Top 15 Amplification Quotes

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Projection of sound gives the stage a life different fr

Projection of sound gives the stage a life different from real life. As actors and interpretive artists, we must not only be able to know the attitude of the script, we must also make ourselves heard – without amplification.
Jason Robards
I repeatedly have to correct this belief. In a sense, magnitude involves steps of 10 because every increase of one magnitude represents a tenfold amplification of the ground motion. But there is no ‘scale of 10’ in the sense of an upper limit.
Charles Francis Richter
The beauty of a Stradivarius is that you can play in Carnegie Hall without any amplification, and it has this – the sound has, inside it, has something that projects, and it has multifaceted sound, something that kind of gets lost when you use amplification anyway.
Joshua Bell
I don’t like to bad-mouth other shows, but I was very disturbed after seeing ‘Starlight Express.’ It had very little to do with musical comedy as I know it. It had to do with sound and spectacle and records and technology and amplification.
Joel Grey
There’s this amplification that happens anytime you tell a story. You let it go out into the world. It’s the most beautiful thing. All I can do is look at it in wonder and amazement.
Kate DiCamillo
I attach the greatest importance to an amplification of the peace efforts in the Middle East. I would also like to see a greater dialogue between the U.S. and the EU.
Francois Hollande
Rock music is electronic music, dependent entirely on electronic circuitry and amplification.
John Frusciante
I was playing with steel picks on a steel guitar, and there was no amplification needed.
Brownie McGhee
Most electronic equipment uses the principle of amplification. You need filters, modulators and mixing equipment which have gain stages. By piling these components up, I was able to work without any sound generators and I made several pieces in that manner.
David Tudor
I think that women of color use social media to make our voices heard with or without the amplification of white women. I also think that, many times, when white women want our support, they use an umbrella of ‘women supporting women’ and forget that they didn’t lend the same kind of support.
Tarana Burke
I play a percussion instrument, not a musical saw; it needs no amplification. Where it’s needed, they put a microphone in front of the bass drum. But, I don’t think it’s necessary to play that way every night.
Buddy Rich
Without networks like the Black Immigration Network, organizations like Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees would not get the support and resources and amplification that their voices that they need and deserve.
Opal Tometi
The work is more than just about the amplification of survivors and quantifying their numbers. The work is really about survivors talking to each other and saying, ‘I see you. I support you. I get it.’
Tarana Burke
Most drag queens dress up as super women, as an over exaggeration of the female form, because we like women, usually powerful women. I think that’s why we are so over exaggerated; we are an amplification of the women who empowered us in our youth.
Sharon Needles
Yeah, look, I think what we have with the social media and the digital media, and all the telecommunications we have today is a big megaphone, amplification.
Mike DeWine