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I was as alone as a person can be. I could not turn to

I was as alone as a person can be. I could not turn to a friend, for nobody wished to befriend me. I was toxic, and everyone knew it. To be near me was to be near hardship. Wise people stayed far away. I was alone, atop a mountain of rage. Why was I made to wear these awful scars?
Phan Thi Kim Phuc
When I was a child, sitting in front of the campfire, I wished that I could win the Ballon d’Or.
Paulo Dybala
I wished I could go back to Atletico; I’m not going to lie.
Diego Costa
Even though I can’t dance, that’s, like, the one thing I wished I could do growing up. I used act like I was MJ, doing the moonwalk, tip toes, leg kick, all that.
A Boogie wit da Hoodie
Earlier Bollywood was a fly-by kind of business which few wished to be involved in. Now Bollywood is good business and everybody wants to be associated with films. This is definitely a very significant change that I have seen in Bollywood.
Sharmila Tagore
I wished to go completely outside and to make a symbolic start for my enterprise of regenerating the life of humankind within the body of society and to prepare a positive future in this context.
Joseph Beuys
One of mom’s greatest acts of generosity was that she trained me to be defiant. Her great gift to me was encouraging me to be the person that I wanted to be, not the one that she and my father wished I was.
Ruth Reichl
I have been very interested in labor movement. If I could have wished another life, I would have loved to be a pioneer woman in the beginning of labor movement.
Astrid Lindgren
I listened to my kids talk about me as a parent, and I learned about things they wished I’d done and said. And I wished that I had done more of those things.
Jim Brown
It was tragic every single time my mom told me we were moving. I would always envy my friends who had grown up in the same house their entire life, and they had markings on the wall of ‘me at five years old’ and all that. It made me so sad. I wished I’d had that.
Camila Mendes
I like dialogue that is slightly more brittle than life. I have always admired and wished to write one of those 1940s film scripts where every line is written with a sharpness and economy that is frankly artificial.
Tom Stoppard
We never had a trampoline, but I wished I did. We’d sneak into a friend’s pool and use their trampoline to practice backflips.
Rey Mysterio
I have always tried to hide my efforts and wished my works to have a light joyousness of springtime which never lets anyone suspect the labors it has cost me.
Henri Matisse
Some manufacturers illustrate their advertisements with abstract paintings. I would only do this if I wished to conceal from the reader what I was advertising.
David Ogilvy
In 1977, at least, he wished to have people believe that he shared and was proud of an attitude toward women that is not acceptable in a politician. In 2003, all he has said is that he doesn’t remember the interview.
Michael Kinsley
Few people have ever seriously wished to be exclusively rational. The good life which most desire is a life warmed by passions and touched with that ceremonial grace which is impossible without some affectionate loyalty to traditional form and ceremonies.
Joseph Wood Krutch
I have felt so insecure about my body at times. I’ve been on every end of the spectrum. I felt like I was too skinny and wished I could be muscular. I’ve felt like I was chubby and wanted to be skinny. I think everybody suffers from body image issues. I might exude confidence sometimes, but I’m pretty insecure.
Gus Kenworthy
My boyfriend and I are not good at fighting. We’re better than we were when we started dating – two breakups and three years ago – but it’s never come naturally to either of us. I have often wished we fought like I imagine Pink and Carey Hart fight.
Nikki Glaser
It’s not my business to think about the business; it’s my business to think about the character. Sure, there have been times in my career where I wished I was more popular or more this or more that – but that’s just stupid.
Lee Pace
I could always say I wished I had a better film career… but overall, I’ve been one of the lucky ones.
Ed O’Neill
I have always been principally interested in men for sex. I’ve always thought any sane woman would be a lover of women because loving men is such a mess. I have always wished I’d fall in love with a woman. Damn.
Germaine Greer
I’ve known the poet Eileen Myles since the 1990s, when I first moved to New York, and I remember seeing her walking her Pit Bull Rosie around the East Village. She had these beautiful arms and David Cassidy hair and the sort of swagger so many of the gay boys I knew wished we had. We all had crushes on her.
Alexander Chee
I have never imagined being or wished to be chosen as something important in the world.
Fethullah Gulen
Mastered by deadly passions, Rigaud has dug a gulf at your feet; he has laid snares which you could not avoid. He wished to have you as partisans in his revolt; and to succeed in his object, he has employed falsehood and seduction.
Toussaint Louverture
I realised that if I wished to write about the dark and not allow for hope, people would recognise it as false – because hope is the nub of what we are.
Richard Flanagan
I really wished I had done the backpacking-through-Europe thing when I was younger, but I was busy doing musical theater.
