Top 15 Old House Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Old House Quotes from famous people such as Edmund Morgan, Jamie Wyeth, Grace Potter, Dries van Noten, Javier Hernandez, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

To make a successful film from a successful play is pro

To make a successful film from a successful play is probably much more difficult than making one from scratch, just as any carpenter will tell you that it is more difficult to restore an old house than to build a comparable new one.
Edmund Morgan
My aunt Caroline was really a character. She lived and worked in my grandfather’s old house and even wore some of his clothes.
Jamie Wyeth
Tearing down an old house and building a new one is the most wasteful thing we do as humans.
Grace Potter
My partner, Patrick, and I live in an old house in Belgium that was built in 1840 and is out in the countryside between Antwerp and Brussels.
Dries van Noten
I’m very lucky to go back to my old club, my old home, my old house. To start my new chapter in this second part of my life in the Premier League is going to be something happy. I have very good memories from those four years in Manchester.
Javier Hernandez
The dining room in my old house was truly magnificent, but by far the worst room for conversation. I’d get up from the table, a very long table, and somebody would always say, Paul, I never got to talk to you.
Paul Lynde
The most expensive hobby a rich man could have is a boat, and the second most expensive hobby he could have is a very old house.
Barbara Corcoran
I escaped to New York, and then L.A., but when I dream of home, I still dream of my old house in Holmdel.
Lorene Scafaria
My wife, Daniela, and I live in an old house from 1810 with three fireplaces at the end of a dead-end dirt road on Cape Cod, so I turn the trees into firewood for us and a friend of mine sells the rest.
Sebastian Junger
My first job was in a nursing home – a terrible place in retrospect. It was in an old house, and the residents were so lonely. People rarely visited them. I only stayed there a couple of months, but it made a strong impression on me.
Kim Edwards
We still lend our old house out to relatives. They keep a guest book for my fans to sign.
Loretta Lynn
My place in Chicago is a 105 year old house, but I really like contemporary spaces too, so it’s refreshing and fun to be in a space where you can do contemporary things.
Ted Allen
Meanwhile, Cynthia and I are busy fixing up a real old house that we just bought in Hollywood. With two children now, we just couldn’t live in our small rented home any longer.
Kent McCord
I wish people could have seen what they called our mansion. They would have been so disappointed, because it was just an old house that we fixed up, and I love the old house.
Tammy Faye Bakker
I actually wanna go back to the Philippines, not the old house that I used to live in but I would want to visit the Philippines.
Bella Poarch