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Being world No 1 would be fantastic but you'd like to d

Being world No 1 would be fantastic but you’d like to do it by finishing the year as No 1 without anything happening off the table to someone else’s ranking.
Neil Robertson
It’s important to exercise your artistic muscles for your mental health and for your fulfillment ’cause as an artist, you’re a creator. Your fulfillment comes from finishing stuff and creating things that you’re proud of.
As I was finishing high school, ‘Fresh Prince’ was, by far, out front. The generation before me, it may have been the Huxtables, but for me and my homies, Fresh Prince.
Rick Ross
I started finishing ‘Nostalgic’ while trying to graduate at the same time. I graduated from high school, got my diploma, and my life just started when I completed ‘Nostalgic 64.’
Denzel Curry
I think, with most writers, their neurosis is finishing things. I have a different neurosis. I’m terribly anxious when it’s not finished. Then I become really difficult to live with.
Theresa Rebeck
Finishing second and getting in the Champions’ League quarter-finals or semi-finals is fine, but at the end of the day you need to take some silverware.
Gianluca Vialli
Fortunately for me, it’s my most favorite drill, and that is finishing. However, from a young age, soccer players in this country are not taught how to properly finish, and I think you see that through the professional ranks, that we don’t have that killer instinct of the forwards from other countries.
Landon Donovan
I can imagine finishing my career at Chelsea.
Michael Ballack
When I was finishing grad school, the hot new PC was the IBM 286. Bulky. Immobile. Expensive. I touched-typed easily and quickly, but nevertheless, I realized that the machine was a chain.
Jane Lindskold
When I went to college, I did clothing and textiles. It really wasn’t until I moved to New York, my second night in, I did stand-up. I took a wild left turn, and instead of going back and finishing school at FIT, I started doing stand-up and acting.
Melissa McCarthy
I don’t attend an actual school but I’m still following through with high school. I do work with a tutor for about six hours a day. It’s hard core but definitely worth it, and it’s my main focus now – finishing up high school before I release my new album and apply to college.
I love that feeling of just finishing a workout and knowing I’m taking care of my body. It is such a good feeling.
Jenna Ushkowitz
When I started finishing games and coming off the field shaking hands, it was a beautiful thing. I mean, you start seeing that you’re an important part of the team.
Dennis Eckersley
I think kids in France, and certainly in my household, don’t necessarily stop interrupting when you tell them, but they gradually become more aware of other people, and that means that you can have the expectation of finishing a conversation.
Pamela Druckerman
I was 22, and getting into a World Cup squad is what you dream about as a kid, so finishing third was fantastic.
Henrik Larsson
My brother Kobi made my mother very proud when he was elected deputy mayor of Jerusalem. My sister made her proud when she got an advanced university degree, finishing cum laude, and I could not have given my mother a better present than having her come to the Knesset to witness my swearing-in as a minister.
Moshe Kahlon
Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.
Greg Anderson
Nobody expected me to finish Cub Swanson the way I did. When you see something like that, even I say, ‘You’re finally here. You’re not only hanging with the best of the best, you’re finishing them.’
Brian Ortega
I’m finishing my Ph.D. in Italian Renaissance history.
Peter Weller
Finishing what you started is important.
Adam Neumann
I am used to coming in second and then all of the sudden finishing in first because nobody expected me to do it. Kind of like David and Goliath, you know. I’m not the giant.
Marcus Smart
I’ve been working on my finishing for quite some time. It’s just a question of paying attention to the minor details.
Cobi Jones
Within 10 minutes of a WSL game finishing, virtually ever player gets feedback on their performances in terms of England-level requirements.
Phil Neville
I received a call from America after finishing ‘Suspect’, and I told them that I would go to America if things are ready.
Gong Yoo
I’m quite good at finishing, I suppose.
Dwight Gayle
I’m planning on finishing the Gospels at some point.