Annie Wersching
Prince never, ever mentioned it except to say he wished he was taller so he could play basketball. He was actually a really great basketball player.
Mayte Garcia
Flying back from New York, the flight attendant said ‘God, I wished you were here yesterday, we had a stroke on the plane. I said, if I have a stroke on a plane, I hope the pretend doctor isn’t the one on the plane. I want a real doctor.
Anthony Edwards
God expects from men something more than at such times, and that it were much to be wished for the credit of their religion as well as the satisfaction of their conscience that their Easter devotions would in some measure come up to their Easter dress.
Robert South
In a federal structure such as ours, state governments are imperative for the smooth functioning of our overall polity. They can’t just be wished away.
Pinarayi Vijayan
Andy wasn’t capable of any complicated thoughts or ideas. Ideas need a verb and a noun, a subject. Andy spoke in a kind of stumbling staccato. You had to finish sentences for him. So Andy operated through people who could do things for him. He wished things into happening, things he himself couldn’t do.
Paul Morrissey
The basic policy of the British Government was that sin

The basic policy of the British Government was that since the majority of people in Northern Ireland wished to remain in the United Kingdom, that was that. We asked what would happen if the majority wanted something else, if the majority wanted to see Irish unity.
John Hume
It was my father’s passion actually. I had never wished to become a wrestler. I was 12 when my father initiated me into this sport. Gradually, I started liking it and then it became my passion too.
Geeta Phogat
My first Valentine gift was a cute little pup gifted to me by my family, which I had always wished for.
Shefali Zariwala
So far as I am concerned, I could not be accused of having set eyes, or having wished to set eyes, upon Darius’ wife: on the contrary, I have refused even to listen to those who spoke to me of her beauty.
Alexander the Great
I was always a good student. I wasn’t the A-plus student, but I studied really hard, and I probably had a 3.2. I always wished that I had the capacity to get straight A’s, but I didn’t. I didn’t beat myself up about it, but I really studied hard for my grades.
Tyra Banks
When I heard that there were artists, I wished I could some time be one. If I could only make a rose bloom on paper, I thought I should be happy! Or if I could at last succeed in drawing the outline of winter-stripped boughs as I saw them against the sky, it seemed to me that I should be willing to spend years in trying.
Lucy Larcom
I wished very much for the day of my debut at Old Trafford, and I did in the best way, scoring a goal.
Angel Di Maria
At times during high school and college I wished to be a sportswriter.
Luke Ford
I’ve occasionally wished I had Caller ID. Even telemarketers, I hate to hang up on them. I try to explain I’m not interested, but they have all these canned responses so I end up having to hang up on them anyway.
John Shelton Reed
As I traveled from one country to another, no one knew anything about me. So I could be anybody, I could speak as I wished, act as I wished, dress as I wished.
Kathleen Turner
It was tough to cope with the pressure of having to talk about menstruation, but now with ‘Newsweek’ splashing it as the cover story, I thing the point I wished to make has found its mark.
Rupi Kaur
There have been plenty of experiences that I wished to write about but found them to be somewhat similar to each other. Later I realised that though they are of similar nature but each of them has changed me in a different way.
Sudha Murty
I got a call this morning, and it was from Nancy Kerrigan, wishing me luck. She wished me luck and sent me all her good wishes.
Michelle Kwan
I listened to my kids talk about me as a parent, and I learned about things they wished I’d done and said. And I wished that I had done more of those things.
Don Yaeger
I was informed… that some… were dreaming and wished to return.
Zebulon Pike
In December 1998, I considered myself an expert on love. I was almost a year into a relationship, one that had grown more slowly than I had wished, but once it flowered it was much more stimulating than any marriage or relationship I had known.
Jane Smiley
Sometimes I loved the disruptive student in class who livened up lectures with wisecracks – it put a spin on things, added flavor, made me laugh. Other times, I wished the heckler would just shut up so I could learn something.
Kaui Hart Hemmings
I always wished I could move around and switch schools. It was hard to have these radical transformations. You’d think, ‘I will be a totally different person tomorrow,’ but it never worked.
Sarah Dessen
Being a twin attracts a lot of attention. But we never wished we weren’t.
Shaquill Griffin
Ever since childhood, when I lived within earshot of the Boston and Maine, I have seldom heard a train go by and not wished I was on it.
Paul Theroux
I always wished I had a more flamboyant streak, but it’s just not what I’m made of.
James Murphy
More than once, I’ve wished my real life had a delete key.
Harlan Coben
I always wished I had a chance to meet an NFL player or even a college player when I was growing up in Los Angeles.
