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Messi has helped me a lot.

Messi has helped me a lot.
It’s true that Coutinho played on the centre because sometimes Messi likes playing on the right side. If that happens, we have to readjust a bit.
Ernesto Valverde
Cristiano Ronaldo is a match-winner too and scores a lot of goals, and when you talk about the best player in the world it’s between those two, though my vote would go to Messi.
We can’t all be Lionel Messi, even if we want to.
Ryan Babel
Messi is an ambassador of Argentina, and I am also proud of him as an Argentine.
Javier Zanetti
There are no words to describe Messi; he always surprises you.
Angel Di Maria
Messi will be great regardless of the position where he plays.
Luis Enrique
Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Luis Suarez all play at a really impressive level and are consistently excellent.
Gael Monfils
I was lucky enough to play with Zidane, Ronaldo, Figo, Cristiano… but Messi is different; he makes everything look so easy, so effortless – even the impossible.
Ronaldo dominates this world, and Messi is above everything else.
Kevin-Prince Boateng
Ronaldo and Messi, in particular, are above everybody else.
Thomas Muller
When Messi gets the chance to go one against one, he is very difficult to stop on his own.
Lothar Matthaus
Messi is ‘The Matrix’ – that image when everything slows down, and he can do what he wants.
Luis Enrique
I will miss Messi so much. He’s a great teammate, a great guy. We’ve lived a lot of things together, a lot of matches, a lot of goals. He knows me well.
I played against Maradona and he was a great player like Messi too.
Marco van Basten
Growing up, I loved Messi. I love how he dribbles, how he plays the game, it just makes it look so easy and it makes it look so fun.
Alphonso Davies
Everyone has their own opinion. They can state it publicly, or not if they don’t like to, but for me, the best players are here at Barcelona, starting with Lionel Messi and followed by everyone else.
Ernesto Valverde
Messi is just great.
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar
Leo Messi is the best player in the world for me, but look at the others that have been at Barcelona.
Lionel Messi is a role model for everyone, including me.
Mario Gotze
Messi is the best player in the world, the things he does with the ball are incredible. If someone knows how to stop him, they have to tell me.
Javier Zanetti
What I’d most highlight about Leo Messi is his huge sense of responsibility for the team. It shows in every game in every competition.
Ernesto Valverde
Everything would have been different for Barcelona without Messi.
Ronald Koeman
Messi could maybe get away with not trying 100% because he’s the best player in the world. But he’s the first at training. He’s very professional. He was very good to watch and learn from.
Adama Traore
We know Messi is the best in the world. That means he is unpredictable, so you have to keep focused.
Paulo Gazzaniga
Iniesta deserved to win the Ballon d’Or. To win it, you have to be lucky that the attackers have not done so well. If Messi and Ronaldo score 50 or 60 goals, they will always give it to them.
Fabio Cannavaro
Maradona has been the best player in history and for me, Messi is even greater than he is.
Messi is the same player in Barcelona and Argentina, and it would be the same if he played with Australia.
Ernesto Valverde
It’s going to be a pleasure to coach Cristiano Ronaldo. Certainly, he’s one of the top players in the world next to Lionel Messi, and I’m looking forward to the privilege of coaching such a fantastic player.
Massimiliano Allegri
If Messi has the ball, he is fantastic to watch and difficult to stop. You have to double up on him, triple up on him even, stay with him constantly to block his way to the goal.
Per Mertesacker
Cristiano Ronaldo is sensational, a very good professional, an incredible goalscoring machine for many years, but Messi is the most complete player I have seen.
Joachim Low
Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are both great players with

