Top 19 Optical Quotes

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Focusing isn't just an optical activity, it is also a m

Focusing isn’t just an optical activity, it is also a mental one.
Bridget Riley
There’s nothing special about wireless networks except that wireless capacity is sometimes less than what you can get, for example, from optical fiber.
Vint Cerf
The conclusion is inescapable that non-luminous matter exists beyond the optical galaxy.
Vera Rubin
There’s things that you just couldn’t do with an optical printer. Now, with digital compositing, most of the energy that goes into a shot goes into the aesthetic issues of, ‘Is it a good shot or not?’
John Knoll
I was fascinated with optical illusions.
Temple Grandin
To get high data transfer rates in communicating information, you would love to use optical fibers. The problem is that light is extremely hard to manipulate. So we make a perfect copy of the information carried by the light. We transfer it to matter – the condensate.
Lene Hau
I came in during the era of models, motion control, and optical printers. ILM had just started its own computer graphics division, after the Lucasfilm computer division had been sold off and became Pixar.
John Knoll
I think that, you know, looking at all the systems that I’ve been studying over the last several years, that paper ballots with a precinct optical scan counters and random audits is the best system that we can have.
Avi Rubin
When Galileo first trained his optic telescope on the heavens and opened up modern optical astronomy, that was the first of the electromagnetic windows out of the universe: light.
Kip Thorne
The first year I was at NASA, I was only responsible for optical and ultraviolet astronomy. Frankly, there wasn’t much else.
Nancy Roman
It’s almost like an optical illusion, ‘The Hobbit.’ You look at the book, and it is really thin, and you could make a relatively thin film as well. What I mean by that is that you could race through the story at the speed that Tolkien does.
Peter Jackson
There is no cure for ugly, but you can make yourself into a human optical illusion.
Jenna Marbles
I’ve never really had a waist. Even when I was at my slimmest, my silhouette was very straight up, straight down. But I have learnt how to give myself a bit of waist by optical illusion. For this, bring on the belts.
I developed an optical lure that imitates certain types of bioluminescent displays that I think might be attractive to large predators. The other way to do it is just use dead bait, but I think dead bait attracts scavengers, and we wanted to attract active predators.
Edith Widder
Laser cooling opened a new route to ultralow temperature physics. Laser cooling experiments, with room temperature vacuum chambers and easy optical access, look very different from cryogenic cells with multi-layer thermal shielding around them.
Wolfgang Ketterle
Mark Horowitz and I built it onto an optical bench in the lab. We spent and eight-hour span putting this optical light path together.
Ren Ng
You had to be aware that I saw that photography was a mere episode in the history of the optical projection and when the chemicals ended, meaning the picture was fixed by chemicals, we were in a new era.
David Hockney
The rules of optical dispensing vary from state to state. Dispensing eyeglasses is not that complicated, and even if it were complicated, there should be uniform rules.
Neil Blumenthal
Simultaneous contrast is not just a curious optical phenomenon – it is the very heart of painting.
Josef Albers