Josh Turner
What’s the point of hitting pads, landing 10,000 punches, and then landing punches that are soft as feathers in the fight? I hit hard.
Jessica Andrade
MMA is not just about who punches the hardest. There are a lot of things you have to know what to do. That’s what I love about it.
Jairzinho Rozenstruik
Sometimes I felt as a writer I was purging, and it almost hurt to purge to that level. Now it doesn’t feel that way, maybe because I’m older. Maybe life has given me some punches, but it didn’t knock me down.
Jill Scott
Nobody was ever better than Roddy Piper was when it came to interviews. He didn’t pull no punches. He wasn’t afraid of nothin’ or nobody. He was a trip, and he was good people, too. He was a good friend. A damn good friend.
Paul Orndorff
Not every year is going to be the same and you just kind of have to just roll with the punches.
Mookie Betts
I believe very strongly that staying in is the right answer for Britain. And I haven’t pulled my punches, I’ve fought this campaign the only way I know how, which is to lead from the front, to be clear about what I believe, to be clear about what the consequences are.
David Cameron
When someone has speed they throw four punches to your

When someone has speed they throw four punches to your one, you cannot beat them.
Chris Eubank Sr.
I’m my own boss, my own editor, my own shooter, my own writer, everything. This is all stuff I learned through trial and error… failing at a lot of things has taught me how to succeed at them eventually… you roll with the punches.
Lilly Singh
None of the editors I’ve worked with have ever asked me to pull my punches. They’ve never asked me to give them anything other than my own interpretation of events.
James Nachtwey
The unique selling price (USP) of ‘Sat Shri Akaal England’ is its jokes and punches that come so naturally that we didn’t have to put in additional effort.
Ammy Virk
If you trained jiu-jitsu his whole life, why would you trade punches on fight night against a striker?
Royce Gracie
I have always been a martial arts fighter; it goes to back when I was eighteen. I was competing on the circuit, but when you’re performing, you tend to pull punches because you don’t want to hurt anyone.
Jason David Frank
I hate recording all the shows for the week in one day, because I want to be able to mention current events and pop culture. If Madonna punches Britney in the face today, I want to reference that on ‘Wine Library TV’ tomorrow. Monday’s episode is always the best, because it’s hot off the press.
Gary Vaynerchuk
When I interview celebrities, I always try to throw them off balance. My favorite is to ask ’em about crazy sex stuff like donkey punches and Monroe transfers. Works every time.
Rachel Perry
I think country music is popular – has been popular and will always be popular because I think a lot of real people singing about a lot of real stuff about real people. And it’s simple enough for people to understand it. And we kind of roll with the punches.
Dolly Parton
I’ve always been a champion of kids pursuing their dreams. But sometimes in life, extraordinary circumstances may force us to temporarily put our dreams on hold. The most important thing is to never lose sight of that dream, no matter what punches life may throw in our way.
Marlo Thomas
I’m from the era before the Internet, so I know what’s real and what’s not so you’ve just got to learn to roll with the punches.
Troy Deeney
I wanted to start in boxing, but you have to train a little harder to be a boxer. A lot of those guys can take punches. MMA, you only have to hit someone so hard to knock them out.
Derrick Lewis
I think I’ll never stop doing theater because it’s a more physical and athletic activity. You can’t pull any punches; there are no short cuts, and you have to be physically present and committed. I love the excitement and the response of being in front of a live audience.
Sterling K. Brown
From a young age, I was told boxing was not a career option. My dad told me there were other ways to make a living in sport without taking punches to the head. But eventually, curiosity got the better of me. I needed to find out what the big deal was.
Chris Eubank Jr.
There’s something really powerful about comedy. When the little guy, the comedian, punches up towards the big guy, or Trump, exposing him, calling out the emperor for having no clothes, that’s really important.
Randy Rainbow
Once he became a series character, I made the conscious choice that he would never act like a series character, never wink at the reader, never pull his punches. Better for him, better for me.
Donald E. Westlake
I’ve had hundreds of challenges at Traveller gatherings. They get a few beers in them, and they start thinking they are Tyson or Ali: throwing punches, swearing, and jumping around with their big fat bellies. I’d love to knock a few of them out.
Tyson Fury
I know the girls can’t take my punches.
Amanda Nunes
There are always going to be distractions, push and shove between players. It’s about rolling with the punches and enjoying every situation, good or bad.
Johanna Konta