Top 161 Wet Quotes

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Southeast Asia food uses many different types of spices

Southeast Asia food uses many different types of spices which are quite new to me, like the curry leaves which I saw at the Kreta Ayer wet market in Chinatown. With such spices used in cooking, this usually imparts a strong aroma to Southeast Asian food, which appeals to the senses.
Joel Robuchon
He was the sort of person who stood on mountaintops during thunderstorms in wet copper armour shouting ‘All the Gods are bastards.’
Terry Pratchett
I’ve weighed 100 lbs. soaking wet since puberty.
Shenae Grimes
My web site is so fresh. The paint is still wet, but stay tuned, because I have lots of personal things, specifically about what is happening day-to-day, that I will keep updating daily.
David Hasselhoff
For the moment, the snow is quite wet and soft. If it was hard or icy, it would be a perfect downhill for my style, because I could fight even harder.
Hermann Maier
As far as characters are concerned, Alan Partridge makes me wet myself. I’m currently reading the book and have started talking like him as an unfortunate consequence.
Greg Davies
I commonly went ashore every day, either upon business, or to recreate myself in the fields, which were very pleasant, and the more for a shower of rain now and then, that ushers in the wet season.
William Dampier
Basic SEAL training is six months of long, torturous runs in the soft sand, midnight swims in the cold water off San Diego, obstacles courses, unending calisthenics, days without sleep and always being cold, wet and miserable.
William H. McRaven
It’s most difficult to bowl with wet ball.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar
You go from movies where you are wearing nice clothes and you’re trying to smell good to a movie where you are in water and you are wet all day, and you are dealing with that elements, it gets rough, but it was definitely something I wanted to try.
Morris Chestnut
Along with ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ and ‘The Room,’ ‘Lebowski’ belongs in the canon of nouveau cult classics.
Josh Gondelman
I was playing division three basketball and I wanted to find a way to work in basketball full-time. The way to do that was not in division three right away; you’d have to be a part-time assistant or whatever. So, I made the decision to transfer to Kentucky. Just so I could get my feet wet and maybe get a job in D-1.
Frank Vogel
I’m a wet liberal really, and always have been. But I’m sort of an aggressive wet liberal.
Max Hastings
I left football, and overnight, I couldn’t walk. I wet the bed even though the bathroom was only three meters away. It was 4 A.M., and I knew if I stood, my ankle would kill me.
Gabriel Batistuta
I’ve been friends with Elizabeth Banks since ‘Wet Hot American Summer.’
Paul Rudd
We writers, as we work our way deeper into our craft, learn to drop more and more personal clues. Like burglars who secretly wish to be caught, we leave our fingerprints on broken locks, our voiceprints in bugged rooms, our footprints in the wet concrete.
Ross MacDonald
It was fun getting my feet wet on an NBA floor.
Brandon Ingram
I usually go to sleep with wet hair. When I wake up, it either has a really pretty wave, or I look like a poodle.
Madison Beer
I chose biochemistry as my major and graduated after 4 years with an Honours degree in Biochemistry. During that time, I had come to love biochemistry research, although I was just getting my feet wet in laboratory research.
Elizabeth Blackburn
No matter what your hair looks like once it’s wet, it’s about embracing it and loving yourself for you and all that that entails.
Keshia Knight Pulliam
To protect my hair from breaking, I never comb my hair when it’s wet.
Mithila Palkar
A wet spot on the floor kind of put a scare in myself, so you never know inside those lines what might happen.
Stephen Curry
‘Falling Skies’ was mostly night work in winter in Toronto. It was cold and wet, and we were filthy.
Noah Wyle
I do admire Judi Dench and Sir Ian McKellen, but I’m a philistine. I like the good life too much; I’m not good at going on stage night after night and on wet Wednesday afternoons.
Anthony Hopkins
The first time I carried drinks was during the 2004 Champions Trophy. It was a wet outfield and I was running with the drinks and I couldn’t stop myself and just went sliding into Sourav Ganguly, who was giving a team chat in the huddle.
Dinesh Karthik
I go to Vegas now, and I’m in the casino, and I’m gambling, and there’s a guy in a wet bathing suit gambling right next to me.
Sebastian Maniscalco
Mars once was wet and fertile. It’s now bone dry. Something bad happened on Mars. I want to know what happened on Mars so that we may prevent it from happening here on Earth.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
There was a long history of people believing there was life on Venus. It was about the same size as Earth. It had clouds. It was commonly believed it was tropical – wet, hot and steamy.
David Grinspoon