Top 18 Physical Strength Quotes

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Wrestling is different from other sports. It is not jus

Wrestling is different from other sports. It is not just about physical strength. It is more of a mind game as during matches we have to read the mind of opponents and outwit them.
Geeta Phogat
I’m not sure I have the physical strength to undertake a novel.
Joan Didion
Now I’m strong: I can run fast, I can lift weights, and that in itself is quite empowering, to have that physical strength. It changes my whole mental attitude.
Esme Creed-Miles
If we think about physical strength and that women lack in it, we must understand that in a tough situation, mental strength is more important than physical power. So, women are equally strong for combat roles.
Rahul Dev
And partly, the worst thing you could do in my family was need something from someone. So physical strength represented an avenue of self-sufficiency to me.
Alison Bechdel
Being a great horseman does not rely on physical strength but more on the mind and sensibility.
Charlotte Casiraghi
Before I became a fighter pilot, everyone said that women didn’t have the physical strength. Well, I had just completed the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon.
Martha McSally
I think we all have this special equation with our art where we don’t feel the need for anything else; it almost gives you everything. It gives you physical strength, it gives you mental peace.
About 10,000 years ago, males and females were acting equitably and were treating one another as equals, and then males took over the power, because they have physical power and physical strength.
Jane Elliot
Physical strength can never permanently withstand the impact of spiritual force.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
On Earth, men are seen as superior because of their physical strength, but it means nothing in space, where there is no gravity.
Yi So-Yeon
Physical strength in a woman – that’s what I am.
Tina Turner
I was captain and should have set the example. I would lift a minimum of weights. Mine was natural physical strength. I always thought quickness and agility were much more important.
Merlin Olsen
I had no doubts I could go to the pole. I may not be as strong, but I make up for physical strength in other areas, like steadiness and not panicking under stress.
Ann Bancroft
I was a weedy kid, not like one of those working-class men who can accommodate not being academically clever by physical strength and prowess.
Ken Livingstone
It is not a dream that someday, nations will be able to settle their difficulties without war, just as individuals now settle their personal feuds without resorting to arguments of physical strength or sharp steel. For, then, humanity will have created international jurisdiction and a power to enforce its laws.
Ellen Key
I used to play rugby, which requires a lot of physical strength. The game requires you to get aggressive.
Sidharth Malhotra
I’ve been told to ‘man up’ after talking about depression on Twitter. Man up means ‘be strong because that’s what a man is.’ And they don’t just mean physical strength, they mean emotional strength. What, because men get into fights or go to wars to fight? It should be ‘woman up.’