Stephen Baker
As a little boy of eleven I entered the Cadet Corps. I was not particularly eager to become a Cadet, but my father wished it. So my wishes were not consulted.
Manfred von Richthofen
I would say that if you really wished to be a working member of the community, don’t go out on strike because then there’s no work and no potential of work.
Dick Wolf
People say conversation is a lost art; how often I have wished it were.
Edward R. Murrow
It’s no good saying I wished I could go out more, because I can’t. But I don’t bother about it too much.
David Hockney
I’m usually really drawn to a song, and I know it would be good to cover if it sounds like something that I could write, or I wished I could write. Sometimes a writer just sounds like they’re in your head, and that is really cool for me.
Before, I wished my acting and my identity to be strictly separated. I felt uncomfortable about showing who I am because I was afraid it would affect how audiences see my performance. But now my thoughts have changed. I think people these days accept that actors and the roles they play are separate.
Lee Je-hoon
My mom wanted me to study medicine. But it was not easy to become a doctor in those days, and I became an actress. So, if I hadn’t taken up acting, I would have tried to become a doctor as my mom wished for it.
I’ve never wished for people to recognise me or anything.
Diljit Dosanjh
I wished I died in that attack with my cousin, with my

I wished I died in that attack with my cousin, with my south Vietnamese soldiers. I wish I died at that time so I won’t suffer like that anymore… it was so hard for me to carry all that burden with that hatred, with that anger and bitterness.
Phan Thi Kim Phuc
When I was five, long before I understood what the word ‘gender’ meant, I would always tell my mother that I wished I were a girl.
Josie Totah
I never wished my parents were normal, because they were unique, special and fabulous.
Nile Rodgers
I never wished to be a ‘rock star.’ I just wanted to be a working musician. My dreams didn’t even go past a session player or a working musician. It was too far beyond my dreams.
John 5
When I was getting it relaxed, I almost wished my hair didn’t grow, because it was so expensive and broke easily.
Corinne Bailey Rae
In the silence of night I have often wished for just a few words of love from one man, rather than the applause of thousands of people.
Judy Garland
We started having more developers who wished they could develop on Roblox forever, but they were starting to go off to Google and get jobs. It struck us that this whole platform play, where the creators were powering the fun, we could wrap it into powering the monetization as well.
David Baszucki
Lady Jaye dressed me in her clothes the first day we met. The love we had was so strong, we wished we could become one. Then we thought, ‘Why shouldn’t we?’
Genesis P-Orridge
I wouldn’t say it’s to the point where I hate him or nothing like that because he’s not with my mom or he wasn’t there when I was growing up. He’s my father whether I like it or not – he helped give me life. So I still love him and everything. Sometimes I wished he was with me, and other times I didn’t.
Rasheed Wallace
I very much wished not to be noticed, and to be left alone, and I sort of succeeded.
Mary Oliver
When I was playing I never wished I was doing anything else. I think being a professional athlete is the finest thing a man can do.
Bob Gibson
Jews have never, ever, ever wished to be separate, unless they were forced to be.
Simon Schama
It was an odd coincidence that my career took off the same decade as having babies. I often wished it had been different, that I had my big career bump in my thirties and my babies in my forties or vice versa.
Jane Kaczmarek
Korea taught me nothing, for no one spoke of it when I was growing up, except as something about how wonderful the girls in Japan were. Vietnam taught some of us more than we perhaps ever wished to know.
Gloria Emerson
Pops, he was a singer’s singer. I loved to hear my father sing. He just was so laid-back and cool. I always wished I could sing like Pops.
Mavis Staples
The old Romans all wished to have a king over them because they had not yet tasted the sweetness of freedom.
A drone isn’t any different than a bomb; it’s not any different than other weapons that are used, where there is always a capacity for people to be killed who you wished were not.
Tim Kaine
The word, and the concept of feminism, was a gift because it gave me a sense of identity and a way of defining how I wished to live my life.
Betty Buckley
Fiction, for me, is sort of a protracted way of saying all the things I wished I said the night before.
Christopher Buckley
The most important thing is to simultaneously deal with reality – really the way it is, not the way you wished it could be or you hoped it could be – but also have a vision about where you want to go.
Alan Mulally
Some Internet operators are concerned that video services such as Netflix and YouTube consume lots of the bandwidth on the network. While there is some truth to this, my guess is that the operators wished they could provide the same kind of services with the same success as Netflix and YouTube.
Niklas Zennstrom
There are a lot of artists that I love, and I think they’re really talented, and they’re good dancers as well. I’ve always wished that I could combine that.
Agnetha Faltskog
I’ve met so many older actors and comedians who’ve told me they wished they’d spent as much time with their kids as they did chasing the money. You’ve got to draw a line but it’s a gamble.
