Top 19 Duo Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Duo Quotes from famous people such as Benny Green, Lakeith Stanfield, Jenny Lewis, Sheridan Smith, Curt Smith, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

We have different personalities, but in a harmonious wa

We have different personalities, but in a harmonious way, I’d say. Anyway, we were booked to play at the festival as a duo; and we decided we wouldn’t have any rehearsal.
Benny Green
I’m in this music duo called Moors.
Lakeith Stanfield
I come from a duo, actually, quite literally. My parents are Linda and Eddie, and they had an act in Vegas called ‘Love’s Way.’
Jenny Lewis
My brother is the lead singer of The Torn, and my parents are in a country duo.
Sheridan Smith
We really hated being in a band. The joy for us and why we slipped nicely and neatly into it was because we didn’t need a band anymore. We became a duo because of technology.
Curt Smith
The concept of muse is alien to me. To speak of a muse implies there is a couple in which one person is the objectified passive element – there to help the creative, active, often male part of the duo to create. A muse is very passive. Who wants a muse? I don’t want a muse.
Luca Guadagnino
Prior to ‘Insidious Chapter 3,’ I was happy to write movies for James Wan to direct as I felt very much that I was one half of a duo. I looked at us as a team who works together and I was happy to be part of that, I was happy to effectively be the bass player in The Beatles.
Leigh Whannell
The IIconics are a feisty Australian duo who have been a team since they came to WWE. They’re masters on the microphone, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to win!
Natalya Neidhart
I’d played with Jon Wurster as a duo just for a lark.
John Darnielle
I love the Duo strip-lash eyelash glue. For all my ladies who love a pair of falsies, if you’re using the glue in a tube, you’re so 2000.
Jeannie Mai
I’m a twin, but only I emerged live from the womb. The fact that I was originally one half of a duo gave rise to a theory, much propounded in newspaper profiles, that my life has been one desperate effort to compensate for that stillborn brother.
David Jason
You do get into a groove, which is great, when you get to act with the same people a lot. Like with Caroline Catz – it’s like a duet: you’re like a duo jamming together.
Martin Clunes
I like Passion Duo, our brand-new gloss fusion lipstick. I also like our Illuminator – it’s a glow-illuminating powder.
Stefano Gabbana
The ‘Sodajerker’ podcast is the work of Liverpool songwriting duo Simon Barber and Brian O’Connor.
David Hepworth
The Italian duo Dumbo Gets Mad specializes in psychedelics for the sober, bringing experimentation together with detailed pop songwriting.
Anthony Fantano
A formidable game of ‘Name That Influence’ could be based on the music of the seductive rock duo Girls: The band’s first single, ‘Hellhole Ratrace,’ would barely reach its opening words before screams of ‘Elvis Costello!’ and ‘Wreckless Eric!’ drown out the music.
Anthony Fantano
In order to retain our position as the dynamic duo of the world, it’s vital that in the UK and US we keep opportunities open for new people and new ideas. And we can never allow our economies to get furred up.
Liz Truss
I studied music at school and played the recorder. Later in life music was a great way of supplementing my income because I was paid really badly as a young chef. Luckily an old friend – we did music at school together – and I formed a duo, The Calypso Beat, which later became the Calypso Twins.
Ainsley Harriott
Firstly, ‘Dance plus’ is the only dance reality show in India with an entire panel of captains who rose to fame through their dancing skills. The show will introduce audiences to new trends and evolved dance forms through solo, duo, and group performers.
Remo D’Souza