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That's what I think most players want to be remembered

That’s what I think most players want to be remembered as, being a good competitor. Not being a guy who makes excuses. There are a lot of guys who make an excuse before the game why they’re not going to win. And those guys are losers.
Vernon Law
I think the core of Jaime Lannister is actually that final line in the pilot when he says, ‘The things I do for love.’ He might do horrible things – and they are truly, some of them, horrific. There’s no excuses. But he does it out of what he sees as a necessity, out of love.
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
If you really want to do it, you do it. There are no excuses.
Bruce Nauman
Without a doubt in my mind, I should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. You look at my stats without my USFL stats, and I don’t know how you can argue with that. Look at my combined yards. I’m not one to make excuses, so I’ll play by their rules and not even count the USFL stats.
Herschel Walker
I don’t believe in twisting yourself into knots of excuses and explanations over the food you make.
Julia Child
I say, ‘You can never use excuses because they always run out.’
RJ Mitte
Peer pressure and social norms are powerful influences on behaviour, and they are classic excuses.
Andrew Lansley
Peace is a question of will. All conflicts can be settled, and there are no excuses for allowing them to become eternal.
Martti Ahtisaari
The real man is one who always finds excuses for others, but never excuses himself.
Henry Ward Beecher
Peace is a question of will. All conflicts can be settled, and there are no excuses for allowing them to become eternal.
Martti Ahtisaari
There’s no excuses for over-drinking.
Mike Phelan
It doesn’t matter if you come from the inner city. People who fail in life are people who find lots of excuses. It’s never too late for a person to recognize that they have potential in themselves.
Ben Carson
It is very challenging to adapt to life at a big club like Madrid, but I’m not the kind of person to make excuses.
Luka Modric
Excuses destroy success every time.
Jon Taffer
No excuses and no sob stories. Life is full of excuses if you’re looking. I have no time to gripe over misfortune. I don’t waste time looking back.
Junior Seau
Be on time for James Dolan – no excuses like Zebras in the road.
Ernie Johnson Jr.
If you really want to do it, you do it. There are no excuses.
Bruce Nauman
He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.
Benjamin Franklin
Apologies always seem to me like excuses.
Jim Harbaugh
When Indian economy was growing at the rate of 8 to 9 percent, I think everybody was quite happy. Even when there were defects in our policies, they were overlooked, and when the economy slows down, people try to find fault and excuses.
Manmohan Singh
There’s a bunch of people who sit around and make excuses for themselves and get upset with artists, but you already know what this is – it’s an ego-driven business.
Rico Love
Award shows in general are just lame excuses to stroke the egos of millionaires, but the ‘ESPY’s’ are an especially embarrassing example.
Sean Evans
You can make a million excuses for why something didn’t go well, but ultimately, just fix it and get on with it. Be a solutions person.
Emily Weiss
President Obama’s election has taught us to stop being paralyzed by excuses and given us a floodgate of hope. I’m more daring and going after things that I once thought were not possible.
Tasha Smith
As an artist, you have to express yourself. I make no excuses for my versatility. I grew up singing classical arias, but I love rock n’ roll and jazz standards.
Idina Menzel
Sometimes it can feel like my bad days in Test cricket get amplified or singled out more than other players, while my good ones can fly under the radar. I’m not making excuses but over time this can get to you a little bit.
Moeen Ali
If you’re making too many excuses for someone, agonising over them in a way which takes up all your waking thoughts and feel so nervous around them you could be sick, then they are probably the wrong person.
Marina and the Diamonds
I remember, when I was working in Bengaluru, Rajinikanth’s film ‘Sivaji’ was releasing, and I wanted to watch it the first day, first show. My manager did not want me to take the day off, and I made up excuses stating that there was an issue at home and I had to go.
Karthik Subbaraj
We must not constantly talk about tackling obesity and warning people about the negative consequences of obesity. Instead we must be positive – positive about the fun and benefits to be had from healthy living, trying to get rid of people’s excuses for being obese by tackling the issue in a positive way.
Andrew Lansley
One of the things I’ve always thought is a drag in so many period adaptations is that they are always buttoned up to the neck in so many clothes all the time. I’m always looking for excuses to get them out of their clothes.
Andrew Davies
Most of the time, we keep looking outside and feeling sad about what others have. Those are mere excuses.