Chester Brown
When I was struggling to get recognition as a wrestler, I faced innumerable hardships. I even slept on the ring itself after finishing my practice. Those days, I did not have a house to live.
The Great Khali
Between finishing emails, loading the fridge, unloading the dishwasher, getting our son to eat his chicken nuggets and my dog to swallow her pill, it takes approximately 32 days for my husband and I to complete a discussion and 46 to wrap up a fight.
Emma McLaughlin
I felt like ‘Kingdom’ was earning my bachelor’s degree in acting, and then ‘I, Tonya,’ ‘BlacKkKlansman,’ and ‘Richard Jewell’ feel like I’m working my way toward finishing my master’s.
Paul Walter Hauser
I really only have been seriously writing, finishing things and publishing things since January ’91.
Catherine Ryan Hyde
Finishing a guy like Benson Henderson, who hasn’t been finished since for six years, the guy doesn’t get finished and I finished it with a switch-step switch to Southpaw, knocked him out with my left hand.
Michael Chandler
I am working really hard with assistant coaches on both

I am working really hard with assistant coaches on both hands, left and right, finishing.
Bojan Bogdanovic
I was the coach in Valencia, and this was when Pochettino was finishing his playing career. And we met in Valencia watching the Chile training sessions. And a few months later, he took over as coach of Espanyol.
Unai Emery
I remember finishing a monologue, looking up, and seeing people really moved and then being like, ‘Oh, my imagination just took me somewhere completely different.’ That was the moment I knew that this is what I wanted to do.
Jaz Sinclair
I was writing fiction, but not finishing fiction.
Elizabeth Moon
Thus, after finishing high school, I started with high expectations and enthusiasm to study chemistry at the famous Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.
Richard Ernst
It’s not just about knockouts, son. This is mixed martial arts. It’s about finishing people. It’s about putting in that time, putting in all five rounds.
Tony Ferguson
We never work on only one project because we never know if we will get permission for a project. So, for ‘Over the River,’ we started in 1992. I was just finishing ‘The Umbrellas’ in Japan and California, and I was also working on getting permission to wrap the Reichstag.
I agree with Arsene Wenger that finishing in the top four is the equivalent of winning a trophy – even if you don’t get to parade silverware.
David Moyes
Modelling was never a career option for me; it was always a hobby. I was modelling while I was pursuing my B.Tech, so the obvious choice after finishing my studies was to do a job. But while I was modelling and doing TV commercials, I really loved being in front of the camera. I enjoyed the shooting process.
Kriti Sanon
I think what is most important to me is to be competitive week-in and week-out – not winning a race one week and then not finishing.
Hailie Deegan
There are going to be little victories that we claim, even if it’s finishing 15th and putting the car back in hauler without a scratch on it.
Kurt Busch
You finish the damn match, point blank, period. That’s it, and I always finish, even if I’m finishing on my back.
Enzo Amore
I’m happy every day. You know, that moment when you first wake up in the morning, and you’re just finishing your dream, like you’re a dog chasing a post truck – and then you realize, ‘Oh no, I’m a human, and I’m awake, and it’s Trump’s America!
Ann Coulter
Finishing second in the Olympics gets you silver. Finishing second in politics gets you oblivion.
Richard M. Nixon
I just try to do what I do by getting my teammates open and getting better at finishing and making plays when I can.
Rudy Gobert
I think fashion shows are a full stop. You need a point where there’s no return, and fashion shows create a ‘That’s it; that’s the finishing line.’
Jonathan Anderson
After the acquisition of id by Zenimax, we had sort of taken the mobile platform team down to a skeleton crew. We were left with about two people who were finishing up the previous obligations on that. The rest had just been dispersed and absorbed by the other teams in the company.
John Carmack
I was born in Evanston, about three blocks away from the Chicago border. My mother, at the time, was finishing her Ph.D. in African History at Northwestern University. Soon after my birth, my parents split, and my father moved to Wicker Park, which is on the north side of the city.
