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We are all born with a unique genetic blueprint, which

We are all born with a unique genetic blueprint, which lays out the basic characteristics of our personality as well as our physical health and appearance… And yet, we all know that life experiences do change us.
Joan D. Vinge
Evolution is all about passing on the genome to the next generation, adapting and surviving through generation after generation. From an evolutionary point of view, you and I are like the booster rockets designed to send the genetic payload into the next level of orbit and then drop off into the sea.
Harvey V. Fineberg
My parents are Jamaican immigrants and both have a multiracial background. They’re Jamaican but my genetic makeup is West African, European, Asian.
Jaboukie Young-White
For millennia, men have enslaved women and attempted to appropriate female creative power, re-casting themselves as gods and creators. This assault continues today in the forms of ruthless wealth and mineral extraction, genetic engineering, mass surveillance, and war mongering.
Most groups patent ways of using genetic discoveries as part of non-obvious diagnostic and therapeutic protocols and slightly or greatly altered genes.
George M. Church
As human beings, we are the genetic elite, the sentient, contemplating and innovating sum of countless genetic accidents and transcription errors.
Gary Hamel
Not only can consumers handle their personal genetic information, but they are getting genomically oriented and anchored about such data.
Eric Topol
I always knew what I was worth, what I could do, what I could not do. I think that I have a genetic problem with lying. I just can’t lie. I get in trouble with my husband because of that. He wishes that I wasn’t so sincere, but I am.
Cristina Saralegui
What will become compellingly important is absolute clarity of shared purpose and set of principles of conduct sort of institutional genetic code that every member of the organization understands in a common way, and with deep conviction.
Dee Hock
Employment and health insurance are now protected by the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act.
Anne Wojcicki
Two premature babies was not a genetic thing; we were just unlucky.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
What would help us preserve our natural resources are genetic traits that let us sacrifice the present for the sake of the future. You need wisdom to sacrifice something that is immediately useful or advantageous for the sake of something that will be important in the future.
Christian de Duve
My eye? It’s a genetic thing. My dad had it, and now I have it. You know, I just found out that it may be correctable a little bit, because it does impair my vision. When I look up, I lose sight in this eye. I think, maybe for other people, it informs the way they see me.
Forest Whitaker
My own field, the prevention of genetic disorders in babies, has been possible only because of humane work on animals.
Robert Winston
Happiness is just another of the tricks that our genetic system plays on us to carry out its only role, which is the survival of the species.
Paulo Coelho
I say that I’m genetically gifted. In a weight-governed sport, I don’t put weight on because of my Polish ‘heritage, it’s genetic. Even when I am not in training, I don’t put on weight. When I start training, I don’t need to take a lot of weight off.
Carl Froch
I haven’t always been the best advocate for my own body. I was a too-tall, pudgy child who felt completely out of control of the genetic lottery ticket she’d been given, so in retaliation, I shut down. I ignored my body and hated it for not being tiny and cute like my friends’ bodies.
Emily V. Gordon
Things look especially bleak for common killers such as diabetes and heart disease. Those ailments clearly have a genetic component. But when scientists survey genes looking for which mutations patients have in common, they come up empty.
Sam Kean
We are going from reading our genetic code to the ability to write it. That gives us the hypothetical ability to do things never contemplated before.
Craig Venter
I think our problems are inherently unsolvable. We need to change our genetic make-up or create computers that will think us out of it. I don’t think humans are able to deal with what we have.
Neill Blomkamp
It’s genetic. I exercise, but I gain mass very quickly.
Adama Traore
Billions of dollars have been put into genetic research.
Anne Wojcicki
Genes are thought to contribute a certain amount to the cause of autism but it’s not 100 per cent. It might be about 60 per cent genetic. So there are going to be environmental factors that mediate the impact of autism.
Simon Baron-Cohen
Is there something in my genetic makeup that makes me more at risk for heart disease? I believe there is. My father was the sign.
Corbin Bernsen
Hip flexibility is genetic to a degree, and the most gifted hitters have won both the genetic and mechanical lottery.
Gabe Kapler
Genetic design is something we can use to fight the lack of sustainability we humans are forcing on the earth’s environment.
