Top 15 Draconian Quotes

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Could I have worked under a system where there were Dra

Could I have worked under a system where there were Draconian controls on my creativity, meaning budget, time, script choices, etc.? Definitely not. I would have fared poorly under the old studio system that guys like Howard Hawks did so well in. I cannot.
Michael Mann
The backwoodsmen are muttering about making Britain’s draconian union laws – already among the toughest in Europe – harsher still. And parts of the media will continue to attack public service pensions, as if school meals staff, refuse collectors and healthcare workers have no right to a decent retirement.
Frances O’Grady
You don’t hear TV cops griping because they have to enforce some Draconian law that shouldn’t be on the books in the first place, or lamenting vindictive excesses in sentencing. Hollywood, supposedly a frothing cauldron of liberalism, has always been conservative on crime.
Tom Shales
It would probably surprise people how prevalent reading is in institutions – and the degree to which some states discourage reading by instituting draconian rules and laws that try to limit and outright roadblock books in prisons.
George Pelecanos
More draconian forms of policing and punishment are no guarantee of a reduction in violent crime.
Ash Sarkar
Far from curbing terror, we find that draconian laws used by a corrupt and communal police are creating conditions which will only exacerbate the problem.
Prashant Bhushan
It may seem draconian, but the best recommendation I can make is to completely avoid grains.
David Perlmutter
The draconian spirit that seeks to enhance penalties and to lower the age at which juveniles will be tries as adults, is part of the ‘whole cloth’ of three strikes. Our failure to address the depair of our inner-city youth is only delayed by our over-confidence in a stance that is ‘tougher than thou.’
Greg Boyle
The draconian prohibitions of the Taliban years and the gains Afghan women have achieved since the Taliban government was overthrown in 2001 are now well known and often cited: Today, Afghans lucky enough to live in secure regions can go to school, women may work in offices, and the burqa is no longer mandatory.
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
Pension reform can be hard to talk about. In the long run, reform now means fewer demands for layoffs and less draconian measures in the future. It’s in the best interest of all Californians to fix this system now.
Jerry Brown
I tell young teachers who are determined to dissent from some of the Draconian aspects of the current orthodoxy that the best form of protection is to be incredibly good at what you do and keep good discipline in class.
Jonathan Kozol
Growing up in Wales was a pretty Draconian experience with religion.
John Cale
Private-sector firms are increasingly active in the prison industry and they and the militantly unionized correctional officers, almost all unskilled labor, constantly lead public demands for more criminal statutes and more draconian penalties.
Conrad Black
Film work can be anything from just really hard and stressful and you’re subjected to really weird deadlines to really draconian and weird and disconnected. You’re working in service of the thing, and that can be really amazing for everyone involved, or be kind of just a waste of time.
Oneohtrix Point Never
Together we can and must fight for justice for our children and protect them from draconian tax cuts and budget choices that threaten their survival, education and preparation for the future. If they are not ready for tomorrow, neither is America.
Marian Wright Edelman