Rashid Johnson
I’m not interested in how long I can hold out, but in how fast I can reach the finishing line.
Emil Zatopek
I had wanted to be a writer for a very long time, but I had no talent for finishing books. I would start them, get about 20,000 words in, and come to a screeching halt, because I had no idea how to outline a story or what my own process as an author was.
Leigh Bardugo
People can say I’ve not scored enough goals, but you see the best strikers on the wing in a four-man midfield and see if they score goals. Nobody can really criticise my finishing because they don’t really see me playing in a forward position too often.
Danny Welbeck
I never step upon a stage without asking myself whether I will succeed in finishing the opera. The fact is that a conscientious singer is never sure of himself or of anything. He is ever in the hands of Destiny.
Enrico Caruso
If the car is capable of finishing eighth, then I want to get the most out of the car and put it eighth. If the car is only capable of finishing 13th to start the year, then that has to be our goal.
Lance Stroll
I’m getting better and better each year that I’m playing golf on the world stage, and finishing runner-up only teaches you how to continue being patient – something that is key to our game.
Jason Day
I don’t have a problem believing in God and Jesus. But in Genesis one has to wonder about these sentences that just go on and end without finishing. The thought is unfinished. Where did Adam go? What is he doing? Hello? There has to be some pages missing.
Bill Cosby
I’m going to work on finishing Mark Hunt, but he’s very hard to hold down. I feel like that’s the best opportunity for victory for me.
Frank Mir
The finishing off of the encircled enemy army is to be left to the Luftwaffe.
Franz Halder
My heroes were people like Jim Jarmusch. Scorsese was my god. Spike Lee was exciting, doing exactly what we thought we were going to do: personal movies based in, and about, New York. My heroes were all participating in an economic model that was collapsing as I was finishing film school.
Alan Taylor
I grew up playing guitar and writing music, and I always wanted to be a songwriter and a singer and play the guitar. But while I was finishing college, my drag became lucrative, so I had to pursue what was going to pay the bills – and doing comedy as Trixie was something that I was able to market.
Trixie Mattel
With Westbrook and myself, I can see the dog that he has in him. He’s got that fire that he won’t back down from anybody. His game is a little different than mine because he’s a fast, get to the bucket type of player, finishing above the rim and things like that.
Gary Payton
I start laughing every time because the media talks to me like I’m finishing my career and I only have one year left and time is running out.
Caroline Wozniacki
Finishing games has been something I'm really proud of,

Finishing games has been something I’m really proud of, seeing something through to the end.
Felicia Day
The only thing that’s really hard for me is when I go to bed after everybody else in my house gets up. And that – you just feel stale. It just feels awful to be still finishing your day when everybody else is starting theirs.
Heather Cox Richardson
People read vampire novels and say, ‘Oh I want to read another vampire novel.’ People read fantasy, and they’re like, ‘Oh I love fantasy.’ I don’t know that people are necessarily finishing ‘Hunger Games’ and immediately wanting to read another dystopian tale.
David Levithan
We do like digital projection. We like shooting on film, finishing digitally, and projection digitally. That’s what I like best. It’s still a movie. It’s not someone’s camcorder and it got projected. That’s mean, I know.
Zack Snyder
I think the questions on the grit scale about not letting setbacks disappoint you, finishing what you begin, doing things with focus, I think that those are things I would aspire to or hope for for all our children.
Angela Duckworth
I always like to get that finishing blow and satisfy the crowd.
Carl Froch
Finishing races is important, but racing is more important.
Dale Earnhardt
After finishing my college, I wanted to do something related to the media.
Ishita Dutta
Nobody loves finishing second, as we’ve seen in past races. It’s a sport that you want to get everything you can out of it, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.
Bubba Wallace
When I started playing well all I wanted to do was win. Which was a problem. When it became clear I wasn’t going to win, I would get fed up. I played poorly on a few Sundays, finishing 50th because I wasn’t interested in finishing 30th. But I’ve learned not to do that.
