Top 15 The Best Policy Quotes

Words matter. These are the best The Best Policy Quotes from famous people such as George Aiken, David Shields, Margaret Fuller, Kapil Dev, Harold Prince, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

The best policy is to declare victory and leave.

The best policy is to declare victory and leave.
George Aiken
Honesty is the best policy; the only way out is deeper in: a candid confrontation with existence is dizzying, liberating.
David Shields
Would that the simple maxim, that honesty is the best policy, might be laid to heart; that a sense of the true aim of life might elevate the tone of politics and trade till public and private honor become identical.
Margaret Fuller
In the long run, I believe that honesty is definitely the best policy. One can get away by being dishonest for a short term, but ultimately, honesty is what pays.
Kapil Dev
Ethel Merman would stay with a show for years and tour with it. So would Mary Martin, the great stars. They recognized the value of that success and nurtured it. Now, you come from Hollywood, you play 12 weeks and go away. I don’t think that’s the best policy.
Harold Prince
In my experience, honesty is the best policy. And being a friend to somebody is not always the best way to help them.
Jillian Michaels
Honesty, like my mama always says, is always the best policy.
Kelly Rowland
In all my public and private acts as your president, I expect to follow my instincts of openness and candor with full confidence that honesty is always the best policy in the end.
Gerald R. Ford
We shall not hold the dangerous axiom that ‘truth is the best policy,’ because policy is but a means to an end; and truth is an end, not a means.
Vincent McNabb
I have been very successful in handling people who hurl abuse simply by being patient. Ignoring them is the best policy because afterwards, it’s the fans that criticise these so-called celebrities for their bad conduct.
Atif Aslam
People like to see honest persons. So I certainly will advise many young people who want to participate in politics, honesty is the best policy.
Ma Ying-jeou
The trite saying that honesty is the best policy has met with the just criticism that honesty is not policy. The real honest man is honest from conviction of what is right, not from policy.
Robert E. Lee
The thing that I think a lot of guys need to know how to do is not take your mother’s advice about honesty being the best policy. Listen to your cool, drunk uncle who tells you to lie. Those are the relationships that last.
Adam DeVine
Honesty is the best policy – when there is money in it.
Mark Twain
I am afraid we must make the world honest before we can honestly say to our children that honesty is the best policy.
George Bernard Shaw