Top 19 Musical Comedy Quotes

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I became an actor by accident. I suppose I figured sinc

I became an actor by accident. I suppose I figured since I was in musical comedy from the time I was a teenager, I suppose I figured that I’d always been in that world to some extent.
Christopher Walken
I was in California, and I was going to UCLA, and I knew I certainly didn’t have movie star looks. I remember seeing pictures and photos of Ethel Merman and Mary Martin, who were kind of average looking. I said, ‘Well, that’s for me, then, to go back to New York and try to be in musical comedy on Broadway.’
Carol Burnett
My background is in musical comedy. I didn’t know I was going to be an actor. But all my points of reference have to do with musical comedy and in being kind of a showoff.
Christopher Walken
I was in musical comedy. And I did very well, but the memorization killed me. I’m not good at memorizing, and it gave me a lot of anxiety. I hated the makeup. I hated all that pancake makeup. I didn’t really like dressing for parts.
Patti Smith
If you elect a matinee idol mayor, you’re going to have a musical comedy administration.
Robert Moses
It’s a very tough time for the playwright. Broadway has become almost a musical comedy theme park with all these long-running shows.
John Lithgow
To me, the musical is best when it’s a musical comedy. So if you have a very, very funny show, and very good, funny songs, that’s what the musical does best.
Eric Idle
Harpo Marx looks like a musical comedy.
Walter Kerr
I never dreamed that the little ditties I wrote about annoying customers or bagel recipes would turn into a full-length musical comedy. But a very wise person told me to ‘write what you know’. So I did.
Rob McClure
I wanted to be on Broadway, but in musical comedy.
Carol Burnett
I loved traditional musical comedy. That was my passion. Then ‘Spring Awakening’ happened, and it took that rock n’ roll and pop music to change gears for me.
Jonathan Groff
I’ve always played comedy. My background is musical comedy theatre, and that’s really where my training is.
Christopher Walken
I don’t like to bad-mouth other shows, but I was very disturbed after seeing ‘Starlight Express.’ It had very little to do with musical comedy as I know it. It had to do with sound and spectacle and records and technology and amplification.
Joel Grey
I never walked the streets of New York hoping to be a musical comedy star. For one thing, they would have thought I was too tall, because l was five feet eight and a half, and they were all little bitty things running around in the studio at that time.
Esther Williams
At one point when I was very young, when I was first starting out, I thought, ‘Well, one day I’ll be able to put all the music away and become a real comedian.’ But then I realized there are amazing musical comedians out there, that musical comedy is probably something I’ll always want to pursue.
Bo Burnham
It is easy to misunderstand what a comedy song is, or what its potential is. I’m used to musical comedy being maligned as an easy artform.
Rachel Parris
I think people like musicals. And when done with a modern comedic sensibility, musical comedy can be the most efficient delivery of both storytelling and jokes.
Rachel Bloom
Yeah, well I’ve always played comedy. My background is musical comedy theatre and that’s really where my training is. As an actor, that’s my training.
Christopher Walken
The idea of a musical comedy was something we had had in mind for many years, but the project ‘Igudesman & Joo: A Little Nightmare Music’ has a history that goes back five years. I can say that this is the most successful project that we have ever done.
Aleksey Igudesman