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The great attraction to 'American Gangster' is these tw

The great attraction to ‘American Gangster’ is these two great characters who are absolute paradoxes within their own sphere.
Ridley Scott
I’ve seen attraction manifest itself in so many fascinating ways. Lots of straight-identifying men have been attracted to me as Courtney.
Courtney Act
One of the powerful temptations is that of the cinema palace. The cinema has undoubtedly an enormous attraction for boys, and people are constantly cudgelling their brains how to stop it. But it is one of those things which would be very difficult to stop even if it were altogether desirable.
Robert Baden-Powell
As far as I’m concerned, attraction, in its most rudimentary form, comes from the way a person naturally smells. I’d say that within the first five seconds of ‘inhaling’ someone, I know if there’s an attraction or not. This may sound animalistic – and it is.
Rachel Nichols
One of Netscape’s main attractions to customers from Day One is that we provide alternatives. And that’s cherished by many customers – certainly not all.
Jim Barksdale
South Florida, Central Florida, and North Florida could never be mistaken for each other. Each has its quirks and attractions.
Jeff Vandermeer
‘Wall Street’ was a very important movie for me in terms of my career. I won an Oscar, and then the film ‘Fatal Attraction’ came right after it.
Michael Douglas
There is no doubt that the government under Modi, on every front, has given an exemplary performance, and the attraction of the common man towards Modi has definitely grown.
Yogi Adityanath
I think people should be authentic and who they are. If that calls people to same-sex attraction and same-sex marriage, then they should be true to who they are, and I think that the world could benefit by more love.
Chris Gibson
We are all, in a sense, experts on secrecy. From earliest childhood we feel its mystery and attraction. We know both the power it confers and the burden it imposes. We learn how it can delight, give breathing space and protect.
Sissela Bok
Is there any nation on earth that has more natural attractions, from the scenic coastal towns of Maine to the volcanic islands of Hawaii and the natural beauty of our majestic national parks?
Stephen Moore
Without contraries is no progression. Attraction and repulsion, reason and energy, love and hate, are necessary to human existence.
William Blake
My initial attraction was just the beauty. The colors were so beautiful, the spheres were so nearly perfect.
Tom Noddy
Banks are an almost irresistible attraction for that element of our society which seeks unearned money.
J. Edgar Hoover
Working on ‘Open All Hours’ had some unexpected perks, not least the attractions of the canteen at the BBC’s rehearsal studios in West London.
David Jason
I never consciously choose what I’m going to work on next; I don’t have an agenda beyond that attraction. Fortunately, my wonderful agent, Christopher Schelling, knows how I think and points me toward things I might like, which is how I started writing Y.A.
Kathe Koja
My initial attraction to ‘Red Tails’ was the opportunity to play a character that was not me. ‘Stomp the Yard’ was a great film, but I played myself there.
The 1960s was a period when writers in the West began to be aware of the extraordinary eloquence and popular attraction of the Russian poets such as Yevtushenko and Voznesensky – oppositional figures who could draw crowds. The Russian poets recited from memory as a matter of course.
James Fenton
In fiction, you don’t invent the events. What is imaginative about it is the consciousness: how you think about the events and how you present them. And that changes the nature of everything, and that is the attraction of writing fiction.
Amitava Kumar
The Taj Mahal can be a tourist attraction, an architectural marvel, but it can never be treated as a monument of faith. After all, there is a difference between tourism and faith.
Yogi Adityanath
I do not start with a full knowledge of the facts; the whole attraction of writing history is to educate myself: it is an exploration into the unknown – ‘a journey without maps,’ to borrow Graham Greene’s phrase.
Michael Korda
My attraction to the Church of Satan… is the same thing that initially attracted me to punk rock. It was something that wasn’t very entirely popular, and it was sort of like the adversary to mainstream culture and beliefs.
Matt Skiba
In the long march of history, at least two poles of attraction and antagonism have been the norm in world politics. Rarely has only one nation carried the burden of leadership. The unipolar world of the 21st century, dominated for the past two decades by the United States, is a historical anomaly.
Eskinder Nega
I don’t understand ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ and ‘Made in Chelsea’: the way they pretend there’s no camera. I cannot fathom the attraction.
Shaun Evans
I’m into the law of attraction and quantum physics. Like cosmic ordering. It’s all about thinking lovely things that you would like in life, and feeling good about them before they manifest, so that by the time they do, you don’t want them because you’re on to your next desire.