Craig Venter
Anger can be a useful emotion; it’s built into our genetic code to help with self preservation. But it can also be destructive, even when it is justified.
Michael Hayden
FDA clearance is an important step on the path towards getting genetic information integrated with routine medical care.
Anne Wojcicki
Homosexuality is a genetic flaw.
Subramanian Swamy
We can do genetics. We can do experiments on fruit flies. We can do experiments on yeast. It’s not so easy to do experiments on humans. So, in fact, it helps us, to interpret our own genetic code, to have the genetic code of the other species.
Craig Venter
In the dance world, it has to be in your genetic make-up – your body has to suit the training.
Darcey Bussell
We know from research that the reading circuit is not g

We know from research that the reading circuit is not given to human beings through a genetic blueprint like vision or language; it needs an environment to develop. Further, it will adapt to that environment’s requirements – from different writing systems to the characteristics of whatever medium is used.
Maryanne Wolf
Genetic theories, I gather, have been cherished academically with detachment.
Allen Tate
The ever quickening advances of science made possible by the success of the Human Genome Project will also soon let us see the essences of mental disease. Only after we understand them at the genetic level can we rationally seek out appropriate therapies for such illnesses as schizophrenia and bipolar disease.
James D. Watson
I love the fabric of Genetic jeans. There’s a softness. I always travel in them. It feels like you’re in like your most comfortable pajamas.
Liberty Ross
In agriculture, people have taken wild plants that can’t be eaten by people – and turned them into wonderful food sources. And that’s because genomes can change, and people working with plants have picked mutations. Mutations are nothing more than genetic changes.
Nina Fedoroff
Building your own house is a primal urge, one of those universal genetic drives like the need to provide for your family.
Kevin McCloud
The future is to heal back to the mind again. Recognizing that the mind is all powerful – it controls every cell to every degree of its genetic expression.
Bruce Lipton
Preventative medicine has to be the direction we go in. For example, if colon cancer is detected early – because a person knew he had a genetic risk and was having frequent exams – the surgery is relatively inexpensive and average survival is far greater than 10 years.
Craig Venter
I align myself with almost all researchers in assuming that anything we do is a composite of whatever genetic limitations were given to us by our parents and whatever kinds of environmental opportunities are available.
Howard Gardner
We’re moving from reading the genetic code to writing it.
Craig Venter
I really think people should live to be 100 years old pretty much disease-free. I think that’s our genetic potential.
John Mackey
I can’t cook! It’s genetic. My grandmother can’t cook, my mother can’t cook. I was raised to believe you eat because your body needs fuel for energy, so I eat super foods.
Jada Pinkett Smith
A person’s current personality of love, hatred, jealousy, rage or a murderous intent and so on is formed upon genetic elements, education, the environment and a family a person grows in.
Kim Ki-duk
Indeed, I was unable to find any evidence whatsoever of the occurrence of a drastic evolutionary acceleration and genetic reconstruction in widespread, populous species.
Ernst Mayr
The ribosome is a machine that gets instructions from the genetic code and operates chemically in order to produce the product.
Ada Yonath
You know, there’s a tremendous amount of genetic propensity not necessarily for what TV shows you like but for literally how you view the world, how you react to things, how things touch you and how things move you.
Mayim Bialik
But I believe that the huge advances now being made in genetic research will be the key to personalized medicine one day.
Sean Hepburn Ferrer
Genes work with probabilities; they don’t work with certainties. So most things that you’re looking at with these genetic tests, it’s not like you’re condemned to automatically get the disease or the syndrome. There’s a lot of factors in play there.
Sam Kean
It’s impossible for me to disentangle how much of my storytelling urge is the product of growing up with novelist parents and how much is a genetic legacy from those same parents.
Jesse Kellerman
I had a second trimester abortion. I was pregnant with a much-wanted child who was diagnosed with a genetic abnormality. I made a choice to terminate the pregnancy. It was my third pregnancy, and I was very obviously showing. More important, I could feel the baby move.
Ayelet Waldman
Give us detailed, testable, mechanistic accounts for the origin of life, the origin of the genetic code, the origin of ubiquitous bio macromolecules and assemblages like the ribosome, and the origin of molecular machines like the bacterial flagellum, and intelligent design will die a quick and painless death.
William A. Dembski