Peter Kay
If you wished to be loved, love.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca
I don’t want to become a star. I never wished to become an actor, even when I am here. When you decide to become an actor, you’ve to choose why you’re doing it. Are you doing it to become an actor or because you want to be famous? I am doing it because I love being in front of the camera.
Disha Patani
As young as 10 I started fancying boys. It’s a common experience but I just wished I wasn’t gay up until the age of 18 or 19.
Olly Alexander
When my fans and actors like Rajinikanth and Amitabh garu wished that I do films once again, I thought I should do. I had some skepticism in me, initially. But looking at the encouragement, I grew in confidence.
Instead of becoming a great shikari, as my mother and stepfather might have wished, I had become an incurable bookworm and was to remain one for the rest of my life.
Ruskin Bond
Only to he avoid misunderstandings, I must say that even last year, when I wrote my pamphlet, I heartily wished that Prussia should declare war against Napoleon.
Ferdinand Lassalle
I think the Swedish Academy wished to manifest its solidarity with the living spirit of Greece today.
Giorgos Seferis
Don’t get me wrong: there have been many occasions where I wished I could be thinner or have a different nose or hairline to fit in, but I realized that fitting in is not always as important as it seems; I realized that I love standing out in positive ways!
Nia Jax
I do not fault anyone else who makes choices to play ch

I do not fault anyone else who makes choices to play characters that they wished they hadn’t… Because at the end of the day, none of us are happy with our jobs all the time.
Peter Dinklage
The Emperor Napoleon, ascending gradually from his post of national magistrate to seat himself upon a throne without limits, seems to have wished to punish, as for the abuse of republican reforms, by making us feel all the weight of absolute monarchy.
Marquis de Lafayette
In the past, those who had ideas they wished to communicate to the public had the unquestioned right to disseminate those ideas in an open marketplace, called a mall, we should not abridge that right.
Sol Wachtler
Stay hungry. Stay foolish. I’ve always wished that for myself.
John Morgridge
I always wanted to work with Ayushmann Khurrana and I wished that I would get a good script to team up with him.
Sanya Malhotra
I always had this idea that, ‘Sure, I wished I was a boy and felt more like a boy and all of that.’ But I wasn’t, so I would deal with it. And I for some reason thought there were other lesbians that felt that way and that was just part of that community.
Chaz Bono
I wished to have the time to put together a world view, but there was never enough time, and also, those who had it seemed to have had it from a very young age; they didn’t begin at forty.
Sheila Heti
I always wished I had died, and I still wish that, because I could have gotten the whole thing over with.
Andy Warhol
I just admire people like Woody Allen, who every year writes an original screenplay. It’s astonishing. I always wished that I could do that.
Francis Ford Coppola
A form of reason that in some way wished to strip itself of beauty would be diminished; it would be a blinded reason.
Pope Benedict XVI
I missed a lot of decisions. At the time of making such a decision, there was no doubt in my mind as to its correctness. However, a second or two later I felt that I erred and wished I could change my original ruling.
Billy Evans
My parents wished peace upon their firstborn child.
Shalom Harlow
Most humbly, my beloved Saviour, I bow myself before thee. I am a worm and no man. I alone deserve to suffer. I alone shrink from suffering. I was with thee in thy days of joy, singing ‘Hosanna,’ and I wished to make thee King. Now, in thine hour of suffering, I am far from thee.
Vincent McNabb
I never wanted to be like other blues singers. I might like hearing them play, but I’ve never wanted to be anyone other than myself. There are a few people that I’ve wished I could play like, but when I tried, it didn’t work.
B. B. King
To play Khal Drogo was phenomenal, and I wished there was more stuff he could have done. I’m going to miss that character.
Jason Momoa
We made no inquiries about India or about the families people had left behind. When our ways of thinking had changed, and we wished to know, it was too late. I know nothing of the people on my father’s side; I know only that some of them came from Nepal.
V. S. Naipaul
We are never further from what we wish than when we believe that we have what we wished for.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Somehow, I had the feeling that I was responsible for Harry being dead. I remembered all the times that I wished he were dead, all the times I had dreamed of killing him. I got to thinking that maybe my wishing had finally killed him.
Arnold Rothstein
When you’re working in front of the camera, there are always things that occur to you after the director has said ‘Cut.’ I could probably, if I sat down and thought about it, come up with instances where I wished I had made this particular choice or that particular choice.
Delroy Lindo
I said that I like to write on trains and that I wished Amtrak had residencies for writers.
Alexander Chee
In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag.
