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Certainly, there are huge, multiplatinum bands whose si

Certainly, there are huge, multiplatinum bands whose singers command their audience’s attention. Sadly, much of the time they have little to say.
Henry Rollins
There exists in this country, sadly, a callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry that sells and stows violence against its own people through vicious and violent video games.
Wayne LaPierre
The price of wisdom is innocence. So, I have definitely become wiser but sadly a little less innocent.
Mahira Khan
When I was a kid, I really wanted a metal detector for Christmas, convinced I was going to find buried treasure and could retire at 12. Santa Claus brought me one, but sadly, that treasure was never realized. It’s amazing how many bottle caps you have to dig up. But to be honest, that dream is still alive.
Peter Billingsley
In football, you can’t sadly just go looking for a club but have to see what comes.
Lukas Podolski
Sadly, the only constant in my writing environment stems from some inexplicable need to listen to the news. CNN loops over and over in the background from the time I wake until the time I finally, blessedly, fall asleep.
Lauren Weisberger
I know plenty of people my age that will never get married because they genuinely believe the false cultural meme that marriage has sadly become. There’s only one problem. It’s completely untrue.
Steven Crowder
I think everyone is born with humor, but your life can beat it out of you, sadly, or you can be lucky enough to grow up in it.
Catherine O’Hara
Police are supposed to protect and serve, but sadly, they protect their self-interest first and foremost.
Seph Lawless
There’s racist casting, and there is normal casting. Normal casting, to me, is a process that strives for representation and, in many cases, strives to simply portray the world as it actually is instead of as falsely non-inclusive. And sadly, sometimes that involves removing the whitewash that exists on history.
Shonda Rhimes
Obviously, I wasn’t expecting Wall Street to be a laid-back place. I was prepared for hard work. Sadly, much of the work the new guys were asked to do and the insane hours we were expected to keep had little to do with making the bank more productive. It felt more like hazing.
David Einhorn
The idea that someone, somewhere will campaign in a positive, uplifting way on an agenda that can inspire Americans? I’m sadly done holding my breath.
Kristen Soltis Anderson
Sadly, I haven’t been able to find my earliest stories, but the impact of being told by someone important to me that I could do something special is immeasurable.
Doreen Cronin
Sadly, we don’t have Gujarati food on sets, but we do love the delicious Rajasthani dal-baati, gatte ki sabzi, and those proper Rajasthani thalis.
Karishma Tanna
E-mail is the most influential application ever to appear on a personal computer, and it remains sadly deficient.
Alan Cooper
There are some really funny people doing creative stuff with social media, which is sadly where a lot of my attention goes.
Scott Rogowsky
Sadly, half of marriages end in divorce. Half of my girl friends and male friends have been through one, and their kids are doing great. There’s no shame around it – unless you want to project that on to yourself – but certainly there’s no longer cultural shame. Everyone is walking through it.
Laura Dern
New York is a spectacular place, and those who are jealous of the way we live our lives are always going to, you know, to strike out, and, you know, we’re always going to be a target, sadly. London is going to be a target. You know, anywhere in the West, you’re a target.
Howard Lutnick
Sadly, I’ve seen a lot of bands hit that sort of peak and then eventually start supporting again, you know, which we will never do. We always put a lot of thought into the way that we are going to go, and we always change.
Glenn Tipton
Most people assume that when you go to court and win your case that you are guaranteed to get your money. Sadly, this isn’t always the case.
Robert Rinder
I think cyberbullying someone who states their opinion, especially a woman, is sadly a norm these days, and it happens daily to not just stars/actors. We have to consistently condemn and shun it so that it never gets the power it doesn’t deserve to have over the society.
Sadly, this is the same old Republican story of Robin Hood in reverse – tax cuts for the rich while programs for average and low income Americans suffer.
Jose Serrano
Sadly, the system in this country is rigged in favor of wealthy elites who have purchased tremendous influence in our government.
Tulsi Gabbard
Parallel to our vast strides in technology, there is a dangerous rise in unemployment, foreclosures, and degrading education. Millions of people are stricken with hopelessness and strife. Sadly, in the name of progress we have polluted the air, water, soil and the food we eat.
Radhanath Swami
Sadly, my German is almost non-existent, although I did a little at school.
Miranda Otto
I cannot sit here and say I was beaten by Carol Miller. Because Carol Miller did not show up. She did not debate me. She basically avoided everything and just said, ‘I’m with Trump, I’m with Trump.’ And sadly, that’s apparently a victory here in a place like southern West Virginia.
Richard Ojeda
I fear that too many have sadly surrendered their agency to the adversary and are saying by their conduct, ‘I care more about satisfying my own desires than I do about bearing the Savior’s power to bless others.’
Russell M. Nelson
Sadly, in the highest levels of economic thought in government, questions are not tolerated. It is as if we’re dealing with the binary thinking of a fundamentalist religion.
Michael Burry
Sadly, I don’t think books ever sell based on your name alone – the minute we make an assumption like that is the minute it all goes horribly wrong!
Jane Green
Sadly, piped music in so many public spaces is often just more noise. Rarely is it carefully designed to enhance our experience; much more likely it is there because retailers have subscribed to an incorrect view that music makes people spend more.
Julian Treasure
Sadly, so many arts programs have been eliminated from schools due to budget constraints. These creative outlets are so very important, not only for a child’s well-being, but also for self-expression and fun.
Goldie Hawn
From cell phones to computers, quality is improving and

From cell phones to computers, quality is improving and costs are shrinking as companies fight to offer the public the best product at the best price. But this philosophy is sadly missing from our health-care insurance system.
John Shadegg
Sadly, for some mothers, this experience can be made so much harder due to challenges with our very mental health.
Kate Middleton
Sadly I don’t work well under restrictions. I need to forget the world and its rules and laws in order to enter the dreamlike flow of the fictional world. So I may be in some bad trouble.
Carolyn Chute
Sadly, because of the enormous gap between rich and poor, some mothers can afford helpers, but many can’t. Those who can would be kinder to refrain from criticizing other women.
Erica Jong
It was my dream to start my creative journey with a Marathi play, but sadly nothing materialised. So, I took up some good English plays that were offered to me.
Mithila Palkar
We are naturally moral beings, but our environments can enhance – or, sadly, degrade – this innate moral sense.
Paul Bloom
The United States is a leader across a broad range of scientific disciplines. Our technological prowess is part of our greatness as a nation. Sadly, among the rich industrialized nations, we also lead by a substantial margin in the rate of poverty among children.
Margaret Geller
I was a gymnast when I was younger but sadly didn’t really keep it up with age.
Tom Payne
Sadly, voter suppression is not a thing of the past.
Marc Veasey
People should not have to worry about violence in their own neighbourhoods, but sadly, that is a reality that more and more Canadians face.
Andrew Scheer
With the success of the TNA Knockouts, that’s when they started having their girls wrestle a lot more in WWE. I thought, ‘This is a perfect time for me to come in. They care about women’s wrestling.’ Sadly it was just not the case.
Gail Kim
Hmm, can I be obvious and say there is probably a double standard for male vs. female directors? Sadly, I think that’s actually the case. And it probably stems from the fact that there are proportionately so many fewer women directors than men ones that each project is perhaps more closely scrutinized for its content.
Lynn Shelton
I had my appendix removed in my 20s. I was in the middle of a play with Helen Mirren at the Royal Court Theatre, a fabulous career break. Then two weeks in I began suffering the most horrendous pain and had to pull out. Sadly, by the time I’d recovered, the show’s run had ended.
Cherie Lunghi
I’m not the most prolific writer in the world, and, sadly, writing a novel involves a lot of effort.
Tibor Fischer
Cold weather probably played a bigger role in bringing back the hat, but sadly, the hat common to New Jersey guidos, South Carolina rednecks, Idaho potato farmers and Los Angeles gang bangers is the ubiquitous ‘tractor hat,’ which is derived from the cheap baseball style cap with the adjustable plastic tab.
Roger Stone
In my time in F1, I never doubted I could be successful. I sadly never made it on to the starting grid of an F1 race, but during testing I completed a race distance.
Susie Wolff
Life seems sadly mishandled by humans, as if it’s all too much for them – they spend so much time and energy hurting each other, making things worse, and fouling their own nest, all because they imagine things aren’t good enough and should be made much better.
Michael Leunig
Sadly, we can’t eliminate bigotry. But that doesn’t mean we have to tolerate it, much less give it a platform on which to thrive.
Katharine Viner