Top 15 Sandra Quotes

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I just have that sense this is the reason we got Sandra

I just have that sense this is the reason we got Sandra Day O’Connor on the Court in the first place is because Ronald Reagan was running for President.
Patricia Ireland
Well, I think In Love and War, which had a wonderful performance by Sandy, Sandra Bullock, who the authorities and, the supposed authorities, in cinema didn’t want to know about.
Richard Attenborough
It’d be fun to do a comedy with someone like Sandra Bullock.
Christian Serratos
What was a problem was the excessive amount of media attention to the appointment of the first woman and everything she did. Everywhere that Sandra went, the press was sure to go. And that got tiresome; it was stressful.
Sandra Day O’Connor
The enormous success of 2009’s ‘The Blind Side,’ in which Sandra Bullock makes a black teenager one of the family, demonstrates that America isn’t post-racial. It is thoroughly mired in race – the myths that surround it, the guilt it inspires, the discomfort it causes, the struggle to transcend it.
Wesley Morris
I remember the first scene I shot on ‘The Blind Side.’ I was with Sandra Bullock, and I kept trying to stop myself thinking, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m in a movie with her.’
Lily Collins
The pageant movie I’m obsessed with is ‘Miss Congeniality’, hands down! I could quote everything from that movie. I love so many scenes, but I always find myself quoting the scene when Sandra Bullock goes, ‘I really do just want world peace!’
Olivia Culpo
I came here when I was almost 22. I’m perfectly bilingual, but I’m never going to sound like Sandra Bullock.
Roselyn Sanchez
I love Sandra Bullock. I think everybody loves her.
Chelsea Handler
I was the cocktail waitress, and Sandra Bullock was the host, and this guy came in and persuaded me to try improv with Gotham City Improv.
Jennifer Coolidge
Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock do romantic comedies. I do dark dramas. I do these movies well.
Jodie Foster
When I read Toni Morrison and Sandra Cisneros as a freshman at Rutgers, it all clicked – that writing was all I wanted to do. It became my calling.
Junot Diaz
I taught Sandra Bullock when no one knew who she was. I talked her out of quitting. I put her in a showcase.
Sally Kirkland
Tamir Rice, Tanisha Anderson, Mya Hall, Walter Scott, Sandra Bland – these names are important. They’re inherently important, and the space that #BlackLivesMatter held and continues to hold helped propel the conversation around the state-sanctioned violence they experienced.
Patrisse Cullors
I love Madhuri Dixit, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Sandra Bullock.
Pooja Hegde