Tommy Fleetwood
Finishing a good book is like leaving a good friend.
William Feather
My mother was in the Army Reserve for six years. She taught me the importance of following rules, finishing what I start, never giving up, leadership skills, teamwork, staying positive, motivated and how to pack the military way when I’m traveling!
Laurie Hernandez
I was sent to a finishing school, which didn’t last long when mother found out how badly chaperoned we were. Then I ‘came out’ before going to a domestic science school.
Mary Wesley
Sergio Aguero, everyone knows how good his finishing is, but to play up against him… these top players, until I played against them I didn’t realise how good they were.
Neil Etheridge
I think any good government will target on the finishing date, that is, the polling day and make sure that their strategy is strong and in place to get them successfully re-elected.
Alexander Downer
I love ‘Sunday in the Park with George.’ I saw that when I was just, just starting theater school, and I remember singing ‘Finishing the Hat’ or at least reading the lyrics to ‘Finishing the Hat’ and other songs from ‘Sunday in the Park with George’ to my mom to try to explain why I wanted to be an artist.
Stephen Colbert
After finishing the gymnasium in Muenchen with 9 years of Latin and 6 years of ancient Greek, history and philosophy, I decided to become a physicist. The great theoretical physicist Arnold Sommerfeld, an university colleague of my late father, advised me to begin with an apprenticeship in precision mechanics.
Wolfgang Paul
Finishing in the top four for Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man United was easier before, but now it’s getting much more difficult with the emergence of teams like Manchester City.
Sam Allardyce
To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything.
Marc Jacobs
Finishing is one of the most difficult things to do in cricket. A player can’t be a finisher in just 6 months or one year. You have to be used to that responsibility, keeping on doing what is required from you over a period of time.
MS Dhoni
I enjoyed in every way my 12 years of playing Archie, and I wasn’t personally sad about finishing a long job.
Carroll O’Connor
When you manage a big team like River Plate or Madrid, they are used to winning titles. The people are happy, but they are used to it. When you have an achievement like I had in Villarreal, reaching the semi-final of the Champions League, finishing second in the league, it’s more than winning a title. It’s more.
Manuel Pellegrini
When I was finishing my PhD, I could just see people who were a bit quicker and brighter and smarter than me and I thought, ‘well they are the people who are going to make the great discoveries.’
Simon Singh
Where I’m from, you focus on finishing school. Even finishing college is seen as a stretch – you just get a job after school, and that’s it.
Barry Keoghan
My journey into modeling began completely by chance. I was in school finishing up my master’s degree in health management and policy when a friend entered me into an online modeling competition.
Philomena Kwao
The large majority of the Negroes who have put on the finishing touches of our best colleges are all but worthless in the development of their people.
Carter G. Woodson
I ran the L.A. marathon and really loved the experience. Communal and wild and a gigantic challenge. Finishing that marathon means I can do more than I think. I think.
Michael Weatherly
Finishing something is the hardest part. You know it’s not as good as you hoped. You know there are plot problems. You know that by finishing it, you’re saying – even if only to yourself – ‘This is the best I can do.’ And because it’s not perfect, that’s really hard.
Antony Johnston
Having three tough finishing holes in a major, you know, you know that, most likely, it’s going to come down to those last three holes. Having a good game plan, a good strategy, and executing obviously is going to be the big key.
Dustin Johnson
In all the time that people have known me, has anyone ever heard me talk about the importance of rushing records or finishing with the most touchdowns? So if that’s never been important to me, then why would that be a motivation to keep playing?
Barry Sanders
When I was finishing ‘Now You See Me 2,’ I remember thinking about exploring the Asian-American identity side of my brain.
Jon M. Chu
I especially remember that on All Souls Day, when so ma

I especially remember that on All Souls Day, when so many people wanted new monuments for the graves, our whole family pitched in. I did the lettering on the stones, my brother did the carving, and my sisters put the finishing touches on them, the gold leaf and all that.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Usually after finishing a novel, I have a head full of bad ideas for the next one.