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are both great players with specific qualities, but Pele was better.
Alfredo Di Stefano
I think Messi is an absolute giant in the game. Not so much because of his dribbles and actions. That’s why most people rate him. But I think, differently from others, that he is phenomenal in his teamplay and combination play.
Robin Van Persie
If Messi were Brazilian, he would be a world champion.
Roberto Carlos
Lionel Messi is an excellent teammate, he’s a fantastic guy. We lived through a lot together, a lot of games, a lot of goals – he knows me well.
For me, the best player in the world is Messi, but the second one is Cristiano.
Giovani Dos Santos
To speak about the criticism of Messi is to give strength to something that does not deserve any type of analysis.
Gerardo Martino
I will tell you another thing, we Argentines criticise Messi because we are specialists in criticising what is ours.
Mario Kempes
A World Cup without Argentina and without Messi would be a catastrophe.
Mario Kempes
Messi never wants to be subbed off, but it’s my task to take care of him.
Gerardo Martino
I played with great teammates like Ronaldinho and Messi. I think they are two of the greatest players in the history of football.
Giovani Dos Santos
There’s no news on talking about Messi’s talent.
Messi is unique. You can’t compare anyone to him.
Hugo Lloris
He has ambition and hunger, but I would not say Messi is the only piece of art at Barca.
Luis Enrique
Messi will be the best in the world for many more years. Not just because of his goals – he also has made many assists over the last couple of years. A complete player.
Frank de Boer
I think Messi’s is a fantastic attitude and should be the mentality that all top players in the world should adopt.
Luis Enrique
My view is that you show Messi one side or the other, and if he goes past you, he goes past you. But if he slips it through your legs, then you have to obstruct him and take the foul. Just don’t ever let yourself be nutmegged.
Paul Scholes
Sometimes journalists say that goalkeepers can do a little more when they play against Messi, but I see it in every training: it does not matter where you place yourself; he’s going to shoot to the other side.
Marc-Andre ter Stegen
When I came to Barcelona, I knew – I knew Neymar, Messi, and Suarez were in the team.
Gerard Deulofeu
Messi scores three goals every game. If you score one goal, you’re not Messi.
Bojan Krkic
Ronaldo and Messi, those are the two best players in the world.
Joao Moutinho
There is no point going man-to-man with a player of Messi’s ability. He is so clever he would drag your player all over the pitch and still find a way to destroy you, probably exploiting the hole you’ve left by assigning someone to that role.
Tony Pulis
I’ve never seen and nor do I think I will ever see someone with Messi’s consistency.
Julen Lopetegui
At the beginning of my career, I wasn’t coaching players like Messi.
Gerardo Martino
Lionel Messi, without hesitation! I’d love to play with him and Xavi.
Franck Ribery
They are among the three best in the world: Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar are the three best players in the world and I’m happy I have one of them playing alongside me.
How do you mark Ronaldo? You try not to leave him alone and don’t let him shoot on his right foot. As for Messi… you just make the sign of the cross!
Giorgio Chiellini
Messi is the greatest, but he has always been surrounded by other great players.
Ronald Koeman
When Messi is playing there are always more chances to win games.
Jordi Alba
I know I’m not a Lionel Messi or a Cristiano Ronaldo.
Dries Mertens
I like the Ronaldo Flyknits even though I’m a Messi fan.
Diana Taurasi
We cannot pretend that Messi will solve all the problems. He cannot carry everything on his shoulders.
Mario Kempes
Messi has a divine gift.

Messi has a divine gift.
Dani Alves
I don’t know many footballers except Maradona and Messi.
Jwala Gutta
If we are realistic and forget team loyalties, you cannot compare Messi with any other player.
Jordi Alba
Messi is a god, as a person and even more as a player. I hope that he wins the World Cup with Argentina.
Samuel Eto’o
I admire Messi: he’s never complained to me in any game we played, but I’ve also never asked him for his jersey and never would. I came to win, not to say I played against Messi.
Filipe Luis
I’d love to play with Messi.
Paulo Dybala
At Liverpool, I studied Steven Gerrard all the time and improved my game that way. Here, I absorb all I can from Iniesta and Messi.
Philippe Coutinho
I have a lot of respect for Messi and for everything that he has achieved. He is very humble. But it’s crucial to show authority when we meet on the pitch and show him who’s boss.
Manuel Neuer
You don’t get called up to the national team because you tell good jokes, you are funny, you are handsome or because you are Messi’s friend. You are called up because you have a role at your given club and you have personality.
Mario Kempes
Messi always gets us out of trouble, and we’re not going to apologise for having him.
Ernesto Valverde
How marvellous it is to enjoy Messi. No one can touch his numbers, and it is impossible for anyone to do what he has done apart from him.
Luis Enrique
I’ve never had an idol, but I watched Ronaldinho and then players like Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi. They are so good, it’s impossible not to notice them.
Gerard Deulofeu
Messi is simply unique. We are never going to find another player like him, and Barcelona will miss him when he retires.
Jordi Alba
Messi is not human with the ball.
David Alaba
To see my name alongside the names I’ve looked up to all my life is crazy, Messi in particular. When I was younger I was a ball boy during a Barcelona and Chelsea match at Stamford Bridge and seeing him up close was amazing.
Mason Mount
I am not Lionel Messi, I’m not Maradona, I’m just Dries and I’m happy with that.
Dries Mertens