Top 14 Lighthouse Quotes

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When 'The Lighthouse,' bizarrely, became the film that

When ‘The Lighthouse,’ bizarrely, became the film that people wanted to greenlight, it was really clear that those were the only two people to play the roles. And I knew that they would want to do it.
Robert Eggers
From Captain Britain’s point of view we live in a great, heavily populated omniverse and our reality is just one part of that. In each of the parallel worlds there is a lighthouse on every shore of every England where the champion has his base.
Chris Claremont
The Lighthouse’ isn’t scary. A few people have said it is, but I don’t think it is.
Robert Eggers
For me, a writer should be more like a lighthouse keeper, just out there by himself. He shouldn’t get his ideas from other people all around him.
Robert M. Pirsig
Metaphysics is a dark ocean without shores or lighthouse, strewn with many a philosophic wreck.
Immanuel Kant
Virginia Woolf’s literature really transformed my own ideas about how to formally represent the passage of time and how time affects us. Specifically, the benchmarks are ‘Mrs. Dalloway,’ ‘To the Lighthouse’ and ‘Orlando,’ all of which have time as a central conceit.
David Lowery
The best place for puffin watching is Sumburgh Head, at the south end of the Shetland mainland. There used to be a lighthouse there, but it’s now a visitor centre and gallery; they run a webcam, so you can check on the puffins in advance.
Ann Cleeves
Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all the others were making ships.
Charles Simic
I think I had my answers to the questions in ‘The Witch,’ and I had my answers to the questions in ‘The Lighthouse;’ I need those in order to write and direct them.
Robert Eggers
I’d worked at a small town newspaper, and I was thinking of all the strange stories that I had seen float through the newsroom in my time there that were dismissed as kind of amusing curiosities. Somehow from that I got to this idea of an eccentric alcoholic who built a lighthouse in the woods.
Michael Koryta
I went through the immigration thing. But when I got to New York it wasn’t so tough for me. I went to school. I went to P.S. 57, then I went to the Lighthouse for the Blind on 59th St. I guess being blind is a great leveler.
Jose Feliciano
You have to scuba dive in the Alexandrian harbor if you want to see what remains of the lighthouse of Cleopatra’s day, and the water in the Alexandrian harbor is not really something you want to come into contact with.
Stacy Schiff
We go by the lighthouse; paddle out. After we got out, we paddled way down to get the biggest peak.
George Downing
The Witch’ was very well planned, but ‘The Lighthouse’ was so much more so.
Robert Eggers