W. H. Auden
There are about 15 million Muslims in the EU. They face ignorance, insult and even persecution. They cannot be wished away. To impose Enlightenment freedoms is self-defeating. Anyway, the Muslims have their own enlightenment.
James Buchan
We have to find a way to try and reconcile our beliefs – and Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, has traditionally seen homosexuality as a sin – with the reality of life in modern, pluralistic, secular societies in which gay people cannot be wished away or banished from sight.
Mehdi Hasan
I listened to ‘En la Ceremony’ and had always wished it had some flamenco guitar.
Jim James
Penal law was not created by the common people, nor by the peasantry, nor by the proletariat, but entirely by the bourgeoisie as an important tactical weapon in this system of divisions which they wished to introduce.
Michel Foucault
The good things of prosperity are to be wished; but the good things that belong to adversity are to be admired.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca
I used to tell my writing students that they must write the books they wished they could come upon – because then the books they hungered and thirsted for would exist.
Anne Lamott
With my resignation, I… left unfulfilled commitments I made to many comrades in the fight, commitments I hold sacred. My service did not end as I would have wished.
Stanley A. McChrystal
I’ve taken regular gigs, I’ve worked in grocery stores, worked as a dishwasher, a porter in different places, all for survival. I don’t feel bad about doing it. I wished I could have done better. And still do.
Jimmy Scott
The Cherokees tried to do everything within the law and wished only to live in peace on their own lands. Yet they were cheated out of their birthright and treated as if they were less than human.
Joseph Bruchac
I really wished I’d learned Spanish. I took it all in high school and was planning on trying to be fluent in it. I would get Selena tracks and sing with them and stuff like that.
Kirstin Maldonado
I've come up in the scripted world, and I have wished t

I’ve come up in the scripted world, and I have wished there were more time slots for us to tell compelling scripted stories and not fill the airwaves with a lot of fluff and tabloid entertainment.
Ralph Macchio
As you stopped to say hello, oh, you wished me well, you couldn’t tell that I’d been crying over you.
Roy Orbison
After watching movies like Sajeev Pazhoor’s ‘Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum’ and G Prajith’s ‘Oru Vadakkan Selfie,’ I had wished to be part of such films.
Biju Menon
I’ve always liked to think I could do anything I wished as well as – if not better than – a man. But I wasn’t very good at rally driving.
Jo Brand
Personally, I have never wished I were a male novelist.
Curtis Sittenfeld
There are times as a parent when you realize that your job is not to be the parent you always imagined you’d be, the parent you always wished you had. Your job is to be the parent your child needs, given the particulars of his or her own life and nature.
Ayelet Waldman
If I wished to do something, even if I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to make the effort with me, I would go out solo climbing. I did find solo climbing very challenging and a little frightening. You knew that you were completely on your own, and you had to overcome all the problems and possible dangers.
Edmund Hillary
I’m sure all of us can find fault in our own education, and I certainly wished at times that I’d had other options. My own K-12 education may have been free and easy, but it wasn’t necessarily very good.
Kim Brooks
Atlas was permitted the opinion that he was at liberty, if he wished, to drop the Earth and creep away; but this opinion was all that he was permitted.
Franz Kafka
Because my parents are Muslim, there’s no doubt they wished I would marry someone Muslim.
Konnie Huq
I can only say that I myself wrote always as I wished, without a tremendous desire to find the latest thing possible.
Samuel Barber
I had one young man tell me he wished I was his mom. Another young woman told me that every time she watched ‘The Office,’ I reminded her of her mother, who had just passed away a year ago, and that every time she saw me she felt as if she had a piece of her mom still with her.
Phyllis Smith
I grew up in Los Angeles and always wished I’d spent a childhood in a far different place.
Berkeley Breathed
It is necessary to have wished for death in order to know how good it is to live.
Alexandre Dumas
I wanted to be a ballet dancer. I was bad – I’m not very coordinated. But I always wished I could have been a dancer.
Gia Coppola
My father wasn’t too crazy about me. I loved him anyway. One of the things I regretted for a long time was that he died before he could see that he would be proud of me. I was actually more what he wished for than he thought.
Mike Nichols
I liked working with Tom Christopher as he was great as Hawk, and Wilfred Hyde White but I wished it were in a different context as the changes really tuned off the audience.
Gil Gerard
Florida isn’t so much a place where one goes to reinvent oneself, as it is a place where one goes if one no longer wished to be found.
Douglas Coupland
I think the FA wished I was white. I had the credibility, performance-wise, to be captain. I was consistently in the heart of the defence and I was a club captain early on my career.
Sol Campbell
Whatever dreams I have wished have come true.
Annette Funicello