Julia Sawalha
I was 23, and he was 86. I saw a very sick man. I just wanted to just talk with him. There was no physical attraction at all. He was very much attracted to me.
Anna Nicole Smith
Virtuality – connection without proximity – is a major attraction in both fandom and the Net. Nobody knows you’re a dog through the U.S. mail, either. Fans could be utterly different in their fanzine persona, which may be why both fandom and the Net were invented by individualistic Americans.
Gregory Benford
No matter what anybody says, relationships are based on physical attraction. The first time I saw my wife, it was pure animal whatever.
Denis Leary
Part of my attraction to ancient art is that there is an element of risk, of speculation.
Michael Steinhardt
I am able to carry storylines. When you’re good at what you do, you’re going to work. That’s a good thing. But from the standpoint of being an attraction, sometimes too much isn’t good. So it’s a difficult fine line.
Big Show
I don’t like a tormented photograph. Something attracts you in them, but the attraction isn’t because she has a pot on her head or tonnes of make-up and weird clothes and weird everything.
Mario Testino
The power of sexual attraction is a real thing.

The power of sexual attraction is a real thing.
Lela Loren
That’s exactly what Octomom is: a carnival attraction.
Nadya Suleman
I had attraction to work with Ang Lee. I wanted to work with him.
It may be that the seemingly intrinsic attraction that past time has for me is merely a desire for escapism, as I look out at the nation and world with little optimism.
David Souter
I’m known for being very enthusiastic about using technology. A lot of the attraction is the way that it streamlines the process and takes a lot of the drudgery out of it.
Dave Gibbons
People are willing to pay for the right to cheer or boo Roman Reigns. That is your job as a box office attraction. Your job and the manner in which you feed your family is not dependent upon whether the audience respects you or disrespects you. It’s dependent on the audience’s willingness to pay to see you.
Paul Heyman
Manifestation, law of attraction, and all of that other related stuff, I’m here for it.
NLE Choppa
It is challenging to communicate attractions which are hard to understand unless you actually touch and experience them yourself. This is especially so with Wii U because it has unprecedented entertainment potential.
Satoru Iwata
For a while, when I got out of college, I tried to write fiction. I’d grown up more around novelists, and my initial attraction was to write fiction. But I was much less suited for it. I always struggled to figure out what people were saying or doing in a particular moment.
David Grann
The best thing I have is the knife from Fatal Attraction. I hung it in my kitchen. It’s my way of saying, Don’t mess with me.
Glenn Close
I’ve read a lot of books on the laws of attraction, and in my home, I have a big book on Muhammad Ali, which I’ve read because he is, like, a hero of mine, but other than that, no, I’m not a big reader.
Conor McGregor
The biggest attraction with wearing seersucker has to be its rumpled look. This is because seersucker has a lack of inherent structure.
Roger Stone
It’s our hope that MySpace Comedy, much like Music and Film before it, will serve as a launch pad for up-and-coming comedians and as an attraction for the biggest names in the industry.
Tom Anderson
When I was a kid, I was obsessed with heavy metal, Van Halen, Motley Crue. The older I got, my tastes widened. I always felt an attraction to the attitudes of punk; also punk filmmakers, like Richard Kern.
Panos Cosmatos
I want to win so bad, but I think I’ve had too much of that lore for attraction that you’ll do anything possible to get it. Sometimes people are there at a good time and kind of stumble upon it. Right time, right place type thing. I just want to keep working toward it with my mind and my body.
Jason Day
In England, the profession of the law is that which seems to hold out the strongest attraction to talent, from the circumstance, that in it ability, coupled with exertion, even though unaided by patronage, cannot fail of obtaining reward.
Charles Babbage
Prayer is a form of meditation, isn’t it? It’s laws of attraction: whatever you put out into the universe is what it receives. It’s just kind of putting your thoughts out into the universe.
Anthony Joshua
Salesforce’s Chatter is what convinced me that the company understood what is going on in the enterprise; this was the biggest attraction for me. I saw that Salesforce understands social.
J.P. Rangaswami
The satirist is prevented by repulsion from gaining a better knowledge of the world he is attracted to, yet he is forced by attraction to concern himself with the world that repels him.
Italo Calvino