Yami Gautam
I think what's going on in Guantanamo Bay and other pla

I think what’s going on in Guantanamo Bay and other places is a disgrace to the U.S.A. I wouldn’t say it’s the cause of terrorism, but it has given impetus and excuses to potential terrorists to lash out at our country and justify their despicable acts.
Jimmy Carter
I. Hate. Excuses. Excuses are a disease.
Cam Newton
The best job goes to the person who can get it done without passing the buck or coming back with excuses.
G. M. Trevelyan
Ignorance of the law excuses no man from practicing it.
Addison Mizner
I’m never looking for excuses. However, you need to get in a rhythm to be effective at QB on a consistent basis. So being pulled from a game and then inserted back in won’t always be beneficial or enhance your performance level.
Jesse Palmer
I remember embracing our championship tradition, telling our players that this is what we should expect to be; this is what Oklahoma is supposed to be. And we’re going to do all we can to be that. And if we don’t, there will be no excuses. You either do or you don’t.
Bob Stoops
The majority of us don’t do what’s best for us all the time because life is complicated and busy – and creating excuses is so much easier than getting on with the business of wellbeing.
Dawn Foster
A lot of people in our generation like to make excuses about little things that really don’t hinder them from doing what they want to. It always comes down to the work ethic.
Shaquem Griffin
We will never accomplish what God wants for our lives unless we stop making excuses for ourselves and pampering our flesh. When we get into seemingly impossible situations, we have to remember – it’s not about us.
Monica Johnson
It’s really, really easy to make excuses as to why we can’t go to the gym. If you can find time to sit in front of the TV for 45 minutes, you can find time to work out.
Jill Wagner
The day you take complete responsibility for yourself, the day you stop making any excuses, that’s the day you start to the top.
O. J. Simpson
I’m not going to make any excuses. I just went out and stunk it up tonight.
David Wells
I don’t believe in twisting yourself into knots of excuses and explanations over the food you make.
Julia Child
A ballplayer doesn’t make excuses.
Roberto Alomar
Man can and does rationalize his sins. He finds reasons for all his weakness, invents excuses that first calm and then deaden his conscience. He blames God, society, education, and environment for his wrong doing.
Mother Angelica
I learned a long time ago that no one wants to hear excuses.
Riddick Bowe
Don’t make excuses and Don’t talk about it. Do it.
Melvyn Douglas
We all have excuses. We could all take all of the things that have happened to us over the course of our lives and use them as excuses for being cruel to others.
Max Joseph
Work hard and never make excuses.
Master P
In life, everybody faces choices between doing what’s popular, easy, and wrong vs. doing what’s lonely, difficult, and right. These decisions intensify when you run a company, because the consequences get magnified 1,000 fold. As in life, the excuses for CEOs making the wrong choice are always plentiful.
Ben Horowitz
America is a country of abundance, but our food culture is sad – based on huge portions and fast food. Let’s stop with the excuses and start creating something better.
David Chang
The liberal-run institution of journalism does not allow probing of real problems facing black people. That is prohibited. It might lead to actual solutions. It might provoke black people to wake up every day looking for solutions rather than excuses and meaningless verbal offenses.
Jason Whitlock
A ballplayer doesn’t make excuses.
Roberto Alomar
All kinds of excuses have been given by governments for not implementing this recommendation like food price inflation. But the question is, do the farmers of this country, who constitute nearly half of the working population, also not need to eat?
M. S. Swaminathan
If you are ready to play, you have to give everything. No excuses.
Patrice Evra
If you are a writer you’re at home, which means you’re out of touch. You have to make excuses to get out there and look at how the world is changing.
Roddy Doyle
I’m a disciplinarian. And I’ve always been disciplined. I like to be on time. If I have a job to do, I’m going to see it from its beginning to its conclusion. No excuses, no alibis. That’s how I run my life. It’s called self-tough love.
Jesse White
I felt like I’d spent many years making excuses for my executives and making excuses for political candidates I was representing and their views, when some of those political views, in my mind, were very distasteful.
Brittany Kaiser
Don’t give in to excuses that can keep you from really living the best life God has for you.
Joyce Meyer
Regardless of the difficulties we may face individually, in our families, in our communities and in our nation, the old adage is still true – you can make excuses or you can make progress, but you cannot make both! The America I know doesn’t make excuses.
Mia Love