Charles McCarry
Actually, I have an interest in finishing my Ph.D., but I just know I never will.
David Duchovny
The difficult part was to tell the world that I was finishing.
Gabriela Sabatini
I stay away from straight bench; all the work I do is with dumbbells to protect my rotator cuffs. Then I’ll do a bunch of different pull moves like inverted rows before finishing with some simple internal or external rotations with a band to strengthen my shoulder.
Andrew Luck
But you know, there’s something about the kids finishing their homework in a given day, working one-on-one, getting all this attention – they go home, they’re finished. They don’t stall, they don’t do their homework in front of the TV.
Dave Eggers
Diplomats are just as essential to starting a war as soldiers are for finishing it… You take diplomacy out of war, and the thing would fall flat in a week.
Will Rogers
There’s nothing worse than finishing your last take on a movie and thinking, ‘God! I finally nailed who this guy was!’
Jamie Campbell Bower
Finishing food is about the tiny touches. In the last seconds you can change everything.
Mario Batali
The main thing is confidence. I’m gaining more and more confidence to do whatever I want to do on the basketball court, whether it is shooting threes or sprinting to the rim and finishing or ball handling. I’m confident enough because I have worked on it that I am going to do the exact same things in the game.
Jimmy Butler
We own our movie and are now close to breaking even, even without finishing domestic DVD deals.
Donal Logue
I love talking to my friends at uni and seeing what they are doing. They’re just finishing their dissertations, and I kind of wish I could live their life for a second. I wish my school days could have dragged on a little longer, or that I could go back and do it later in life.
Cara Delevingne
Ultimately, I feel like I’m doing everything right. I’m slowly but surely climbing up the ladder. I’m taking out bigger names with every fight. Not just beating them on a point level – I’m finishing every single one of my opponents.
Brian Ortega
Make-up is a natural extension of dance for me. It gives the finishing touches to my art enhancement.
Shakti Mohan
I’d announced when I was 13 that I wanted to go to New York instead of college – that was quite a disaster, but it gave my parents plenty of time to get conditioned that after finishing school I really was determined.
Ann Reinking
I was going to finish my university degree after finishing ‘The Tailors,’ but ‘Pinocchio’ made me to take another semester off.
Park Shin-hye
I believe Twitter, right now, is just finishing the venture capital phase, getting into a maturity level.
Al-Waleed bin Talal
I look at the game like, ‘How can I impact it not just standing there?’ Just try to be active offensively setting screens, doing stuff like that, but I’m also trying to be active driving the ball to the hole, finishing, one-dribble pull-ups and stuff like that. Just playing ball and not being robotic. Just evolving.
Channing Frye
Jiu-Jitsu is the bond or styles all between all the other styles. Take Jiu-Jitsu out, a boxer is just a boxer, a kickboxer is just a kickboxer. Take Jiu-Jitsu out of the wrestling – what is he going to do, take the person down and? There’s no finishing holds, there’s no striking.
Royce Gracie
While I did not get any formal training in acting, every summer vacation, from the age of five, my father would take me to Ooty with him, and I would do films as a child star. I did over 10 films like that, and it was understood that post finishing my education, I would become an actor.
Mahesh Babu
You’re coming off the training pitch properly tired. You’d be empty. You couldn’t go and do extra finishing.
Kemar Roofe
Applying for a job after finishing a Ph.D is about turning yourself inside out. You’ve been involved in the most introverted process you’ve ever done, and now you have to show yourself to the world at large.
Timothy Morton
I was just finishing high school and entering college in 1988, when the Creator’s Bill of Rights was drafted, and had already set my sights on building a career as a writer of comics. Discovering the Creator’s Bill of Rights – in an issue of ‘The Comics Journal,’ if I’m not mistaken – I accepted it as gospel.
