Top 15 Undoing Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Undoing Quotes from famous people such as Chuck Schumer, David Maisel, Dennis Prager, Evangeline Lilly, Christiaan Rudolf de Wet, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Do not let arguments of expediency persuade you. That i

Do not let arguments of expediency persuade you. That is the slow road to oblivion. That is the tortured path to undoing step by step, bit by bit, as the river creates a canyon, the way of life that we love.
Chuck Schumer
With the mining sites, I found a subject matter that carried forth my fascination with the undoing of the landscape, in terms of both its formal beauty and its environmental politics.
David Maisel
For conservatives, the issue is that for generations now, they have failed to make the case for their values. They haven’t even conveyed conservative values to many of their children. And when they have, the university has often succeeded in undoing them.
Dennis Prager
In every one of the ‘Squickerwonker’ books, we will explore a new Squickerwonker character and their vice and how their vice generally leads to their undoing.
Evangeline Lilly
These deserters were our undoing. I shall have a good deal more to say about them before I finally lay down my pen, and I shall not hesitate to call them by their true name, the name with which they will be for ever branded before all the nations of the world.
Christiaan Rudolf de Wet
As industry’s tycoons of the Thirties got their wings clipped, labor’s leaders in the Eighties are getting their wings clipped. Not because of any class-related antagonism, but because any excess, ultimately, is its own undoing.
Paul Harvey
Beware of your habits. The better they are the more surely they will be your undoing.
Holbrook Jackson
I am not a painter, nor an artist. Therefore I can see straight, and that may be my undoing.
Alfred Stieglitz
People come up and say, ‘Thank you’ for showing a black family loving their masculine-presenting child and for undoing the myth of black people as being rabidly homophobic.
Yance Ford
I don’t believe in luck. Everything is our doing or undoing. If something doesn’t come out right, then as a director, you have to take full responsibility. You can’t just say, ‘No, I gave this job to the music supervisor. They promised me they would do it, and they didn’t do it.’ You can’t blame anyone else.
S. S. Rajamouli
In world mythology, there are countless examples of tragic characters whose greatest strength is also the source of their undoing. But the ancient Greeks and Romans also held the view that acceptance is the beginning of wisdom.
Simon Van Booy
If the minority is able to successfully undo the Affordable Care Act by blackmail, it will be the undoing of the democratic nature of our government.
Jerrold Nadler
I would not like to be replaced by someone who immediately sets about undoing what I’ve tried to do for 25-26 years.
Antonin Scalia
I fell in love with social work, and that was my undoing as a poet.
Carl Rakosi
To understand why dictators fall, it helps to recognise factors that produce a perfect anti-dictatorial storm. Barring missteps such as those that led to Gaddafi’s undoing, a dictator’s survival can be at risk because of newness in office, poor health, or old age combined with economic trouble.
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita