Top 150 Status Quo Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Status Quo Quotes from famous people such as Jeff Fortenberry, Gloria Steinem, Angus Deayton, Milos Forman, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Simply looking at the status quo and suggesting that th

Simply looking at the status quo and suggesting that the tax code is sacrosanct and can never change, and that decisions made in the ’80s and ’90s can never change, is absurd.
Jeff Fortenberry
Any woman who chooses to behave like a full human being should be warned that the armies of the status quo will treat her as something of a dirty joke. That’s their natural and first weapon. She will need her sisterhood.
Gloria Steinem
I appear to have had more comebacks than Status Quo.
Angus Deayton
Individuals fighting or rebelling against the status quo, the establishment, is good for drama.
Milos Forman
I think at some point there may be artists who will get fed up, and they deliberately want to use their art as a means to rock the waves a little bit. And instead of doing the status quo, they’ll deliberately go out to really make a change. I think Kendrick Lamar is an example of that.
Ali Shaheed Muhammad
As Oregonians, we share a deep optimism for a better future. From the time of the Oregon Trail, we have understood that a better future won’t just happen by accident or by sticking with the status quo.
Ted Wheeler
When something really bad is going on in a culture, the average guy doesn’t see it. He can’t. He’s average and is surrounded by and immersed in the cant and discourse of the status quo.
George Saunders
The riskiest thing we can do is just maintain the status quo.
Bob Iger
The older generations are too wedded to political parties, too wedded to romantic memories of what education was like when they were kids, and too wedded to the status quo group that clings to power.
Betsy DeVos
Similarly, the Marquis is presented in this film as someone who would disturb the status quo and therefore must be kept imprisoned.
Philip Kaufman
People are scared to speak out against the status quo: their jobs and livelihoods, they believe, are at risk.
Kemi Badenoch
Status quo, you know, is Latin for ‘the mess we’re in’.
Ronald Reagan
That was my fear, which is why when I was took over a book, I was always trying to tweak it a little bit so that it looked like I was trying to add something instead of keeping the status quo.
Todd McFarlane
The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it.
Warren Bennis
Too many members of the U.N. benefit from the status quo and won’t make decisions for purely altruistic reasons.
Richard Grenell
I think when somebody wants to work diligently, when somebody wants to take away the cobwebs and see where attention is needed, to fix things, there is obviously going to be a backlash from those who have, for years, gained from status quo.
Smriti Irani
Holding women to the idea of ‘write what you know’ subtly reinforces the status quo. Writing is a chance to celebrate who we are. But it’s also a chance to celebrate who we could be.
Lisa Joy
States are like people. They do not question the awful status quo until some dramatic event overturns the conventional and lax way of thinking.
Victor Davis Hanson
Cowboy boots you can’t wear unless you actually are a cowboy or in a Status Quo tribute band, or over 60; there’s something about a retiring gent in cowboy boots that looks sort of presidential.
A. A. Gill
There’s this homogenization, this big sucking motion in dominant society, to absorb all the disparate elements that define the margin or define the culture or define those who are thrust outside the status quo.
Todd Haynes
I’m a harsh critic of the status quo.
Andrew Cuomo
We have Christians against Muslims against Jews, and no matter how liberal your theology, merely identifying yourself as a Christian or a Jew lends tacit validity to this status quo. People have morally identified with a subset of humanity rather than with humanity as a whole.
Sam Harris
Spatial racism, the erasure of black faces in a predominantly white city, is in full effect in both Crown Heights and Center City Philadelphia. This racism demands that bodies that don’t conform to a mandated ‘white’ status quo can be redlined out of a space.
Anthea Butler
Students raised on Park Avenue are born into family situations in which overachieving merely maintains the status quo, and therefore the market is primed for anyone offering services that provide an edge on local peers.
Eliot Schrefer
What we ended up with, from Bill Clinton onward, is a status quo party and an ‘undo the system’ party, where the Democrats became the status quo party and the Republicans became the ‘undo the system’ party.
Timothy D. Snyder
We do not need more status quo.
Paul Gosar
I look at every business and ask, How long can this last? How can I identify the status quo and change it?
Sheldon Adelson
Yes, we need action to deal with online hatred and abuse. But let’s make sure there are clear safeguards, or history will repeat itself, and peaceful opponents of an unjust status quo will suffer the consequences.
Owen Jones
They tend to be civil servants, often diplomats drawn from the Foreign Office, who may be very pleasant, intelligent people, but once they get inside the Palace they’re riveted to the status quo and they lose track of public opinion in the real world.
Anthony Holden
If you step out and do what you feel is right… and you’re not attacking a person, and you’re attacking a process, and you’re attacking the status quo… and if somebody wants to hold a grudge against me, that’s on them. It’s not on me, and I’m going to do what I think is right.
Ted Yoho
Hollywood movies are run on fear and they don’t want to make bold choices. They, generally, speaking want to keep things status quo. That’s not really interesting for me.
Kyra Sedgwick
I do like things that are not necessarily a reflection

I do like things that are not necessarily a reflection of what is considered the right thing by this culture. Somehow, promoting that status quo I find uninteresting.
Crispin Glover
People who demand neutrality in any situation are usually not neutral but in favor of the status quo.
Max Eastman
I tend to find comedy in dark places. I also tend to find comedy in taking on the status quo – which has always been something I find important.
Tom Green
Even when early innovations start to succeed, it is not uncommon to see growing businesses sabotaged for threatening the status quo.
Jacqueline Novogratz
One might have thought that Brexit would be a wake-up call for the American media. Yet, just as in the U.K. referendum, ‘Russia’ became the buzzword in the U.S. election that the political and media establishments thought would scare people into voting for the status quo.
Margarita Simonyan
Sharing is wonderful, but giving – I give, you take – often maintains the power status quo.
Clemantine Wamariya
The 20th century has been marked by cynicism, selfishness, greed, and the desire to please, all without changing the status quo. In the 21st century, we must resurrect solidarity and compassion.
Óscar Arias
Who can sit back as our towns and cities are torn apart by violence and be content with the status quo?
Martin O’Malley
Status quo just means that everyone’s doing it. It doesn’t mean that this was divinely ordained, and of course this is the right decision.
Alexis Ohanian
The status quo is never happy when things become a meritocracy.
Marti Noxon
When you teach black people that they are less beautiful, less moral, less intelligent, and as a result you defer to the white supremacist status quo, you rationalize your accommodation to the status quo, you lose your fire, you become much more tied to producing foliage, what appears to be the case.
Cornel West
I’m never satisfied with status quo, and a desire to make a difference is what drives me.
Kim Reynolds
I’m used to very strong women because my mother was particularly strong, and my father was away all the time. My mother was a big part of bringing up three boys, so I was fully versed in the strength of a powerful woman, and accepted that as the status quo.
Ridley Scott
The Democratic Party is the party of the status quo.
Jack Kemp
My art gets called political, as opposed to my intending it to be political. I think that’s something that happens with black artists or marginalized voices trying to speak truth. Because there are things in the status quo to speak out against, speaking out against them will inherently be political.
Jamila Woods
America’s tax code is beyond repair. Tinkering with it won’t work. The only hope is a bold tax-reform plan that will liberate our nation from the slow-growth status quo and jump-start a new era of American prosperity and growth.
Kevin Brady
It’s hard in today’s society to have a discussion where you want to challenge the status quo because of the ‘I gotcha’ politics.
Jack Kingston
Trump is going to be the change agent. Hillary Clinton is going to be the status quo. Bernie Sanders is not going to be in the mix.
Rob Portman
The only kind of influence I want to be on anyone is by being, constantly and consistently, someone who probes herself at every juncture, improves the way in which she functions as a citizen, and questions the status quo.
People are forgiving of v 1.0 of a product if it’s truly innovative and useful. Then you can get away with a lot. But if you’re merely marginally improving the status quo, then you better be rock solid.
Guy Kawasaki
A courtroom is supposed to be a place where the status quo can be disrupted – even upended – when the Constitution or laws may require, where the comfortable can be afflicted and the afflicted find some comfort, all under the shelter of the law.
Sheldon Whitehouse
Folks will always, always, always go back to the comfortable status quo, with its silent voices and lack of conflict, if you give them the chance.
Kameron Hurley
I stand up for what is right even if it puts me in a political conundrum. Supporting Senator Sanders was one of those moments when the status quo said ‘Uh uh, bad girl.’
Nina Turner
And I have a message for the liberals and the defenders of the status quo: we’re just getting started.
Rick Perry