Chris Roberson
Instead, we did take our eye off the ball. We decided, instead of finishing the job in Afghanistan, to go into Iraq. And today, unfortunately, if you look at the situation on the ground, it is a mess.
Chris Van Hollen
Everyone at Michael Waltrip Racing is working hard to deliver great results to our owners, employees and sponsors. All organizations have a lot at stake each week as we are all measured by our performance and finishing position.
Michael Waltrip
I was never really acting. I was not taking it seriously. Acting was very much a hobby for me. It wasn’t really until I was finishing college and doing it sporadically that I began to take it seriously.
Zach Galligan
Finishing is different to shooting. If you work at in in training sessions then you will just do it naturally during the game.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
I used to work in a hotel kitchen at night and do theatre in the morning. After finishing my night shift – I did it for two years – I used to come back and sleep for five hours and then do theatre from 2-7 P.M. and then again hotel work from 11-7 in the morning.
Pankaj Tripathi
I’ve always believed in finishing where you started. I think there’s a lot to be said with that.
Donovan McNabb
After finishing a draft, no matter how rough, I almost always put it aside for a while. It doesn’t matter if it’s a story or a novel, I find that when it’s still fresh in my mind I’m either thoroughly sick of its flaws or completely blind to them. Either way, I’m unable to make substantive edits of any value.
Leslie Jamison
The process of making a movie has expanded in terms of effort and time for the director, doing commentaries for the DVD for example, finishing deleted scenes so they could be on the DVD, and doing things like a web blog.
David Cronenberg
I work a lot with Duncan Ferguson - and after training

I work a lot with Duncan Ferguson – and after training – doing finishing drills and how to become a better player.
Dominic Calvert-Lewin
I work on my finishing every day in training.
Kelechi Iheanacho
Peace is not a matter of prizes or trophies. It is not the product of a victory or command. It has no finishing line, no final deadline, no fixed definition of achievement.
Óscar Arias
The more you back yourself, the more consistent you become in finishing the game.
Dinesh Karthik
I think, from every actor I’ve ever spoken to, they say the biggest thing they regret from life is not finishing school.
Tom Holland
I’m, like, finishing up high school. I don’t know how you can learn anything from me because I’m still, like, a teenager. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.
Chloe Kim
I need to improve my finishing. I need more goals.
Park Ji-sung
Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts of Stone Mountain, Georgia, was the darkest! I mean, he could’ve been a movie villain, he was so intense! He also had the hardest finishing move of all time, the DDT.
Killer Mike
Here’s the secret to finishing that first book. Don’t rewrite as you go.
Laurell K. Hamilton
It’s not unusual to have only three weeks to score a picture. And that’s three weeks from signing on to finishing the last recording session. That’s how I did ‘The Queen’ and, more recently, it’s how I did ‘The Imitation Game.’
Alexandre Desplat
I’ve always been able to get into the box, but in the past, I’d been very rash in my finishing; I wasn’t clear with what I was doing in the final third. When it came to shooting, I was very rushed. I wasn’t hitting the ball cleanly.
Aaron Ramsey
I throw everything I have into whatever story I’m writing – and so there’s something immensely gratifying about finishing one piece and then starting fresh with a new setting, time period and cast of characters, getting to see the world through a completely different lens each time.
Molly Antopol
I started a novel right before ‘The Imitation Game,’ so it’s funny now, four years later, to be coming almost back to finishing it.
Graham Moore
I seen myself finishing everything off in the Super Bowl.
Shaquill Griffin
Writing is a solitary experience. I’m extremely superstitious. If I talk about the book or name the title out loud before finishing, I feel the energy I need to write will be drained. It’s so intimate, I can’t even share it with my wife.
Paulo Coelho
Both of my parents graduated from high school, both attended college, both have government jobs now. They’ve always been very adamant about me finishing high school and finishing college.
Chance The Rapper