Top 15 Publishing House Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Publishing House Quotes from famous people such as Karl Ove Knausgard, Peter Sotos, Joshua Cohen, Vince Flynn, Josh Tillman, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

In 2008, when I wrote Book 1 and Book 2, the head of th

In 2008, when I wrote Book 1 and Book 2, the head of the publishing house suggested twelve books – one each month. For practical reasons, that didn’t work out.
Karl Ove Knausgard
If you look at the publishers I’ve worked with, generally, they’re a great bunch. Creation is unlike any other publishing house you can think of. The people I’ve worked with have integrity and intelligence and, almost always, less money than ideas.
Peter Sotos
Say you’re an American novelist, published by the largest publishing house in the world. Their goal is to make as much money from you as possible, to have as many people read your book in as many formats as possible. How can you hope to speak intimately to the numbers of people that represent the book sales required?
Joshua Cohen
I have been blessed to have the same editor and work for a great publishing house.
Vince Flynn
I’ve never taken the steps to be ‘successful’: I’ve never had a manager or signed to a publishing house.
Josh Tillman
If you go to a big publishing house, editorial aside, it’s completely white.
Colson Whitehead
He was the editor of our paper. He created the publishing house in Hebrew. He was – I wouldn’t say the ‘guru’ – but really he was our teacher and a most respected man. I wrote for the paper of the youth movement.
Shimon Peres
I am a young adult author, and so are quite a few of my friends. We all write books for the same demographic; many of us are even published by the same publishing house. Two of us, in fact, share the same editor.
Rebecca Serle
There are those who believe we have need of more literature, of a large international publishing house, of a great peace newspaper, or the like. I am rather skeptical about this idea.
Fredrik Bajer
What makes a publishing house great? The easy answer is the consistency with which it produces books of value over a lengthy period of time.
Robert Gottlieb
In 1981, Ms. Ebtekar was made editor-in-chief of the English-language newspaper ‘Kayhan International.’ The man who gave her the job was Mr. Khatami, who was then head of the Kayhan publishing house.
Elaine Sciolino
I have a theory that you can tell what the head of a company is like by the people who work there. I knew a publishing house that was run on fear and paranoia, and I felt sorry for everyone who worked there. Needless to say, the person at the helm was not known for kindness, warmth, or grace.
Jane Green
I first moved to New York, like many twenty-somethings before me, to be a grown up. I was attending an MFA program in the city, starting work at a nonfiction imprint at a reputable publishing house, and excited about being on track to becoming the writer I had always wanted to be.
Rebecca Serle
I knew very early what I wanted to do, and I considered myself lucky to know that’s what I wanted, even in a place like Saint Lucia where there was no publishing house and no theatre.
Derek Walcott
I publish my own books, so there isn’t a certain editor I owe the book to at a publishing house.
Dave Eggers